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Platform bed for view and storage.

Platform bed for view and storage Compact rooms seem roomier if you pay attention to window placement and build in some of the furniture. That was the approach taken by architect Ross Anderson in the design of this 10- by 14-foot master bedroom of a vacation house overlooking California's Napa Valley.

First, Anderson divided the room into two zones: one for dressing, one for sleeping. He kept the dressing area open> a 6-by-10 foot platform with a king-size mattress fills the sleeping zone. The 30-inch-high plywood platform extends across the room's width and is set 12 inches below the corne casement windows.

Against the room's inside wall, a 12-inch-wide section of the platform rises 16 inches to form a headboard. The top of the headboard functions as a shelf> a wall-mounted lamps give light for reading. Bookshelves screwed to the wall above the headboard get shallower near the window to preserve the view.

In the platform's base, which was cut from a single piece of fir plywood to show continuous grain, two drawers and a hinged compartment provide pillow and blanket storage. Under the drawers is a 6-inch-high step. Anderson used a white rub-on rub-off stain to lighten and highlight the wood's grain.
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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