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Plastics on a pedestal.

The Golf Controller Pedestal, for golf course sprinkler systems, is coinjection molded, with a core of foamed recycled ABS and a skin of Luran S acrylonitrile/styrene/acrylate (ASA) resin from BASF. The foamed ABS core provides stiffness, and the ASA skin is weather-resistant, unaffected by chemicals, and very tough.

The pedestal, developed by Rain Bird Sales, Inc., Glendora, Calif., protects electronic components that activate a golf course's sprinklers. The molded pedestal, which is placed alongside a fairway, has much greater resistance to dimpling when stuck by golf balls than stainless steel models. Also, it does not rust, and it resists the chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) commonly used around golf courses.

The five coinjection molded parts include a base stand, shaped like an I-beam; two doors that attach to the sides of the base stand and that provide easy access to terminal strips and wiring; a box that contains the electronic sensing and controlling components; and a snap-fit lid for the box.

Luran ASA resins offer good resistance to the effects of outdoor exposure. Luran showed little loss of its impact strength after 2000 hrs of accelerated weather testing (Xenotest 1200). The resin is also resistant to water, aqueous solutions of salts, and dilute acids and alkalis. BASF Corp. Plastic Materials, 114 Mayfield Ave., Edison, NJ 08837.
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Title Annotation:Plasticoncepts; Golf Controller Pedestal
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Oct 1, 1993
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