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Articles from Plastics Technology (October 1, 2004)

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'Cleaner,' more efficient additives for flexible and rigid PVC. Sherman, Lilli Manolis 857
Alphabetical company listings. 29913
Alphabetical company listings. 26821
Alphabetical company listings. 34743
Altered-density bath separates plastics. 147
Alternative to knife gate valves for conveying lines. 102
Antiblock concentrate for high-clarity films. 102
Antioxidants. 1675
Auger feeders for powder get new controls. 141
Blow molding machines. 5011
Blow molding's steady growth will continue. Wood, Bill 789
Blow molds. 1459
Blowing agents. 1733
Buyer's guide to thermoplastics. 13195
Buyers guide to thermoplastics. 53738
Buyers guide to thermoplastics. 21917
Buyers guide to thermoplastics. 17636
Buyers guide to thermoplastics. 34227
Buyers guide to thermoplastics. (Polyetherimide-polyethylene: HDPE--unfille. 20955
Buyers' guide to thermoplastics. 37113
Buyers' guide to thermoplastics. 20223
Buyers' guide to thermoplastics. 25666
Buyers' guide to thermoplastics. 26408
Buyers' guide to thermosets. 16078
Carbon-fiber/phenolic compounds beat wear. 137
Cavity-fill control for sequential valve gating. 106
Classified directory: 1/primary equipment. 6863
Classified directory: 2/auxiliary equipment and supplies. 19127
Classified directory: 2/auxiliary equipment and supplies. 25665
Classified directory: 2/auxiliary equipment and supplies. 15665
Classified directory: 3/materials. 22120
Classified directory: 4/chemicals and additives. 12937
Classified directory: 5/specialized services. 9272
Clear elastomeric SBS for blown film & molding. 181
Colorants. 6625
Compact control for 12 hot-runner zones. 135
Compounding and mixing systems. 7620
Compression/transfer presses. 1933
Control gauge of blown film below the die lip. 95
Conveyor system for TiO2 and carbon black. 86
Cool profiles from the inside out. 150
Costs of doing business. Naitove, Matt 404
Cyclics to launch first commercial grades at 'K'. 145
Decorating, printing, finishing systems. 8144
Eastman unveils new way to make PET at lower cost. 142
Eliminate static in PET bottle production. 90
Extrusion systems. 7547
Fast pick & place robot is lower in cost. 143
Feed edge trim without speed control. 117
Fiber abrasive deburring increases productivity. 105
Fillers. 5886
Flame retardants. 3487
Foam metering unit improves heat control. 115
From paper-mill sludge to plastic decking. Schut, Jan H. 727
Granulators, pulverizers and shredders. 5780
Heaters and heating elements. 4161
High-speed bag maker handles light-gauge film. 80
Hot-runner components and systems. 3719
Hourly rates down, but outlook positive. Naitove, Matthew H. 925
How to turn auto shredder waste into 60 million lb of plastic pellets. Schut, Jan H. 1032
Impact modifiers. 1868
Industry datebook. Calendar 341
Injection molding machines. 11005
Injection molds. 8343
Ionomer IMD film for decorating PP parts. 85
Laser film inspection now can visualize defects. 112
Liquid temperature-control equipment. 6299
LSR has clear advantage. 101
Lubricants and processing aids. 4238
Lubricated ejector pins are greaseless. 87
Make corrugated pipe with steel ribs. 145
Materials conveying, loading and storage. 10771
Metering, feeding and blending. 7702
Metric conversion chart. 948
Mini NIR spectrometer for plant-floor use. 123
Mold-release agents. 2625
Moldmakers band together to cut costs, preserve jobs. 279
New database software finds alternative resins. 187
New loaders for powders, regrind & dusty pellets. 179
New modifier for nylon. 93
New player in optical thickness gauging. 92
New reinforcements for thermoplastics, thermosets. 114
New software aids composite processing and QC. Schut, Jan H. 1120
New TPE to debut at K 2004. 82
One-hour roll changes. 149
Online program eases tool quoting. 99
OPP line has world's highest output. 156
Other parts-handling equipment. 2917
PBT/PET blends cut costs, not performance. 104
Pelletizers and dicers. 2018
Plasticizers. 2350
Plastics welding: laser & infrared systems expand capabilities: servo drives, improved controls, and more rigid construction characterize a number of new welding systems. There are also new capabilities in the up-and-coming technologies of laser and IR transmission welding. Grande, Joseph A. 1578
Polyester curatives. 597
Polyester tooling resin meets MACT rules. 107
PP copolymers tailored for stretch-blow molding. 150
Pressure sensors, monitors, controls. 1561
Prices take giant steps. Block, Debbie Galante 2074
PVC heat stabilizers. 1330
PVOH for blown film and injection molding. 151
Recycling systems. 1559
Reinforced plastics equipment. 4272
Replacement stretch-rod cylinders last longer. 94
Resin dryers. 5277
RIM machinery systems. 1827
Robots. 5419
RTP enters sheet extrusion business. 88
Sheet/film extrusion conference. 511
Single-cavity PET units boast fast cycles. 148
Six axis robots: where they fit in injection molding: six-axis, articulated robots may once have been considered overkill for injection molding parts removal. But lower prices, improved ease of use, and new configurations are helping boost their presence in molding applications, especially where demolding is integrated with downstream operations. Knights, Mikell 2863
Spartech to buy three VPI divisions. 112
Structural foam machines. 719
Techmer enters specialty compounds. 126
Temperature sensors, monitors, controls. 6543
Thermoforming machines. 2299
Treated nano-silica nucleates PP. 150
Trouble with your dryer? Stoughton, Pete 1250
Urethane curatives. 1355
Urethane processing systems. 3470
UV stabilizers. 1863
Very clear cast elastomers. 96
Welding and assembly systems. 3595

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