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Articles from Plastics Technology (November 1, 2004)

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Adhesion and Adhesives Technology: 2nd Edition. Advertisement 117
Apply mold release automatically. 120
Aseptic UHT milk goes into PET. 90
Auto sample feeder for thermal conductivity test. 149
Beside-press granulators are portable & low-speed. 163
Blow Molding Design Guide. Advertisement 95
Blow Molding Handbook: 2nd Edition. Advertisement 106
Bulk solids flow meter measures resin transfer. 127
Central loading control for bigger plants. 122
Chasing nanocomposites: nano-size particles have mega-potential in plastics because just a pinch does so much more than heavy loadings of other additives. Three recent conferences presented almost 200 papers on the feverish pace of 'nano' R&D on boos ting plastics' mechanical and barrier properties, flame retardancy, and electrical conductivity. Sherman, Lilli Manolis 2726
Clean hot-oil temperature controllers 'on the Fly'. 193
Coil a whole day's run of PEX pipe. 159
Coloring of Plastics: Fundamentals--Colorants--Preparations. Advertisement 129
Colortronic adds heating/cooling equipment. 92
Compression Molding. Advertisement 94
Control valve gates with cavity pressure. 101
Controller features graphical parison editor. 98
Dedusting turns risky regrind into a valuable resource. Knights, Mikell 605
Design Formulas for Plastics Engineers: 2nd Edition. Advertisement 139
Designing Plastic Parts for Assembly: 5th Edition. Advertisement 127
Die clamp is more operator-friendly. 105
Dielectric pot-life and cure monitor. 167
Dynamic die varies D-LFT part thickness. 91
Engineering Thermoplastics: Polycarbonates, Polyacetals, Polyesters, Cellulose Esters. Advertisement 124
Extruder raises output of wood composites. 118
Extrusion Control: Machine--Process--Product. Advertisement 112
Extrusion Dies for Plastics And Rubber: Design and Engineering Computations 3rd Edition. Advertisement 133
Film Processing. Advertisement 105
First agglomerate, then reclaim. 105
Flow analysis now models crystallization rates. 124
For cars, a new style of plastic-metal hybrid. 235
Fortron eyes another PPS capacity addition. 95
Gas-Assist Injection Molding: Principles and Applications. Advertisement 99
GM pickups get all-TPO instrument panels. 240
Handbook of Polymeric Foams and Foam Technology: 2nd Edition. Advertisement 92
Here's the first foamed wood-filled sheet. 225
High-performance PEs for rotomolding. 175
Hollow Plastic Parts: Design and Manufacture. Advertisement 107
How to Improve Rubber Compounds: 1500 Experimental Ideas for Problem Solving. Advertisement 102
How to Make Injection Molds: 3rd Edition. Advertisement 115
Industry datebook. 342
Injection molded toys: a rough playing field. Thedinger, Bart 578
Injection Molding Handbook. Advertisement 119
Injection Molding Machines: A User's Guide, 3rd Edition. Advertisement 80
Injection Molds 130 Proven Designs: 3rd Edition. Advertisement 119
Inspection system checks preform barrier layer. 178
Joining of Plastics: 2nd Edition Handbook for Designers and Engineers. Advertisement 80
Laser scanning pinpoints shrinkage problems in record time. Knights, Mikell 920
Lightfast TPU brightens auto interiors. 103
Long wind-turbine blade challenges RIM PUR. 339
Low-cost Chinese twin-screws arrive. 108
Microcellular Processing. Advertisement 101
Mold Engineering: 2nd Edition. Advertisement 92
Mold Making Handbook: 2nd Edition. Advertisement 85
Mold-maintenance software. 142
New distributor starts up. 85
New PPS grade offers low flash & outgassing. 99
New source of hot-runner systems for PET molding. 96
New specialty modifiers for thermoplastics. 96
New TPE bonds better. 108
News in drying, loading, and blending at K 2004. 130
No-stick, adjustable air cages debut at K 2004. 196
Nylon Plastics Handbook. Advertisement 89
OPP bottles can run as fast as PET. 165
Pass the mix gently, please. 92
PET barrier bottles challenge aluminum cans. 192
PET compounds use water-cooled molds. 102
PET reheat machine makes small hot-fill bottles. 108
Plastic Part Design for Injection Molding. Advertisement 141
Plastics and Composites Welding Handbook. Advertisement 85
Plastics Compounding: Equipment and Processing. Advertisement 111
Plastics Failure Guide: Cause and Prevention. Advertisement 105
Plastics for Engineers: Materials, Properties, Applications. Advertisement 98
Plastics Packaging: Properties, Processing, Applications, Regulations. Advertisement 99
Polymer Extrusion: 4th Edition. Advertisement 104
Purging compound for soft-touch plastics. 97
Quick, easy way to calculate roll diameter. 106
Rapid Prototyping. Advertisement 104
Recruiting the next generation for plastics. Naitove, Matt 267
Red-brown IR-reflecting pigment for thermoplastics. 146
Resin prices are still going up. Block, Debbie Galante 1813
Robot protects parts & molds during take-out. 156
Rosato's Plastics Encyclopedia and Dictionary. Advertisement 86
Runner and Gating Design Handbook: Tools for Successful Injection Molding. Advertisement 121
Shh ... can you hear the new extruder motors? Silent, space-saving, energy-efficient, and high-torque, a new generation of ring-shaped motors is gaining a foothold in extrusion. A couple of hundred are already in use. Though most machine builders are reacting cautiously, adventurous processors are using them happily. Schut, Jan H. Cover Story 2545
Simple Methods for Identification of Plastics: 4th Edition. Advertisement 90
Simulation spots trouble before it starts. Perdikoulias, John 844
Single-screw extruder saves energy. 112
Single-zone hot-runner control modules. 87
SPC Injection Molding and Extrusion. Advertisement 113
Specialty thermoplastic compounds push the envelope in all directions. Naitove, Matthew H. 973
Successful Injection Molding: Process, Design, and Simulation. Advertisement 143
Technology of Thermoforming. Advertisement 101
The First Snap-Fit Handbook: Creating Attachments for Plastics Parts. Advertisement 98
Thermal Analysis of Plastics: Principles and Practice. Advertisement 118
Thermoforming innovations displayed at SPE Annual Conference. Grande, Joseph A. 1138
Thermoplastic Elastomers: 3rd Edition. Advertisement 115
Thermoplastic Foam Extrusion. Advertisement 115
Training in Plastics Technology: 2nd Edition. Advertisement 136
Troubleshooting the Extrusion Process: a Systematic Approach to Solving Plastic Extrusion Problems. Advertisement 103
Understanding Blow Molding. Advertisement 95
Understanding Compounding. Advertisement 95
Understanding Design of Experiments. Advertisement 113
Understanding Extrusion. Advertisement 110
Understanding Thermoforming. Advertisement 88
Uniloy adds aftermarket blow molding services. 112
Westlake to restart PVC plant in 2005. 91

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