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Plastics Technology's PC software buyer's guide.

With loads of off-the-shelf PC software available for tasks as varied as tool design, production scheduling, maintenance management, and quality assurance, it's as if you can run the whole plant from your desktop. So beginning with this issue, PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY is launching a PC Software Buyer's Guide just for plastics processors.

Since all of you are involved in improving quality, this first installment covers a variety of software for quality-management tasks. The first section features software that helps with statistical process and quality control (SPC/SQC) and data acquisition. Next comes software that facilitates the ISO 9000 self-assessment and registration process. Finally, we've included applications for setting up Design of Experiments (DOE) procedures and for general statistical analysis.

Most of the software we've included is being used by plastics processors, even though much of it is not specific to plastics. While we have tried to make this guide complete, we have limited our selections to software that is relevant to your needs. (Let us know if we've overlooked a package you use.)

Future installments of this Buyer's Guide will cover PC software for maintenance management, scheduling, MRP II, and costing/quoting.


ANAGRAM ASSOCIATES INC. 4455 East Fifth St., #100, Tucson, AZ 85711 * Phone: 520-891-4102/800-845-5292 * Fax: 520-795-4655

HyPerform TQM Toolkit is Windows-based software for "basic" total quality management. It contains charting tools such as Pareto diagrams, scattergrams, and histograms. Its control charts handle X-bar, R, moving-range, NP, P, C, and U charts. Charts are integrated with a "brainstorming" function that allows quality teams to identify cause-and-effect chains. Price: $499 for a single user. Multi-unit and site-license pricing available.

DATAMYTE, DIV. OF ALLEN-BRADLEY CO. 14960 Minnetonka Industrial Rd., Minnetonka, MN 55345 * Phone: 612-935-7704 * Fax: 612-935-0018

Quantum SPC/QA for Windows handles a variety of statistical charting and analysis tasks for both variable and attribute data. Price: $2500. Quantum SPC/DC is the data-collection package that complements SPC/QA. Price: $1200. TurboSPC VA provides the same statistical tools as Quantum but in a DOS environment. Price: $2995. TurboNET supports TurboSPC by offering connectivity to DataMyte shop-floor hardware networks. Price: $2995.

EIGHTFOLD SYSTEMS INC. Four Embarcadero, Suite 3100, San Francisco, CA 94111 * Phone: 415-274-8888 * Fax: 415-982-3299

Juran Quality Improvement Toolkit, offered in cooperation with the Juran Institute, is an electronic process-support system that guides users through the Institute's six-step quality-improvement process. This Windows-based software includes "brainstorming" sections, cause-and-effect diagramming, data collection, flow charting, and various other charting capabilities - including Pareto charts, scatter diagrams, and box plots. Price: $695.

GAGETALKER CORP. 13680 N.E. 16th St., Bellevue, WA 98005 * Phone: 800-955-7100 * Fax: 206-747-5769

VisualSPC family of software for Windows provides flexible SPC data collection, analysis, and reporting: Visual Real Time provides immediate process feedback of variable and attributes data with multiple ways to tag data with process information. Price: $995. Visual Measurement Systems Analysis allows users to evaluate variations in measuring systems before or during data collection. Price: $495. Visual Designer lets users design their own screens and printed reports. Price: $995. Visual Analyst offers flexible reporting of data collected using Visual RealTime. Price: $995. Visual Reports provides easily interpreted information about trends across your entire SPC program. Price: $495. Gagetalker RealTime and DataPage III provide SPC data-collection, analysis, and reporting in DOS. Price: $1990.

HERTZLER SYSTEMS INC. 17482 Eisenhower Dr. N., Goshen, IN 46526 * Phone: 219-533-0571 * Fax: 219-533-3885

QA/S GainSeeker SPC and QA/S GainSeeker Scrap Reduction are Windows-based quality-management packages. The SPC package allows users to monitor and control processes in real time, while GainSeeker Scrap Reduction analyzes quality-related statistical data with multi-level Pareto charts, for instance. Its statistical capabilities include handling both normal and non-normal data distributions. Hertzler has also included tools such as on-line work instructions for complying with ISO 9000 and QS 9000. Price: $1295-$10,000, depending on number of users.

HUNKAR LABORATORIES INC. 7007 Valley Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45244 * Phone: 513-272-1010 * Fax: 513-272-0013

CIM Lite provides all the process monitoring and analysis capabilities of Hunkar's full-blown CIM-III system but omits the production-monitoring functions. Price: $1500.

ICONICS 100 Foxborough Blvd., Foxborough, MA 02035 * Phone: 508-543-8600 * Fax: 508-543-1503

TrendWorX+ Version 3.0 is a stand-alone, Windows-based software module for historical data logging and real-time trending. Data display methods include x-y plotting, logarithmic plots, and vertical strip charts. TrendWorX+ logs data to binary files or ODBC-compliant database files. Price: $1695.

INTRAC SYSTEMS INC. 5415 West Lake Rd., Erie, PA 16505 * Phone: 814-835-7700 * Fax: 814-835-7707

Molders SPC provides real-time SPC (the full range of statistical charts as well as regression analysis), secondary gauging, and post-analysis capabilities. A new add-on capability lets Molders SPC perform DOEs based on data collected from the process. Price: $32,000 for a turnkey system hooked up to five presses.

KISTLER INSTRUMENT CORP. 75 John Glenn Dr., Amherst, N.Y. 14228-2171 * Phone: 716-691-5100 * Fax: 716-691-5226

Dataflow Plus for DOS is a data-acquisition and SPC/SQC package with a number of molding-specific algorithms. Price: $4995.

D.A. MARTIN SOFTWARE P.O. Box 52848. Knoxville, TN 37950 * Phone/Fax: 800-852-0609

SPC Orchestra produces SPC output inside Microsoft's Excel for Windows spreadsheet. Through Excel's own macro language and custom dialog boxes, SPC Orchestra works as an extension to Excel, generating all common SPC charts and statistics. Price: $399.

NORTHWEST ANALYTICAL, INC. 519 S.W. Park Ave., Portland, OR 97201 * Phone: 503-224-7727 * Fax: 503-224-5236

NWA Quality Analyst for Windows performs all standard statistical charting and analysis functions, as well as specialized methods like median-individuals charting for family processes such as multi-cavity molds and EWMA for continuous processes. Price: $795 for a single user. QualityMonitor is shop-floor "datastation" software, which integrates data collection, a user-customizable operator interface, and real-time SPC charting. Price: $895 for a single copy and set-up utilities, plus $495 per additional seat.

PERRY JOHNSON INC. 3000 Town Center, Suite 2960, Southfield, MI 48075 * Phone: 810-356-4410/800-800-0450 * Fax: 810-356-4230

On-Line Analyst for quality control provides X-bar, R, and sigma charts and generates C, U, P, NP, moving-average/moving-range, and individual charts. It performs Pareto analysis, cumulative sum, linear regression, and capability studies and calculates Cpk and Cp. Price: $695. Gaging Analyst analyzes repeatability, accuracy, and linearity of measurement tools and techniques. It keeps a record of all calibrations and indicates when measurement equipment is due for recalibration. Price: $995.

POWERWAY INC. 9855 Crosspoint Blvd., #126, Indianapolis, IN 46256 * Phone: 317-577-8100 * Fax: 317-577-0450

PowerWay SPC9000 is Windows-based SPC software offering a variety of statistical-analysis and charting options - including X-bar, range, sigma, individual and moving-range histograms, Pareto, P, C, U, NP, and summary screens. It is built around a SQL-compliant relational database. Price: Starts at $495.

PRODUCTIVITY-QUALITY SYSTEMS, INC. P.O. Box 10, Dayton, OH 45475-0010 * Phone: 513-885-2255/800-777-3020 * Fax: 513-885-2252

SQCPack 1.5 for Windows and SQCPack/Plus 3.3 for DOS feature statistical-analysis and charting tools, cause-and-effect diagramming, and an online Quality Adviser. Price: $995 for single user of DOS version; $595 for Windows.

QUALITRON SYSTEMS INC. 4863D American Rd., Rockford, IL 61109 * Phone: 815-874-9400 * Fax: 815-874-6980

SimPliC for Windows contains standard statistical-analysis tools, including X-bar and R charts, sigma, process capability, cumulative sum, probability plots, and moving X-bar/range. DOS version available. Price: $995.

SPSS INC. 444 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611-3692 * Phone: 312-329-2400/800-543-2185 * Fax: 312-329-3668

QI Analyst 2.0 is Windows-based quality-improvement software with 24 SPC charts, including run, variable control, attribute control, Pareto, and histogram types. Capabilities include standard statistical measures, plus moving range, nominals, cumulative sum, and statistics for non-normal data distributions. Price: $495 until Dec. 31; $695 after. QI Analyst is also offered as part of Total Quality Package, which includes "allClear" flow charting and "Gage R&R" software. Price: $695 until the end of '95, then $895. Quality Plus Package pairs QI Analyst with "SPSS for Windows" - a statistical-analysis and charting package. Price: $995 through Dec. 31, then $1195.

SECTOR SYSTEMS CO. 416 Ocean Ave., Marblehead, MA 01945 * Phone: 617-639-2625

Public Domain Software Catalog contains SPC, SQC, and statistical-analysis software packages. Price: Copying fee of $4/disk for each package. Catalog is free.

STOCHOS INC. 14 North College St., Schenectady, NY 12305 * Phone: 518-372-5426 * Fax: 518-372-4789

Custom/QC for DOS and Windows provides off-line SPC/SQC charting and analysis including EWMA, regression, and ANOVA. Price: $495 for a charting-only package and $995 for a version with full-fledged analysis capabilities. SPC Direct is real-time SPC software for DOS. It offers run charts, error logging, and alarms. Price: $1500 for manual data entry and $5000 for automatic data logging.

STRAWBERRY TREE 160 S. Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, CA 94086 * Phone: 408-736-8800 * Fax: 408-736-1041

The Strawberry Tree Catalog features software for data acquisition and analysis in Windows, DOS, and Macintosh formats. Catalog is free.

SYNCHROSTAT SYSTEMS CORP. 1728 16th St., Suite 201, Boulder, CO 80302 * Phone: 303-440-4433 * Fax: 303-440-6640

Streamer1 is continuous-quality-improvement software that uses a variety of multivariate predictive and experimental statistical methods to optimize processes. It runs on DOS and Windows (3.1, 95, and NT). Macintosh and Unix versions available. Price: $7395 for a single user.

TECS SOFTWARE, INC. P.O. Box 590444, Houston, TX 77259 * Phone: 713-280-9622

Multifit correlates SPC data involving multiple independent variables using either standard or stepwise regression analysis. Price: $200.

ZONTEC INC. 1389 Kemper Meadow Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45240 * Phone: 800-955-0088/513-648-0088 * Fax: 513-648-9007

Synergy Gold for Windows and for OS/2 is an SPC package offering real-time monitoring and analysis of both variable and attribute data, which can be input manually or directly from measurement devices. From a single screen, Synergy users can create control, run, and Pareto charts, histograms, and capability studies. Also, Synergy has a variety of user-defined calculation and report-generation capabilities. An enterprise-wide, client-server version called Synergy Maestro is also available. Price: $995 for a single user.

ISO 9000/14000

AGAPE COMPUTER SYSTEMS Imler Plaza, Suite 3, RD 5, Box 130, Bedford, PA 15522 * Phone: 814-623-0873 * Fax: 814-623-0415

Power ISO acts as an on-line project manager, compiling ISO compliance information in a set of databases. It facilitates a review of current quality procedures relative to ISO requirements. Included are work-flow revisions, encyclopedia of terms, 400-point internal assessment program, sample documents, and templates. Price: $1495 for a single user.

ASQC QUALITY PRESS 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., P.O. Box 3005, Milwaukee, Wi 53201-3005 * Phone: 800-248-1946 * Fax: 414-272-1734

The American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) offers several ISO 9000- and QS9000-related software products: The ISO 9000 Registration Series from Reality Interactive Inc. walks users though the training and registration process.

Price: $5495 for the complete series. It consists of five titles: Executive Guide to ISO 9000 - $129; Understanding the ISO 9000 Process - $1495; Preparing for Registration - $1995; The Registration Process - $1995, and Internal Auditing - $995. Learnerfirst: How to Implement ISO 9000 with Lawrence Wilson breaks ISO 9000 registration into eight step-by-step activities. Price: $795. ANSI/ISO/ASQC Q9000-1994 Series Standards Electronic Version For Windows allows users to view each Q9000 standard on the left of the screen and the corresponding documentation on the right side. Price: $179. LAN network version is $999. The Strategic Analyst provides an analysis of how your current quality systems compare to QS9000 standards. Price: $495.

ATTEXOR QUALITY NORTH AMERICA INC. 8522 E. Helen Place, Tucson, AZ * Phone: 520-721-4336 * Fax: 520-886-7234

Nicodemus Gold Version 4.1 for Windows 3.1 and 95 provides ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 registration assistance with documentation tools, on-line implementation suggestions, and collections of examples. Self-assessment modules and various tutorials based on ISO audit criteria are available. Price: $250 for a single-user license.

INSITE FEDERATION INC. 4100 N. W. 58th Lane, Boca Raton, FL 33496 Phone: 407-443-8082 * Fax: 407-443-6003

System 9000 automates ISO 9000 registration with tools for creating documentation and for managing customers, suppliers, calibration, and workflow. As a Lotus Notes application, System 9000 runs on Windows, OS/2, Unix, and Macintosh. Price: $1995 for a single-node workstation with Lotus Notes.


93 Skyway Ave., Suite 101, Etobicoke, Ont. M9W 6C7 * Phone: 416-679-0119 * Fax: 416-679-0168

Intelex QS9000 for Windows helps users prepare for the QS9000 audit. Price: Not available at press time. AIMS does the same but for environmental standards - BS7750, EMAS, and ISO 14000 Price: Not available at press time.

IQS INC. 19706 Center Ridge Rd., Cleveland, OH 44116-3637 * Phone: 216-333-1344 * Fax: 216-333-3752

IQS Business System for DOS and Windows consists of 13 integrated software modules for ISO 9000 support, including one for calibration, documentation tasks, customer management, and supplier management. Another module covers SPC and preventive maintenance, and a third is for costing. The software also supports QS 9000, aerospace, and FDA requirements. All modules are integrated and share a common database (Microsoft's FoxPro). A new client-server release, called IQS Business System MQACII, interfaces with a variety of MRP II packages. Price: $7500 for all 13 modules, sold separately at $695 each.

MANAGEMENt SOFTWARE INTERNATIONAL 92 Montvale Ave., Suite 2450, Stoneham, MA 02180 * Phone: 800-ISO-EASY/617-279-1919 * Fax: 617-279-2929

ISOxPERT Version 3.3 automates ISO 9000 and QS9000 certifications. Features include document samples/templates, calibration, quality manuals, statistical analysis, corrective actions, work-flow document revision control, and a 200-point internal and supplier self-audit. As a Lotus Notes application, ISOxPERT can run on Windows, WindowNT, OS/2, Novell networks, Unix, or Macintosh systems. Price: $595 for a single user. "Starter kit" with three seats and a server version costs $1495.

POWERWAY INC. 9855 Crosspoint Blvd., #126, Indianapolis, IN 46256 * Phone: 317-577-8100 * Fax: 317-577-0450

PowerWay suite of Windows-based software addresses a variety of ISO 9000 assessment, documentation, and quality-management tasks - including automation of supplier evaluations. Price: Individual PowerWay products start at $250.

DOE Design of Experiments & GENERAL STATISTICAL

DYNACOMP 2935 East Lake Rd., Livonia, NY 14487 * Phone: 716-346-9788

Company catalog offers nearly 50 statistical packages - ranging from comprehensive statistics to single tasks such as ANOVA, regression analysis, and curve fitting. Prices: Under $30 to $700.

JANDEL SCIENTIFIC SOFTWARE 2591 Kerner Blvd., San Rafael, CA 94901 * Phone: 800-452-6335/415-453-6700 * Fax: 415-453-7782

SigmaStat for DOS, Windows (including Windows networks), and Macintosh provides a wide range of statistical calculations, including ANOVA, correlation, chi square, and linear or nonlinear regression analyses. Advisor feature steps users through a series of questions to determine the most appropriate statistical method. Bar and line charts, box plots, and 3-D scatter and mesh plots can be generated. Price: Not available at press time. SigmaPlot for DOS, Windows, or Macintosh provides complete data analysis as well as more sophisticated graphic visualization. It can import graphs from SigmaStat for further editing. Price: Not available at press time.

PERRY JOHNSON INC. 3000 Town Center, Suite 2960, Southfield, MI 48075 * Phone: 810-356-4410/800-800-0450 * Fax: 810-356-4230

Design of Experiments for DOS is based on the Taguchi method and includes calculation of on- and off-line ANOVA tables. It can analyze as many as 10 factors, performing interactive factor analysis and fractional factorial experiments. Price: $1495.

PRODUCTIVITY-QUALITY SYSTEMS, INC. P.O. Box 10, Dayton, OH 45475-0010 * Phone: 513-885-2255/800-777-3020 * Fax: 513-885-2252

DOEpack is DOS-based DOE software that performs both classic and Taguchi designs. It can handle up to 20 factors with eight levels each, as well as analysis of mean, ANOVA, and response plot. Price: $795.

QUALITRON SYSTEMS INC. 4863D American Rd., Rockford, IL 61109 * Phone: 815-874-9400 * Fax: 815-874-6980

DoES Version 3.01 for DOS automates both full-factorial and fractional-factorial DOE. Price: $495.

SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING ASSOCIATES INC. 913 W. Van Buren St., Suite H, Chicago, IL 60607 * Phone: 312-455-0222 * Fax: 312-455-1652

SCA Quality and Productivity Improvement Package for Windows or DOS supports all classical DOE setups, including two-level and fractional factorial, as well as Plackett-Burman. An add-on module, General Application Package, provides a wide variety of statistical routines. Price: $895 with statistics module, $745 without.

SPSS INC. 444 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611-3692 * Phone: 312-329-2400/800-543-2185 * Fax: 312-329-3668

SPSS for Windows handles data entry, analysis, file management, and charting (over 30 kinds) of statistical data. It includes ANOVA, frequency counts, regression analysis, non-parametric tests, T-tests, and many more statistical procedures. Price: $695.

STAT-EASE CORP. 2021 E. Hennepin Ave., Suite 191, Minneapolis, MN 55413 * Phone: 800-325-9806 * Fax: 612-378-2152

Design-Ease helps users conduct DOEs using two-level factorial, fractional factorial, or Plackett-Burman designs. Windows and Macintosh versions available. Price: $395. Design-Expert for DOS can draw response-surface maps from Design-Ease data to help users optimize their processes. Price: $795. Both packages together cost $995.

STATISTICAL GRAPHICS CORP. 512 Executive Dr., Princeton, NJ 08540 * Phone: 609-924-9374 * Fax: 609-924-9354

Statgraphics Plus for Windows performs a range of statistical routines - including ANOVA, regression analysis, categorical data analysis, and multivariate statistics. Interactive graphics allow a variety of data presentation choices.

Additional modules are available: Statgraphics Quality Control Module seamlessly ties Pareto analysis, process capability, variable and attribute control charts, time-weighted charts, and gauge R&R into the Statgraphics Plus package. Experimental Design Module helps design, execute, and analyze experiments using screening designs, response surface designs, mixture designs, Plackett-Burman designs, and blocked designs. For optimization purposes, it can also draw response surfaces. Also available are modules for Time Series Analysis (descriptive methods, smoothing, and forecasting) and Multivariate Statistics (factor analysis, cluster analysis, and discriminant analysis). Price: $995 for full system (base plus four modules). $399 for base system only; $249 per module. Base system plus any one module is $548. Full system DOS price is $895.

STOCHOS INC. 14 N. College St., Schenectady, NY 12305 * Phone: 518-372-5426 * Fax: 518-372-4789

Factor Extractor for DOS examines up to 100 input variables before identifying the ones with the greatest influence on output variables. Price: $495.

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Unless otherwise noted, all the programs listed here require an IBM-compatible personal computer with a 386 or more powerful microprocessor and at least 4 MB of RAM. For software running under Microsoft Windows, a computer with at least a 486 microprocessor and 8 MB of RAM is recommended by every software vendor here - even though the program may run on a less robust computer.

For CD-ROM products, the computer should be a multi-media PC with a 486 or higher microprocessor, 8 MB or more of RAM, an MPC-compliant sound card, and at least a double-speed CD-ROM player.

Software available in versions for other platforms - such as Unix workstations or Apple's Macintosh - is so noted under the individual entries.
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