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Plastics Recycling.

This book is a source of current information on plastics recycling technology. The introductory chapter provides a brief overview, a historical review, and an introduction to recycling terms, organizations involved, and university programs. The following chapters describe processes for reclaiming specific and commingled plastics, product development, and product applications. Known processes are presented in some detail, including the chemistry, engineering, and economics involved; product and product applications include characterization, property evaluation, and product performance--including the latest R&D activities. Information on collection, sorting, and specialized equipment is provided. Patents and publications are referenced throughout.

The book represents a comprehensive review of the technology of plastics recycling processes and products over the last decade. It is unique in that it presents the subject based on resin types rather than recycling technology classifications.
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Publication:Plastics Engineering
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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