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Articles from Plastics Engineering (March 1, 2003)

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2003 Seminar schedule: at a glance. Calendar 744
Additive promises a rose garden. (Materials). Blance, Alice Brief Article 262
Advanced algorithms power new scheduler. (Computer Hardware & Software). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 235
All decked out. (Plastics Applications). Molinaro, Hope 374
ANTEC 2003 Technical Session Matrix. Calendar 331
ANTEC 2003--Plastics Country, USA Nashville, Tennessee, May 4-8. Calendar 288
Antec 2003: looking ahead to Plastics Country, USA. Stewart, Richard Calendar 2347
Artificial disc nears U.S. FDA approval. (Industry News). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 254
Automotive Plastics Global Markets to 2010. (Special Studies). Brief Article 219
BASF and Honeywell restructure through reciprocal acquisitions. (Industry News). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 194
Blow Molding. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 387
Breathe and release. (Materials). Blanco, Alice Brief Article 105
Color & Appearance. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 527
Council elects SPE officers for 2003-2004 in January meeting in San Antonio, Texas. (SPE News). Cappelletti, M.R. Brief Article 294
Data acquisition & control modules. (Computer Hardware & Software). Molinaro, Hope 363
Defying delamination. (Materials). Blanco, Alice Brief Article 190
Desiccant-free drying. (Plastics Machinery/Processing). Blanco, Alice 235
Design import extender. (Computer Hardware & Software). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 234
Dual rotary knife module. (Briefs). 146
DuPont Canada, Inc., and the Ontario Science Centre have announced a new multiyear strategic partnership in support of the "Agents of Change" initiative. (Joint Ventures). Brief Article 106
Elastomer air ducts withstand Arctic blasts. (Plastics Applications). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 215
Engineering properties & structure. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 1788
Extrusion. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 1645
Filling a void. (Plastics Machinery/Processing). Blanco, Alice 220
Foundation grant to Illinois State University. Toner, James Brief Article 184
Fundamentals Forum. (ANTEC 2003). Brief Article 109
Guest programs. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 270
High-speed swaging. (Plastics Machinery/Processing). Blanco, Alice 209
Higher viscosity, faster mold filling. (Materials). Blanco, Alice Brief Article 143
Injection molding. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 1449
Inside the Lincoln. (Plastics Applications). Molinaro, Hope 363
It's a "smoothe". (Materials). Blanco, Alice Brief Article 293
Lawn, garden & agricultural packaging. (Special Studies). Brief Article 267
LFRT makes for smooth cruising. (Plastics Applications). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 294
Materials and Design. (Books). Ashby, Michael; Johnson, Kara Book Review 180
Measuring interfacial stress in molds. (Computer Hardware & Software). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 245
Navigating complex software. (Computer Hardware & Software). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 241
Negotiating in a tough economy. (Career Corner). Goodman, Peter 563
New technology forums. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 351
NPE 2003 exhibitors: additives machinery components. Directory 2749
NPE 2003. 846
Nylon composite "gets a grip". (Briefs). 113
One-minute mold change. (Briefs). 129
Paint "Pop" prevention. (Materials). Blanco, Alice Brief Article 281
PEEK recruited for high-pressure ops. (Plastics Applications). Molinaro, Hope 354
Plenary speakers. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 723
Polycarbonates provide intensive care. (Plastics Applications). Molinaro, Hope 351
Polymer modifiers & additives. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 384
Polypropylene does the dishes. (Materials). Blanco, Alice 374
Rectangular barrel housing for twin-screw extruder. (Plastics Machinery/Processing). Blanco, Alice 315
Rotational Molding Technology. (Books). Crawford, Roy J.; Throne, James L. Book Review 260
Setting things straight. (Plastics Machinery Processing). Blanco, Alice 223
Six-channel thermocouple input modules. (Computer Hardware & Software). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 294
Skateboards fitted with night vision. (Plastics Applications). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 248
SPC tool for quality management. (Computer Hardware & Software). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 227
SPE ANTEC & NPE seminar offerings. Calendar 460
SPE Environmental division names 2003 GPEC winners. (Industry News). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 207
Special events. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 529
Special Sessions. (ANTEC 2003). Brief Article 205
Speeding up pultrusion. (Materials). Blanco, Alice Brief Article 107
SPI meets with EPA on coatings rule. (SPI News). Brief Article 171
SPI molders, Southern Region plan major conference. (SPI News). Brief Article 161
SPI signs with Disney to showcase plastics in Florida. (SPI News). 439
Spiral-flow die--a new twist in blow molding. (Plastics Machinery/Processing). Blanco, Alice 175
Standard for the Use of the International System of Units (SI). (Books). Blanco, Alice Brief Article 210
Taking the heat. (Materials). Blanco, Alice Brief Article 194
Thermoplastic materials & foams. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 1018
TPE defines style of mobile workstation. (Plastics Applications). Molinaro, Hope 321
Turbulence cools the pellets. (Plastics Machinery/Processing). Blanco, Alice 383
Unwinding. (Briefs). 115
Upcoming events. Calendar 2214
Vinyl plastics. (ANTEC 2003). Calendar 1122
Vinyl shows off its green side. (Industry News). Molinaro, Hope Brief Article 200
Welder for large parts. (Plastics Machinery/Processing). Blanco, Alice 238
Worldwide styrene block copolymers, 2002-2008. (Special Studies). Brief Article 227
Zeon Chemicals, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, and Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P. (AES) of Akron. (Joint Ventures). Brief Article 107

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