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Plastic-coated, shatterproof T5 fluorescent lamps.

Shat-R-Shield T5 lamps maintain 95 percent of their original light output during their rated life, whereas standard T8 lamps maintain 85 percent. The addition of a tough, clear Shat-R-Kote plastic coating reduces the lumen output of our T5 lamps by less than 1 percent. The skin-tight coating will not yellow, crack or flake, and it does not shorten the life of the lamp.

T5 High Output (T5HO) lamps are energy-efficient solutions for the commercial and industrial marketplace. Often T5 systems replace T12 fluorescent systems and standard metal-halide high-bay systems. T5HO technology produces more light with less energy over the life of the system than does traditional metal-halide technology. It is typical for a metal-halide lamp to lose 40 percent or more of its light output over its life, whereas a T5HO lamp maintains over 95 percent of its initial light output as it ages. Since the rated lives of the two products are virtually identical, T5HO systems make it possible to reduce the total number of fixtures needed to meet required light levels. A 400-watt metal-halide high-bay fixture can be replaced with a 234-watt T5HO high-bay fixture.

Traditional metal-halide fixtures also require a minimum of two minutes to turn on initially and as much as 15 minutes to cool down and restrike. T5HO lamps can be turned off and on immediately, allowing the use of motion sensors or daylight harvesting devices.

The color rendering of T5HO systems also is superior. Color rendering is what makes colors appear more natural to the naked eye. Most metal-halide lamps offer a color-rendering index (CRI) in the 60s. T5HO lamps carry a minimum CRI of 85. When metal halide systems do offer a comparable CRI, lamp costs are much higher.

Shat-R-Shield's T5 and T5 High Output (HO) lamps exhibit many of the same characteristics as its T8 lamps. The new T5s, however, exceed the performance of T8 lamps in lumen maintenance and environmental impact, and their smaller size can increase optical-control efficiency and the flexibility of luminaire design.

For more information, contact Michael Board at Shat-R-Shield, Inc., 116 Ryan Patrick Drive, Salisbury, NC 28147. Phone: (800) 223-0853. E-mail:
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