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Plasma processes examined. (Meetings).

CIP 2003, the 14th International Colloquium on Plasma Processes, sponsored by Societe Francaise du Vide, Plasma Division, will be held June 29-July 3 in Antibes, France.

Science and technology for polymers, microelectronics, microtechnology and metallurgy will be examined. CIP 2003 will include technical courses, colloquia, an exhibition and an industrial forum.

Courses and instructors planned for Sunday, June 29, will include the following: "Discharge physics: Energy deposition, reactivity," A. Rousseau, University of Paris-Sud; "Optical diagnostics of plasma reactors," A. Ricard, University Paul Sabatier; "PVD processes: Synthesis and control," A. Billard, Ecole des Mines de Nancy; and "Deposition of thin films by PECVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition)," A. Granier, Institute des Materiaux.

Courses and instructors planned for Monday, June 30, will include the following: "Plasma etching for microelectronics and microtechnology," C. Cardinaud, Institute des Materiaux de Nantes; and "Plasma treatment of polymeric surfaces for adhesive or bio-adhesive materials," F. Poncin-Epaillard, University du Maine.

Monday's colloquium on "Plasma etching--micro-nanotechnology" will include the following presentations: "Nanotechnology for interdisciplinary research," E. Di Fabrizio, INFM TASC Elettra Synchrotron Light Source; "Black silicone formation in cryogenic etching: Experimental and numerical study," R. Dussart, P. Brault, X. Mellhaoui, A. Basillais, Ph. Lefaucheux and P. Ransom University d'Orleans; and "Broad band UV absorption of silicone etching plasmas," M. Kogelschatz, G. Cunge and N. Sadeghi, CNRS-LSP.

Monday's colloquium on "Polymers, biomaterials and sterilization" will include the following presentations: "Density of oxygen atoms in high pressure (10-50 torr) flowing microwave post-discharge for elastomer treatments," H. Blanchard, SME Centre de Recherches du Bouchet; and J.P. Sarrette, S. Villeger and A. Ricard, University Paul Sabatier; "Sterlization of dental bacteria in a flowing [N.sub.2]-[O.sub.2] post-discharge reactor," S. Villeger, S. Cousty and A. Ricard, University Paul Sabatier, and M. Sixou, Gremi; "Sterilization and plasma diagnostics on a double inductively coupled plasma reactor," P. Messerer, B. Bonigk and P. Awakowicz, TU Munich; "Pulsing surface discharge at atmospheric pressure for dielectric surfaces sterilization and barrier deposition," P. Koulik, A. Kakliouguine and M. Samsonov, APTI; and "Plasma sterilization in the flowing afterglow of a [N.sub.2]-[O.sub.2] discharge at reduced pressure: Analysis of the erosion of bacterial spores," M. Moisan, B. Saoudi, M.C. Crevier and N. Phillip, University de Montreal; J. Barbeau, Facility de Medecine Dentaire; and J. Pelletier, University Joseph Fourier.

Monday's colloquium on "Metallurgical technology" will include the following presentations: "Superhard nanocomposites: Design concept, properties, present and future industrial applications," S. Veprek, Technical University of Munich; "Density, stress and mechanical properties of ultra-thin tetrahedral amorphous carbon films prepared by filtered vacuum cathodic arc," G.A. Abbas, J.P. Quinn, P. Lemoine and J.A. McLaughlin, University of Ulster; "Modification of arc-deposited PVD hard coatings by nitrogen implantation," Ph. Kempe, CSM Instruments; and J.A. Garcia and R.J. Rodriguez, AIN Centro de Ingenieria Avanzada de Superficies; and "Correlation between the effective thermal properties and the adhesion strength on Cu-C interface systems," S. Chotikaprakhan, D. Dietzel, J. Pelzl and B.K. Bein, Ruhr University; and E. Neubauer, ARC Seibersdorf Research GmbH.

Monday's colloquium on "Plasma deposition" will include the following presentations: "Mechanisms involved in the transformation of ppHMDSO films into Si[O.sub.2]-like by oxygen plasma treatment," G. Borvon, A. Bousquet, A. Goullet and A. Granier, IMN/LPCM: and A. van der Lee and V. Rouessac, LMPM/IEM; "Reactive sputter deposition of electrolyte coatings for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells," P. Briois and A. Billard, Ecole des Mines; and "Deposition of thin films for optical applications in a matrix distributed electron cyclotron resonance reactor," D. Daineka, G. Girard, P. Bulkin and J.E. Bouree, Ecole Polytechnique.

Tuesday's (July 1) colloquium on "Metallurgical technology" will include the following presentations: "Ultra-hard DLC-based coatings," M.P. Delplanke, University Libre de Bruxelles; and "High-quality semiconductor carbon-doped [beta]-Fe[Si.sub.2] film synthesized by MEVVA ion implantation," X. Li, D. Nie and C. Dong, Dalian University of Technology; L. Xu, Fudan University, Shanghai; and Z. Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Tuesday's colloquium on "Polymers, biomaterials and sterilization" will include the following presentations: "Modification of polymeric films for protein adhesion," F. Rossi, Ispra; "Polymerization and surface modification by low pressure plasma technique," M.J. Tsafack and J. Levalois-Grutzmacher, ETH Honggerberg; "Pulsed plasma polymerization of thin organic films as supports for bio-molecules," R. Foerch, Max Planck Institute; and "Selective chemical modification of porous materials and films for bio-medical applications," P. Krueger, Plasma-Finish; and J. Friedrich and A. MeyerPlath, Bundesanstalt fur Materialforschung und Prufung.

Tuesday's colloquium on "Plasma deposition" will include the following presentations: "Thin film deposition by magnetron sputtering," C. Heau, HEF R&D; and "Nitrogen post-discharge assisted pulsed laser deposition of nitride thin films," M. Tabbal, T. Christidis and S. Isber, American University of Beirut; P. Merel, M.A. El Khakani and M. Chaker, INRS-Energie et Materiaux; and A. Amassian and L. Martinu, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal.

Wednesday's (July 2) colloquium on "Plasma etching--micro-nanotechnology" will include the following presentations: "Scattering dynamics and mechanisms of etching reactions," K.P. Giapis, Caltech Pasadena; "Monte Carlo simulation of deep silicone trenches properties in a cryogenic etching process by a S[F.sub.6]/[O.sub.2] plasma mixture," G. Marcos and A. Rhallabi, CNRS-University de Nantes; and R. Dussart and P. Ranson, CNRS-University d'Orleans; and "Development and characterization of imprint-resists as masks for plasma etching," C. Cardinaud, F. Gaboriau and A. Bousquet, CNRS-University de Nantes; K. Pfeiffer, F. Reuther, M. Fink and G. Fruetzner, Micro-Resist Technology GmbH; H. Schulz and H.C. Scheer, University of Wuppertal; C.M. Sotomayor Tones and L. Montelius, University of Lund; C. Mayer, University of Duisburg; and J. Ahopelto, VTT Centre of Microelectronics.

Wednesday's colloquium on "New trends in plasma engineering" will include the following presentations: "Fluid description of the energy absorption in microwave discharges: A new perspective," L. Lemos Alves, Centro de Fisica de Plasmas; "Using the [H.sub.[alpha]] line to measure the electron density in a plasma at low density," J.M. Luque, M.D. Calzada and M. Saez, University de Cordoba; "Density of Ti atoms and ions in an amplified magnetron discharge for titanium deposition," S. Konstantinidis, J.P. Dauchot and M. Hecq, University de Mons-Hainaut; A. Ricard, University Paul Sabatier; and M. Ganciu, Institute of Atomic Physics; "Metastable atomic species in the [N.sub.2] pink afterglow," J. Levaton and J. Amorim, University Federal de Santa Catarina; V. Kiohara, Instititute Tecnologico de Aeronautica; and A. Ricard, University Paul Sabatier; "Study of plasmasolid interaction in electronegative plasma," R. Hrach, V. Hrachova, M. Vichef, J. Imek and D. Sedlak, Charles University; and "Microwave assisted IPVD reactor," L. de Poucques, C. Boisse-Laporte, J. Bretagne, O. Leroy, L. Teule-Gay and M. Touzeau, University Paris-Sud; and P. Vasina, Department of Physical Electronics.

Wednesday's colloquium on "Polymers, biomaterials and sterilization'" will include the following presentations: "Mechanisms of inactivation of bacteria by air plasma," M. Laroussi, APTL-ODU Research Center; "Plasmachemical regioselective modification of polymeric microfiltration membranes for applications in medical therapy," M. Mueller and C. Oehr, Fraunhover Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology; and M. Storr, Gambro Dialysatoren GmbH; and "Polyethylene ultrahydrophobic surface: Synthesis and original properties," J. Fresnais, L. Benyahia and F. Poncin-Epaillard, University du Paine; and J.F. Chapel, University Claude Bernard-Lyon.

Wednesday's colloquium on "Plasma deposition" will include the following presentations: "Challenges in RF plasma deposition on square-meter substrates," L. Sansonnens, EPFL; "Atmospheric pressure plasma liquid deposition--a new route to high performance coatings," S. Leadley, L. O'Neill, L.A. O'Hare and A. Goodwin, Dow Corning Ltd.; "Unexpected bonding configurations in silicone oxides synthesized under plasma processing--analogy with irradiated silica," M. Chayani, H. Caquineau and B. Despax, University Paul Sabatier; "Plasma assisted diffusion of platinum in porous carbon--experiments and molecular dynamics simulations," P. Brault, University d'Orleans: "Time resolved optical investigation in a MF driven reactive magnetron sputter process for ZnO:Al layers using metallic alloy targets," T. Wallendorf and S. Marke, IFU GmbH; and C. May and J. Strumpfel, Von Ardenne Analgentechnik GmbH; and "Elaboration of freestanding diamond films in a pulsed MPACVD reactor for ZnO/diamond surface acoustic waves devices;" T. Lamara, M. Belmahi, O. Elmazria, L. Le Bougdira and M. Remy, University H. Poincare-Nancy.

Thursday's (July 3) colloquium oil "Plasma cleaning environmental applications" will include the following presentations: "Removal of pollutants by plasma catalytic processes," S. Pasquiers, LPGP; "Detoxification of greenhouse gases using surface-wave microwave discharges sustained at atmospheric pressure," Y. Kabouzi, M. Motsan, D. Keroack and Z. Zakrezwski, University de Montreal; J.C. Rostaing and D. Guerin, Centre de Recherche Claude Delorme; and C. Trassy, EPM-Madylam; and "Emission spectroscopy at C[O.sub.2] activation by atmospheric pressure microwave discharge to produce synthesis gas," S. Marke and T. Wallen doer, IFU GmbH; and T. Oberreuther and C. Wolff, University of Dortmund.

Thursday's colloquium on "New trends in plasma engineering" will include the following presentations: "Understanding the mechanism of plasma processing by exploring the chemistry of the plasma-surface interface," E. Fisher, University of Colorado; "A way to enhance nitrogen dissociation at low power in low pressure ICP sources," T. Czerwiec, Ecole des Mines; and F. Greer and D. Graves, University of California--Berkeley; "Reactive oxygen plasma characterization with a fiber optics catalytic probe," M. Mozetic and U. Cvelbar, Institute of Surface Engineering and Optoelectronics: I. Poberaj and D. Babic, University of Ljubljana; and A. Richard, University Paul Sabatier; and "Sputtering assisted by microwave multi-dipolar plasmas," Y. Arnal, S. Bechu, O. Maulat and J. Pelletier, University Joseph Fourier.

Further information on CIP 2003 is available from the Societe Francaise du Vide, tel.: (+33) 1 53 01 90 30; fax: (+33) 1 42 78 63 20.
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