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Plants for [right arrow] love; herbalist Ashley Apple's bag of tricks is sure to spice up your life. (Herbal Healing).

Since the beginning of time, sexuality has captured our interest, driving us in the search for aphrodisiacs and rituals that may enliven our experience. Traditions have evolved over the centuries, and the abundance of sensual potions and exotic practices can be accredited to many eastern philosophies and time-honored folk customs. Much of the lore has been passed down over the generations to find its way here. This article will given brief introduction to some of the enticing herbal remedies and spices that can stimulate and enhance the senses, leading to heightened encounters of excitement and intimacy.

Today, we see an explosion of interest in sexuality due to an expansion of consciousness and self-awareness. The most important aphrodisiac is you! Potions and rituals can enhance your lovemaking as long as you are willing, comfortable, relaxed, and open to receiving as well as giving. Aphrodisiacs can be stimulating and/or relaxing depending on the needs of the individual. Sometimes you're not in the mood because you're too worried about trivial day-to-day matters. Or you may feel you have no energy and you're not in very good aerobic shape. Exploring different herbs and spices and their actions on the body will help to direct you in brewing up potent love elixirs tailored just for you.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa/aphrodisiaca) is one of my favorite and most beloved plants. It is a stimulating nervine and is considered an energizer for sexual inability. It is very nourishing and a powerful reproductive tonic for both men and women. Mexico exports Damiana Liquor, which is quite scrumptious and packaged in a bottle shaped like a curvaceous Goddess. Damiana has quite a euphoric effect and increases physical and energetic sensation.

Ginseng (Panax) has a long history, of use, originating in the eastern healing traditions. Among many of its healing effects, its aphrodisiac quality has been successfully documented and appreciated for thousands of years. In China, it has been used to increase stamina and treat impotence. Ginseng is best suited for people who are too stressed, exhausted mentally and physically. It has exhibited a stimulating effect on the reproductive organs and has rejuvenating powers.

Guarana (Paullinia cupana) grows in South America where the native people enjoy its stimulating properties. It slows the pulse while stimulating the senses and alertness due to large amounts of caffeine. It can provide much-needed energy for a long night of lovemaking, but be careful! You may not be able to fall asleep unless you have fully exhausted yourself into a tranquil oblivion.

Kava Kava (Piper methysticum) is a wonderfully relaxing herb that eases skeletal muscle tension. Some people have reported a slight tingling of the reproductive organs after drinking a potent brew of Kava. The extract has a numbing effect and can be applied externally to the male genitals for premature ejaculation or to the female for enhanced sensitivity.

Vanilla bean (Vanilla planifolia) comes from a beautiful tropical orchid, a very sensual plant to behold! It is arousing to the senses of taste and smell. The aroma can intoxicate you into a state of sweet surrender. We are blessed to find it on the shelf at every grocery. Try splashing a dash into your hot chocolate or drizzle it over a favorite dessert.

Chocolate (Theobroma cacao) has been revered for thousands of years by the Aztec people for its sensually stimulating properties. The luscious delight of fine chocolate melting on your tongue can leave one feeling contently high. Chocolate is loaded with vitamins and minerals, an excellent source to snack on before, during, and after lovemaking to help recharge and replenish.

Aromatic spices are aphrodisiac in nature because of their stimulating and aromatic qualities. Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, anise and basil are a few of my favorites. When you walk into a home where the air is tinged with aromatic spices and sweet smelling delicacies, your mouth waters and you feel an insatiable hunger. With the right setting that hunger can be transformed and utilized for a more intimate application.

So many elements are responsible for creating the right mood for love. Creating a space where inhibitions are released and the senses are allowed to explode is easT with a little preparation. Be luxurious, scent yourself with exotic oils, and burn incense that inspires you. Light candles and choose music that moves you. Prepare little treats to snack on and feed to your lover. Prepare a ritual drink or elixir that you can share together. Relax and let your imagination carry you away.

Ashley Apple is an herbalist living in the magic and beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. For information about upcoming workshops or a personal consultation, you can reach her at 828-254-1835.
Edible Body Paint


1/2 cup raw honey
1 tsp unsweetened organic chocolate
splash of rose water to flavor
4/2 tsp vanilla extract


Mix ingredients together, using more or less
chocolate powder depending on your personal
taste. I like a lot of rose water, but a couple of
drops can go a long way! Feel free to add any
powdered herbs or spices that tempt you. Mix
thoroughly. Transfer to a small bowl that you
can dip your fingers in easily. Place by the bed
and you are ready to go!
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