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Plants, stones, and multiple levels give a more natural look.

Terracing and retexturing transformed a stark pool and yard into a lush, multilevel garden. Before, the pool and its flat decking seemed penned in by the tall walls of the house and a blank concrete-block retaining wall.

Despite the abrupt lines of the decking and concrete wall, the pool was well situated, and attractive olive and pepper trees grew on the hillside. By adding level changes, landscape designer Nick Williams of Calabasas, California, gracefully integrated all these elements.

Now, instead of one 5-foot-tall wall along two sides of the lot, eight low walls and steps start farther up the hill and cascade around two sides of the pool. The position of the old retaining wall remains the same, but it was lowered in places and replastered. New retaining walls made of chunks of broken concrete taken from the old pool decking extend up and down the hill from the original wall. The retaining wall also seems lower because the pool decking rises 17 inches to meet it along two sides. For a more natural look, all pool decking is Bouquet Canyon flagstones, set in concrete, which cantilever slightly over the replastered pool. o
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Title Annotation:terracing and retexturing transformed a stark pool and yard into a beautiful garden
Date:Jul 1, 1991
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