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Bakers Fold with Alpma

As readers will know, Alpma GB Ltd sell machines used for wrapping pies and other items. Originally, the Alpma units were used to create a bunch wrap that was printed on its top surface and heat sealed on its base. Then the German designers introduced their Foldwrapping principles for products like pork pies.

The requirements of new legislation means that more information must be carried on the actual pack, and this can now be done on the organised folds on the product's sides. The actual folds are created by a prefolder and folding box, and precise positioning of the side panels is maintained to allow the top to display correctly.

A variation of the foldwrap style is the Bakers Fold. With this style, a top crease is created in the material before feeding it to the product and folding box. By careful layout of the print on the wrapping material, the optimum display arrangement is achieved on the top of the product after packaging. A further variation in their foldwrap style is the Pleat wrap where the printed film is run in register with the graphic display locating centrally to the product. A pie is handled upside down with the 24 presentation pleats and label closure being formed underneath the product.

These are just some of the ways that Alpma equipment can be used to wrap products but the company at 19 Sherrington Way, Lister Road Industrial Estate, Basingstoke, Hampshire, tel: 0256 467177 will be pleased to discuss other ideas.

New Alphamation Vibratory Conveyors

The latest addition to the range of vibratory feeder and conveying equipment from Alphamation Ltd of G K Davies Trading Estate, Hayes Lane, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands, tel: 0384 891998 is an electromagnetic vibratory trough conveyor. They tell us this unit can be supplied in one length up to 8000m long.

Such conveyors are powered by a single electromagnetic drive unit mounted at the rear of the conveyor's base, and each conveyor is supplied with a variable speed controller that can be manufactured in either mild or stainless steel.

Flow-Through Electrode

Allison Engineering Ltd are now marketing in the UK a flow-through electrode that utilizes capacitative flow techniques to detect any change in the flow phase through the pipework.

Manufactured by Meridian Instruments of Holland, it is easily fitted between pipe flanges and the probe itself is constructed from Teflon to provide high chemical resistance and reduce the problem of material build-up.

Allison are located at Allison House, Capricorn Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex, tel: 0268 526161.

Addition to Space-Ray Range

The gas heater manufacturer Space-Ray has extended its range of products with the introduction of a continuous radiant system, the SRC. They tell us it is a true vacuum radiant tube heater system, and it has calorised tubes as standard. This continuous system is intended to distribute low intensity radiant heat evenly over large areas.

More details of this Continuous SRC system can be obtained from Gas Fired Products (UK) Ltd of Chapel Lane, Claydon, Ipswich, Suffolk, tel: 0473 830551.

New Absorbent Snakes from Rocol

Rocol Ltd have brought out four new products to complement their range of absorbents. They are the Puddle Python, some absorbent booms, a spill control centre and spill control kit.

The Python has been upgraded and will now absorb up to 8 times its own weight. A polyester sock filled with a mixture of bleached cellulose fibre and absorbent paper, it can be used to contain or absorb spillages. Their booms are designed to prevent the spread of a spilled fluid. Made from polypropylene fibre pulp, the 8ft booms can be linked together across a hard surface or across water on which they float. Their spill centre contains a range of absorbent products to deal with all types of spills and leaks. This bright yellow container, mounted on wheels, can be moved quickly to the problem but the complete details can be supplied by Rocol of Rocol House, Swillington, Leeds, tel: 0532 866511.

Rospen's Mini Metering Feeders

Rospen Industries Ltd have launched a new range of mini metering screw feeders only half the size and weight of conventional units. This range encompasses both single and twin screw models and they are intended for very low throughputs.

Both types incorporate the features of the bigger units, like quick release fronts and electric interlocks as standard. Two drives are incorporated in these units, a fixed speed one to drive the agitator in the conditioning chamber and a variable speed one for the actual screws, with a 20:1 turn-down range.

These stainless steel mini feeders can be used for duties like the continuous addition of additives, say the makers of Oldends Lane Industrial Estate, Oldends Lane, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, tel: 045382 5212.

Specialized Vegetable Shaper

As a result of seeing personnel on a production line manually shaping chateau and parisienne potatoes, John Marton set out to design a mechanical system for achieving the same objective. The result of his endeavours is the chateau/parisienne shaper.

This automatic vegetable shaper will process up to 454kg of potatoes or other root vegetables a day into the shape required. A consistent 5, 6 or 7-faceted sphere is just one of the shapes that can be produced with this unit at speeds between 50 and 70 shapes a minute.

Because some vegetable processing system create a lot of waste, at the design stage Mr Marton considered this problem. Locally to where he lives potatoes are big business so this machine has been designed to work with the smaller tubers which are usually downgraded anyway. Thus, potatoes from 1.5 to 2.25in. are perfectly acceptable to this shaper, which is made and marketed by Diversified Metal Engineering Ltd of PO Box 553, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, fax: (902) 628-1313.

Allen-Loctronic Link for Inspection Systems

Allen Machinery Inc of the USA has joined forces with Loctronic International Ltd to market and service the Allen Inspectronic range of broad belt sorting machines in the UK and Eire. Loctronic will provide the infeed and outfeed conveyors, customer training and after-sales service.

To enable potential customers to have products evaluated, a test facility will shortly become available at the Loctronic premises at Danbury, Chelmsford, Essex, tel: 0245 222156.

'Stainless Steel' Proximity Sensors

A range of double insulated proximity sensors housed in stainless steel has been introduced to the UK by Multiswitch Ltd. Their new Balluf Proxinox range has specific applications in our industry and is suitable for use where caustic wash-downs leads to corrosion problems with the conventional nickel-plated switch housings.

With all sensor circuitry protected by a plastics inner sleeve, within the stainless steel outer housing, Proxinox sensors are highly resistant to mechanical damage, fully insulated against electrical and magnetic interference and effectively watertight.

Designed for use with the S68 Series of Brad-Harrison microchip connectors, equipped with a special sealing system and stainless steel coupling nuts, the Proninox range is available from Multiswitch at The Old Mill Technical Studio, Finney Lane, Cheadle, Cheshire, tel: 061-437 1233.

Dutch Agent for Cintex

Cintex Ltd of Colnbrook have just appointed an agent to handle their sales of metal detection and checkweighing equipment. The new agent is Mundipakar of Dr Van Gortellaan 6, AT Abcoude. The man to contact in Spain is Wilgerd de Ruiter and his fax number is 02946 6734.

Thin Metal Detector

Yamato Lock Inspection Systems Ltd of Neville Street, Oldham, Lancashire, tel: 061-624 0333 claim to have solved a problem for those users of bagging machines who need to improve protection to comply with the latest laws.

Their latest unit has been designed so that it can be fitted between a multi-head weigher and a bagmaker. Usually, the fitting of such a unit in that position is not a popular because it can interfere with product flow and thus cause weighing problems as far as an individual pack is concerned. With their new unit, YLIS guarantee complete product transfer between the scale and the bagger; it will signal the bagger at the correct moment, so that a contaminated pack can either be held or rejected.

Known, like the rest of their models as a Metalchek unit, this machine will detect both ferrous and non ferrous metal contamination just before the product enters the pack. This very narrow unit incorporates automatic set-up, automatic product tracking and an automatic balance control.

Automatic Hand Wash Units

A range of 'hands-free' automatic hand wash units is now available from Wash'n'Rinse Ltd of 11 Tavistock Place, London WC1, tel: 071-383 0378.

With this type of unit the wash sequence can last from 15 to 45 seconds. Placing of hands under the hood triggers off the automatic dispense of first water then soap. After allowing time for washing and scrubbing up, more water is dispensed for rinsing.

With this unit the amount of soap used is recorded, so the design assists management in monitoring personal compliance with hand hygiene programmes and overcomes the tendency of staff to rinse their hands with water only. Both the duration of the wash cycle and the type of soap dispensed can be adjusted on site.

New Scrubber/Dryers from Walter-Broadley

To help ensure that factory premises comply with the requirements of the latest hygiene and safety Acts, Walter-Broadley Machines Ltd have brought out two special scrubber/dryer models for floor cleaning. They are the Challenger 640 and 800 - the figures denote the cleaning width of each machine in millimetres.

Each of these models is fitted with a powerful motor to provide an aggressive scrubbing action, remove excess water, spillages and soiling, all in one pass. The vacuum action and trailing squeegee action ensure that the floor surface is left clean and dry. In fact, the company reckon the performance of the squeegee is very important. They use a V-shaped one fitted with a flat polyurethane blade that provides long cleaning life and four usable edges.

These floor cleaning machines can easily be fitted with pads so that scrubbed floors can be buffed up to a non slip finish. Batteries are carried below the clean and dirty water tanks in their own removable battery box. Such positioning gives the units a low centre of gravity but full technical details can be obtained from the company at Gladstone Road, Northampton, tel: 0604 583191.

APV's Batch-Manager

APV is claiming a world first in the use of advanced computer modelling systems for the design of process plants. Their Batch-Manager is a computer-based scheduling tool for planning batch production in the food and allied industries.

Although developed initially for planning day-to-day operations, APV uses it in-house to assist in the design of new plants and extensions. They say the Batch-Manager tackles difficult design problems with a level of detail that has not been possible before. By building an accurate model of a production plant and then scheduling a typical campaign of products through the plant, a schedule can quickly be generated, which highlights any problems with the design. Different design alternatives can then be tested before the best alternative is selected.

Equipment is visually set out on the screen and the network connection added. Each item of equipment and each unique route has a supporting set of data, which is configured by the model builder installed in the base of the computer. With such parameters, a scheduling test can be run because parameters for the products can also be entered into the database.

Quality Award for Eriez

Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd have gained BS 5750. This UK manufacturing affiliate of Eriez Manufacturing Co claims to be the first European company in its field to obtain such a quality standard.

Side-Flexing Chain System

A side-flexing chain system has been introduced by Uni Chains. Called Superflex, this new chain reduces friction in conveyor bends, improves wear-life and the flat tracking improves product stability.

This chain can simply be lifted out of the conveyor section for maintenance of cleaning. Its mechanical hold-down tabs have a negative inside rubbing edge which hold-down on accurately machined plastics mating surfaces. This gives a slight wedge effect, acting outside of the conveyor's centre line and provides a greatly improved mechanical advantage.

Readers needing more information can contact Sigma Industries at Kettles Wood Drive, Woodgate Business Park, Birmingham B32, tel: 021-423 3700.

INSTeng's Retort Control System

INSTeng Process Automation Ltd, in conjunction with the Campden Food and Drink Research Association, have developed a retort control system designed to enhance the performance of existing equipment.

It is intended for the users of older-style retorts who might wish to benefit from modern control technology without the capital outlay required for re-equipping. And, because the INSTeng system is provided as a modular system, upgrading the control technology only involves minimum downtime.

Based on a programmable logic controller, the system will monitor, control and record all aspects of the user-programmed operating cycle. Depending on the requirements of the retort and its duties, sensors and valve actuators control all water, steam and air functions throughout a programmed cycle. A system mimic is provided, allowing visual indication of the cycle's progress, and this may be paralleled with automatic alarms and remote indications.

This system also includes a circular chart recorder to automatically provide permanent records of the process parameters for statutory purposes. Obviously such systems have to be tailor-made to suit the particular installation but complete details can be obtained from INSTeng at Unit 3, Moy Road Industrial Estate, Taffs Well, Cardiff, tel: 0222 810289.

Belcon Belt Conveyor from Okura

Okura Automation Ltd are currently introducing a Belcon miniature belt conveyor to complement their existing lightweight mini conveyor range.

This new belt conveyor has a troughed belt centre to provide steady transportation of loose granular material. To handle a range of loose or irregular shaped items, these units are available in widths from 200 to 500mm and in lengths up to 6m from the makers at Moorbridge Road, Bingham Industrial Estate, Nottingham, tel: 0949 831100.

Rheon's Latest Development

Rheon have now perfected a series of multi bread lines for the production of many roll and bread types, including baguettes and petit pain.

The unique feature of these plants is that the first proof stage is totally eliminated. Furthermore, a simple wheel into position device will facilitate the manufacture of novelty filled products. These 'stress-free' systems have the advantage of allowing the production of a variety of bakery goods from the same plant. Preproofed items can also be made, so that the fresh bake-off of fully proofed frozen products can be undertaken.

A number of configurations are possible and outputs up to 1500kg an hour are being achieved on the seven plants of this style that are currently operating in Japan. Rheon are able to provide a full demonstration of such equipment at their Dusseldorf premises but initial enquiries should be addressed to Rheon UK at 96 Monnow Street, Monmouth, Gwent, tel: 0600 714531.

Defender Lightweight Gloves

The Bettcher Whizard Defender gloves are lightweight flexible gloves designed to protect the hands. American-made, they are woven with high strength Spectra and stainless steel filament threads to stop laceration and yet allow dextrous use of the hands.

These gloves are being marketed in the UK by FTC Systems (UK) Ltd of Market Place, Castle Combe, Wiltshire, tel: 0249 782989. Frequent laundering of Whizard Defender gloves ensures an extremely high standard of cleanliness. The suppliers of these gloves recommend the use of Miele Little Giant systems for the actual laundering of their products.

Stevens Portion Controller

Stevens Advanced Weighing Systems Ltd have begun marketing a Portion Controller designed to improve control of portion filling on a production line. It gives more accurate control of ingredients being added manually as product passes along the line.

In situations such as trifle or pizza manufacture, it is essential that the correct amount of each ingredient is added. This process can effectively be monitored by reading a loss-in-weight in the same 'traffic light' display style as used by the conventional checkweigher.

Stevens have developed their portion controller so that users can repeatedly remove portions from bulk containers and gain the same advantages as those who 'put-on' weight. All an operator has to do is call up the appropriate programme number, place the ingredient container on the scales and commence weighing out the ingredient. As material is removed from the container, an analogue coloured display guides the operator towards the correct target weight. A within tolerance operation is confirmed by a green 'acceptable' zone illuminating. Achievement of the target weight prompts a flashing 'accept' message, automatically tares the container and contents back to zero, so it is ready to repeat the whole cycle.

Readers wanting the complete information should contact Stevens at Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road, Dunmow, Essex, tel: 0371 876224.

3A Approval for PCM

Corby-based PCM Pumps tell us they have received full 3A Hygienic Approval for their U range of progressive cavity pumps. As readers will remember, these pumps are available with a wide range of drives and cater for flows in the range from 1 litre up to 63 cu m an hour.

Mobile Flexible IBC Discharger

FIBC handling systems with a number of fixed discharge points can now be supplemented by a new mobile discharger from Spiroflow UK (Machinery) Ltd of Upbrooks, Clitheroe, Lancashire, tel: 0200 22525.

This discharger, capable of handling 1 tonne bags, is mounted on four swivel braked lockable castors, to allow the unit to be positioned exactly where required. A tow bar is also fitted to the unit that incorporates a Spiroflow Model 120 rotating spiral conveyor 4m long with a nominal height of 3m.

Flow of material is controlled by a pinch valve and there is an agitator in the discharge cone to control rate of flow. Level probes are fitted at the inlet and outlet of the discharge cone to control the flow rate but a full unit can still be emptied in 5 minutes if required, and the conveyor spiral can be run in reverse to empty residual material from the delivery tube.

Upgrading Cementitious Floors

Cementitious floors often have inadequate mechanical and chemical resistant for many applications, so that frequently epoxy-based screeds are specified to surface them.

However, these are expensive and Quentplass Ltd have developed an alternative - Quentacryl. This polymer emulsion enables cementitious floors to be upgraded to improve their mechanical and chemical resistance. The emulsion comes ready to use, with an antifoaming agent already incorporated by the suppliers who are at Thorp Arch Trading Estate, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, tel: 0937 843388.

Colborne System from Record Pelkman

Record Pelkman Equipment Co Ltd of 2 Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, tel: 0727 43136 are now marketing the US-made Colborne pie-making system in the UK. The Series 90 automatic system, of straight line design, can produce up to 7200 pies 12in. in diameter an hour. There is also a stamped line from the same stable that has a realistic output of around 4300 such pies in the hour.

A typical Series 90 line would comprise a master divider to creates two dough streams, for top and bottom crusts, then an AD divider compresses and chops the dough pieces to size with a rotary cutting action. Dough pieces next pass through 'cross crust' rollers to produce a hybrid flaky pastry before the bottom crust is deposited into a foil pan. This is gently pressed into position and a water mist sprayed around its edge to ensure a good seal for the lid. One or more fillers can be positioned along the line before the top of the pie is added and trimmers seal the crusts together.

More Stirrers from Rigal Bennett

Rigal Chemical and Process Plant Ltd have increased their range of stirrers by adding variable speed varieties. These latest units can be supplied either clamp or bridge-mounted with motors from 1 to 5.5hp. They can be fitted with a marine-type propeller, turbine or angled paddle blades on their shafts. And the lengths of these shafts are designed to suit the particular tank involved, say Rigal of 101 Leagrave Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, tel: 0582 505266.

On-Line Monitoring Spectrometer

George Meller Ltd have introduced a new spectrometer to their range of monitoring equipment. The Novachem is a fully automatic, self-diagnostic diode array-based liquid composition analyzer designed for on-line process monitoring of UV/VIS absorbing components.

Microprocessor-based programming allows quick setting of the functions such as impurity level alarms. Of rugged construction, with no moving parts, it is simple to install and optic fibre connectors allow the unit to be installed in hazardous environments. Data collection by the Novachem can be stored on disc or transmitted to remote computer, say Mellers of Orion Park, Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London W13, tel: 081-579 2111.

Efficient Hose Spray Gun

The CU150 washdown gun manufactured by Spraying Systems Co is claimed to be no only highly efficient but also less tiring to use than other types of gun. This claim rests partly on its low weight - only 0.63kg - and partly on the design of the handle and trigger.

Hand grips have traditionally been slotted or indented to provide finger positions but research suggests this constraint actually tires the operator. Thus, the CU150 has a round handle that does not force fingers into premoulded slots but allows them to grasp the gun in the most natural position and move freely. The stainless steel trigger is contoured to distribute pressure over the palm of the hand. A body cover in natural rubber cushions the gun against damage and the operator against fluid temperatures up to 93|degrees~C.

In the UK these guns, at two specified maximum flow rates, are available from CT United Kingdom Ltd of Riverview House, Weyside Park, Catteshall Lane, Godalming, Surrey, tel: 0483 861186.

Quality Award for SattControl

At the end of November last a certificate of accreditation to the British Quality Standard BS 5750 was presented to SattControl UK Ltd, the process control company. This presentation was made at their Northwich offices.

Stainless Steel Interlocks

The SU Series of interlocks from Castell Safety International Ltd has been designed to meet the stringent hygiene requirements necessary in modern manufacturing practice. Made entirely from stainless steel, these interlocks incorporate a non 'masterable' lock mechanism. The material specification and built-in strength makes these locks highly resistant to mild acid, caustic CIP rinse solutions and steam cleaning.

To prevent unauthorised access to machinery, SU interlocks come in three basic types. The SUK version has an extending and extracting bolt designed to interfere with, or free, a secondary mechanism such as a valve stem. For interlocking 90|degrees~ movement ball valves, the SUKC version is equipped with a claw bolt to engage the valve stem profile. The SUHA model is intended for guarding applications and incorporates a spring-loaded bolt.

The actual lock mechanism comprises a cylindrical key fitted with a number of stainless steel pins that are positioned according to a computer-generated code. These engage with an identical set of receptors in the body of the lock. With such a system many thousand of combinations can be created, although alphanumeric codes can equally be specified, say the makers who are at Kingsbury Works, Kingsbury Road, London NW9, tel: 081-200 1200.

In-Process Weigher on Show

At the forthcoming Food Manufacturing Technology exhibition Chronos Richardson Ltd will have on show their new APW. This is a high accuracy in-process weigher for the flour, food and milling industries.

Those readers who cannot wait to see the unit at the exhibition should contact Choronos Richardson in the meantime at Arnside Road, Bestwood, Nottingham, tel:

0602 608181.

New Modular Slatted Belt from Sovex

The latest addition to the extensive range of unit load handling equipment produced by Sovex of Pintail Close, Victoria Business Park, Netherfield, Nottingham, tel: 0533 769181 is a modular slatted belt conveyor. This features plastics belt components that are engaged by rotating sprockets.

Lightweight and strong, this belt is intended for the movement of items that require delicate handling. Flexibility, strength and durability are characteristics of this conveyor, whose carrying surface has a short pitch of 1in. and a thickness of 0.4in. It is available in any width from 4.5in. upwards and the conveyor can be provided in any one of a number of materials, to suit the particular application and ambient temperature that it must face. The belt itself can be provided with either a solid or perforated surface.

Protecting Drains from Spillage

The effects of spillage of substances like oil, milk, juice, molasses or acid can be reduced greatly by sealing surface drains where tankers are loading or discharging.

To achieve such sealing one can use the Drizit Emergency Drain Seal. When deployed, it provides a simple and efficient means of protecting drains likely to be at risk during operations involving the loading or emptying of road tankers.

These drain seals are produced in a range of sizes, from 200 to 900mm square, suitable for both flat and curved drains and they are effective at temperatures down to -30|degrees~C. When placed over a drain, the seal is held in position by a stainless steel clamp mechanism.

Darcy Products Ltd of Invicta Works, East Malling, Kent, tel: 0732 843131 are the manufacturers of these units.

TNT's Latest Pallet Shrinkwrappers

Birmingham-based TNT Materials Handling, tel: 021-544 5154, have just introduced a new Stretch 'N Shrink pallet wrapping machine. This is a more automated version of their earlier pallet wrapping system.

The machine's wrap capability has been upgraded to between 25 and 30 wraps an hour and new technology has reduced the time taken to load and remove pallets.

In use specially formulated Stretch 'N Shrink film, that is available in a choice of colours or customised with a company logo, is stretched and placed over a load, then it instantly shrinks to the contours of the product and maintains a uniform and constant tension, as well as providing full weather protection. As the material is applied cold, there is no need for a shrink tunnel.

Flowcrete's Tough Floors

Flowcrete Systems Ltd have developed a tough flooring for areas that are subject to hard wear.

Their Flowtex material is a solvent-free resin-based highly workable mortar designed to provide a dense thin layer floor finish between 4 and 6mm thick. Such a layer has high strength, good abrasion, impact and chemical resistance, non slip properties and it is durable.

The 3-pack system can be supplied in a range of colours and comes from Flowcrete at Radnor Park Industrial Estate, Back Lane, Congleton, Cheshire, tel: 0260 270631.

Magnetic Water Conditioners

The Hydromag magnetic water conditioners for hard water scale protection are now available in the UK from the manufacturers, HydroTec AG, via their subsidiary, Hydrotec (UK) Ltd of Grove Court, Hatfield Road, Slough, Berkshire, tel: 0753 553324.

Antislip Floor Coating

Antislip floor coatings are increasingly being specified to improve safety but many such coatings require multiple application of coatings and non slip aggregates.

To meet the demand for a material which is quick and simple to use, the Boston Chemical Co Ltd of Thorp Arch Trading Estate, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, tel: 0937 843413 has developed Tecsol antislip floor coating. This material has the non slip aggregate incorporated into a pack product. Easily applied by a paint brush, a worn area can be recoated overnight.
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