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Doering Power Feeder in UK

Alpha Technical Services are busy introducing the Doering Power Feeder System to the UK market. Designed for processing solids, semi solids and other high viscosity media, this system can be used as a pump feeder. In this application it could be used to portion, sheet, extrude, meter, mix or blend.

This whole system is based on a patented power driven feed device that works in conjunction with synchronised stainless steel feed screws. Product is forced into stainless steel augers and forward through a cone-shaped extruding head, which is tapered to the size required for the particular product. In use the unit is close-coupled with a compatible pump, or it can be used to feed directly into other process equipment.

There are five sizes of the power feeder, with outputs ranging from 115 to 27,200kg per hour.

This piece of equipment is manufactured in the USA and we understand that there are many installations in that country. Typically, such a unit is used to grind up pig fat and skin prior to rendering, or blocks of hard cheese can be ground and metered to a mixer, or it can be used to add butter, margarine or cold shortening to dough mixtures. In most cases the particular advantage of this system is that it reduces material to a regular size so that it can be portioned readily. Dough can also be deposited on to a conveyor after it has been de-aerated.

This system will shift immensely thick materials but for the fullest details, readers should contact Alpha Technical Services Ltd of Altec House, Aintree Road, Greenford, Middx, tel: 081-991 2626.,

Glydeway Bacon Slicer

Dixie Union (UK) Ltd have introduced the Glydeway bacon slicer. This inclined bed unit provides fast slice speeds and incorporates microprocessor control. Manufactured in stainless steel and food grade plastics, it will slice at rates up to 1350 per minute when producing shingled slices or stacked portions at the rate of 70 to 100 a minute depending on group count.

The microprocessor system controls all slicer functions and provides weight control through variation of the feed screw drive. An auxiliary off-feed conveyor can also be controlled through the slicer.

The suppliers, of 34 Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, tel: 0908 614567, tell us this unit features an improved linear drive, the main shaft has been designed to minimize downtime, the drive rollers have been designed to minimize stripping of rubber coating during cleaning and the drive housing has been constructed for improved hygiene and access.

Tester for Meat Quality

The quality control of fresh meat and meat products can be assisted by a new series of laboratory tests developed for the QTS Twenty Five texture analysis system.

Using standard shear, bite and punch test fixtures, the QTS unit's detailed results provide an improved level of quantification for properties such as gumminess and tenderness.

A simple test using the Warner Bratzler Shear Blade allows the QTS unit to analyze the rate of tenderness reduction during a cooking process. Data is supplied either as printed analysis or may be further processed through a PC. To understand more about chewiness, the Volodkevitch Bite Jaws Test fixture is used to reproduce an approximation of the natural action. The eating qualities of processed meat products can be quantified by using a variety of punch or simple penetration tests.

Readers needing more information about this entire system should discuss it with the suppliers, Stevens Advanced Weighing Systems Ltd of Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road, Dunmow, Essex, tel: 0371 876224.

Mini Vacuspeed Unit

Entecon Ltd are now marketing a mini Vacuspeed unit. This all-stainless steel pneumatic conveyor/feeder, denoted as the VSP.05, achieves normal feed rates up to 500kg per hour.

Developed by Andantex of Italy, these Vacuspeed flexible path conveyor/feeders operate on a high frequency batch principle, with programmed timing of the alternating intake and discharge phases. Features include automatic reverse-jet cleaning of the cartridge filter at the end of each transfer cycle but such detail can be discussed with Entecon at London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey, tel: 0276 32436.

PC-Compatible Hardware and Software

Process control and monitoring in our industry can now use industry standard PC-compatible hardware and software.

The Silicon WallStation is an IBM PC-compatible computer that has been purpose-designed to meets the special needs of industry. The grade 316 stainless steel cabinet that totally encloses the Silicon WallStation has smooth surfaces with no crevices to harbour bacteria. It will survive the harshest conditions, its IP66 seal making it immune to dust and high pressure water jets and its solid state design ensures it is resistant to temperature extremes, vibration and electromagnetic interference.

The suppliers, Micro Control Systems of Electron House, Bridge Street, Sandiacre, Nottingham, tel: 0602 391204, assure us that such a unit should operate for years without maintenance.

Challenger Membrane Skinner

An automatic membrane skinner has been added to the range of skinners offered by Food Industry Equipment Europe Ltd of Unit 2, Sunters End, Hillbottom Road, Sands Industrial Estate, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, tel: 0494 471831.

Designed specifically for removing membranes from beef, veal and pork, this Challenger unit can also be used for fish fillet skinning. Like other models in the range, it incorporates the 'safe-touch' safety system, which incorporates the operator into the safety circuit by means of a pair of gloves connected to the skinner. If the operator comes into contact with the machine, the drive roller will stop in 0.002 seconds and automatically reverse. In fact, this happens even if there is a power cut!

Altro Flooring for Pumping Station

A new pumping station at Tate and Lyle's sugar refinery, using water from the River Thames as a coolant, has been fitted out with Altro Pumacrete resin flooring.

Since the building of the Thames Barrier, the old pumping station had encountered severe silting problems. To overcome this, a new station, incorporating a filter protection system, has been constructed on a jetty in deeper water.

The Altro flooring was chosen for its tough qualities and laid by Daken Flooring of Chelmsford.

Technitex Universal Sifter

Technitex Ltd have now begun selling their Universal sifting system.

In it, the powdery materials are fluidised before passing them through the screen. They tell us this gives better results in both quality and efficiency.

Technitex machines have been developed with a rotating impeller that is designed to impart a vortex flow pattern to the infeed material. Product being screened is therefore continuously delivered through the conical screen chamber, which is made to prevent any break-up of the screen, so eliminating contamination of the product.

Typical flow rates are some 6 to 7 tonnes an hour and that sort of rate can be handled by the 200 Series machine but please check with the suppliers, of Wavertree House, 18 High Street, Thame, Oxfordshire, tel: 0844 213165.

Monitoring Chilled Food

A new hand-held infra red thermometer is currently being used by a major supermarket group to check both frozen and chilled foods whilst they are in store prior to distribution. This unit, which does not need to touch the item being monitored, can operate from a distance of 30m. A total of 26 Agema hand-held thermometers is being used by the 6 Asda regional centres to check the temperature of products. This checking procedure involves the temperature of the goods being checked when they arrive, in store and before they leave.

The thermometers themselves were supplied by Hycontrol Ltd of Larchwood House, Orchard Street, Redditch, Worcestershire, tel: 0527 67841.

Dutch Office for Best Inspection

At the beginning of September Best Inspection opened their first office in Continental Europe. This site will provide local sales and service for The Netherlands and Belgium, and is being run by Bob Vermeulen from the town of Copelle aan den Yssel near Rotterdam.

Weber Range via Biro

Biro Food Machinery Ltd have been awarded the agency for the German made Weber range of processing equipment.

This range comprises belt derinders, skin membrane skinners and removers and chipped ice-makers.

Readers needing more information about this range of equipment should now consult Biro at Biro House, Stanley Road, South Harrow, Middlesex, tel: 081-864 5454.

Quality Award for Chemical Express

The cleaning and hygiene specialists, Chemical Express of Tamworth have been recommended for BS 5750 Part 2 accreditation, following 18 months of upgrading and assessment.

Rotronic Humidity Probe

Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd have begun marketing a new humidity probe. This hand-held meter, the M1, with multi-position probe, is a straightforward unit. Its 280mm long by 10mm diameter probe is stainless steel throughout with a sintered filter at the tip to protect the CK90 sensor against dust. Measuring 190 by 63 by 26mm, the meter has a large LCD display and a data-hold button but the fullest details should be discussed with Rotronic at Unit 2, Bluebird House, Povey Cross Road, Horley, Surrey RH6 0AG.

Lauritzen's Fast-Acting Effluent Treatment

A new effluent treatment, called Flocat 48, has been introduced by Lauritzen Water Treatment Services.

Flocat 48's speed of action is such that it helps increase production rates and, in most cases, reduces the quantity of suspended solids being discharged to waste. It is a high molecular weight emulsion polymer blend that can be used on its own or in conjunction with primary metal coagulants. When added to effluent, it gives rise to a rapid separation of solids and liquid, and the resulting sludge can then be removed by weir or aeration techniques.

For further details readers should contact the company at PO Box 13, 33 London Road, Harlow, Essex, tel: 0279 424444.

Hygienic Hose and Fittings

Kaptech Hose Ltd have recently completed the development of a new range of hygienic hose and fittings. This product range is being marketed under the name Kaptech Hygienic Hose Assemblies.

These hoses and fittings will normally withstand working temperatures from -60|degrees~ to + 170|degrees~C and all end-connections have 316 stainless steel wetted parts. All these products are tested to 1.5 times rated pressures and delivered certified and tagged by the suppliers who are located at Bradley Junction Industrial Estate, Leeds Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, tel: 0484 512284.

Rapid Listeria Kit

Lab M have launched the Listeria ZYM kit, on behalf of Rosco ID, for whom they are sole UK distributors.

This kit confirms the presence of listeria isolates to species level within 4 hours. The test is based on the detection of specific preformed enzymes. Because it only detects enzyme activity caused by the growth of the bacteria, test results may be read after just 4 hours.

The kit contains 20 strips of tubes, comprising 10 tests. From the results of these tests, speciation of the listeria can be achieved, say Lab M of Topley House, 52 Wash Lane, Bury, Lancashire, tel: 061-797 5729.

Nature's Filters Work for Industry

Rigidon UK Ltd have completed development work on their Genesys Peat and Heather filter system, which makes use of natural filtering materials.

Unpleasant smells can be removed by biofiltration, which is what their technique is all about. First, the polluted air is preconditioned in an accurately and finely balanced humidity chamber then it is passed through a biofilter made by the company of Arnolds Field Estate, Wickwar, Gloucestershire, tel: 0454 294006.

Basically, the micro-organisms found in peat are used to break down odours and now Van den Berghs and Jurgens have instructed Rigidon to design, construct and commission a system, at a cost of around |pounds~100,00, for their new refinery at Purfleet.

New Piston Depositor from Record Pelkman

Record Pelkman have brought out a new depositor that has been developed in conjunction with M and P.

This depositor comes in 3 standard versions, with dosing capacities ranging from 100cc to 2.5 litres. It does not use valves because product is fed into the piston tube through an opening in a revolving cylinder. When the piston tube contains a precise amount of product, the cylinder revolves round the piston tube and then the piston deposits the dose through the tube's open end.

Standard features include drip-free nozzles but the complete specification can be discussed with the suppliers at 2 Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, tel: 0727 43136.

Between-Pack Temperature Probe

Eirelec Ltd, continuing with the development of their range of temperature probes, have now brought out a 'between-pack' probe. This features a smooth flat sensing tip that easily slides between packaged goods. With this probe, temperatures can be monitored in stacks without causing damage to the packaging.

Eirelec, whose UK branch office is at PO Box 42, Hertford, Hertfordshire, tel: 0992 503120, tell this latest probe has an accuracy of |+ or -~0.5|degrees~C over the range from 0|degrees~ to +65|degrees~C.

New Atlas Copco Company

The pneumatic components business of Atlas Copco has recently moved to new premises and at the same time has become a newly formed company.

Now known as Atlas Copco Automation Ltd, this organisation is to be found at Unit 4, Wakefield 41 Business Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, tel: 0924 200400. From this new site they will continue to market cylinders, valves, vacuum components, air motors, etc.

Blue Bacterial Probe Wipes

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd are now marketing blue bacterial probe wipes.

There has been a significant increase in the use of probe thermometers throughout industry and their probes need cleaning adequately between use with a bacterial wipe to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Each of these new wipes measures 130 by 70mm and is manufactured from a disposable non woven cloth impregnated with a broad spectrum bactericide.

ETI, of Southdownview Road, Broadwater Trading Estate, Worthing, West Sussex, tel: 0903 202151, tell us these wipes are odourless and will not taint material. They come in cartons of 10 tubs and each small tub contains 70 wipes.

IQF Fluidized Belt Freezer from York Food Systems

A fluidized belt IQF freezer from York Food Systems is the latest evolution of a rugged industry standard design to ensure maximum reliability and cleanability. Vertical side-mounted oils are offered on most models to provide unlimited access beneath the product belt for thorough cleaning. York's 'clean coil' design allows thorough washdowns because the non jointed fins eliminate potential food and bacteria traps.

Their two-belt design consists of an initial precooling/crust freezing zone followed by a final deep-freezing zone. 'Soft' fluidization on the first belt separates products without excessive agitation, and variable belt speed provides a wide range of freezing times. As an option, users can select louvred coils and isolated drain pans for sequential defrost but the complete details can be discussed with the UK office at 123 Liverpool Road, Manchester M3, tel: 061-832 9461.

Food Fresh Gases

Food Fresh is the name given to a range of gases introduced by BOC specifically for modified atmosphere packaging.

These are high quality gases and the whole range has been enhanced by specially prepared cylinders that incorporate new valves designed to ensure the quality of the gas supplied.

More information about these gases can be obtained from BOC Ltd at The Priestley Centre, 10 Priestley Road, The Surrey Research Park, Guildford, Surrey, tel: 0483 579857.

Plastics Coated Pallet

A range of plastics coated moulded wood pallets has been introduced by Processed Timber Products of Redwither Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, tel: 0978 660444.

These pallets are manufactured from recyclable wood products then coated with a durable liquid plastics material. The basic pallet is pressed to give great strength and uniform density, and the coating provides a smooth, durable finish.

Separal Guardflex Doors

N T Separal Ltd are manufacturing a range of Guardflex doors that are resistant to scuffing and scratching, and yet are easily cleaned. These solid PVC doors are available in 7 and 10mm thicknesses and come in three colours - grey, orange and blue. Vision panels can be incorporated or the doors can be totally transparent.

The frame and subframe are galvanised and incorporate a fully adjustable opening mechanism that allows the speed of opening to be varied to suit the application. Readers wanting complete details should contact the company at Millen Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, tel: 0795 476161.

Planet's Heat Sealer for Trays

Some months ago, Planet Flowline Ltd of Station Road, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincolnshire, tel: 0778 393888 introduced the FMEC roller drum heat sealer for plastics trays.

This FMEC unit utilizes two heated rollers to seal the lid to a container continuously as it travels under the head. Whilst the system appears simple, it can seal containers at speeds up to 120 a minute, using either straight cut or die-cut film.

Diced Tomato Processing

Bran and Luebbe have developed a system for continuous diced tomato processing.

After a conveyor has delivered diced tomato to a Bran and Luebbe metering system, the multi-headed metering pump blends the tomato, tomato juice and citric acid to the optimum drain weigh. The metering system also provides conveying pressure for the aseptic sterilizer/cooler and filler.

This system is intended for use prior to a batch process, the use of mixing kettles or conventional packing in cans and sterilization. In the UK, readers needing more information should contact Bran and Luebbe (GB) Ltd of Scaldwell Road, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, tel: 0604 880751.

Record's Sifter

Record Bakery Equipment 2000 Ltd have brought to the UK market a sifter to help ensure that all ingredients are safe before use. This unit is manufactured by Sottorvia and is capable of sieving about 32 kg of products every 90 seconds.

Mounted on castors, the unit's discharge fits directly over the bowl of the mixer but to learn more about this piece of equipment, please contact Record at Unit 10, Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St. Albans, Hertfordshire, tel: 0727 55559.

Roller Inspection Tables

The German company Dornow Food Technology have developed roller inspection tables for peeled potatoes and similar vegetables.

Products to be inspected are revolved by the rollers whilst moving along the inspection table. Along the length of the sorting table there are lateral grooves with a recycling conveyor system beneath for product that needs to be sorted out of the system for remedial checking of return to the peeling machine.

Conveyor speed is adjustable and such a design allows a single operative to inspect around 200kg per hour. In the UK the full details are available from Peter Holland Ltd of St Peters Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire, tel: 0780 52086.

Alstar's Effluent Treatment System

Alstar Engineering Ltd are currently introducing an effective method of waste water and effluent treatment and reclamation.

Based on a proprietary range of chemicals, the Alstar process helps to encapsulate heavy metals so they do not leach out under acidic conditions, thus making disposal easier.

The Alstar HF unit is a flotation system for the removal of fat, grease and suspended solids. It automatically separates these materials from liquid waste and renders them suitable for separate disposal. Such systems are available for flow rates as high as 660 gal. a minute.

They also supply the Hydro-Press dewaterer and complete details of this unit can be obtained from the company at Charterland House, 2251 Coventry Road, Sheldon, Birmingham B26, tel: 021-742 0622.

Liquid Plastics Hygiene Systems

Liquid Plastics Ltd has recently launched a comprehensive range of products for creating decorative finishes in sensitive environments.

The new systems incorporate both totally new and some existing product lines. They include a biocidal wash and coatings, which act together.

LPL tell us their paints will not crake or flake due to high humidity or where there is movement due to thermal gradients or the structure itself. They tell us these coatings can even be applied to damp substrates.

Such surface finishes provide protection against moulds; there are even varieties for the joints between tiles. They include Steridex, Sterisheen and Steritile Plus and they all contain a non leaching film protectant which remains a safe and active part of the coating.

Produced in accordance with the requirements of BS 5750, these products are being marketed by LPL of PO Box 7, London Road, Preston, Lancashire, tel: 0772 59781.

Corrosion-Resistant Pneumatic Cylinders

Joucomatic Controls Ltd of Walsall Street, Wolverhampton, tel: 0902 459924 are now supplying a range of corrosion-resistant cylinders for application in salty or humid environments. Having high resistance to lactic acid and bacterial sprays, these pneumatic units have application in the food factory situation.

The new PCX-type cylinders come in two versions in bore sizes from 32 to 150mm. The first version has a stainless steel piston, tie rods, cylinder and end caps, with a stroke length of up to 900mm. The second version provides a choice of material for cylinder construction to suit particular applications.

Two New Wrapid Machines

Two new shrinkwrap packaging machines were exhibited for the first time in the UK at the PPMA Exhibition at Telford on the stand of Wrapid Packaging Systems.

The first was an Fl Shanklin form-fill-seal wrapper with a special infeed conveyor and print registration unit. The second was an HS-115S heat seal shrinkwrapping unit. Apparently this new F1 unit ensures smooth infeed and the transfer of very small products and collations for speedy shrinkwrapping. And its ability to print product details and designs does away with the need for printed inserts but full details of this unit and the HS 115S can be obtained from Wrapid at 250 Thornton Road, Bradford, tel: 0274 722920.

Arde Dilumelt for Batter Systems

By installing the Model D-6000 Arde Dilumelt in a batter mixing system, production rates of 6000lb of dry mix are possible.

Such a unit is now being used at several different manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers of frozen battered potato dough have found that the Dilumelt unit can quickly provide a completely dispersed mixture of high percentages of batter mix. By installing the Dilumelt in their existing system they were able to more than triple mixing capacity.

The Arde Dilumelt uses a variable speed volumetric auger feeder to supply a controlled flow of batter mix to a controlled flow of clear liquid or recycled batter. Viscosity adjustments are possible since more batter mix can be instantly dispersed into the existing holding vessel by using a recirculation loop.

This unit is made by Arde Barinco Inc of 500 Walnut Street, Norwood, NJ 07648, USA, fax: (201) 784-9710.

Dellepac Have Moved

Dellepac Food Systems Ltd, the suppliers of pasta machines and ready-meal lines, have moved. They are now to be found at Unit 3, Camford Way, Sundon Park, Luton, Bedfordshire, tel: 0582 490800.

Lancare Cleaner

The Lancare Division of MTM Performance Chemicals has brought out Lancare Food Equipment Cleaner. This product contains biodegradable degreasers and penetrants that dissolve and remove grease and carbon deposits. Apparently, its penetrating powers are greatly enhanced by using it at a temperature of 70|degrees~C.

Lancare FEC is non toxic and non flammable but more information about its technical capabilities can be obtained from MTM at Unit 2, 64 Liverpool Road, Great Sankey, Warrington, Cheshire, tel: 0925 415201.

The ECOBAC Process

The ECOBAC process has been developed by Dennis Evers to process the large volumes of waste products from food plants into saleable materials.

Mr Evers has returned to the UK and a decade in Australia where he developed the concept of economic pollution control, whereby a considerable cost-benefit is achieved through the resale of the by-products of the effluent treatment process. To introduce this process into the UK, he has formed Rivacross Ltd.

This company, trading from Unit 17j, Shrub Hill Industrial Estate, Worcester, tel: 0905 610327, will be marketing his ECOBAC process, a totally biological process.

Kiremko's Smaller Paddle Pump

Kiremko UK have now added a smaller Maso paddle pump to their range. The PAN 30 paddle pump is a smaller version of the PAN 60 unit.

This latest unit is based around a 50mm diameter pipe and has a throughput of up to 3200 litres per hour. It can handle solids up to 25mm in diameter and like the larger unit will find particular application in the food industry.

Readers wanting the full technical specification should consult Kiremko of Akeferry Road, Westwoodside, Doncaster, tel: 0427 753333.

Spinach Handling Plant

Mecparmaplants SpA have developed a line for handling spinach. This includes an aero-separator, an equalizing tank and a dosing machine.

Their aero-separator for leaf spinach incorporates a rotary drum in which wires with different clearances are used to separate the leaves into different sizes. An air-jet helps to remove any foreign bodies because the leaves move fastest under the action of the air-blast. They tell us that using this machine reduces the number of washing machines required in the line from three to two. This same machine also declusters the groups of leaves fed into it.

Their equalizing tank allows the sorting operation to be performed before product enters the blancher-cooler. The main function of this tank is the distribution of the spinach leaves taken from the sorting wires on the way to the dosing system.

Their fully automatic dosing system is used for the creation of diced spinach in, say, 100g weights for individual freezing but complete information on all their equipment can be obtained from the company located at Via Lovetta, 1 -43030 Basilicanova-(PR), Italy, fax: 0521 681523.

New Swinglink Unit from Gough

A new version of the Swinglink combined bucket elevator and conveyor system has been launched by Gough & Co (Hanley) Ltd. Manufactured entirely in stainless steel, they tell us it is virtually self-cleaning, having no exposed edges or channels in which contamination can lodge. This new unit can also be enclosed in transparent plastics material, which still allows the elevator to be viewed by the operator.

As before, the Swinglink unit incorporates both multi inlet and discharge so that it can be configured to a customer's exact requirements. Because of the interlocking system used for the plastics buckets, spillage is remarkably low, say Gough of Clough Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, tel: 0782 208708.

Dornow's Sterikoch

This is a new development by Dornow Food Technology of Germany. Their Sterikoch unit is intended especially for the vegetable processing industry. It allows the sterilization and pasteurisation of packed products at a maximum overpressure of 1 atmosphere.

We understand this unit can steam peel both peeled and unpeeled loose products. Its programmable temperature regime can go as high as 120|degrees~C and the whole process, including cooling after sterilisation, is controlled automatically. The Sterikoch comes in four sizes, with a loading capacity from 300 to 1200kg, and it can be heated by steam or another version uses a steam generator.

In the UK this equipment comes from Peter Holland Ltd of St Peters Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire, tel: 0780 52086.

New Hilge Pump

The specialist pump manufacturer, Hilge Pumps Ltd has introduced a new model within its Hygia range of centrifugal units. This new unit, designated the Norm, is built around a redesigned drive package, making it compatible with any standard IEC frame motor.

It also incorporates a redesigned rolled stainless steel impeller to give higher levels of efficiency and an improved level of hygiene, say the makers of Hilge House, Pelham Court, Crawley, West Sussex, tel: 0293 514433.
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