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Dyna Seal's Inflatable Dock Seal

The recently upgraded Dyna Seal inflatable dock seals are being specified for companies operating with a fleet of mixed vehicle sizes. In this instance, the seal helps to prevent heat loss from the building and prevent the ingress of dust, rain and insects.

Unlike a fixed seal, this inflatable variety overcomes the problem of driver error in positioning the vehicle and the danger of impact with the building. When not in use the air cushions are fully housed and protected within a console; steel buffers prevent collision damage between the air cushions and vehicles.

Readers wanting more information should contact Dyna Seal UK Ltd at Unit 17, Trent Lane Industrial Estate, Castle Donnington, Derbyshire, tel: 09080 270182.

Hygimat from Coba Plastics

Readers may well recollect the name Coba Plastics Ltd in connection with safety matting known as Airomat.

Coba have now brought out Hygimat. Like their Britannia Mat, Hygimat is made from low toxicity PVC and conforms to the latest hygiene regulations imposed on the food industry. They tell us this type of mat is extremely resistant to animal fats, and that accelerated tests indicate that it will last four times as long in food industry environments as other standard PVC mattings.

Hygimat is antislip, even when wet, and provides cushioning for those who have to stand on it. It comes in two basic colours - terracotta and cream - and a variety of widths but all these facts can be established by talking to them at Marlborough Drive, Churchill Way Industrial Estate, Fleckney, Leicester, tel: 0533 404045.

Compact Liquid Screening Unit

A compact liquid screening unit, with automatic self-cleaning action, has been brought out by Jones and Attwood Ltd of Titan Works, Stourbridge, West Midlands, tel: 0384 392181.

Their Rotasieve is a complete prepackaged machine. Of all stainless steel construction and design, it features automatic back-washing, built-in overflow protection and an adjustable tensioned doctor blade to ensure the screen surface remains clean.

Each Rotasieve consists of a drum with spirally wound bars welded to support rods. The drum itself is supported horizontally with the influent passing through the screen openings.

These units are made in a range of sizes to cope with capacities ranging from a maximum of 475 to 29,500 litres a minute.

Ultraviolet Technology's Disinfection Systems

Ultraviolet Technology Ltd have developed a range of water disinfection systems specifically for the food and drinks industry. They reckon their systems offer a 99.9+ percent constant kill rate for micro-organisms. This provides an instant supply of safe, disinfected water without any change in taste, odour, temperature of pH.

Water to be treated is exposed to ultra violet light from special low pressure mercury lamps. These generate ultra violet light at a wavelength of 254 nanometres, which provides an optimum killing rate for micro-organisms. The flow path for fluid through the unit ensures that unabsorbed UV light is re-reflected into the water to ensure maximum disinfection.

An advantage of using Teflon tubes is that they can be housed in a conventional cabinet; they are unbreakable, resist fouling and can cope with intermittent demand with the lamps left on continuously. Disinfection time is rapid and energy requirements are low but the fullest details can be discussed with the makers at Unit E, Laundry Way, Capel, Dorking, Surrey, tel: 0306 712636.

Mussel Cleaning by Ambit Projects

Ambit Projects Ltd have developed a system for cleaning shellfish like mussels. This system makes use of the fact that, when in the correct environment, a mussel will purify itself by discharging the contents of its gut.

In their system, mussels are prewashed and loaded into perforated plastics boxes which are then stacked in a purification tank. A particular pattern of stacking is used to ensure proper circulation of the clean water in the tank. This water needs to have a salinity within a certain range and likewise the temperature must be right. Under ideal conditions, the mussels syphon the water, which is then recirculated through ultra violet sterilisation units to purify it. The UV system kills all the bacteria in the water and, over a period of time, the bacterial content of the mussels is also reduced to an acceptable level.

Ambit can design and build all the equipment required and interested readers should contact them at Flitcham Barns, Abbey Road, Flitcham, King's Lynn, Norfolk, tel: 0485 601493.

Digitron's Blister-Packed Thermometer

Digitron Instrumentation Ltd of Technology House, Mead Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire, tel: 0992 587441 are now marketing their Model 3246 thermometer in a blister-pack. This is the unit they call the CheckMate, which has been specially designed to ensure that manufacturers can prove 'due diligence', when challenged by their local Environmental Health Officer.

Their CheckMate pack contains a Model 3246 thermometer and a general purpose penetration probe which, together, have an accuracy of better than |+ or -~ 0.5|degrees~C between -20|degrees~ and +70|degrees~C, they tell us.

Floreter Launched

An ultra-fast floreter was introduced at the recent Vegex exhibition by Davros Machines of Kirton, Boston, Lincolnshire, tel: 0205 722167.

This unit is capable of floreting up to 160 cauliflower or calabrese heads a minute, and it will also core or slice Dutch hard white cabbage. Known as the Multicore, it automatically adjusts for variation in produce size, whilst operating, to maintain the specification required.

This unit is available in both single and twin-headed models; the floreting heads themselves, powered by pneumatic rams, are cam-actuated for accuracy.

Flexicon Move

Flexicon (Europe) Ltd have moved to new premises in Herne Bay with larger office accommodation and more production space for their flexible spiral conveyors, bulk bin dischargers and sack emptying systems. They are now at Herne Bay West Industrial Estate, Sea Street, Herne Bay, Kent, tel: 0227 37471O.

EPEC Guards and Platforms

At the recent Pakex exhibition we came across a company by the name of EPEC Ltd who produce a wide range of items. These include safety guards, acoustic/safety enclosures, anticontamination conveyor covers, acoustic conveyor covers, fence guarding for handling and processing machinery, machine walkways/mezzanine and access platforms, etc.

In addition they can produce steps/ladders, tables, racking, sink units or electrical/pipe trunking, all in stainless steel. Interested readers will find the company at 34 Brunel Way, Fareham, Hampshire, tel: 0489 579757.

Keeping Stainless Steel Clean

Rigidized Metals Ltd have introduced a process that is applied to its range of stainless steel products, which minimizes the problems of finger-marking and dirt deposits.

The new electro-polishing capability at their finishing plant creates a surface which is not compromised by frequent handling or inefficient cleaning. Apparently, it is self-preserving when used as exterior cladding or in hygiene-sensitive areas. This is due to the effective smoothing out of peaks and hollows in the surface structure, which reduces the possibility of adhesion of dirt and grime.

Readers wanting more information should contact the company at Aden Road, Ponders End, Enfield, Middlesex, tel: 081-804 0633.

Freezer Monitor

The new FGH Series 1600 temperature monitor measures, records and checks for critical temperature alarms in applications such as freezer plants and cold stores. In normal operation up to six channels of temperature measurement are checked and compared with twelve (two per channel) user-programmed alarm settings. Printed records are produced automatically at preset intervals or in the event of an alarm operating.

By using push-button controls on the waterproof panel, users may select digital displays of individual point values, average, spread, highest or lowest value. In the event of an alarm, an LED indicator flashes for the appropriate channel and an audible alarm sounds till an operator acknowledges the event.

Recording of the measured values and alarms may be carried out by a locally positioned printer or via the existing plant system, say the suppliers, FGH Controls Ltd of Openshaw Way, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, tel: 0462 686677.

Rosewater Pumps from Wemco

Wemco Pumps have acquired the Rosewater range of heavy duty peristaltic pumps to complement their Torque-Flow recessed impeller range. Manufacture of these Rosewater pumps is being transferred shortly to Wemco's new premises at Swift House, Cosford Lane, Rugby, Warwickshire, tel: 0788 546996.

These valveless and glandless pumps are self-priming, will dry run, deliver pressures up to 10 bar, provide a constant output, even with viscous fluids and have low shear action.

Anticondensation Coating

An anticondensation hygienic coating for ceilings and upper walls is now being marketed by Rust-Oleum International. This material prevents the formation of water droplets by absorbing moisture; once dry a litre of the applied coating will absorb at least 400g of moisture, we understand.

Rust-Oleum Anticondensation Coating 5090 is a water-based non flammable acrylic polymer with a solids content of 26 percent. It can be applied by various techniques but full details can be obtained from the company at PO Box 138, 4700 AC Roosendaal, The Netherlands, fax: +31 1650 60646.

Automated Pressure Retort Operation

Thermal processing of canned foods is a popular method of preservation but it does require close control to ensure that the proper levels of heating are applied and that cooling takes place with the integrity of the can in mind.

In the retorting process the control system will be required to follow different 'recipes' for different products and the Leeds and Northrup Micromax 2 integrated control system will handle just such a control situation. Normally, retort processes require 'ramped' temperature increases, pressure regulation, controlled cooking temperatures and 'ramped' cooling to guarantee product quality and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

A set-point program function block within the Micromax 2 local processing unit is used to control the initial heating and final cooling cycles. The heating cycle begins with a contact closure when the retort is sealed after loading. Valves are checked for their proper open/closed status and steam is introduced. The heating rate is controlled to achieve the precise cooking temperature and, with the temperature and pressure regulated, the Micromax 2 system automatically proceeds to complete the cycle.

All the critical process values are monitored throughout the cycle and data is acquired and stored for end-of-batch report generation, say the suppliers, Leeds and Northrup Ltd of Wharfedale Road, Tyseley, Birmingham B11, tel: 021-706 6171.

'Ultimate Can' Project Hits First Target

In our most recent September issue we published an article about the latest developments from British Steel Tinplate. Mention was made of their success in lightweighting and estimates for the timescale when certain reductions in weight would be achieved.

They have now completed the first stage of this project and have achieved the first target weight reduction of 20 percent. They are also well on the way to achieving their 30 percent target reduction by mid 1994. Trials under full can-making conditions at their Packaging Steels Development Centre have seen 3000 Ultimate Can prototypes come off the production line using the new generation of steel developed for the project. This new steel allows cans that are 20 percent lighter than those currently available today to be made. All this is achieved without compromising any of steel's inherent strengths.

It is interesting to note that the starting thickness for steel beverage DWI cans will be only 0.22mm, which will give an ironed wall thickness of 0.062mm.

Readers wanting to discuss these developments further should contact British Steel Tinplate at PO Box 18, Ebbw Vale, Gwent, tel: 0495 350176.

Farley Greene Relocate

Farley Greene Ltd, the manufacturers of lifts and sieving equipment, have relocated to new premises. They are now to be found at Molesey Business Centre, Central Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey, tel: 081-941 9155. Not only do the new premises provide improved facilities for all sides of the business but they now boost an in-house test facility for the sieving systems.

Mouldmatic's Multipack

Mouldamatic Ltd have developed a system that allows manufacturers to reinforce their brand image and encourage bulk purchases, whilst creating minimal waste.

Their Multipack carrier is moulded from polypropylene and custom-made to meet individual marketing requirements. Being are available in a wide variety of colours and shapes, they are suitable for most bottled goods. They snap securely over bottle necks to afford maximum security and protection. Unlike some of the other systems in use, these carriers do not obscure the bottle and label design.

Being plastics, they are recyclable but full details should be discussed with the makers at Units 39-41, Melchett Road, Kings Norton Business Centre, Birmingham B30, tel: 021-459 8081.

Nash Pumps for Tunnel Refineries

Nash SC6 pumps were installed recently during modernisation of the existing Tunnel syrup refinery at Greenwich. The four pumps, from the Winsford-based suppliers, serve rotary vacuum filters. These vacuum pumps operate on the liquid-ring principle, which not only eliminates metal-to-metal contact hut also provides a pumping action that is free from vibration and is pulseless.

Rutland Sandwich Aligner

Rutland Handling and Packaging Systems have brought out what is believed to be the UK's first automatic sandwich aligner. It accurately positions filled sandwiches at high speed, prior to cutting, to achieve a consistently high quality product and reduce wastage.

This unit operates at speeds up to 3600 a minute and takes up very little conveyor space, and is controlled by electronic sensors and rotary air cylinders. The unit's manufacturers are to be found at Unit K, Edison Courtyard, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire, tel: 0536 400433.

Blending Device Defeats Agglomeration

The latest addition to the range of blending equipment from John R Boone Ltd is an impeller which, when inserted into one of the company's rotary drum blenders, overcomes the problem of agglomeration in powdered or fibrous materials. Apparently, it is especially beneficial when spray coatings are being added to the mixture or when materials being loaded into the mixer have compacted during storage.

Their impeller can be inserted into or removed from the blender as required, because retrofitting to existing equipment presents no problem. Variable speeds and interchangeable heads take account of the need to vary the degree of impact applied to different materials.

The company at 18 Silk Street, Congleton, Cheshire, tel: 0260 272894 tell us they are fully prepared to carry out trial runs.

Norris' Cooling System

D C Norris & Co (Eng) Ltd have designed an anchor cooling system for use by batch producers of products like sauces that have a liquid base. This system can be used as a stand-alone item or as an extension to an existing vacuum transfer arrangement.

In use, product is cooked in batch kettles and passed hot into transfer vessels without the use of pumps. Each of these transfer vessels holds some 380 litres of product. The average time required to cool a sauce from 90|degrees~ to 4|degrees~C is about 50 minutes for a batch size of around 400 litres but a fuller specification can be obtained from the company at Industrial Estate, Great Gransden, Sandy, Bedfordshire, tel: 0767 677515.

New Colour Sensor in UK

A colour sensor made by Wenglor is now being launched in the UK and Ireland by the Control Systems Division of Biotek Systems Ltd of Biotek House, Boldero Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, tel: 0284 755557.

Fully electronic, it will detect and distinguish all the colours found in production processes and quality assurance applications. Used in scan or transmitted light mode, it can detect objects as small as 2mm with a response time measured in less than a millisecond. It can be used to assess solids, liquids or films, and is supplied in a cylindrical housing made special stainless steel.

APV Crepaco's Latest Ice Cream Freezer

The WS Series is the latest from APV Crepaco Inc of 100 S CP Avenue. Of all stainless steel construction, this fully automatic unit allows for the storing of up to 60 programmed settings via the front-mounted touch panel and VDU.

APV tell us it also provides control and monitoring of viscosity, over-run, capacity and cylinder pressure. There is instant read-out for all process functions, data bar graphic display, alarms and diagnostic messages, and it will synchronize with downstream filling or extruding equipment.

The WS Series can be supplied for either manual or fully automatic operation. Its full sliding side panels to allow easy access for routine maintenance.

New Standard from Ecophon

Ecophon Pilkington Ltd have introduced a new standard for their ceiling materials - TMR. These initials stand for total moisture resistance and this system has been developed to ensure that ceilings maintain 100 percent stability in modern environments.

Where warm temperatures are constantly maintained, air humidities can vary from around 45 percent to 70 percent. However, at night or when buildings are left unheated for any length of time, temperatures can drop, causing humidity levels to rise dramatically.

For these situations, Ecophon Pilkington have developed TMR Classes 1 and 2 but the exact specifications can be elected from the company at Ramsdell, Basingstoke, Hampshire, tel: 0256 850977.

Cut-to-Length Tape Heaters

Trace heating specialists Jimi-Heat Ltd of Jimi-Heat House, 200 Rickmansworth Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, tel: 0923 234477 have introduced JTQ/BRQ cut-to-length zone heating tape. It will withstand temperatures up to at least 250|degrees~C, which means it is suitable for applications where pipes or vessels need to be held at around 150|degrees~C.

This tape is sheathed with fluoro ethylene polymer to provide protection against corrosion in either acid or alkaline conditions. It has a tinned copper outer braid, which provides the mechanical strength, and on top is a further fluoro ethylene polymer.

PCM's Smallest Pump

Accurate dosing rates can be achieved with a new progressive cavity pump made by PCM Pumps of Tyson Court, Weldon South Industrial Estate, Corby, Northamptonshire, tel: 0536 202166.

Uniform doses, as low as half a litre an hour at 10 bar pressure, can be achieved with this non pulsating flow pump; the upper limit of flow is about 30 litres an hour.

This new pump utilises their double length rotor design, which increases shear resistance and dosing accuracy, so allowing products with a fragile structure to be pumped. Being valve-free, this pump can easily handle particulate material.

CS3000 on Show

Cintex Ltd had on display at the London Packaging Show their new dynamic checkweigher, the CS3000. A major feature of this new system is its ability to operate up to six weigh-stations, which could be weighing the same or different products, from one control panel.

Another feature of this unit is its multi-graphic screen which can be operated in graphics mode for setting up timings, fault diagnosis and for the display of statistical information. With these built-in features, a mass of information can be made available either on screen or as hard copy but the full specification is available from the company at Unit 12, Trident Industrial Estate, Blackthorne Road, Colnbrook, Slough, Berkshire, tel: 0753 685261.

Pickle Lifter

A pickle lifter aims to solve the problem of how to 'fish' pickles like onions out of jars of vinegar.

Designed by Cambridge Consultants Ltd of Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, tel: 0223 420024, this device comprises a central stem and projecting perforated platform. The platform is positioned below the pickles in the jar. Thus, by simply holding the stem, pickles can be lifted out of the vinegar for easy retrieval.

Although similar devices already exist, the CCL unit claims two distinct advantages. Its platform is designed to 'contract' to allow its use with jars having wide bodies and narrow necks. In addition, these lifters are nestable for easy storage and handling on production lines.

Waste-Tec's Security Destruction Unit

When faulty products are disposed of by the usual waste disposal system, there is always the possibility that such rejects might fall prey to pilfering and eventual re-appearance 'on the market'.

To eliminate such a risk, Waste-Tec have developed a security destruction version of their Muncher range of grinder/disintegrators. Once fed into to this unit, the product is reduced to small particles for easy and safe disposal. As often as not, the ground up material has a higher bulk density and therefore disposal volumes can also be reduced.

Munchers are built in a range of sizes by Waste-Tec of Horsfield Way, Bredbury Park, Stockport, tel: 061-406 7111.

Stainless Portable Tanks

Rigal Chemical and Process Plant Ltd have developed a range of low profile portable tanks. Capacities range from 100 to 1000 litres over their 8 standard sizes and all these units are fitted with nylon castors.

To check whether these units might suit you, please contact Rigal at 101 Leagrave Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, tel: 0582 505266.

Rospen's Easy Belt Change Unit

Rospen Industries Ltd of Oldends Lane Industrial Estate, Oldends Lane, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, tel: 045382 5212 have introduced new features to their range of enclosed weigh belts, which allow the conveying belt to be changed inside 2 minutes in the event of contamination.

Removal of the machine's side exposes the total weigh belt mechanism. Quick-release hand-knobs allow removal of the gravity external belt scraper, the gravity tension weight, the idler roller and the product retention guide, thus freeing the belt. As the belt support frame is cantilevered from the opposite side, this allows immediate withdrawal of the belt through the side access.

Dornow's Sorter and Divider

The German food machinery manufacturers Dornow Food Technology GbmH have now developed a sorting and dividing installation for peeled potatoes.

Normally, potatoes are sorted into sizes before cutting, and the actual cutting being achieved by the use of halving or quartering machines. With this unit it is possible to produce peeled potatoes that have a similar cooking time without employing more staff.

In the UK their agents are Peter Holland Ltd of St Peters Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire, tel: 0780 52086.

Insulated Transport Containers

Melform (UK) Ltd manufactures the Thermax range of insulated transport containers designed to carry hot, chilled or frozen foods and liquids safely.

Their latest unit is the CargoLine 550, which is an insulated cabinet mounted on castors with a capacity of 550 litres. Essentially, it is a large box with efficient insulation to ensure minimum temperature gain or loss. Made from foam-injected polyethylene, it is available from Melform at 321 Upper Elmers End Road, Beckenham, Kent, tel: 081-663 3838.

Washable Pallets Gain FDA Approval

FDA approval for the coating used on a new range of washable pallets has been granted. These robust pallets are manufactured from recycled wood products and coated with a special water-based polyurethane to make them both waterproof and washable.

These pallets are made by Processed Timber Products of Redwither Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, tel: 0978 660444.

New Mucon Disc Valve

Kemutec Group Ltd have announced the introduction of 250mm versions of their Mucon disc valves designed to control the flow of dry solids.

Their disc valve concept is based upon a free-floating disc which is swung across on a radially acting support arm to seal against the underside of an angled face around the orifice through which product flows. Such a valve does not jam or leak and provides a good seal.

The 250mm versions are available in both manual or automatic forms from Kemutec of Hulley Road, Hurdsfield Industrial Estate, Macclesfield, Cheshire, tel: 0625 428733.

Spectacle Accessories

Spex Mate is now marketing a new range of spectacle accessories and one of the problems they can solve is condensation on safety spectacles or goggles when the wearer moves to a different temperature zone within a factory. No Fog Grip Stick or Cleaner Spray are claimed to solve the problem totally, say Spex Mate of PO Box 977, Brighton, tel: 0273 871011.

This company is also marketing frame locks, frame tighteners and a general repair kit for glasses or goggles.

Pressure Washer

A new hot water pressure cleaner has been introduced by EDGE, the national association of the industrial cleaning equipment industry.

This unit is available through their national distributor network. Particular attention has been paid to the unit's overall dimensions and weight, and it is fitted with large wheels and front castors. Safety features include overload protection on the pump and waterproofing to IP55 standards. The temperature of the outlet water can be controlled from 0 to 90|degrees~C and the maximum pressure is 1500psi and flow rate is up to 9 litres a minute.

EDGE can be contacted at Unit 1, Enfield Avenue, Leeds, tel: 0532 442318.

Krones new Dairy Development

At the recent DLG-FoodTec exhibition in Frankfurt Krones AG were featuring a new filling technique for fresh milk. Their machine operates under normal atmospheric pressure rather than using a vacuum technique.

Model VP-G (gravity-type) filler is a completely new design. The operation of its filling valve is controlled electro-pneumatically and, since the bottle is filled slowly, the creation of bubbles and foam is eliminated. The diameter of the short filling tube, which does not enter the milk, determines the filling speed. Throughout the filling stage, milk only makes contact with the filling valve housing, the filling tube and the diaphragm seal. When the slightly longer impulse tube probe indicates the fill height has been achieved, the valve is closed to give an accurate fill level.

Air escapes freely between the bottle neck and the filling tube. The bottle is not sealed but is raised to the required level via bottle lifts mounted on the rotary lower section of the filler without the need for centring bells. With the aid of the motorised height adjustment system, changeover to different bottle sizes and fill heights can be carried out rapidly.

Readers wanting more information should contact Krones UK Ltd at Phoenix House, Liverpool Street, Salford, Manchester M5, tel: 061-736 8813.

Natural Products to Clean Drains

Everyone finds a smelly drain offensive and yet many effluent streams from food products can cause problems. Many of these odours can be overcome by allowing bacteria to cope. Unfortunately such systems are usually slow.

Bio-Productions UK have therefore developed a range of enzyme-based products that speed up digestion and so remove any blockages rapidly. Material that is broken down can then be washed away with the waste water. BioMix and Bio-Clear contain bacteria which ensure that total digestion is achieved and they remove unwanted clinging organic residues from pipework safely, we are assured.

The range also includes Enzymix and Bio-Block but the fullest details can be obtained by contacting the company at Kent Bridge Farm, Horns Hill, Hawkhurst, Kent, tel: 0580 752462.

Oxygen Analyzer for Stores

A precision oxygen analyzer has been developed by the Analytical Development Co Ltd to monitor fruit and vegetable storage atmospheres.

Incorporating a paramagnetic oxygen analyzer and solid electrolyte sensor technology, their ADC 7000 unit provides fast, selective measurements over the full range from zero to 100 percent. Up to four alarms can be fitted and set to trigger at predetermined oxygen concentrations, to provide instant warnings if concentrations fall below or exceed preset levels. To avoid triggering by transient changes in oxygen concentrations, a time delay can interrupt the alarm trip reading but such detail should be discussed with ADC of Pindar Road, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, tel: 0992 469638.

Equipped with a data-logging facility, the unit can record up to 13,000 gas values at preselected intervals between 1 second and 1 hour.

Treating Sulphide Smells

A new biological treatment to overcome the problem of sulphide smells that are often associated with anaerobic fermentation in effluent has been pioneered in the USA. We understand that a number of food processing plants in the USA are already using this system.

Traditional methods of treating the problem of foul-smelling hydrogen sulphide in waste water treatment plants has included chemical treatment but as the problem is the result of biological activity, a biological treatment would seem to be a neater solution.

The American bio-augmentation technique is now being marketed in the UK by Odour Control Systems Ltd of Units 29 and 30, Engineer Park, Factory Road, Sandycroft, Clwyd, tel: 0244 536700. The trade name they use for the system is OCS Bioact.

Variable Speed Mixer from APV

APV Moffat Ltd's Master Baker Division of 126 Morville Street, Birmingham B16, tel: 021-455 6988 has added a variable speed mixer to its range of equipment.

Using direct belt drive, it is quiet in operation and yet its speed is easily variable.

So often with planetary mixers the gearbox is positioned at the top of the unit and there is always a risk of oil or grease seepage into the product being mixed. The new APV unit does not have its gearbox on top, so the possibility of any drips getting into the product are pretty remote.

With this new machine, it comes lubricated for life with a semi fluid grease that does not breakdown under high temperatures.

Neutraman Odour Eliminator

Available exclusively in the UK from Environmental Pollution Control Ltd is the Japanese-designed Neutraman. This is a horizontally configured wet process-type system capable of eliminating harmful elements and offensive odours from exhaust gases.

The Neutraman employs a gas-liquid contact process within an air flow channel and liquid circulating system. Each system comprises three main internal components - screens where the gas and liquid are brought into contact, nozzle frames for the supply of chemical solutions and demister screens for trapping fine mists.

We understand from EPC of Crown Windley Buildings, The Engineering Works, Ripley, Derbyshire, tel: 0773 512633 that all internal parts are made of chemically resistant ABS and FRP plastics. There are five models in their range to cover air flows from 25 to 200cu m a minute.

Stevens new QTS Twentyfive System

The new QTS Twentyfive materials evaluation system extends the range of confectionery products that can be tested for texture quality.

The Stevens LFRA Texture Analyser is not new itself but the QTS system allows the same accurate quantification to be applied to confectionery products as could already be applied to ice creams, marshmallows and sugar jellies.

When used in the development laboratory, their QTS provides simple accurate tests that quantify chewiness, hardness, stickiness and other 'mouth-feel' properties of confectionery products. Such a unit can also be used directly on the production line to ensure the defined parameters are met.

The QTS typically measures resistance encountered by a probe driven into the test material but complete details can be obtained from Stevens Advanced Weighing Systems Ltd of Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road, Dunmow, Essex, tel: 0371 876224.
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