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Rapid Colorimatic Test for Phosphatase

A calorimetric test method can be used to determine the level of phosphatase in processed milk. This test, which requires an incubation period of only 30 minutes, can be used to give a rapid indication as to whether the level of pasteurisation is adequate.

Adopted as BS 4285, the technique involves the use of a Lovibond 2000 colour comparator system and a white light cabinet to give uniform illumination. A specially developed set of permanent glass standards are used in the comparator system.

Test samples are prepared by incubating milk in a buffered solution of disodium p-nitrophenyl phosphate at 37 [degrees] C for 30 minutes. A 'blank' is prepared in the same way, using boiled milk. The colour of the test sample is matched to the standards in the comparator by simultaneously viewing the colour standard against the 'blank' background and the sample.

Readers wanting more information about this technique should contact The Tintometer Ltd at The Colour Laboratory, Waterloo Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, tel:0172 232 7242.

Rust-Oleum's new Floor Mortar

Rust-Oleum Netherland BV, the manufacturers of protective coatings, have developed a new epoxy floor mortar that has properties much sought after in the industry.

Applied in a layer at least 7mm thick, this new floor coating is impermeable to water, is four times as strong as concrete and is exceptionally resistant to impact, abrasion and chemicals, we are assured by Rust-Oleum of Postbus 138, 4700 AC Roosendaal, The Netherlands, fax:+31 165 56 06 46.

This heavy duty floor mortar, called System 5800, has a compression strength of 100N/sq m and has been specially developed to stand up to the heaviest loads. The epoxy system is solvent-free and comprises three components - base material, activator and aggregates made form a specially coloured quartz. Thanks to this quartz, the floor retains its original colour despite wear.

The mortar can be applied using a trowel or a float and can even be used on sloping floors. The thickness of the mortar can vary from 3 to more than 12mm and the repair of cracks and holes in the subfloor can be achieved whilst the new floor is being laid. Even covings can be created with this new material.

Stainless Steel Gas-operated Springs

Eckold Ltd now have available an extensive range of stainless steel gas-operated springs. The models they have on-site at Curriers Close, Tile Hill, Coventry, tel:0120 347 0556 include compression types, locking and tension models, and these can have a variety of different end-fittings.

Steam-Cleanable Level Measurer

A level measurement system that offers the accuracy and reliability required for dairy product processing that can be steam-cleaned in-situ for hygienic purposes is now available from Canongate Technology Ltd of 36 Inglis Green Road, Edinburgh, tel:0131-455 7211.

The all-stainless steel CT Holledge air-balance level transmitters provide a stable and reliable level signal for bulk materials management. A simple replacement for sight-glass level systems, these transmitters fit into any vented or sealed vessel through a 1in. aperture. Optional body stem lengths allow different tank wall thicknesses to be accommodated. A range of sensing head configurations, including flush-mounting heads, to avoid fouling with agitators and mixers, is offered.

Level signal output is pneumatic, which can drive a calibrated contents gauge or, through a CT Holledge pressure to current converter, loop into a 4-20mA system for connection with local or remote digital readouts, data acquisition and control systems.

Its stainless steel construction and -40 [degrees] to +150 [degrees] C temperature range allows steam cleaning to be used.

Supaslot Channel

Wade International (UK) Ltd have introduced a new stainless steel drainage channel system that is suitable for large areas where only low volumes of waste water are involved.

Channel profile SL can serve as a barrier between designated wet and dry zones, whilst the profile HL, with splashback edging, is for use against a wall.

Supaslot is unobtrusive and easily cleaned by directing a jet of water along the channel towards the outlet. When used in tiled and resin floors, this channel system can be combined with their gullies and channel grating, say Wade of 20 Broton Drive, Halstead, Essex, tel:0178 747 5151.

Isocab Wall and Roof Panels

Isocab IND composite wall and roof panels have been designed to provide efficient, functional and aesthetic solutions for a wide range of cladding applications.

The suppliers, Primatec UK Ltd of Unit 5, The Townsend Centre, Blackburn Road, Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, tel:0158 247 1600, say they offer advantages over a traditional roof and wall construction using separate elements which can be subject to climatic changes and, sometimes, abuse. Their panels are light in weight, have good spanning capabilities, are easy to handle, simple to erect and watertight, which makes them particularly suitable for the construction of buildings where temperature and humidity control are necessary.

Isocab panels are manufactured in a double-band laminator which allows precision control of the continuous process of bonding between the sprayed-in foam and the two skins of the panel. By using high density foam, Isocab provides good structural characteristics, dimensional stability and long term thermal performance. The design of these panels eliminates the problem of thermal bridging and provides an airtight joint after erection.

Isocab panels can be supplied as wall panels in lengths up to 16m and a usable width of 1170mm. Their roof panels are also available in lengths up to 16m and have usable widths of 1000mm. The thicknesses of both can range from 40 to 200mm and a variety of finishes and colours can be supplied; the trapezoidal exterior styling of the roof panels make them suitable for use in conjunction with steel profile cladding.

Structure-flex Protects Goods

Companies now have another way to protect their goods in transit.

Structure-flex Ltd of Grove Lane, Holt, Norfolk, tel:0126 371 2911, the side curtain manufacturers, have developed an insulated curtain that limits temperature change during transit.

Their new curtains have been designed to suit companies that transport fresh produce and dairy products, in particular.

The inner and outer layers of the new curtains are made from heavy duty woven PVC, and sandwiched between them is an 8mm air bubble sheet that is laminated with aluminium on both sides, to give a U value of between 4.7 and 5.8.

Structure-flex tell us this bubble material is durable enough to give a long operating life and it is moisture-resistant.

Trojan Platform Scale

Euroscales Plc of Endeavour Works, Henderson Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, tel:0162 561 9554, the makers of pallet truck scales, have announced the introduction of a range of platform scales.

Their new platform scale, called the Trojan, can be supplied in various capacities and graduations up to 5000kg. They tell us this scale has been particularly designed for use where strength and accuracy are of prime importance.

Designed to be surface-mounted or positioned in a shallow pit, each scale is only 90mm thick. These scales are available with a range of indicators, providing from simple viewing up to a 2000 memory data analysis system which can be interfaced with computers or printers.

Monitoring Antimicrobial Residues in Meat

The Charm 11 antibiotic monitoring and screening programmes are being adopted by a number of EU, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries for the antimicrobial testing.

As some readers will know, Charm offer comprehensive well documented, accurate and selective screening of up to nine families of antibiotics, in tissue, serum and urine.

These assays, based on bioluminescence or immunoassay, take typically 10 minutes and can be performed by semi skilled operatives, say QuadraChem Laboratories of Riverside, Forest Row Business Park, Forest Row, East Sussex, tel:0134 282 4444.

They have also introduce the PocketSwab, a self-contained premeasured single swab that is stable at room temperature for up to a month. This swab needs no tools, has no glass and takes less than a minute per test.

At the same time they have brought out The Luminator. Carried in a shoulder bag, it will store up to 500 results and provide 10 hours of use from a single battery. The Luminator also measures phosphatase, somatic cells, six minute beta lactam shelf-life and TVC tests.

Sasib's Jetmass System at Bake

At the recent Bake exhibition, Sasib Bakery UK Ltd of Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, tel:0192-552 5171 had on their stand the Jetmass baking system, a new forced convective process that encompasses proving, baking and cooling.

Sasib researched the basics of the bread-making process and concluded that a baker is not only buying equipment when investing in new plant but is also buying a process that can give significant advantages over exiting technology.

For the first time at a UK exhibition, Sasib Bakery carried information about the full range of the group's activities on their stand. This covers the area from ingredient handling and mixing through forming, baking, cooling, conveying and packaging.

A conveyorised cooling tunnel was on display; of modular construction, the unit is fitted with refrigerated conditioning. This cooler is suitable for any biscuit or wafer product, and can be sized to meet any requirements.

A Multitrio unit, for gently reducing the thickness of a dough sheet, and a Batch processor, for combining the dough from a batch mixer, for onward sheet processing, was also on display from Sasib Bakery Holland.

Thurne's new Polyslicer

Thurne Engineering Co Ltd of Delta Close, Norwich, Norfolk, tel:0160 341 0771 have added the Polyslicer Junior to their range.

The Polyslicer Junior machine will produce stacks, shingles and shaved products at speeds up to 600rpm. For increased flexibility, this unit can be supplied with a 4, 5 or 6:1 blade ratio and, should the need arise, this ratio can be altered by a simple pulley wheel change.

For the production of fixed weights, the checkweigher feedback is available as an option. In common with all Thurne slicers, the new unit is of robust stainless steel construction and uses USDA-approved materials. It has full CE accreditation.

APV's new Snack Extruder

APV Baker Ltd of Manor Drive, Paston Parkway, Peterborough, tel:0173 333 2002 have introduced the GLS65, which is a twin screw extruder specifically designed to meet the requirements of the snack food producer.

They tell us the GLS65 offers greater output and process flexibility at a significantly lower cost. Emphasis has been given to easier maintenance, cleaning and ease of operation. It has an uprated drive system which will give an increased output of up to 30%.

The newly designed Borcoat shells have superior wear resistance and are simple to replace. They are housed in a hygienic clamshell barrel which is suitable for full washdown in a production requirement. The new cast heater blocks give great reliability and the stainless steel cooling circuit is cast directly into the block and is close to the bores for extra efficiency.

There are two options available, both of which include a PLC with datalogging interface. The integral control panel includes either an LCD screen with meters for torque and die pressure or a traditional push-button interface with meters.

Some readers may already have seen this unit because it was shown for the first time at Snackex '95.

Submersible In-Process Temperature Logger

A completely immersible, simple-to-use, robust and waterproof temperature logger has been designed for use in processing.

The OWL Info logger is the latest addition to a series of wire-free self-contained data loggers from Status Instruments Ltd of Green Lane, Tewkesbury, Glos, tel:0168 429 6818. They tell us it can be safely used in any process operating within the range -50 [degrees] and +80 [degrees] C, to record the temperature history of the process.

Weighing only 65g, the OWL is fully sealed in a hygienic polyurethane case measuring 60 by 48 by 19mm. An in-built thermistor sensor maintains direct contact with the process liquid, allowing temperature variations to be followed quickly and accurately. Set point monitoring is facilitated by a visible alarm LED, which also acts as an optical communications link for data output and device set-up, that can even be read through glass.

A version is also available with a remote temperature sensor option instead of an on-board sensor. Whilst this version is not fully immersible, ingress of dust and moisture are still prevented to IP67 level by its use of a waterproof DIN connector.

SIHI's new Vapour Recovery Package

A new series of vapour recovery packages, capable of yielding substantial cost-savings, whilst at the same time reducing effluent discharges, has been introduced by SIHI Pumps (UK) Ltd of Broadheath, Altrincham, Cheshire, tel:0161-928 6371.

Be enabling additional valuable process vapours to be saved instead of being released to the atmosphere, the new Vapvac sets are able to provide financial benefits.

Based on the SIHI series of liquid ring vacuum pumps, the Vapvac sets incorporate a discharge separator and motor, all mounted on a common baseplate, together with selected items from a range of ancillary equipment, such as precondenser, vent condenser, air ejector, heat exchanger, reservoir vessel and other features, depending on the duty. Instrumentation or PLC monitoring and control can easily be incorporated.

SIHI tell us that, compared with the use of steam ejectors, the Vacvac sets offer additional cost-savings due to their low power consumption, reduced pre-condenser size and service liquid quantity, and the elimination of downstream separation because there is no contamination of the vapours.

Eurobake's new Machinery on Show

At the recent Bake exhibition Eurobake Ltd not only had a complete working bakery on their stand but they also had certain items of new equipment.

They have further extended their roll production machinery range with the introduction of the Kemper Twin Star dough divider and roundmoulder, which fills the gap between bun-divider-moulders and higher output plants. This unit has an output rating of 4000 pieces an hour in the 25 to 110g weight range.

Also new was the latest freezer/retarder/prover from Mondial-Forni of Italy and again from the same company comes the Mondialmatic three-deck automatic travelling oven. With their automatic loading and unloading devices, these ovens can be linked to a final prover or automatic line and connected to a depanner or cooling conveyor. A Mondialmatic oven can be used either for fully automatic baking or for a batch process, with different products going through each deck. Computer control synchronizes all movements, according to the working cycle, with automatic, semi automatic and manual modes.

According to Eurobake of Beehive Industrial Estate, Crescent Road, Lostock, Bolton, Lanes, tel:0120 446 8671, the even heat distribution to each deck and the solid construction of the oven create the bake characteristics that are essential for producing quality products. The unit's pressure-jet burners, with a choice of gas or oil firing, have been designed to keep fuel consumption to a minimum. These ovens can be ordered in stainless steel and are available with one or two burners. The single version offers some 30 to 50sq m of baking surface and the double burner unit from 55 to 70sq m.

New Use for old Pallets

A new concept in waste and scrap management, which uses standard wooden pallets as its basis.

Announced by Contact Attachments of Mochudre Industrial, Newton, Powys, tel:0168 662 2211, their new Tip and Grip system is a mechanically operated attachment, which slides on to the forks of any other forklift.

This system allows an operative to pick up a pallet from the floor, transport it and dump the contents, in a controlled manner, into a skip, compactor.

A particular merit of this system is that the contents are dumped but the attachment keeps hold of the pallet, so that it can then be transported back to the workstation and replaced in position. we understand this unit will handle product in weights up to 500g if necessary.

Knife-Sharpening Now Easier.

A new knife-sharpening machine has been introduced by Manabo UK Ltd of Lumley Close, Thirsk Industrial Park, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, tel:0184 552 5008.

They tell us that, in a mere ten seconds, it can give a durable, razor sharp edge to virtually any blade and, due to its wet honing system, can be used in food preparation areas.

Conventional machines grind a blade between two wheels, which means the blade soon burrs and blunts in use, and the knife quickly wears down.

The Manabo machine hones the blade to the strong convex shape the manufacturer intended it to have, which means it stays sharp longer, because only a few microns are removed at a time and knives will last up to 60% longer.

This new machine is easy to use and does not have exposed grinding wheels to cause safety problems, and the small amount of dust created during the honing process is collected in a waterbath within the unit itself. Because its action is so rapid, there is no need to have a second set of knives available.

Houseman's Treatment Package

Houseman Ltd of The Priory, Burnham, Slough, Berks, tel:0162 860 4488, the water treatment specialists, have developed a package specially for the industry.

SixPac as the package is known, covers water purification, water treatment chemicals, air hygiene control and water recycling.

The company has identified six key areas where the SixPac can be used: Influent water, Water treatment for cooling and boiler applications, Hot and cold water services, Indoor air quality, and Effluent water.

Raw water entering a plant may be of acceptable quality but often pretreatment is required, be it clarification, chemical dosing, de-alkalisation or reverse osmosis. As part of the package, Houseman provide a full range of non hazardous, low toxicity, low environmental impact scale and corrosion inhibitors. Boiler water is treatable to minimise scale but is often better attacked after the pretreatment programme. Many outbreaks of Legionnaire's disease have occurred in hot water services so the company undertake risk assessments to assist clients in developing effective monitoring and maintenance programmes. Their expertise in biocides and disinfection is readily transferred to process applications, particularly in treatment of pasteurisers and CIP operations. The disinfection process chosen by the company can employ products ranging from ozone to stabilised chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid, ultra violet or other systems. With air quality, Houseman can monitor and efficiently clean infected areas to eliminate unwanted organisms. As regards effluent, it has become an expensive raw material and, while some can be recycled, there will always be some that can't. Their Enviroflo range increases the plant's capacity for water recycling by using biological treatment and sludge dewatering.

Ark's new Detergents

The new range of Ark industrial cleaners contains effective non ionic surfactants that have been designed to be both biodegradable and non oestrogenic. Thus, they are particularly suitable for use where hygiene and health go hand in hand.

The range has many applications in industry, with products suitable for both light and heavy industrial cleansing duties. It includes super concentrated products like their General purpose cleaner, Hygiene sanitizer and Heavy duty degreaser. Heavy duty hand cleansing wipes, hand cleanser and Bio Drain complete their current range.

A feature of some of these products is their ability to do more than one job. For example, their Super concentrated hygiene sanitizer has been developed to meet the conflicting needs previously experienced when sanitizing food preparation areas - removing vegetable and animal fats, and removing human soiling from hygiene areas.

Their Bio Drain is a mixture of enzymes, nutrients and harmless bacteria, contained in a soluble sachet. The mix consumes organic dirt and eliminates odours but readers wanting more information should contact Ark Industrial, a division of Ark Campaigns (UK) Ltd at Suite 640-643 Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London W1, tel:0171-439 4567.

Fosclor Provides Total Control

Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful oxidising biocide that is widely used for the disinfection of water in a variety of industrial processes.

Accurate control of the chlorine dioxide is one of the most important functions for providing a cost-effective treatment programme. Fospur Ltd, a member of The Yorkshire Water Group, have already updated their established version of the Fosclor Chlorine Dioxide generator, which now has the added feature of a built-in chemical analyzer, for controlling the dosing of the chlorine dioxide by using a programmable logic controller that gives pulse signals to the dosing station. This ensures continuous control over the amounts of chemicals dosed into the water even when used with a time clock or water meter.

The suppliers, Fospur Ltd of Alfreton Trading Estate, Somercotes, Derbys, tel:0177 360 4321, also mention that the generator has also been provided with a new user-friendly mimic display.

Merck's Hy-Lite Monitoring System

Merck Ltd have launched the Hy-Lite microbiological monitoring system as a rapid, portable and simple alternative to other hygiene testing techniques.

They tell us their Hy-Lite system can be used by non technical operatives to monitor and maintain rigorous standards in hygiene quality and safety. This system can provide quantitative answers in just two minutes but, unlike other systems, it is fully self-contained, totally portable with rechargeable batteries, is simple to use and specially designed for use by unskilled operators on-site on the production line.

The Hy-Lite system uses the adenosine triphosphate test methodology to produce results as Relative Light Units. Found in all living cells, ATP emits light when mixed with luciferase. This light can be measured and accurately indicates the amount of ATP present and therefore the extent of the microbiological contamination, food residue or animal debris in a crevice, on a surface or in a liquid sample.

Using a dual detection system, the Hy-Lite can give data for both microbial contamination and product debris. In addition, it has the versatility of providing both surface swab tests or liquid direct clip tests, while being unaffected by variations in sample conditions, such as residual cleaning agents or ambient temperature, say Merck of Merck House, Poole, Dorset, tel:0120 266 4648.

Spiraflow Discharger with Hoist

The need for a forklift truck has now been eliminated when using one of the new Spiraflow Type 6 FIBC dischargers because the unit has now been designed with an integral hoist for loading bags into the emptying frame.

FIBCs may be brought to the dis-charger by means of a simple pallet truck and the hoist run out to lift these when required. Discharge is dustfree and controllable, and accurate batch weights of product can be dispensed, they assure us.

The bottom spout of the bag is closed by a clamp to prevent release of product until it is untied and an access door is interlocked with the clamp so that product cannot flow until the door is closed. Massagers, acting against the side of the bag, ensure smooth and consistent product flow, say Spiraflow Ltd of Lincoln Way. Clitheroe, Lancs, tel:0120 022 525.

New Wire Cut-Off Depositor

A computerised wire cut-off depositor for handling stiff mixes and batters means that small to medium size bakeries now have the opportunity of producing specialities like chocolate chip cookies, petit fours, macaroons and even nougat.

This unit, built by the Italian machinery specialists Comas of Vicenza, is being marketed in the UK by European Process Plant Ltd of EPP House, Epsom Business Park, Kiln Lane, Epsom, Surrey, tel:0137 274 5558.

The DRT depositor is available in widths or 400, 500 and 600mm, and it capable of 40 strokes a minute. This robust unit is constructed of high grade stainless steel and equipped with a mechanical wire cut system to ensure a clean and precise cut-off, even if the mix contains solid ingredients like nuts, chocolate chips or candied fruit.

EPP tell us that this unit can provide fifty different programmes, and that the user-friendly machine can be stripped down for routine cleaning without the aid of tools.

GKD's Effluent Service

Monitoring experts GKD Technology Ltd of 6 Whittle Road, Ferndown Industrial Estate, Wimborne, Dorset, tel:0120 286 1961 have launched a free evaluation service that is designed to help manufacturing companies save costly effluent charges.'

GKD initially laboratory test samples of pretreatment and post-treatment effluent, and provide a free preliminary report, outlining how the effluent can be effectively treated through the use of modern high performance chemicals or treatment.

GKD are then able to design or source equipment or plant for the most cost-effective solution.

Thurne's new Bacon Slicers

Thurne Engineering Co Ltd of Delta Close, Norwich, Norfolk, tel:0160 341 0771 have added a new slicer to their successful IBS 2000 range. The IBS Vision range incorporates their proven technology, which has been successfully used for the last 6 years in factories.

To produce equal weight slices, the leading face of the bacon is scanned by high speed camera. By accurately measuring the cross-section, together with the areas of fat and lean, the system calculates and adjusts the thickness of the subsequent slice. The relative proportion of fat and lean can be used for grading purposes.

The IBS Vision is available in continuous or gripper feed variants.

The IBS 2000 Predictive slicer, using the length and weight of each piece, refers to tables in the machine's memory to calculate the required slice thickness of each portion in order to produce an on-weight pack. The product profiles in these tables are constantly updated in a 'self-teach' mode via the downstream checkweigher.

Batch Controller for Distillers

The ISCAFLO operates by using two weighed hoppers within a single casing. Whilst one is being filled the other is being emptied, and the incoming product is 'toggled' between the two by use of a pneumatically-operated diverting flap. Individual batches are recorded and totalised to provide measurement of throughput and flow rate.

One of these devices has been in use for many years at the main plant of Invergordon Distilleries where they batch solids into the brewing process. In recent years, maintenance of this unit had become difficult. The weigher itself had been successfully maintained and the lifetime of the relatively simple mechanics assured but the electronics were a different story - spares for the original became unobtainable!

Because there was a similar unit in use elsewhere on the site, the use of an E-2-CBA batch controller from Nobel Systems Ltd of Bedford was proposed. This microprocessor-based unit is capable of implementing parallel batch control sequences for up to four weighed vessels. For this particular application, a two-channel unit was used, each channel conditioning the single loadcell supporting each of the two ISCAFLO hoppers. The existing loadcells were still serviceable and were left untouched. In particular, a special sequence was written to allow the hatching of the three separate raw materials through the batcher. This required the material target set points to be compared with the accumulated throughput total from both weigh hoppers, whilst each hopper was being individually controlled for filling and emptying.

To aid the operator, a special batch screen format was also included to give a graphical representation of the plant status as well as digital in formation on the various measurements being performed.

Colborne 95 Pie System

Record Pelkman Equipment Co Ltd have just launched the Series 95 Colborne Pie System. This new system duplicates the gentle manual action of an experienced pastrymaker while rolling and forming the pie crust in mass production, they claim.

Results are said to be so good that the UK company, based at 2 Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St Albans, Herts, tel:0172 784 3136 have arranged to fly in samples of the end-product from the USA, where the machine is made, for interested readers to try.

The new system uses shortcrust pastry dough that produces a layered pastry, which is light and flaky, and looks like puff pastry. This effect is partly the result of the System 95's special rolling action, known as cross-sheeting, and partly its gentle treatment of the dough. For example, instead of stamping the pastry pie base into foil containers, the System 95 gently lays it in, shaping it to the plate and thus maintaining pastry quality.

HenkeI-Ecolab's new P3 Manotizer

Wherever food is being manufactured or prepared, the new P3 Manotizer from Henkel-Ecolab will provide a high degree of hand disinfection for personnel just prior to enter into a particular production area.

This P3 Manotizer is a stainless steel unit that is wall-mounted close to the entrance door of any designated food production area that demands the optimum in hygiene. Prior to entry, personnel place their hands under the unit and receive an automatic dose of hand disinfector. This dosing is achieved by means of an infra red sensor, so eliminating any hand contact and thus avoiding any risk of contamination.

The disinfectant used, P3 Manodes, has a broad working spectrum, is mild to the skin - even with regular use they tell us, and evaporates quickly.

Henkel-Ecolab Ltd of David Murray John Building, Swindon, Wiltshire, tel:0179 351 1221 also suggest that this new unit can equally well be linked via, an output signal, to a door lock mechanism to control entry into a high risk area.

Aeroglide's new Cooker

Aeroglide Corp of PO Box 29505, Raleigh, NC 27626-0505, USA, fax: (919) 851-6029 are now offering a new configuration for their spin cooker and cooler.

Their new six tier arrangement provides a 50% increase in cooling and cooking capacity and takes up no additional floor space. The unit stands almost 12ft tall, with a standard 7ft width and comes in 10 to 40ft lengths.

The first operational 6-tier spin cooker was installed last June and is now sterilizing cans of tomatoes. Its atmospheric, pure steam environment efficiently transfers heat to the product as the can spins in the machine and agitate the contents. Aeroglide tell us cook times have been reduced by half as compared to the use of other methods.

The unusual components of their 6-tier system include the addition of two levels of track, additional shafts, sprockets and trip rods to detect any can that is not in place.

More Distributorships for Lion

Lion Instrumentation have announced deals with two more European manufacturers.

Lion will now be distributing a wide range of Krohne process flow meters, including their new straight tube mass flow meter.

They are also now handling the Fluke range of documenting process calibra-tors - Types 701 and shoe.

Development by Lever Industrial and Celsis

Lever Industrial International Ltd and Celsis International Pie have developed, and are now launching systemSURE, a portable hygiene monitor that detects very low levels of microbial and product soiling in the manufacturing environment.

They tell us systemSURE provides immediate on-the-spot assessments of the cleanliness of production processes. Using the latest ATP technology, this new system offers greater sensitivity and improved reproducibility. Furthermore, it is simple to use and, at 0.7kg, can be held in one hand.

The real power of systemSURE is its data management capability. On-the-spot pass or fail is indicated by automatic comparison with preprogrammed test thresholds. The instrument itself can store up to 1200 results and these can be downloaded on to a PC database that is provided with the system. This database provides a secure record of several years results and allows trend analysis to be undertaken.

Bioluminescence is generated when the systemSURE reagents come into contact with ATP, a molecule that is present in all living organisms. The number of photons of light produced is directly proportional to the level of ATP. By measuring the light emitted, systemSURE detects and quantifies biological contamination, a combination of micro-organisms and organic residues, which can act as a potential breeding ground.

For more information readers should contact Lever Industrial at PO Box 100, Runcorn, Cheshire, tel:0192 871 9000 or Celsis at Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, tel:0122 342 6008.

Automatic Defect Removal

The Key Technology ADR111 electronically scans raw potato strips and automatically cuts out defects to maintain higher product grade. Enhanced performance from the ADR111 includes improved defect removal and reduced white cuts by eliminating the inconsistency of manual inspection trimming systems.

The unit removes potato strip defects at the rate of up to 26,000lb an hour. The system scans 1600 times a second in 4 individual lanes moving at 5ft a second. It features either four superior monochromatic or optional colour cameras. Very high output fluorescent lamps located above and below the translucent belts illuminate product from the top and bottom, to ensure defect detection on all sides and defects as small as 1/16in. can be seen.

A high speed computer processes images from the unit's cameras and activates precisely timed nylon knives to trim out the defects with Key's patented cutter wheel. The rotary cutter wheel trims product with water-activated knives that are self-lubricating, say Key of 150 Avery, Walla Walla, Washington 99362-1668, fax:(415) 854-7240.

Helping with Dryer Set-up

As many readers will appreciate, overdrying a product not only waste energy but also risks damage to the product because the water ratio is wrong.

Dryer set-up was never an easy task, and one of the main difficulties is that there are so may variables. Temperature, air flow, feed rate, bed thickness and percentage of recirculated air all play a part in each zone of the dryer.

Endress and Hauser Hygrotwin is now helping a number of companies find and maintain the most efficient dryer set-up for their product. Model 2850 is a two-channel unit that is able to monitor both the inlet and outlet air moisture contents.

This versatile instrument compares the two and can display and 'output' the difference in weight or volume of water, which allows real time calculations of precisely how much water a drying process removes at any given time, and this can be compared with energy levels and dryer throughput.

E and H of Ledson Road, Manchester M23, tel:0161-998 0321 reckon that dryers controlled on humidity can save at least 10% on running costs.

Comas Pumps the Fat

A fully automated system has been perfected by Comas of Vicenza in Italy, which reduces large solid blocks of fat and extrudes the material in despositable form over a pastry production line.

The Comas fat extruder, which is marketed in the UK by European Process Plant Ltd of EPP House, Epsom Business Park, Kiln Lane, Epsom, Surrey, tel:0173 274 5558, comprises individual blocks of fat which are conveyor-fed to the unit. The fat is fed via various auger arrangements to a continuous pumping unit which feeds the fat to a fantail nozzle that produces a thin strip of fat on to the pastry sheet during the laminating process. This unit's pump has been so designed that the flow of fat is uninterrupted even when the temperature of the fat varies.

Some readers may already have had the opportunity of seeing this unit because it was on display at the recent Bake '95 exhibition.

MonoLog from Digitron

Digitron Instrumentation Ltd of Technology House, Mead Lane, Hertford, Herts, tel:0199 258 7441 recently launched a new addition to their MonoLog range at the recent Foodtech '95 exhibition. This is the first in a range of user-friendly temperature loggers for the food industry.

Designed to make temperature logging easy, a MonoLog is designed for monitoring goods in transit, storage or on display, as well as during processing, to help ensure that a controlled environment is maintained throughout the product's life cycle.

The MonoLog's dedicated software makes retrieval and analysis of stored data simple. Retrieved data can be analyzed via clear graphical text reports, showing maximum, minimum and average temperatures, set points programmed and the start/end times of the logging session. In addition, its memory will hold up to 2000 readings at a time.

The new MonoLog's Models ML42 and-ML82 both feature external probes and there are two available for use with these new models - an air temperature probe and a penetration probe.

Certification for Thornhill Gaskets

The Thornhill Gasket Co Ltd of Barnsley have been awarded the ISO 9002 certification following an audit carried out by SGS Yarsley. As readers will know, Thornhill are specialists in servicing plate heat exchangers and regasketing the plates.

Mitsubishi's new Warehouse Equipment

Mitsubishi, one of the world's three largest manufacturing companies, has moved into warehousing with the launch of an extensive range of warehouse trucks.

Their new range comprises 24 different models, in capacities ranging from 800 to 2500kg. And, when lined up against their three and four-wheel counterbalance machines, this should be able to provide a supply for most needs.

These new trucks are being marketed in the UK by the British manufacturer and distributor, Hamech Ltd of South Marston Industrial Estate, Swindon, Wiltshire, tel:0179 383 1141 under the banner 'one safe source', because the Mitsubishi range is now all-embracing and includes hand pallet trucks, platform powered pallet trucks, ride-on pallet trucks, platform powered stackers, reach trucks, steering wheel low level picker, turret trucks, pedestrian powered pallet trucks, sit-on powered pallet trucks, pedestrian powered stackers, ride-on stackers, steering arm low level picker and high level order picker.

Key's Turbo-Flo Blancher/Cooker

The newly introduced Turbo-Flo hydrostatic blancher/cooker from Key Technology Inc uses a steam injection and energy circulation system for blanching and cooking potatoes, vegetables, fruits, meats and poultry. It combines the benefits of energy efficiency and improved product quality, and it saves time.

This new blancher achieves process time savings of up to 30%, they tell us. The fully enclosed and insulated blancher chamber prevents steam from escaping and therefore saves energy cost. The design of the hydrostatic water seal in the blancher eliminates the number one cause of loss in steam blanchers - evaporation. The patented design produces a good product-to-steam ratio - 7 to 9 pounds of product per pound of steam in most applications.

According to Key of 150 Avery, Walla Walla, WA 99362, USA, fax:(509) 522-3361, products blanched in this new unit retain more nutrients and the steam blanching process gives products with better colour and taste.

Krauss Maffei's new Mixer Dryer

Designed for use with non sticky, mainly friable products, the MT mixer/dryer from Krauss Maffei (UK) Ltd offers almost complete product discharge through a valve that has been designed to eliminate dead zones. Product loss is also reduced by mounting the vapour filter on the top cover, which ensures that separated product falls back into the process chamber.

A vertically oriented conical vessel, this compact mixer/dryer requires a low design height and occupies less space as full utilisation of the process and heat transfer areas has been achieved by externally mounting the drive components.

The mixer's screw carries out two rotational movements simultaneously - high speed rotation about its axis and slow rotation around the vertical vessel's axis, which reverses after a full 360' revolution. Speed is selectable and the screw can be heated or cooled to suit the process, with product temperature being measured and controlled both by a measuring lance and at the vessel wall.

According to the suppliers, of Europa Boulevard, Gemini Business Park, Warrington, tel:0192 565 1555, this unit is suitable for atmospheric, vacuum or overpressure operation.

Cockroach Control by Rentokil

The Rentokil Pest Control Division has developed a new Rentokil Strategy for cockroach control, which integrates three major pest control tools.

The first is a redesigned, durable insect detector which attracts cockroaches at all stages and can detect insect activity at an early stage or at low levels.

The second is a new Rentokil product - a secure, lockable, low profile cockroach bait station that provides an attractive feeding habit for the insects, coupled with a chlorpyrifos gel bait.

The third tool is another new product, their RID insect powder, which is based on a non crystalline form of silica.

Interested readers wanting more information should contact the company at Felcourt, East Grinstead, West Sussex, tel:0134 289 33022.

Alpha Technical's new Pump Feeder

The Altec screw feeder system has been designed to provide a continuous positive flow of product to a pump inlet when handling soft, low liquid content, non free-flowing media, like ground meat, biscuit creams, meat paste and mashed potato.

Designed and manufactured in-house by Alpha Technical Services Ltd of Orion Park, Northfield Avenue, London W13, tel:0181-567 1444, this system will operate over a capacity range from 0.5 to 3 tonnes an hour. In stainless steel, the unit comprises a hopper fitted with a paddle system and bridge-breaker, together with a tangentially mounted 25cm diameter screw. Bulk product from the hopper is fed by the paddle into the screw and forced into the pump inlet.

To sustain a constant, positive flow of product, pressure at the pump inlet is continuously monitored by a pressure sensor and sustained at a constant level by varying the speed of the screw, which operates under the control of a Danfoss inverter. A second interlinked inverter controls the paddle and bridge-breaker, matching the volume of the product handled to the throughput of the screw. In fact, the paddle/screw ratio can be varied to match the characteristics of the processed product.

The company originally designed this feeder system for operation with Waukesha circumferential piston pumps and Bredel peristaltric pumps, two pumps with which the company has been closely involved for many years.

Part of Danfoss Relocates

Danfoss Ltd have relocated their instrumentation division from their Stonehouse factory to the head office at Perivale Industrial Estate, Horsenden Lane South, Greenford, Middx, tel:0181-991 7000. The Gloucestershire site has now reverted to being solely used for Magflo production and flowmeter testing.

UV Light Technology for Odour Control

A new process for de-odorising air discharged from industrial processes and waste treatment plants, using ultra violet light technology, has been introduced by Hanovia Ltd of 145 Farnham Road, Slough, Berks, tel:0175 381 2145.

This environmentally friendly system is a safe, non chemical method of de-odorisation. It uses UV light to create highly reactive atomic oxygen from the air which combines with odour compounds to make them less or non odorous.

Whilst this system was designed for use in plants processing fish or other food products, it can also eliminate odours from certain volatile organics, like solvents.

Totally silent in operation, the Hanovia UV system can reduce the odour content of treated air by more than 95%. Such systems are compact and can often be fitted into or around existing plants or buildings. Residence time for the air to be in contact with the UV light is only 15 to 20 seconds, making it a quick and cost-effective method of de-odorisation.

Steam Conditioning Valve

BTG's speciality valves division have introduced a steam conditioning valve intended for installation where the slightest variation in temperature is not acceptable. They tell us that the VST-SE combines the best rangeability with low noise levels at high pressure ratios.

The VST-SE is a single seat, angle-type, combined pressure reducing/desuperheating valve for simultaneous pressure and temperature control. Its steam-atomised water injection technology not only provides superior rangeability but also simplifies the arrangement of downstream piping, they claim.

A built-in feed-forward feature gives maximum plant flexibility by ensuring high control accuracy under the fastest load changes, with improved steam quality and minimum energy losses, according to BTG UK Ltd at 92 Uxbridge Road, Harrow, Middx, tel:0181-954 2030.

Safeline's Upgraded Metal Detection

Safeline Inc have brought out an upgraded metal detection system for frozen foods, which eliminates leakage in the aperture area and offers complete washdown capability.

Safeline of 6005 Benjamin Road, Tampa, Florida 33634, USA, fax:(813) 881-0840 have solved the problem of leakage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the aperture linings, which occurs when washdown is followed by the inspection of frozen foods. Safeline's new doubly-lined apertures contain additional folds which prevent leakage.

These metals detectors also have touchpads that are impervious to flooding, even to IP66 standard.

Compact Pressure Cleaner

The new KB high pressure cleaner, from Comet, is claimed to be powerful, light and compact.

This Italian made cleaner possesses a double handle and solid wheels for manoeuvrability; the handle and chassis are constructed from durable polyethylene while the white canopy housing the motor and pump has a non scratch polymer finish.

Inside, the KB is fitted with a single phase electric motor, connected to a three-piston axial pump that provides enough power to deliver 11 litres of water a minute at a maximum pressure of 1300psi.

More information about this unit can be obtained from the UK sales office via David Buckley at 3 Foxgrove Gardens, Felixstowe, Suffolk, tel:0139 428 2580.

Meller Appointed Sole Agents for Amafilter

George Meller Ltd of Orion Park, Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London W13, tel:0181-579 2111 tell us they have been appointed as sole UK agents for the Amafilter range of filtration systems.

Netherlands-based Amafilter manufacture a range of filters, including the fully automatic 'cricket-filter' for handling difficult materials for both wet and dry discharge. Their other filters include pressure leaf, vacuum drum, cartridge and bag.

Meller's service includes product and sampling analysis, on-site testing, packaged systems, installation, commissioning and products support.
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