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Masterfil Valve Copes with Sticky Problem

A new valve, developed by Masterfil Ltd, offers troublefree automatic filling over a wide range of applications, including those involving high temperatures and solvents, they tell us.

Available with all Masterfil machines using single-acting pumps, the new poppet valve operates effectively without having to rely on close tolerances. Its positive shut-off action prevents it from stalling even if the liquid being filled is liable to clog or if high temperatures are being used.

This new valve has already proved its worth for a vinegar installation. Vinegar is a traditionally demanding product to fill as the plug in standard rotary or sliding valves often swells when in contact with acetic acid, causing the valve to jam. The new Masterfil valve remains unaffected and has the additional advantage of being easier to clean.

Readers wanting complete information about this development should contact Masterfil at 17 Farmbrough Close, Stocklake, Aylesbury, Bucks, tel:0296 25001.

ACO's Composite Actuator Outperforms Metal

With recent improvements in its pressure and torque ratings, the 'regular' version of ACO's composite actuator now either matches or exceeds the specifications of all existing aluminium designs, they tell us.

Manufactured in epoxy-filled composite, a material originally developed for use in corrosive environments, ACO's 'regular' version offers significant weight, engineering and economy benefits for general purpose applications.

Typically, 40% lighter than aluminium, the EFC accounts for 80% of the total volume of the actuator. On the 'regular' version, carbon steel is used for bolts and threaded inserts, and case-hardened steel provides longer life for the gear and piston rack.

In addition, the ACO actuator offers direct mounting for all quarter-turn valves as standard. EFC can also be used to mould mounting brackets or end-plates.

The temperature rating for these units is 140 [degrees] C, the pressure rating is up to 8bar and sizes are 6in. for ball and 14in. for butterfly valves, say ACO Technologies Plc of Hitchin Road, Shefford, Beds, tel:0462 816666.

Machine Safety Solutions

A secure and manipulation-proof machine safety monitoring system is now available from Relec Electronics Ltd of 124-126 Stockbridge Road, Winchester, Hants, tel:0962 863141.

Their centralised system is manufactured by a German safety systems company. Designed to fit a wide variety of machines, the system comprises a variety of magnetic sensors and a control unit.

We understand such a system can be used either as a stand-alone switch/control system or in a 'distributed' mode with a central control unit and up to 25 sensors, by way of local interface units each serving up to four sensors. These sensors, operated by coded magnets, meet even the most severe hygienic requirements, we are assured, being designed to meet IP67 or they can be supplied in stainless steel housings to meet IP68.

In use on a hinged guard, the sensors function when in close proximity to the relevant magnet. The central control unit incorporates electro-magnetic relays interlocked and cross-monitored with each other.

American Agent for Entecon

Camberley-based Entecon Ltd have appointed Orthos Inc of Charlotte in North Carolina to represent their range of equipment in the USA and Canada.

White Food Thermometer

Comark's KM221 pocket food thermometer is now available in white, the colour scheme preferred by many in the food business because it is generally easier to check for cleanliness.

Although low in cost, this instrument is based on precision semi conductor technology to give an accuracy of 0.5 [degrees] C over the critical food range from zero to +70 [degrees] C; the unit's total measurement range is -40 [degrees] to +150 [degrees] C with a resolution 0.1 [degrees] C.

A matching penetration probe is included with the KM221 as standard but compatible air and surface probes are also available from Comark Ltd of Swallowfields, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, tel:0707 331051.

Biwater Gains WFE Licence

Biwater Europe Ltd have negotiated an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Raywell Process Plants London Ltd to engineer and market process systems incorporating Raywell Wiped Film Evaporator technology.

As some readers will know, WFEs are used for a multiplicity of process applications that involve the evaporation of volatile materials from a relatively non volatile or inert component. Thus, it can be used for solvent recovery, food and drink processing or juice concentration.

Complete information about this new agency should be discussed with Biwater Treatment at Biwater Place, Gregge Street, Heywood, Lancs, tel:0706 367555.

Colorsort Upgraded

An upgraded version of the Colorsort 2 defect detection and rejection system is available from Key Technology Inc of PO Box 1617, 150 Avery, Walla Walla, WA 99362, USA, fax:(509) 522 3361. The upgrade reduces the possibility of rejection of good product and includes features for higher performance, greater flexibility and increased reliability.

The redesigned system's cameras have greater reliability in hostile environments. Greater camera sensitivity means that defects are more easily detected, the amount of good products rejected due to minor colour variations is reduced, and system operation and clean-up are simplified. The upgraded high resolution cameras scan product 1500 times a second and identify defects by measuring their colour and size.

System improvements include 'ruggedized' internal structure, a new digital signal processing board, sharper spectral filters for each channel and a new easy-to-clean flush-mounted external window with air knife.

New CP Alfa Stainless Steel Valves

The new CP Alfa range of stainless steel ball valves from Cottam and Preedy Ltd provides comprehensive coverage of all size requirements from 1/4 to 16in.

Specially designed to meet stringent hygiene requirements, these valves are available in a wide variety of formats: Full and reduced bore; Straight, three of four-way flow; Two or three-piece construction; Flanged connections; Screw fittings to suit BSP parallel, BSP taper or NTP threads; and Socket and butt welding connections.

These valves are suitable for pressures up to 6000psi and temperature ranges from -190 [degrees] to +250 [degrees] C. They feature a cast body in AISI 304, a precision machined and mirror finished AISI 316 stainless steel ball and RPTE seals.

For fuller information readers should contact C and P at Bishopsgate Works, 68 Lower City Road, Tividale, West Midlands, tel:021 552 5281.

Liquid Level Transmitter

The MTS high precision Magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter is now available from Allison Engineering Ltd of Allison House, Capricorn Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex, tel:0268 526161.

This unit continuously measures product level, product temperature, volume and mass. With all wetted parts of stainless steel, it offers a simple and effective solution to liquid level measurement with an economical price. The accuracy is said to be 0.8mm worst case.

This new transmitter, Model LT42, is a robust and operationally reliable liquid level sensor with digital interface.

Europipe Now Available on CAD

Specifiers and installers of the Europipe stainless steel push-fit soil and waste pipework system can now produce computer-generated drawings from a Fastrack-RIBACAD computer disc that is available free of charge from BM Stainless Steel Drains Ltd.

These 3.5 and 5.25in. discs, available in either AutoCAD or DXF formats, are supplied by BM with a comprehensive manual.

BM of Station Road Industrial Estate, Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, tel:0937 834898, tell us they have now obtained Lloyds Register Type Approval, to add to their British Board of Agrement approval.

Master Mover Tractors

Many unit loads or palletised products that are currently moved by fork lift truck or towing tractors could be moved more efficiently by a Master Mover, claim Eurotech International Ltd.

Master Movers are self-powered industrial tractors manufactured by Eurotech of The Manor House, Devonshire Square, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts, tel:0623 514749.

These lightweight battery driven units use specially developed electronics and a weight transfer system to obtain the necessary tractive adhesion from the single drive wheel. With such a unit, virtually any trolley-mounted load ranging from just a few kilograms in weight can be pushed, pulled and accurately positioned at speeds from 0.75 to 5kph, they tell us.

In operation, one positions the coupling under a load trolley beam then a jacking handle is used to transfer some of the weight on to the driving wheel. A twist-grip control on the operating handle engages forward or reverse movements and there is a spring-loaded neutral braking position. Speed of movement is constant and is determined by the Master Move model being used.

Models in the range cover six operating speeds and these can be provided with either 12 or 24 volt batteries.

Therma 20 Thermometer Kit

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd have now introduced the Therma 20 thermistor thermometer kit. This incorporates a portable hand-held instrument displaying temperatures to 0.1 [degrees] C over the range -39.9 [degrees] to +109.9 [degrees] C, with an accuracy of 0.4 [degrees] C over the critical range for chilled and cooked foods.

A selection of probes is also supplied, together with an appliance temperature log book, probe wipes and a carrying case that enables the thermometer to be stored when not in use. Each thermometer incorporates an easy-to-use screw locking-type connector, allowing a number of different probes to be used. Also, a range of calibration Test Caps is available for regularly checking the thermometer.

For more information about this battery-powered thermometer readers should contact ETI at Southdownview Road, Broadwater Trading Estate, Worthing, West Sussex, tel:0903 202151.

Freezing Flat, Thin Products

York Food Systems have introduced the JETFreeze impingement freezing tunnel for flat, thin products, like hamburger patties and fish fillets.

Their system has been designed to replace cryogenic freezing tunnels with a mechanically refrigerated system that is significantly less expensive to operate. The JETFreeze unit produces 'cryogenic-like' freezing for thin products at significantly reduced operating cost for quick pay-back, they assure us.

York has already led the way in the application of two-sided freezing for spiral freezers with their patented double impingement airflow system. This latest JETFreeze impingement freezing tunnel utilizes the basic principles of high velocity, two-sided freezing in a straight line configuration.

The single and twin-lane units can accommodate throughputs from 1000 to 12,000lb an hour. Cooled by a conventional ammonia system, the dimensions of a JETFreeze are very similar to existing cryogenic freezers, and their modular design allows for quick installation and easy expansion at some future date.

These units incorporate their exclusive CleanCoil design and standard belt washer/dryer, say York of Suite 10, Keswick Hall, Norwich, Norfolk, tel:0603 250702.

LOGIQ Communicates with CCI TranScan

Simac Techniq Ltd tell us that load temperatures monitored using Cold Chain Instruments TranScan equipment can now be transmitted to base using the LOGIQ Mobile Data Terminal.

The introduction of new software within the TranScan has enabled the mobile data terminal to read temperatures from up to 8 channels and send such information back to base, via the Inmarsat-C satellite network, at predetermined intervals. These temperatures are read at intervals set by the operator and stored within the mobile data terminal along with a record of the exact time the readings were made.

For more information about this system, readers should contact Simac at Leyland DAF Buildings, Eastern Bypass, Thame, Oxon, tel:0844 261111.

Bennett's Agency for Programmable Pumps

Bennett & Co Ltd have been appointed UK distributors for DOSCA programmable micro-metering pumps.

At the heart of these Swiss-made pumps is a ceramic rotary axial piston and cylinder, which enables them to handle highly aggressive fluids at volumes between 1 and 1000 litres, against a pressure of 20bar. We are told accuracy is better than 0.1% of constant volume.

For more information readers should contact Bennetts at Elborough House, Banwell Road, Locking, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, tel:0934 823823.

More Cesco Magnetic Traps

For removing metal contaminants from liquids and slurry process lines, Cesco Models 125 and 135 are new, improved updated models suitable for pressures up to 15bar.

The whole range of Cesco magnetic traps is available from Alpha Technical Services Ltd of Altec House, Aintree Road, Greenford, Middx, tel:081-991 2626.

Features include a redesigned hygienic FDA-approved method of sealing the magnet assembly to the body, rare earth magnets with enhanced magnetic capability for attracting and retaining metallic particles, such as work hardened 300 Grade stainless steel, and an improved method of clamping for easier cleaning, dismantling and re-assembly.

In both models the internal area of the body is substantially greater than the incoming line. This slows down the product stream and ensures maximum exposure to intense magnetic forces as product passes through the trap.

Model 125, which supersedes the 120, is intended primarily for processes involving high flow rates and shear sensitive products. Model 135 supersedes Model 130 and is designed for turbulent flow and non friable less easily damaged media.

Normally fitted upstream of pumps, dicers or screens, both models are suitable for temperatures up to 150 C and are produced in sizes from 40 to 100mm.

BCH's new Liquorice Extrusion Plant

Representing a breakthrough in liquorice extrusion, the redesigned 'side flow' extruder from BCH (Coates) Ltd of Spring Place, Millfold, Whitworth, Lancs, tel:0706 852122 offers a range of benefits to meet the specialist needs of the liquorice producer.

Robust and easy to operate, the new design offers good regularity across the full width of the die and provides complete operational flexibility to manufacture different shapes and designs. Wheel-mounted for easy cleaning and maintenance, the unit can be quickly repositioned on different production lines to meet changes in manufacturing requirements.

This newly designed extruder allows the production of many different shapes and designs, solid or hollow and, although the standard width is 50cm, widths of up to 100cm can be produced. Fitted with a variable speed drive, the operator can match the speed of the extrusion to the conveyor speed. And a typical twist-head attachment can be fitted to allow the production of hollow or solid twists of liquorice rope.

Sur-Clean Systems Move

Sur-Clean Systems Ltd have moved into larger premises. This independent cleaning equipment company that was launched at the start of our recent recession, has moved into high profile premises at the entrance to Stockport's Stanley Green Trading Estate. Their full address is now 9 Earl Road, Stanley Green Industrial Estate, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport, tel:061-485 6001.

Jungheinrich's new Rider Pallet Truck

For internal transport operations, where long horizontal distances have to be covered, and where speed and high turn-round rates are important, a rider pallet truck often provides the most cost-effective solution.

Jungheinrich's new EKE 20 electric rider pallet truck with sideways seat shows many advances over previous models in this category of handling equipment. With a capacity of 2000kg, the EKE 20's new functional design offers excellent visibility in both directions of travel, in addition to its enhanced manoeuvrability.

Its width of only 830mm facilitates load handling in confined storage spaces, in the loading bay and on vehicle ramps, and its loaded speed of 8km an hour, and improved acceleration, allows longer distances to be covered with greater speed and safety.

In spite of the smaller outer dimensions of the truck, special emphasis has been placed on providing a generous driver space. The traditional drive pedal has been removed to give a more relaxed foot position. It has been replaced by a multi-function lever that is used to adjust speed, direction of travel, sound the horn or brake the truck via a counter current system.

Biotrace's Data-Lite for Logging

Biotrace Ltd have brought out the Data-Life data logger to give an instant 'pass/fail' indication at the point of test, when used in conjunction with their Uni-Lite rapid hygiene testing system.

This new data logger has been designed to meet users' needs for a system that gives rapid results, which can be downloaded via the data-Lite 'hard-card' memory to a PC at the required intervals of time, be they monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or whatever.

Recorded data will provide analysis of trends that can be used to improve control of cleaning procedures, so optimizing the economic use of expensive detergents and sanitizers. This system will also allow trouble-spots to be highlighted for special attention during cleaning operations.

More complete information comes from Biotrace at The Science Park, Bridgend, Wales, tel:0656 768844.

Hygiene Benefit of new Mechanical Seal

A new mechanical seal has been developed by John Crane international of Crossbow House, 40 Liverpool Road, Slough, Berks, tel:0753 531122 to comply with the exacting standards affecting pumps used in the food industry and the requirements of the EC Machinery Directive 89/392/EEC.

The 515H seal, a derivative of their established series of asymmetric formed metal bellow seals, has been developed specifically for the industry's rigorous standards of cleanability. It is constructed from FDA-approved materials.

John Crane's research team concentrated on several aspects of the seal's construction. As a result, all parts are made from food grade materials and all splines, keyways and threads have been eliminated, to give a smooth profile.

As a machine, a pump must adhere to the Directive and as the seal is an integral part of a pump, John Crane has concentrated on developing a seal that will help both equipment manufacturers and users to demonstrate 'due diligence'.

Quick-Release Belt Telescoper

Designed particularly for use in our industry, the new stainless steel Bryant Quick-Release Telescoper from R A Rodriguez can shorten the time taken to release and retension a conveyor belt for washdown to just 5 minutes.

In addition to significantly reducing downtime, these Quick- Release Telescopers ensure a longer belt life. As no manual adjustment is necessary, there is no likelihood of over-tensioning the belt.

To release the belt, the operator pulls the clamp handle back, retracting the Telescoper approximately 3in., putting 6in. of slack into belt. When washdown has been completed, it is merely necessary to push the clamp handle forward, say R A Rodriguez (UK) Ltd of Icknield House, Eastcheap, Letchworth, Herts, tel:0462 670044.

Digitron's new T600 Thermometer

The new T600 high accuracy thermometer from Digitron Instrumentation Ltd not only provides good accuracy but is also attractively priced, at less than [pounds]500.

The T600 has been designed for laboratory test measurement, calibration reference and high accuracy quality control. Being lightweight and portable, the instrument is suitable for field as well as bench use, thanks to its internal rechargeable batteries, which will run for at least 250 hours on a single charge. The T600's shock-resistant casing allows the instrument to withstand heavy use and operation in dusty or humid conditions.

These instruments come with either fixed probes for maximum accuracy (0.03 C) or interchangeable ones for added versatility. Digitron have designed two probes specifically for use with the T600; these give the user a choice between using a heavy duty probe and the fast response one.

Analyzer Modifies Noise for Subjective Assessment

When operating, all machines emit noise but it is often the quality of the sound that governs acceptability.

The Noise Signature Modification system from Anthony Best Dynamics allows the user to listen to computer-generated improvements in emitted noise, using digital filters that mimic the effect of adding silencers or other physical attenuators.

Anthony Best Dynamics of Holt Road, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, tel:0225 867575 tell us this system can be used on virtually any machine. Their NSM system is PC-based, using a digital signal processor, and it provides software to record stereo sound to hard disk for use later, with output recorded data for use with other of their systems.

Kuba's new Cooler

Kuba Kaltetechnic GmbH have introduced a new range of coolers to supplement and expand their DF range of coolers.

These new coolers are designated DE.C and cover the nominal capacity range from 0.66kW up to 10.5kW.

This low profile cooler is suitable for all applications in room temperatures from -25 up to +10 C, using R22, R134a or R404a. There are 22 models in the range and seven of them have been independently tested, so they carry the DIN Gerpruft certification sign.

Available with either 4.2 to 4.5 or 7mm spacing to suit the operating conditions, Kuba UK of 15a Turk Street, Alton, Hants, tel:0420 544222 also offers different levels of electric defrost.

AccuRate Expands Product Line

As screw feeders are not always the answer to a metering need, AccuRate have now expanded their product line to include the Multicor mass flow meter.

This unit offers high performance in a low cost, smaller package, they tell us. Its compact means it a good solution for applications involving limited space and feed rates up to 88 tons an hour.

Using the Coriolis principle, the Multicor applies the science of particle acceleration and its resultant forces to provide a simplified solution to mass flow measurement but the fullest details come from AccuRate of 746 East Milwaukee Street, PO Box 208, Whitewater, WI 53190-0208, USA but in the UK one may obtain information by sending a fax to 0635 552324.

Pressure Washing Systems

Platz have developed their medium pressure system over the past 15 years in Germany. They have done this in response to demands for a cleaning solution which combines the benefits of low water and chemical consumption yet, unlike high pressure systems, does not create hazardous aerosol formations or cause damage to plant and fittings.

The result is the extensive Platz CE range of 40 to 50bar machines with facilities for between 3 and 50 user points. By operating at a slightly higher pressure than so called 'low pressure' systems, the cleaning effect achieved is the same but the amount of water and chemicals used are cut by around 50%.

When compared with using mains hoses, the savings are even greater, they assure us.

Platz are part of the Hako Group and as such their entire product range is available through the Hako Platz division of Hako Machines Ltd at Eldon Close, Crick, Northants, tel:0788 823535.

New Rapid Test from Unipath

Unipath Ltd of Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hants, tel:0256 841144 have just launched the Oxoid Listeria Rapid Test that will enable manufacturers to detect the presence of Listeria organisms in products or on equipment in less than half the time taken by traditional methods, they say.

This new test combines Unipath's skills in the development of enrichment media with the company's immunological expertise. It is based on monoclonal antibody technology and makes use of Unipath's Clearview Test Unit, which is being applied to food testing for the first time.

Evaluation of the test has been carried out on more than 1000 different samples, representing a wide variety of foods. This has shown the accuracy of the test to be greater that 99%. The test protocol has been developed to coincide conveniently with the normal working hours in a laboratory, providing a clear result just two days after the sample has been received.

The test itself is easy to perform. There is no need to batch and no reagent mixing or washing stages are involved.

The Test Unit consists of a membrane strip, along which the sample travels by means of capillary action. This strip is contained within a plastics sleeve, which has three 'windows' -- one for the addition of the sample, one to display the test result and one which displays a control feature.

Vertical Oven from EPP

Plant bakeries throughout the UK are baking all types of product using tunnel ovens of various lengths. This successful and economic method of high speed production has just one drawback -- it needs a lot of floor space.

Because of lack of space and the cost of building, the French oven makers Gouet have developed a vertical oven.

Their design breakthrough is simple. Products on trays or dough pieces enter the baking chamber at a low level and are elevated vertically through a turbulent baking zone and either exit when fully or partly baked at the top, or pass into and travel down a second oven chamber for increased capacity.

This style of Gouet oven can be fired by gas or electricity equally well. The limitation on the size of the oven is only the height of the building but the fullest details can be discussed with European Process Plant Ltd of EPP House, Epsom Business Park, Kiln Lane, Epsom, Surrey, tel:0732 745558.

Inexpensive Multi Thermometer

A new inexpensive Multi Thermometer, with a wide temperature range and audible alarms, is now available from Anton Test and Measurement Ltd.

The complete kit includes the thermometer with stainless steel probe, temperature log book, a pack of sterile wipes and a carrying case.

The unit's audible alarm can be preset to both high and low levels for use where temperature variances could be critical and operators need alerting if the temperatures vary from the statutory limits.

Said to the first thermometer of its type, with a measurement range from -50 to +150 C and readings to 0.1 C, it has an accuracy of 0.5 C over the critical food range. Additional features include a 'hold' button, on/off switch and a clip stand so the thermometer can be free-standing. According to Antons of Kebbell House, Delta Gain, Carpenders Park, Watford, Herts, tel:081-428 6418, the unit's battery life is around 5000 hours.

Cutting waste Problems

A compact, high performance waste pulper, the Somat Evergreen, is currently being launched on to the UK market, thanks to the new Somat contract recently awarded to Atlantic Environmental Engineering Ltd.

They tell us this unit is the first of its kind and can handle more than 160kg per hour, processing food waste and packaging waste of all types.

The Evergreen unit is so effective, it reduces waste volume by up to 80%, which means cost-savings on storage and disposal. In addition, unlike conventional systems, it washes the waste, removes the liquid and compresses the solids into a sanitized, deodorized pulp to help cope with the latest environmental standards.

For more information about this unit, readers must contact Atlantic Environmental at Peel Street, Northam, Southampton, tel:01703 339141.

Magnetic Filter for Viscous Products

Goudsmit Magnetic Systems BV have developed a double-walled magnetic filter to remove metal contamination from products that congeal at ordinary temperatures.

With this unit, warm water can be fed through the hollow space between the double walls of the unit to ensure the product keeps flowing steadily and does not congeal inside the filter.

This whole unit has been designed for use in situations where high levels of hygiene are required.

Goudsmit of PO Box 18, 5580 AA Aalst-Waalre, The Netherlands, fax:04904-17325 assure that this Neoflux unit always retains any metallic contamination it has removed from the product stream because it has been designed to operate under pressures as high as 10bar and the magnetic power of the actual magnet in the unit is 7000 Gauss.

Polti for Effective Cleaning

The many advantages of dry steam cleaning are now available to larger users with their new Turbolina from Polti UK Ltd of ISPO House, Beaverstock Industrial Estate, Redman Road, Calne, Wilts, tel:0249 815511. This powerful machine, with added heat and using twice the pressure of smaller machines, works fast to achieve effortless and total hygiene on walls, floors, ceilings and equipment. It effectively removes all grease and dirt, and eliminates bacteria at the same time.

With just one fill from the normal tap, the machine takes in sufficient water to allow steam cleaning for up to 2 hours. Operating at a pressure of 6bar and temperatures up to 158 [degrees] C, the Polti machine is entirely safe to use with its enclosed container and a cap which cannot be unscrewed whilst any pressure remains in the system, they assure us.

Not only is the Turbolina designed to achieve good cleaning results, it also restores the original shine as well as leaving surfaces dry within seconds. Dry steam also leaves the surfaces free from residue, film or deposit.

3M Sorbents Clean Up Spills

3M Maintenance Sorbents provide an hygienic and convenient way of containing and cleaning up drips and spillages of non aggressive liquids in processing plants. They quickly absorb leaks or spillages to prevent the fluids from becoming a slippery hazard to plant operatives or contaminating products.

Maintenance Sorbents overcome the problems of mess, low absorbency and high labour cost often associated with traditional clay granules, and there is no risk of stray granules contaminating the product or getting into machinery, they tell us.

Made from micro bundle technology, which contains millions of tiny pockets, these 3M products absorb most types of fluid swiftly and efficiently.

These absorbent products come in a variety of formats -- pads, pillows, mini-booms or wide rolls to be cut to form large flat mats of any size. There is also the Multi-format Maintenance Sorbent that can be adapted to a variety of shapes but such detail can be discussed with 3M Speciality Tapes and Adhesives of 3M House, PO Box 1, Bracknell, Berks, tel:0344 858000.

Wolff Cooking/Cooling Station from Planet

Planet Flowline Ltd, the sole representatives for the Wolff range of cooking and processing, can now offer an integral cooking/cooling work station for batch production of the sauce type products with and without particulates.

This free-standing system can be supplied in a range of sizes to suit production requirements. The central cooking unit is a hemispherical, insulated jacketed vessel, complete with a variable speed, wall-scraping agitating system. It can be supplied for atmospheric or pressure/vacuum working and be fitted with a flush-mounted direct steam injection system.

There is a wide range of ancillary equipment available, including an in-line homogenizer, ingredient addition tanks, a positive displacement pump or integral cooling, etc. This equipment is operated by a central PLC control panel, that can include a chart recorder and recipe management system, say Planet of Station Road, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs, tel:0778 393888.

AccuScan and Topview Linked

Process control sensing as well as quality control monitoring are both now possible with AccuScan, Key Technology's on-line colour scanner.

To be featured at IEFP, the Accuscan monitors quality process trends and sends information to Topview or to other up or downstream processing equipment.

The linkage between AccuScan and Topview is the latest step in the process of control automation from Key. As products move along a production line, the on-line AccuScan monitors such product variables as colour, length, width, area, perimeter and shape, via a special colour scanner. This data is then used by the company's colour processing software to prepare the appropriate analytical information.

Topview itself is new. This high speed stainless steel sorting system scans product in mid air as it is launched from a belt conveyor at speeds of more than 500ft a minute.

It seems that this piece of equipment provides a more economical high speed sorting system. This stainless steel unit incorporates a high speed sorting system, which uses high speed video processing, full colour touch-screen control and wet and handling options.

Key of 150 Avery, Walla Walla, Washington 99362-1668 fax:(509)529 tell us their Top View incorporates most of the features that are incorporated in their original units.

Tintometer's new FAC Colour Comparator

A 3-field colour comparator, the Lovibond 34300, has been brought out by The Tintometer Ltd of Waterloo Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, tel:0722 327242. This new unit allows the visual colour grading of specific liquids or translucent solids, using two colour standard discs simultaneously.

They tell us this instrument is particularly suitable for the visual colour assessment of animal fats using discs calibrated to the FAC Colour Scale. The instrument has been designed to meet the requirements of the Fats Analysis Committee of the American Oil Chemists' Society. The colour discs contain glass standards that are guaranteed not to fade or deteriorate with time.

The Lovibond 3000 comprises a standardized lighting cabinet featuring a switchable dual voltage power supply selector, a prism unit and a disc assembly unit. It has been designed for viewing two discs of permanent colour standards on either side of the sample, and a adaptable sample chamber allows it to be used with both sample tubes and cells.

The actual discs are supplied in pairs, clearly marked to ensure correct insertion in either the right or lefthand slots in the unit. Independent controls then allow the discs to be rotated individually and sequentially into the field of view until the best colour match is achieved. A direct measurement may then be read off from the top of the disc offering the best colour match or interpolated from the readings from each disc if the colour match lies between adjacent standards.

Safety System for Industrial Mixers

A safety system designed to ensure the correct operation of industrial mixers is now available from Castell Safety International Ltd of Kingsbury Works, Kingsbury Road, London NW9, tel:081-200 1200.

Based on trapped key interlocking, this safety system protects operators and maintenance workers from injury caused by rotating blades, explosion or accidental release of raw material into the mixing chamber whilst maintenance is being carried out.

Further hazards are presented by the mixer's hydraulic and pneumatic rams, pistons and arms. If these components are not purged of compressed air before personnel enter, they can still operate hydraulically. In addition, air accumulating in the vessel could result in an explosion.

Castell's system uses trapped key interlocks to impose a set, safe sequence which must be followed before access can be gained to the mixer.

Hygienic Conveyor Drivers

Power Moller is an innovation in conveyor drive technology that has been introduced into UK by Itoh Denki.

This powered roller incorporates motor and gearbox in the actual roller itself, so eliminating any need for external motors or transmission components. It also eliminates many potential food traps that could harbour bacteria.

The IP 65 rated construction of these units, allied to the use of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, makes these units most suitable for use in harsh environments. Clever design of the motor allows it to operate without the need for an oil bath as it avoids the overhearing problems associated with more conventional drive systems.

Readers wanting more information should contact Itoh at Units 3 to 6 Station Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, tel:0274 599960.

Protimeter's Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

Protimeter Plc of Meter House, Marlow, Bucks, tel:0628 472722 have introduced a new panel mounting chilled mirror hygrometer that is suitable for a wide range of dewpoint and humidity applications.

The DP989-P utilizes their patented cycling chilled mirror technique of dew formation and detection, that provides high resistance to drift and mirror contamination, which leads to significantly lower maintenance costs, they tell us.

The DP989-P comprises an instrument control unit and LCD display housed in a standard DIN 96 by 192mm enclosure. The large easily read characters show dewpoint temperature, ambient temperature, relative humidity and g/kg.

This hygrometer offers dewpoint ranges from +60 [degrees] to -40 [degrees] C, with typical accuracies of 0.2 [degrees] C and relative humidity measurement from 2 to 100%, with typical accuracies of 1%.

Cleaner Offers Improvement in Hygiene

In bakeries, confectionery and other production plants it is quite often difficult to mechanically clean right up to the edge of the working area. However, floor cleaning by mechanical means that offers the potential for high standards of hygiene.

The leading British scrubber/dryer manufacturer, Walter-Broadley Machines Ltd, has recently developed a cleaner called the Sidewinder that can scrub and dry right up to the edges. This machine can simply move its brushes up to 6in. sideways at the press of a button, which does away with the manual chore of scrubbing by hand.

The Challenger Sidewinder had been designed for the efficient cleaning of hard floors, including concrete, terrazzo, vinyl, wood and linoleum, using two brushes which are available in two sizes - 22in. for the 550 model and 26in. for the 639 model. In use, the brushes follow the contours of the floor and scrubbing pressure is adjustable up to 75lb.

Walter-Broadley of Gladstone Road, Northampton, tel:0604 583191 tell us the machine operator can easily change-over from scrubbing to polishing in less than a minute, if required.

Model 550 has a theoretical cleaning time of 1500sq m an hour and the larger unit more like 1730sq m. Tank capacities for both are 70 litres for the clean solution and 75 for the recovery tank. The units' 36 volt batteries will provide 3 to 4 hours scrubbing and drying time, they tell us.

Agroselector from Simon Hare

A new system is being introduced into the UK by Simon Hare Associates of 43 Broad Lane, Moulton, Spalding, Lincs, tel:0406 370677.

The Agroselector has been used successfully on the continent of Europe for several years, working with both peeled and unpeeled potatoes.

As well as being less expensive than belt or roller sorters, it is more accurate, we are assured. Its 360 vision of the product means it gives sorting accuracies consistently above 95%, with a minimum defect size of 1sq mm.

The capacity of such a unit is between 2.5 and 5 tonnes per hour on the average.

Jungheinrich's Innovation Launched at Hanover

Of all the free path materials handling equipment, narrow aisle stackers offer the best space utilisation inside the racks, due to their small working width requirements. However, till now this advantage has been considerably offset by the relatively high purchase cost of such trucks, which has meant that many companies have had to use their normal reach trucks.

The product and cost gap between these two truck styles has now been narrowed by the introduction of Jungheinrich's ETX 100 SP narrow aisle stacker, which was launched at the Hanover Fair. As an indication of the costs, the price of the ETX 100 SP is approximately 25% less than that of a conventional ETX narrow aisle stacker and only about 20% more than the list price of one of their reach trucks equipped with sideshift.

The basis for this three-way ETX with swivelling sideshift is their established reach truck. The principle behind the ETX has been the load section equipped with swivelling forks. Now a swivelling sideshift has been specially developed for the ETX 100 SP, where the basic position of the forks is crosswise to the truck and the load is deposited on to or retrieved from the racking via the sideshift to the left or right.

With a capacity of 1000kg, the ETX 100 SP has a lift height of 6600mm and travel speed with a load is 8.2kmph. All movements are controlled by a multi-function lever but the complete details should be discussed with Jungheinrich (GB) Ltd of Southmoor Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23, tel:061-998 7919.

Bernstein Proximity Sensors with Analogue Output

Analogue output is provided from a range of photo-electric and inductive proximity sensors now available from Bernstein Coliprox. They are designed for use in applications varying from liquid and powder level detection to full container detection on conveyors.

They can also be used for sensing the presence of components on a conveyor or of products being stacked. With solid state circuitry and absence of hysteresis, Bernstein Senso-Plus analogue sensors provide precise sensing with repeatability, say BC of 29 Ennerdale Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, tel:0743 231364.

The Rota Jam Process

A L A a/s of 36 Rugvaenget, DK-2630 Taastrup, Denmark, fax:+45 43 71 81 88 have designed the Rota Jam process line for the efficient and gentle thawing, cooking and chilling of products like jam, marmalade, ketchup, mustard and preserves.

They tell us this equipment is particularly efficient for aseptic production, as in the dairy industry where thawing, mixing, cooking and chilling may be performed in one sterile unit.

Customers' experience with the Rota Jam indicates that loss of fruit and juice can be reduced by up to 10% when loading IQF or chopped frozen fruit directly into the cooker; no prethawing is necessary. During the cooking process, sugar, pectin and additives can be added through the inlet suction valve on the vacuum cycle.

The unit's horizontal rotating coil enhances the high thermal efficiency as maximum steam heat is transferred to the coil. Surface temperature of the coil can be controlled within the range from 50 [degrees] to 150 [degrees] C but such detail is best discussed with the makers.

Ride-On Sweeper

Clarke Floor Equipment (Europe) Ltd have developed a battery-powered ride-on sweeper that is as compact as a slower walk-behind model, yet is capable of sweeping nearly 80,000sq ft an hour of tiles, ashphalt, cement, woodblock, carpet and even artificial turf!

Able to turn through 360 in less than 6ft of space, Model 114RS is manufactured by Clarke of Europa Building, Chorley North Industrial Park, Chorley, Lancs, tel:0257 264733 to exceed the ISO 9002 quality standard. It is fitted with dual side brooms which, in conjunction with the main 27in. broom, provide a 45in. wide sweeping path.

In operation, the side brooms throw dust and debris into the path of the main broom, which overthrows the rubbish directly into 85 litre stainless steel hopper fitted with transport wheels for ease of handling and dumping.

Dust is kept to a minimum, they say, by means of the 40sq ft of filter area, and this cleanable 1 micron filter is designed to operate at 99.6% efficiency, with an electric shaker fitted as standard.

Mateer-Burt Developments

At the PMMI Pack Expo, being held this month in Chicago, Mateer-Burt Inc will have on display their Model 1800 stepper motor-controlled auger filler. This unit can be used for filling either free-flowing or non free-flowing powders, liquids, creams or pastes at speeds up to 150 fills a minute. It incorporates an easily programmable microcomputer for simple push button set-up. They tell us this filler can have its gravimetric out-put fill changed in less than a minute and be changed over from a liquid to a powder filling capability in under 15 minutes.

At the same show they are also introducing their Model 1000M, which is a metric unit that has similar characteristics to the Model 1800.

They have also developed an outsert applicator based on the microprocessor-controlled ILU labelling unit. This is for use in labelling applications which require a folded leaflet to be adhered to the pack or container.

The fullest information about these units can be obtained by contacting the company at 434 Devon Park Drive, Wayne, PA 19087, USA, fax:(610) 341 9345.

Bartleet Agents for Executive

Norman Bartleet Ltd tell us they have just been appointed as agents for the Northern Italian company Executive sr1.

As some readers may know, Executive manufacture a full range of production machinery for the sugar confectionery industry.

Toffee and chewy candy are amongst the products handled on their equipment, as are all classes of chewing, bubble and soft gum.

In addition to the mixing, conditioning and extrusion plants for the softer products, they also make forming machines for high boiled goods. Their Duetto forming machine offers both the standard rotary die method and chain system within the same machine but such detail should be discussed with Bartleets of Lion House, Petersfield Avenue, Slough, Berks, tel:0753 822171.

Flux Unit Mixes Whilst it Pumps

The recently upgraded F426 mixing pump tubeset from Flux Pumps International (UK) Ltd provides agitation of a liquid, which can be combined with a pumping action. For maximum flexibility this unit can easily be switched between pumping and mixing modes.

The pumps consists of two concentric tubes, each having a series of holes in it. These tubes are fitted with handles to allow them to be rotated independently of each other. Thus, by rotating the tubes, the holes may be aligned to give maximum mixing or fully closed to give maximum pumping. Quite obviously any intermediate setting allows simultaneous pumping and mixing but the effect can be fully discussed with the company at 12 Enterprise Park, Blackmoor Road, Verwood, Wimborne, Dorset, tel:0202 823304.

Safeline Display at PackExpo

Safeline Metal Detection Inc of 6005 Benjamin Road, Tampa, Fl 33634, USA, fax:(813) 881 0840 were displaying a new range of metal detectors with performance Validation Routine at the recent PMMI Pack Expo exhibition. This routine has been designed to help processors conform to the increasingly stringent requirements of Vendor Certification Programs and changing quality standards demanded by ISO 9000.

Quality assurance personnel may program the detector to indicate how frequently manual testing is required and an output is automatically given, calling for a 'performance check'. If the check is not made within a predetermined time, a secondary output may be given, which sounds an alarm or even stops the production line if the check is not made within a predetermined time. Successful completion of the test returns the detector to the normal operating mode.

Private access numbers can be allocated to ensure only authorized individuals may test the unit at specified times.

New Fillers from Union Food Machinery

Union Food Machinery and Equipment Ltd, UK agents for the Inotec range of equipment, are currently introducing a new series of filling machines.

These machines have been designed to fill 'chunk in gravy' and 'particulate in sauce' type products and use the bottom-up fill principle at constant pressure. They are available in single, four, ten, twenty and forty head versions and can be fed either by means of a pump and compensator system or by gravity. Inotec can also supply an in-line system for handling the chunk system with gravy feed.

Union of 20 Faraday Court, Park Farm, Wellingborough, Northants, tel:0933 676187 have also been appointed as the sole agents for the Steritech range of sterilizers. These offer PC control running with a specially developed software package, which ensures accurate heat distribution and controlled cooling of all products. They tell us this Steritech range is suitable for cans, jars and flexible pouches.

Two new RF Units from Proctor and Schwartz

At the IEFP show Proctor and Schwartz Inc of 251 Gibraltar Road, Horsham, PE 19044, USA, tel:(215) 443-5200 were demonstrating two new RF units -- one for continuous processing and one for baking.

Their Magna-Tube tubular RF processing unit is now available as a 25kW all-stainless steel portable unit, and they also had on display a small conveyorized RF test oven, developed by Proctor Strayfield, which simulates the capabilities of Proctor's full size Magna-Bake ovens.

The 25kW Magna-Tube unit has a capacity of between 600 and 1000lb of product per hour. It is microprocessor-controlled and can withstand a full washdown.
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