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ready-meals, they now offer a bolognese dish with pasta spirals. New additions to their traditional range include Fisherman's pie and Cottage pie; these are the first potato-topped meals to appear in the range.

Brannigans Redesigned Pecks

KP Foods have redesigned the packaging for their Brannigans crisp and beer nut range of snack foods, with Lawson Mardon Flexible of Midsomer Norton remaining as sole packaging supplier.

The aim of this redesign has been to enhance sales by attracting consumers' attention to the brand. To achieve this, the background colour has been CA.VE.CO Spreader From Planet Flowline

Planet Flowline Ltd, the sole representative for the CA.VE.CO tray sealing equipment in the UK, tell us they can now offer manufacturers a spreader that is suitable for the application of tomato puree on round pizzas or sandwich filling on square bases.

This free-standing machine, on castors, is designed to fit over existing conveyors. On receipt of the appropriate signal, it will evenly spread products in either a rotary manner for an indexing conveyor or in-line for a continuous conveyor.

Products is gravity fed from a hopper by an impeller pump, which feeds the spreading nozzle. There is a non return valve within the system to ensure no drips. Product weight is altered by varying the speed of the pump, and thickness and width by changing the nozzle.

The entire machine is manufactured from stainless steel or food quality materials and can be provided with ancillary equipment, like a heated hopper, stirrer, level probes, etc, say Planet of Station Road, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs, tel:0778 393888.

New Depositors for Difficult Products

Hema Technologies SA have announced the launch of a semi automatic MPFM depositor that has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the ready-meal industry for a small flexible machine which can deposit products like pasta and rice.

The MPFM depositor - the initials stand for Multi-Purpose Filler-Manual, is designed to process a multitude of foods varying from free-flowing products, like macaroni, IQF vegetables and rice, to the more difficult products, like tagliatelli, spaghetti and large dimensioned vegetables such as broccoli and stir-fry combinations. This system requires an operator to feed the depositing head and speeds up to 60 cpm can be achieved with high accuracy and minimal product damage, we are assured. With change-parts, the MPFM can deposit volumes from 45 to 870cc and there is also a shuttle head option available to fill two lanes simultaneously.

This unit can be used to fill into all sizes and shapes of container, from compartmented meal trays to round glass jars, say the UK agents, F Jahn & Co Ltd of Burgoiyne Quay; 8 Lower Teddington Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey; tel:081-977 8822.

New Generation of Filled Pillow Snacks

APV is bringing its expertise in snack foods, breakfast cereals and candy forming together to produce a new generation of filled pillow shapes which will open new opportunities for snack food manufacturers.

There are now many popular filled pillow products on the supermarket shelves throughout the world and APV is currently developing techniques to greatly broaden the range of products and shapes it is possible to produce. Utilizing candy-forming technology; APV has been able to produce such shapes as monkey nut, cashew nut, pear and tablet-shaped.

Co-extrusion technology is expected to make possible even more complex shapes over the coming months.

A good example of what can be achieved is a meringue-filled pillow product, which uses extrusion technology and APV's microwave system. The meringue is premixed in a Mondomix Howden premixer and held in a vessel with 200 litre an hour capacity. It is then aerated to a density of 0.3 to 0.4SG, giving a light fine texture. The meringue is pumped through the centre filling nozzles of co-extrusion die and encased in a wheat-based outer. Product is then crimped, using a conventional pillow crimper and then passed through a 60kW microwave dry fryer.

Vikan's new Scraper

Removing ground-in debris that has been trodden into floor surfaces is always a problem where high standards of hygiene have to be maintained.

To help solve this problem, Vikan have brought out a specially designed scraper. Most scrapers are rectangular, which means that a strip of dirt is usually left next to walls and corners but the Vikan scraper is flared and can therefore get into corners and right up to walls.

One of the reasons this new scraper is more effective is that a high grade of stainless steel is used. This provides just the right amount of strength and springiness, say the company of Cotterhill Farm, Bug Hill, Woldingham, Surrey, tel:0883 652598.

All-Stainless Sensor Housing

Thermocouple Instruments Ltd have begun marketing a new 316 stainless steel connecting head for their range of thermocouples and resistance temperature sensors.

Their SMSS head mounts directly on to their stainless thermowells and accepts industry standard spring-loaded sensor assemblies on 33mm centres. Space is provided for integral electronic transmitters, such as their TR55 programmable series of instruments.

An optional extended lid accepts dual transmitters and conversion kits are available for wall or pipe-mounting.

The rugged cast SMSS head is sealed to IP 68 standard and has a captive lid with internal or external retention chain and optional dual cable entries, the company, of Pentwyn Road, Pentywn, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, tel:0222 734121, tell us.

New Insect Killer

Berson's range of insect electrocutors has now been extended to include the Insectron 2000.

Designed around their insect attracting ultraviolet lamps, this unit has a completely new external design and shutters for controlling the amount of UV light emitted. Thus, during the night and through the winter, when insects do not cause such a problem, the shutters can be closed to switch off the UV lamps and render the units as unobtrusive as possible.

Effective in areas up to 100sq m, the Insectron 2000 attracts insects on to an electrified grid with UV-A light emitted from two 11W UV lamps. Once lured to the unit, insects are killed by a 3300 volt discharge from the grid and fall neatly into an easily removed tray.

As readers may know, in the UK, Berson's Insectron range is distributed by Campbell Environmental Services of Forest Hills Estate, Talbot Green, Mid Glamorgan, tel:0443 224652.

Disposal of Solid By-Products

Landfill sites are usually viewed as the first option for the disposal of solid by-products but new legislation and increasing environmental pressure on the use of such sites is making companies search for alternatives.

The cost of disposal is an important consideration and the indications are that the cost of disposal into landfill sites is set to double in the next five years.

One company well aware of the problem is Transorganics Ltd. Already they are able to recycle organic liquids, sludges and slurries to agricultural land but now they have developed a system for recycling suitable solid by-products to such land.

In the main, by-products arising from effluent treatment in the food and related industries are recycled to land for their fertilizing properties but many soil types also benefit from the application of materials that are high in organic matter.

Transorganics of Lotherton Way, Garforth, Leeds, tel:0532 872722 are now offering a complete waste management service, from analysis of the waste to ensure suitability, collection in specially designed vehicles, spreading machinery that has been engineered to achieve rigorous accuracy of distribution and reports to the farmer and producer or manufacturer.

New 2in. Hygienic Pump

Blagdon Pumps, now part of The Harrison Group Ltd, have developed a 2in. air-driven double diaphragm pump with wetted and non wetted parts in polished stainless steel. It can be specified with food quality EPDM ball valves, seats and diaphragms or with stainless steel ball valves and seats or PTFE ball valves and diaphragms.

CIP design and quick-release diaphragm and cross pipe clamps allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

This pump has a maximum delivery rate of 476 litres a minute and will handle particle sizes up to 10mm. It offers a suction lift of up to 6.1m dry or 7.6m wet and can be run dry without damage. In addition to normal fluids, this pump can also handle viscous and heavy liquids, like cake mixes, mincemeats and dairy produce.

The inlet and outlet manifolds can be arranged for either side, or in-line porting operation, simply by turning them through 180.

Readers needing more technical detail should contact Harrisons at Lambert Road, Armstrong, Washington, Tyne and Wear, tel:091-417 7475.

Gentle In-Line Powder FIller

An in-line powder filling machine that brings the product handling and clean-down advantages of gravity or vacuum feed operation into medium speed machinery for the first time has been announced by GEI Filling Capping and Labelling Ltd of Henwood Estate, Hythe Road, Ashford, Kent, tel:0233 629161.

Their new Albro Delta filler operates at speeds up to 80 containers a minute. Up till now, medium speed fillers for powders, granules or agglomerates have relied on auger dosing systems, whereas the Delta employs a choice of either the vacuum level-filling heads used on high speed rotary powder fillers or a gravity-fed weigh-fill head in which product flow is controlled simply by air pressure.

The choice as to which is used depends on the product flow characteristics, say the makers. In both types of head there are no rotating parts or scrapers in contact with the product, removing the risk of breaking down fragile powders and presenting a smooth flow path for easy clean-down.

Accuracy is typically 0.01% give-away when operating in average weight mode, they tell us. The Delta is available as either a two or four-head machine and is arranged on a stepped-in-line basis to achieve maximum speed. Infeed and outfeed conveyors are set parallel to the filling heads, allowing two or four containers to be moved sideways into position simultaneously, so minimizing delay as containers arrive on a multi-head in-line filling system.

Container size ranges that can be accommodated are either 40 to 110mm in diameter or 100 to 200mm. For free-flowing powders, the unit is equipped with Albro Beta-Fill heads in which a porous plastics nozzle is employed to allow product flow to be regulated and shut-off by varying air pressure. While product is being filled, to a weight controlled by the loadcell, positive air pressure applied through the porous nozzle fluidizes the powder for rapid bulk flow. When 90% of the fill has been completed, the air pressure returns to atmospheric level, reducing the flow rate for final accuracy.

More Rigal Shearhead Mixers

Rigal Chemical and Process Plant Ltd of 101 Leagrave Road, Luton, Beds, tel:0582 505266 tell us they have increased their range of shearhead mixers.

Their new models now have drives rated at 11, 18.5 and 11kW. These can be fitted to a larger head, which is now available, and the units can be supplied either for flange mounting or hook suspension.

On their existing range of mixers they can now supply a slotted shearhead in place of the general purpose unit but the fullest details are available from the company.

Jungheinrich's Latest Order Picker

Order picking is a manual as well as a pedestrian operation. Although the time taken to move from one location to the next in picking cycles remains high, this does not necessarily have to be undertaken on foot. The use of modern warehousing systems both simplifies order picking procedures and reduces costs.

Jungheinrich's new EJE KmS 16 horizontal order picker has been designed to suit small warehouses where space is restricted, distances are short, turnround is low and the operations are mainly concerned with single shift working and where most orders are picked from the first storage level.

This truck is only 690mm wide and has a 1120mm drive unit/platform section; it features an enclosed and rounded chassis. A convenient stand-on platform brings the operator nearer the goods and makes work both easier and safer. The 160mm wide forks are intentionally narrow to facilitate picking up pallets and roll containers.

With a rated capacity of 1600kg, the EJE KMS's powerful 1.3kW series wound motor ensures a high load capacity; unloaded travel speed is 9.5km per hour and 7km an hour when loaded. The truck is steered by a safety handle which can be moved through 90 to both sides. A rounded multi-function head houses the touch keys that operate travelling, lifting/lowering functions and the horn.

Readers wanting more information can contact Jungheinrich (GB) Ltd at Southmoor Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23, tel:061-998 7919.

Weston-White Relocates

Weston-White Packaging, the makers of vertical form fill seal sachet and bag-making equipment have relocated to Brighton.

This division of Howden Packaging Equipment Ltd can now be contacted at Hollingbury Industrial Estate, Crowhurst Road, Brighton, East Sussex, tel:0273 563376. The new premises offer space for expansion and increased manufacturing capacity.

Konig's Wide Weight Range Roll Plant

The latest innovation from Konig of Austria is an 8-pocket fully automatic divider rounder with a greatly expanded weight range - from 28 to 142g.

This unrestricted 1 to 5oz weight range is, in itself, a significant development in bakery machinery technology. However, coupled with its ability to stroke at 50 a minute, irrespective of product weight, this new piece of equipment offers new production opportunities for bakeries looking for the total flexibility of a quality product without jeopardizing the output potential of 24,000 an hour.

In the UK, European Process Plant Ltd of EPP House, Kiln Lane, Epsom, Surrey, tel:0372 745558 are responsible for marketing the full range of Konig equipment and the fullest information can be obtained from them.

Scanvaegt's ScanGrader

Scanvaegt GB Ltd of Lancaster House, Grange Business Park, Enderby, Whetstone, Leicester, tel:0533 786858 have launched their ScanGrader 7100 range.

New weighbelt technology and enhanced software now enables the graders to weigh and batch more than 240 items a minute and a space-saving configuration for companies with limited space is also available.

The makers have ensured that the 7100 incorporates user-friendly set-up and programming. All their programs can be adjusted on-line, making it possible to disable a channel or change the weighing rates at any time. Information for up to 25 different product types can be stored and accessed via a simple menu system.

An optional feature of the ScanGrader 7100 is the Scanvaegt Image System that identifies different product types before they are graded. This allows plants with a frequent change of product to grade output without initial sorting. The use of 14 different identification parameters provides a high degree of accuracy.

Sortex Select Rexroth

Sotrex Ltd of Bow have recently developed a new automatic sorting machine for extracting defective product from chopped tomatoes.

Their equipment detects colour variances in the product and extracts any impurity prior to packaging. When the tomato season is in progress such machines have to operate continuously round-the-clock.

To meet these criteria, Sortex required pneumatic equipment that was reliable and would operate with an unlubricated air supply, and they selected the Mecman range of equipment from Mannesman Rexroth Pneumatics Ltd of Milton Keynes.

Our illustration shows 32 cylinders from the Series 132 range fitted to the extraction system on the sorter. These cylinders have stainless steel barrels and pistons as standard; they also have acetyl plastics end covers and are mounted on this machine with steel mountings. Each cylinder is operated by a double-acting 5-port solenoid valve that comes from the Rexroth Mecman 581 Series.

One of the features of this valve is the ability to fit the flow controls into the valve body and gain access to them from the top, which allows them to be assembled on manifolds in enclosures and yet still provides access to flow control adjustment.

'Plastics in Food'

Regulations concerning plastics materials in contact with food, that came into force at the beginning of 1993, lay down specific migration limits for the transfer of plastics constituents into foodstuffs.

Food packaging is the most obvious area of concern and has received much attention. However, is it widely appreciated that these same regulations also extend to process plant? This could prove expensive as the regulations are backed by the provisions of the 1990 Food Safety Act.

Security in the area of process belting is available from belt manufacturers Charles Walker & Co Ltd of Bingley. Their Betalon range of coated conveyor belting has been independently tested against the criteria laid down and is in full compliance with the regulations; and they tell us they are unaware of any other food process belting company that offers this security. In addition, the qualities of their Betalon polyurethane have also proved significant in reducing the risks of contamination from bacterial growth and belt edge fray.

New Weigher from Stevens

Stevens Advanced Weighing Systems Ltd have extended their range of precision table balances by in introducing a new model, the LF24.

This unit has a capacity of 24kg, with an accuracy of 2g. A large stainless steel weighpan and rigid die-cast housing. Its built-in features include a checkweighing facility with under/over alarm and percentage calculation for mixing ingredients but Stevens of Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road, Dunmow, Essex, tel:0371 876224 have all the details.

Honeywell's SCM 3000 Smart

Mass Flowmeter

Honeywell Control Systems Ltd have launched the SCM 3000 Smart Coriolis Mass Flowmeter with digital integration for simultaneous and accurate measurement of mass flow rate, density, percentage solids and temperature - all via a single two-wire connection and from a single piping intrusion.

They tell us the SCM 3000 is the first multi-variable device of its type that can be digitally integrated with a control system. This is the newest member of their Smartline family of field instruments and it communicates digitally with their TDC 3000x industrial automation system for maximum performance and productivity.

The SCM 3000 is a joint development between Honeywell and E and H Flowtec, a producer of mass flowmeters, based in Switzerland; it combines Honeywell's digital communication system with E and H Flowtec's sensor technology.

The mass to be measured passes through two straight-through parallel tubes that are vibrated at a resonant frequency. Mass is measured by phase shift of induced vibration and density is measured by the resonant frequency. An independent measurement of fluid temperature, up to 150 C, is also taken.

We are assured the straight-through tube design and the high resonant frequency used, over 600Hz, allow compact installation, self-draining and immunity against normal plant vibrations. The SCM is insensitive to flow profile and so does not require straight pipe lengths either upstream or downstream.

The flowmeter itself comprises a pipe-mounted sensor and a transmitter that may be up to 1000m distant, say Honeywell who are located at Honeywell House, Bracknell, Berks, tel:0344 826000.

Laporte'e Pan-European

Product Range

Laporte ESD Ltd have launched a new pan-European product range. The internal acquisition programme pursued by Laporte throughout the last few years has resulted in a single company operating throughout Europe, supplying products and hygiene management services to the food and beverage industries.

Their new European product range has been created by incorporating the best from each of the former separate ranges. It utilizes the latest technology and is designed to meet the legislative safety and environmental requirements that are coming into being across Europe.

The new pan-European brand name being use for all their products is Kleencare but interested readers wanting more information should contact the company at Duke Avenue, Stanley Green, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Cheshire, tel:061-485 6166.

DSC Analyzers

Data Specifics Corp have developed a range of analytical systems for testing meat and dairy products.

These DSC analyzers - Instalab 600, Meat Scan, Data Scan and Dairy Scan provide rapid results, and the fast-analyzing 1000 Series use an internal microprocessor to control instrument operations; it is addressed using a light pen on a colour screen and the information can be collected and displayed using a choice of statistical programs.

For instance, their Dairy Scan unit can be used to assay solids and fluids without dilution at speeds up to 150 samples an hour. These units use a system of 10mm band pass filters to provide coverage across the NIR spectrum. They use extra large diameter filters to allow greatly increased light throughput, which gives these units unmatched signal to noise ratio but such detail should be discussed with them at 2100 East Moffat Avenue, Springfield, Il 62702, USA, fax:(217) 789-2757.

Farleygreene's Slimline Sieve

The existing range of Sievemaster sieving machines, made by Farleygreene Ltd, has recently been increased to include a new low profile high performance unit.

Designated as their Sievemaster Slimline 550, this machine has an overall height of only 340mm and will often fit into the space where a conventional sieve would be considered too large. Manufactured in all-stainless steel, this unit is thus particularly useful where high standards of hygiene are required.

Their Slimline 550 is also incorporated into the sack tip/sieving units that are now available from the company of Molesey Business Centre, Central Avenue, West Molesey, Surrey, tel:081-941 9155.

This arrangement overcomes the inherent dust problems created when dispensing bagged ingredients into a process. Comprising the Slimline 550 unit mounted within a frame, a dust hood, primary filter, griddle prebreaker and a magnetic separator, to collect any ferrous contamination, this compact unit can be coupled directly to a pneumatic or mechanical conveying system or be located next to a mixer, as required.

Tintometer's F A C Colour Comparator

A 3-field colour comparator, the Lovibond 3000, has been brought out by The Tintometer Ltd. This unit allows the visual colour grading of specific liquids or transparent solids, using two colour standard discs simultaneously.

This instrument is very suitable for the visual colour assessment of animal fats, using discs calibrated to the F A C Colour Scale. It has been designed to meet the requirements of the Fats Analysis Committee of the American Oil Chemists' Society. The colour discs used contain glass standards that are guaranteed not to fade with time, we are assured.

The Lovibond 3000 comprises a standardized lighting cabinet, a prism unit and disc assembly unit. It is designed for viewing two discs of permanent colour standards on either side of the sample. Independent controls allow the discs to be rotated individually and sequentially into the field of view.

Measurements are made by viewing the 3 fields and rotating the discs alternately until the best colour match to the sample is obtained say Tintometer of The Colour Laboratory, Waterloo Road, Salisbury, Wilts, tel:0722 327242.

Bagflow Plus from Entecon

Provision for emptying of FIBCs of up to 2 tonnes capacity and for the manual tipping of conventional bags is combined in the new Bagflow Plus unit from Entecon Ltd of London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey, tel:0276 324436.

Another new Bag flow option is a massaging system for use either in place or in addition to vibration, to aid FIBC discharge.

On the Bagflow Plus a double-acting knife controls discharge of material from the big bag into a rectangular chamber beneath the IBC support cone. Its two access doors are interlocked for safety so that when either is open, the knife valve is automatically isolated. The smaller door allows access for IBC opening, whilst the larger one, which can be held open by gas struts, swings up to accommodate the manual tipping of bags. A dust take-off connection is incorporated in the base of the chamber.

Their massaging aid comprises pneumatically operated push shoes that are adjustable for height, pressure, sequence and frequency of operation, to suit the application.

Rexodan Laundry Products

Processors who have installed in-house laundries can now utilize laundry products specially developed for the market by Rexodan International Ltd of PO Box 24, Tanhouse Lane, Widnes, Cheshire, tel:051-420 1149.

The products concerned are their Enzyme 40 synthetic detergent powder, Rexosol Plus degreaser and Rexstat NP, a biocidal deodoriser for the final rinse.

They tell us that Enzyme 40 rapidly breaks down blood, milk and stains and is equally effective when used cottons or synthetic fibres. It is most effective when used at a wash temperature of 60 C and the product is supplied in 25kg polypropylene sacks.

Their Rexosol material has been specially formulated to emulsify and remove heavy oil and grease soiling from synthetic fabrics, and the Rexstat prevents the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and a wide range of fungi and yeasts.

Koppens Teflon Belt Grill

The newly launched Koppens teflon belt grill will help to satisfy the increasing demand for low fat convenience foods.

This new unit can handle products like chicken pieces, patties, strips and bites, steak, pork fillet, bacon, pancakes or toast. It gives the products the home-cooked look, with a fried golden crust.

In this machine a direct heat transfer system is used and a tensioning and steering system ensures the belt is kept in the optimum position during cooking.

A continuous cleaning system is also fitted in the machine the makers, Tetra Laval Food Koppens BV of PO Box 1, 5760 AA Bakel, The Netherlands, fax:+31 4924 2985, tell us.

New Hall Compressor

A new screw compressor-based package range from APV will challenge the traditional use of piston compressors in the commercial and light industrial market.

Hall Commercial engineered packages offer the low cost of ownership and reliability advantages associated with single screw compressors at a price level that compares favourably with piston machines, they assure us.

The six models in the package offer the alternatives of open or semi hermetic Hallscrew compressors at swept volumes of 123, 155 or 215 cu m a minute, so they will suit small cold stores, food plants and air conditioning systems.

APV Baker Ltd of 6 Prospect Place, Dartford, Kent, tel:0322 223456, who manufacture this equipment offer a comprehensive range of accessories to suit any system.

New Agritek Safety Wellingtons

Dunlop Footwear have extended their range of industrial wellingtons with the introduction of the Agritek Safety boot. Suitable for industrial agricultural and food processing applications, this high performance boot has a protective carbon steel toecap. It has also been certified to the new harmonised European Community standard EN 345.

Finished in green, the Agritek is made from an ultra high grade PVC/Nitrile rubber compound which offers a high level of resistance to oils, fats, acids, chemical and animal by-products. It has a smooth profile produced on Dunlop's new ergo last for improved wearer comfort and fit. The easy-to-clean high gloss finish and washable nylon lining help prevent waste materials from becoming trapped and therefore reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

The Hexa-Grip sole pattern provides a balance between the provision of a good grip and the expulsion of waste material, which is driven out through channels in the wall structure, say Dunlop Footwear of Hazeldale Road, Walton, Liverpool, tel:051-525 1691.

Afos' Trolley and Tray Washer

Afos Ltd have developed a rotating trolley and tray washer system, which will accept trolleys measuring up to 1 by 1 by 2mm high.

Their new system employs relatively low pressure cold water, at say 3 bar, combined with an automatically dosed low foam detergent, to eliminate the baking effect of hot water washing. A typical cleaning and rinsing cycle for a trolley can be as low as 13 minutes, with a combined trolley and tray cleaning cycle extending to 20 minutes.

To start the cleaning cycle, a trolley is pushed up a hinged ramp on to a turntable inside the washing cabinet. The ramps are stowed and, with the door closed and locked, the start button pushed to activate the turntable at a preset speed, whilst fixed position sprays, sited vertically and horizontally above and below, drench the trolley and trays from all angles. The resuiting water/detergent mix is collected in a sump, filtered and recycled.

Afos of Manor Estate, Anlaby, Hull, tel:0482 52152 manufacture this machine in 304 grade stainless steel to satisfy all hygiene requirements.

Tetra Laval's Latest Systems

Tetra Laval Food has begun marketing two new systems for the processing and packaging of milk, chocolate and fruit-based products for the dessert market.

The lines concerned are ProDessert, based on the Spiraflo tubular heat exchanger, for processing a variety of value-added desserts, and Alrice, a dedicated system for processing rice pudding and other grain-based products, based on the Contherm scraped surface heat exchanger. In addition, a new module for aeration has been introduced - the Contifoam is a aseptic module for continuous product aeration; it gives desserts a uniform quality and imparts the required density and structure.

This ProDessert system is based on aseptic technology. At the start of production, presterilisation of modules, buffer tanks and the pipelines to the filling system is carried out at 130 C; aseptic valves and barriers are incorporated to prevent equipment recontamination and a CIP system is standard.

The cool premix is first pumped by a variable speed positive pump to one or more Spiraflo tubular heat exchangers for preheating, using heat recovery from the final cooling stage. Product is heated to cooking or sterilization temperature, using hot water or steam as the heating medium. It is then held in an insulated holding cell for the time required to achieve sterilization temperature. Finally, cooled product is pumped to a buffer tank.

Their Alrice system is a completely continuous process in which blending, pumping, heating, cooling and cleaning take place in an entirely closed system. A special feed pump passes the mixture through a Contherm scraped surface heat exchanger, which heats it to about 120 C. After being held in a cell for 20 minutes, the product is cooled to the required filling temperature in a heat exchanger, and the outlet temperature from the cooling section determines the consistency of the end product. A variable speed pump, that controls the capacity of the line, transfers the product to a buffer tank that incorporates an agitator to maintain uniform consistency.

The Contifoam is a completely aseptic system for continuous aeration. During production, barrier steam is applied to prevent re-infection but the fullest details should be discussed with the makers at Stokeley Park, Uxbridge, Middx, tel:0895 868000.

Mitsubishi's new Three-Wheeler

Offering twice the horsepower of almost every rival machine, the new three-wheel electric fork lift truck from Mitsubishi has control system that matches its power output. Equipped with a microcomputer, their FBS range maximizes productivity, minimizes operating costs and uses run-time diagnostics to protect both driver and load - as well as itself - against damage.

The FBS is powered by two drive wheels which are controlled independently via a unique steer angle sensor. This system ensures that both drive wheels are always under power for maximum torque and traction for precise turning in any situation, which avoids potential dangerous jolts that can occur when drive wheels suddenly cut in. The system also ensures that operation is much more certain, especially in applications where floors may be wet, slippery or uneven as well as on gradients.

Because two motors are sharing the workload, each undergoes far less strain and wear, resulting in lower running costs and a longer working life. The machine's electronics have eliminated potentially vulnerable electro-mechanical components to ensure more time in use. Special run-time diagnostics carry out a series of monitoring operations to make sure the truck is not operated in a manner which may harm the driver or the machine itself, say the suppliers, Hamech Ltd of Cufaude Lane, Bramley, Basingstoke, Hants, tel:0256 881444.

Russell Finex Office Move

Russell Finex Ltd have closed their London office and moved down to their factory site at Feltham. Their full address is now Russell House, Browells Avenue, Feltham, Middx, tel:081-818 2000.

Salter's Batching Weigh Bars

Weighing equipment specialists Salter Weigh-Tronix Ltd have introduced a new stainless steel hatching Weigh Bar to complement their existing range.

This unit provides a fully electronic method of weighing loads and is quick and easy to install; it also suits dusty and corrosive atmospheres.

The Weigh Bar is based on a steel bar, fixed at one end, which bends under the weight of an applied load. This bending effect causes an alteration to the electrical current that runs through strain gauges at the top and bottom of the bar, and this change is translated into a weight reading by the indicator.

As well as being tough, accurate and reliable, the Weigh Bar is designed to cancel out the effects of side, end and torsion loads but such detail is best discussed with Salters at George Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, tel:021-553 1855.

Ingersoll-Rand's new Compressors

Six new air compressors at 22 and 30kW supplying 2.5 to 4.3cu m per minute are the latest additions to the Ingersoll-Rand SSR rotary screw range. These combine the higb performance of the SSR design with the benefits of user-friendly control systems.

The Intellisys control panel features a back-lit LCD providing easily understood messages and monitoring data. Complimenting the user-orientated electronic control system is the electrical design of the compressor. Standard features include a Star Delta starter contained within an electrical panel built to IP 65 standard, with IP 54 standard protection for the electric motor and a high degree of operator protection with internal guarding and 48V control voltage.

Those wanting more information should contact the suppliers at PO Box 2, Chorley New Road, Horwich, Bolton, tel:0204 690523.

Jumo's Latest Process

Control System

A new process control system from Jumo Instrument Co Ltd can produce consistent quality in infinitely variable conditions, they tell us.

Their PRF-100 is a freely configurable process control system that combines the functions of a standard process controller with a powerful programmable logic controller and 'fuzzy logic'.

The main difference between the PRF-100 and other products of this type is the ease with which the controller and PLC functions are interlinked. The PRF-100 comprises a PLC and four controllers, which can be configured as single or double set-point, modulating or analogue and cascade controllers. Any number of alarms, virtual channels or other signals can be hung on these up to the maximum of 10 analogue and 36 digital inputs, 8 analogue outputs and up to 60 control outputs, say Jumo of Jumo House, Temple Bank, Riverway, Harlow, Essex, tel:0279 635533.

Air Wash Container Cleaning at Speed

National Instrument Co Inc of 4119 Fordleigh Road, Baltimore, MD 21215, USA, fax:(410) 764-7719 have recently brought out a machine that will clean containers at speeds of more 300 a minute.

Their Model AW-6 Air Wash unit uses air to clean containers. After unscrambling, the containers are fed on to a conveyor and transported to the unit for cleaning. A locator block is lowered over the containers, forming an airtight seal. Nozzles then descend into the container openings and discharge air at high pressure, to dislodge dirt, dust and other particles. This extraneous matter is then held in suspension whilst a vacuum extracts it for depositing into a filtering unit.

For plastics containers an optional air ionizing system can be used to neutralize static electricity on the inner surfaces of the containers, to permit a more thorough cleaning action.

New Auger Filler from Weston-White

Weston-White Packaging have developed an electronically-controlled auger filler for mounting over their range of vertical form fill seal bagging and sachet packing machines.

They tell us this unit offers cost-savings, improved reliability and has a better technical specification. For ease of operation, a digital count system is available from a timer or incremental count to an accuracy of 1/40 of a revolution.

The freedom to adjust the speed of the delivery spindle, together with variable acceleration and deceleration to the single dose provides great accuracy and also protection for delicate products. A rise and fall column ensures accurate placement of the filling tube in the pack. It also allows the head to be rotated through 360 for ease of dismantling and cleaning, and to allow hand filling operations to take place if required.

Readers wanting more information should contact the company at Crowhurst Road, Brighton, East Sussex, tel:0273 563376.

Spiral Conveyor from Record Pelkman

Record Pelkman Equipment Co Ltd recently launched a spiral conveyor. These units are manufactured by the German company Danger.

Each conveyor comprises two chains with supports for a wire mesh belt and there is an internal wall at the centre of the spiral to support the upper layers. Such a design allows the height between the belt layers to be restricted to as little as 76mm.

Record of 2 Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St Albans, Herts, tel:0727 843136 that these conveyors can be used equally well for heating, cooling or freezing applications inside suitable housing.

Groen's Continuous Caramel Corn System

The process equipment group of Groen, which is a Dover Industries Company, is now able to offer complete caramel corn production systems that are capable of producing up to 4000lb of product an hour.

These units incorporate their dual Rototex scraped surface heat exchanger for caramel production, a continuous screw blender for popcorn coating, their kettle agitators for ingredient batching and integral process control systems.

They can be made in more than one size but their capabilities should be discussed in the UK with D C Norris & Co (Eng) Ltd of Industrial Estate, Great Gransden, Sandy, Beds, tel:0767 677515.

A-Z Introduces O-Cord

O-Cord is a range of conveyor belting being introduced to the UK by A-Z Belt, the food industry division of the Ace Conveyor Equipment Ltd of Plumtree Industrial Estate, Harworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, tel:0302 711233.

O-Cord belting is ideally suited to applications where minimal contact between product and belt is required. O-Cord is available is a variety of cross sections; in addition to the standard round and square-sectioned belting, A-Z also offers trapezoidal, over-thickness, pentagonal and crested types.

Fospur's UV Disinfecting System

A high performance ultra violet system for the disinfection of processed, potable and waste water has been introduced by Fospur Ltd, part of Yorkshire Water Plc.

Under an agreement IW Technologies, the manufacturers, Fospur now have the sole marketing rights for this new product for the food and beverages industry.

This system, which has a minimum disinfection rate of 99.9%, uses established UV technology to destroy micro-organisms but importantly features advanced fluoro polymer tubes through which the water or fluid to be treated flows. The compact system comprises a UV reactor housing the AFP fluid-carrying tubes, UV lights, a remote electronic ballast enclosure and associated electrical and piping components.

They tell us the design of this system provides a number of advantages over conventional UV systems. Mechanical cleaning or frequent chemical cleaning is virtually eliminated as the AFP tubes are resistant to fouling and chemically inert. As fluid to be treated flows through these tubes, no short-circuiting of the fluid flow is possible. In addition, a uniform fluid exposure time and therefore UV dosage rate is achieved. Flow through these tubes is turbulent, which eliminates the shadowing effects of suspended particles, improves UV dosage at high UV absorption coefficients and provides continuous self-cleaning action on the interior of the tubes themselves. As the UV tubes are positioned around the outside of the AFP tubes on rack assemblies, they can easily be changed without draining or interrupting the fluid flow but such detail can be checked with Fospur at Alfreton Trading Estate, Somercotes, Derby, tel:0733 604321.

Detection of Defects in Pasteurisers

From time to time, leaks can develop between the walls of the vessel, allowing the heating or cooling medium to contaminate the product.

As far as the food industry is concerned, the possibility of contamination is a constant problem, and the law requires vigilance to guard against it.

Traditionally, the way to test a pasteuriser has been to strip it down and check the components in a bath of red dye and see if the dye reveals any cracks.

What Somerset Technical Laboratories have now down is to apply the principle that saltiness changing the electrical conductivity of water to the testing of heat exchangers. In practice, two simple pumping units are fitted to either side of the pasteuriser, with ordinary water on one side and salt water on the other.

If after a trial run to calibrate the recorder, an increase in electrical conductivity above a certain level is noted then an internal leak exists. The next step is to localize the defect and this is done with an ultrasonic detector and the use of a slightly pressurized system. Any leak is then picked up as a noise source but the fullest details should be discussed with STL at Unit 4, Kings Castle Business Park, The Drove, Bridgwater, Somerset, tel:0278 445644.

Iodine Colour Scale for Lovibond

A new colour measurement scale, the Iodine scale, has been introduced to further extend the range of colour measurement capabilities offered by the fully automatic colorimeter, the PFX-990. As with their existing colour scales, a single measurement allows calculation of the iodine scale value.

The iodine colour scale is a one-dimensional scale used throughout Europe for the colour gradation of vegetable oils as well as other oils, fatty acids and solvents whose colour is similar to an iodine/potassium iodide solution. The colour scale is expressed from zero to 500 units. For very light colours, with measurement values of 1 or less on the iodine scale, the Hazen (APHA) scale can be used, which is also a standard facility on the PFX-990.

Full details of this new scale can be obtained by contacting The Tintometer Ltd of The Colour Laboratory, Waterloo Road, Salisbury, Wilts, tel:0722 327242.

Elobau Silo-Switch

Relec Electronics Ltd of 124-126 Stockbrigd Road, Winchester, Hants, tel:0962 863141 now have available the Elobau V1653/1 Silo-Switch.

This unit is being offered as a cost-effective alternative to the existing large and relatively expensive devices that are used to control the level of granular material in a silo.

In use the switch, operating via a 'signal tongue', signals at a height predetermined by its mounting point, they tell us.

Nilfisk's new B54E

The B54E is the latest version of the Nilfisk's 'unlimited energy' automatic battery scrubber dryer.

This new model offers higher brush pressure than the B54, to increase cleaning power, and features additional electronic controls, which allow the operator to dispense cleaning solution to match the speed of the machine; this saves water and the time needed for refilling.

To save battery power, the brush heads stop automatically when the machine is stationary but this electronic system can be over-ridden if concentrated cleaning 'on the spot' is required.

In common with all B54 Models, the latest version can be used for continuous operation because of the facility for 'quick changing' the power pack. A casette, containing the machine's four 6 volt battery cells, powers the machine for up to four hour without recharging, after which a fresh power pack can be fitted in less than a couple of minutes.

Other features include forward and reverse traction, a 70 litre membrane tank and the manoeuvrability to turn on its own axis but all these details can be fully discussed with the suppliers at Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, tel:0284 763163.

Sandvik's new Coating and Agglomeration Process

At the recent Achema exhibition, Sandvik Process Systems Ltd unveiled a solvent-free coating and agglomeration system.

This provides an environmentally friendly method of coating small to medium size particles, in the 30 m to 3mm size range, without affecting the product's properties, they say.

Rotocoat facilitates the agglomeration of fine particles to provide virtually dust-free, free-flowing products for easy handling and dosing. Apparently, it is particularly suitable for the uniform distribution of liquids on solid surfaces. The system utilizes a rotary turbine principle to encase granules with a coating material which is liquid at higher temperatures and solid at ambient temperatures.

This unit is available in two sizes, with capacities of 500 and 1500kg per hour, from Sandvik at PO Box 3506, Manor Way, Halesowen, West Midlands, tel:021550 7671.

Rotary Filler Uses Flowmeters

BWI Dawson have developed what they believe is the world's first rotary filler to use flowmeters for filling non carbonated liquids.

Their filler dispenses accurate and repeatable volumes using electronically controlled flowmeters. Machines operating on the level-fill principle cannot achieve the same accuracy due to the flexing of the sidewalls of the lightweight containers and variations in bottle height.

The BWI machine resolves this problem by using flowmeters that measure the volume of liquid passing into each container. Such a system means that a consistent volume of liquid is filled into the container irrespective of its dimensional variations. They reckon their filler can consistently fill volumes to an accuracy of 1.5g at speeds of fill up to 350 a minute for the 1 litre or two pint sizes.

The flowmeters they use have the merit of being free from mechanical pans but such detail should be discussed with BWI at Gomersal, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, tel:0274 873422.

A choice of closure systems is available, including push-on, screw-on and push-on/screw-off types. The machine also incorporates a CIP system, container reject option and management information system.

Choux Mix Programme

Record Pelkman Equipment Co Ltd have launched the Choux Mix Programme.

This system is based around a special version of their Tonelli Universal 2000 planetary mixer. The programme's mixer features one or two planetary tools, depending on mixer size, and 'sealed bowl operation', allowing mixing to take place under controlled conditions. The mixer bowl is jacketed to allow ingredients to be cooked or cooled in situ. A probe, fitted in the bowl's head and positioned between the mixing tools, monitors the temperature of the mix.

The bowl is automatically lifted into position under the bell and the two are locked and sealed together during mixing to ensure no spillage. A bowl scraping arm operates throughout the mix, to ensure that all the ingredients are thoroughly combined but the fullest information can be obtained from the company at 2 Verulam Industrial Estate, London Road, St Albans, Herts, tel:0727 843136.

Booker's Tidd Streamliner Semi Trailers

Booker Belmont Wholesale have become the first company in the food distribution sector to specify smooth contoured Streamliner semi trailer vans made by Tidd Trailers Plc of Sandy in Bedfordshire.

These new tandem-axled Streamliners in Booker's striking new red and white livery have started working out of their Maidstone distribution centre.

The construction specified by Bookers makes unprecedented use of marine standard GRP mouldings for the integral wind-cheating front bulkhead, wrap-over roof/cantrails and air management skirt assemblies. All the GRP material, including the main panel facings, is colour-impregnated white and the weathertight resin-bonded joints and concealed skirt attachments eliminate airflow-disturbing rivet and bolt heads.

These are the shortest Streamliners yet built, at 10.6m long, to meet tight manoeuvrability requirements, particularly in London streets. They are used to deliver dry grocery and related products in London and the South East.

Noise in the Workplace

Sargents Acoustics of 111 Mills Road, Quarry Wood Industrial Estate, Aylesford, Kent, tel:0622 791107 have published 1 4-page full colour leaflet under the title Noise in the Workplace. The text sets out the Noise at Work regulations, employers responsibilities and how Sargent's can help.

Marlow's new Quorn Product

Marlow Foods is now broadening its portfolio of Quorn products with the launch its first frozen product and a new chilled ready-meals range.

Quorn burgers are the first frozen product under the Quorn brand name. They come in a pack of four and have a fat content of less than 5%.

In their ready-meal range they have two traditional dishes - Quorn lasagne and Quorn chilli with rice - and they have also launched Quorn balti jalfrezi with naan bread and Quorn tikka masala with rice. All these products are low in fat, three contain less than 300 calories and even the one with naan bread has only 420 calories.

Bright, colourful packaging has been created to enhance visibility within the frozen and chill cabinets, while complimenting the existing Quorn pack design to maximize brand synergy. All these products reflect the brand's key attributes - they are low in fat, high in protein and fibre, and vegetable in origin.

Shearway's Currant Products

Redcurrants and blackcurrants are the latest two additions to the speciality frozen fruit range in 500g packs from Shearway Foods.

Both these products are being marketed in cases of 12 packs.

Combiblocs for Rubicon Exotic

Print quality, rigidity and headspace are some of the primary reasons why Rubicon Exotic selected Combibloc cartons from Bowater PKL of Houghton-le-Spring to launch their one litre Guava juice drink.

This new drink is an addition to their range and, to coincide with the introduction of the new product, the two established drinks - passion fruit and mango juice - have been given complete new pack designs. They now carry eye-catching designs that reflect the exotic images of the juices.

This range of juice drinks will continue to be filled by Cima a Cardiff on a Combibloc Series 5 filler and, as the mango juice is a viscous product it needs to be shaken before opening which is where is why this juice needs the extra headspace.

Sugar-Free Desserts from Ton Puts

A selection of desserts for healthy eaters has been launched on the UK market by Ton Puts of Nijmegen in Holland.

Available through Good Food Imports, under the Puts Delight Line brand, all the products come in 45g portions. Being both low in fat and sugar-free, they suit a wide cross section of the population.

New internationally are three varieties of Summer fruit gateau in redcurrant, peach and pineapple, plus blueberry, raspberry and blackberry flavours. These products contain 85% less carbohydrate, 61% fewer calories and 3% less fat than standard products.

Also new in the UK range is a mandarin Swiss roll that already sells well on the continent.

These products are boxed in sixes for the retail market and in 15s for caterers.

New Carrot Cake Pack

The Handmade Flapjacks Co's carrot cake can now be obtained in a sleeve of 12, besides being available in boxes of two dozen.

Shahi Special Range

The Special Value Range is the latest addition to the Shahi range of cook-chill Indian meals from Derby-based S and A Foods.

Three varieties are available - Chicken masala, Chicken curry and Vegetable curry, all with pilau rice included.

As with all S and A dishes, the recipe was originally prepared by Mrs Perween Warsi, founder and managing director of the company.

We understand this new range of S and A products is already being listed by various Co-op stores.

Jacob's Assorted Sensations

The Jacob's Bakery is launching two new assortments of premium biscuits at value-for-money prices.

The Jacob's 150g All Chocolate selection pack contains six varieties of luxury milk, plain and white chocolate biscuits. As a popular alternative, Jacob's 150g pack of Chocolates, Cookies and Creams provides a quality assortment of selected cookies, creams and plain and milk and plain chocolate biscuits.

Both assortments will also be available in cases of six.

More Sprouted Wheat Breads

As a result of consumer demand, Everfresh Natural Foods have launched three new sprouted wheat bread varieties - stem ginger, sunseed, and fruit and almond.

As some readers may know, sprouted wheat bread is higher in fibre and protein but lower in fat, sodium and calories per 100g than other kinds of bread. It contains no ingredients other than wheat and water - no flour, yeast, fats, sugar, sweeteners, eggs, salt, dairy products, emulsifiers or preservatives, we are assured.

Uncle Ben's new Pack Design

Uncle Ben's have introduced a new pack design in the canned rice sector. Their new design positions their canned rice as 'Rice for the microwave' and emphasizes the two minute cook time.

Their canned rice is still suitable for boiling or stir-frying and each method is detailed on the label which is now being used on all four of their canned rice varieties.

Lye Cross Launched at Nantwich

Traditional cheese-making skills combined with innovation were being shown off on the Alvis Bros' stand at the Nantwich International Cheese Show.

At the show the company launched a new name for their cheese range - Lye Cross, which is the name of their principal farm and cheese-making site. The key objective of this move is to help customers identify this quality range of farmhouse cheese.

The range itself has been extended to include 11 oz wedges carrying the new Lye Cross branding. Its label design emphasizes the 'quality' and 'farmhouse' aspects of this English farmhouse cheddar.

Two new cheeses have also been added to their portfolio - Lyegrano and organic mature cheddar. The former, as its name suggests, is a parmesan-style of cheese that has been developed with the Milk Marketing Board over the past couple of years. It has the full flavour and hard texture associated with parmesan and

comes in freshly grated form, in 200g portions and in 2.5 and 5kg packs.

Their second new cheese is made from milk supplied by local farms that have been recognised by the Soil Association. This one comes in an 8oz Farmers Dairy prepack and the larger 11oz packs have a green, yellow and brown label that carries the Soil Association and the Vegetarian Society symbols of approval.

Hot Desserts from BG's new DIvision

BG Foods have formed a catering division. Headed by newly appointed John Glossop, it has opened for business with a selection of single and multi-portion microwaveable puddings, available either frozen or chilled, plus a range of yogurt, fromage frais and other dairy products.

The decision to form this new division and the appointment of Mr Glossop as catering sales manager follows on from a successful foodservice testmarket. Mr Glossop was with Gillards but with BG he will be targeting fast food, low and medium spend catering outlets and vending sectors with products that are manufactured at the company's Devon factory.

Also in the launch are a selection of single serving multi-layered Indulgence Desserts in transparent pots.

McCain Extends new Look

McCain Foods (GB) Ltd have boosted their Southern Fries range with distinctive new packaging and a new Garlic and herb thick cut variety. This is the fifth product in the range and it comes in a lib bag.

The redesigned packs will continue to feature the Mississippi paddle steamer but more clearly emphasizes the varieties in the range, giving improved visual presentation of the different cuts.

International Cuisine's new Ready-Meals

International Cuisine Ltd have developed an aerobic pasteurisation process to produce extended life chilled ready-meals with a shelf-life of 17 days.

The range of more than 15 meals covers the whole spectrum of Italian, Indian, traditional and international dishes, and also includes a series of vegetarian options.

Their products have sufficient shelf-life to allow export to the Continent from the production plant in Consett.

At the company's EC-approved factory the raw materials are taken from controlled storage, and prepared and formulated at temperatures below 10 C. Next, the components go through a 'full cook' treatment at 90 C for 3 to 5 minutes before being packed and heat sealed. The packs are then aerobically pasteurised, which heats the product up to 90 C for 10 minutes, and rapidly cooled before being undergoing seal integrity testing and secondary packaging below 10 C. It is stored at temperatures between zero and 5 C for distribution.

International Cuisine have updated their original curry range; instead of plain beef curry, there is now Beef Madras. The chicken curry range has been extended to include Korma and Tikka masala, and an exotic Vegetable jalfrezi is now offered. Their pasta range has been upgraded; instead of spaghetti in
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