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Plant processing equipment and services.

Computer-Controlled Decorating Depositer

On show at the iba exhibition held in Berlin just recently we were shown a fully computerised unit that can deposit virtually any pumpable material in decorated form.

This unit is made by Knobel Confiserie-maschinen AG of Marksteinstrasse 5, CH-8552 Felben, Switzerland, fax: (0)54/65 2644 and they describe it as a decorating and dressing machine. It utilizes a light pen for designing on-screen graphics and incorporates a dosing pump drive, vertical needle drive and systems for moving the complete head in any direction in the horizontal plane, along with system for forming rosettes and a wire cutter, etc.

It sounds very universal and indeed it is. The head itself could carry up to 48 pistons and effectively each one can be separately controlled as far as the action it carries out is concerned. On-board there are various basic programmes but, in operation, the user designs the deposit desired and the machine creates that design with the dough or paste. Such designs can then be entered into the machine's memory. In practice, it can create any pattern by varying the thickness and height of deposit from each nozzle and its associated pump. You can even sign your own name and it will deposit that on a conveyor band!

BS 5750 for Linx

Linx Printing Technologies Ltd have been awarded BS 5750 Part 1 at their first attempt. This award covers all elements of design, manufacture and installation, and the company has also introduced its own internal total improvement programme to ensure the continued effectiveness and improvement of the company.

Programmable Bucket Elevator

Visitors to the FMC Corp stand at the recent Pakex exhibition were treated to a demonstration of the bucket control feature on the new Aseeco-AL bucket elevator.

The operator demonstrated the multiple external discharge points that can be used or the alternative of the top run of buckets discharging into the returning buckets underneath. All this can be achieved due to the new bucket overlap seal.

The AL system enables buckets to receive or deliver at virtually any point on the chain, say the Material Handling Equipment Division of FMC, who are located at 3 Shirley Avenue, Vale Road, Windsor, Berkshire, tel: 0753 832777.

New from Alpma

At the Meatex/Foodex show Alpma GB Ltd were demonstrating their automatic bag loader. This takes reel stock of plastics tubing, opens it by means of a suction system, passes it by means of a frame over the product and end seals it. Whilst the other end is still open, the company reckon with such a system there could be a 25 percent saving on bag costs.

Their V64 sausage wrapper can now be adapted to pack sandwiches and a version of the new style pack produced was to be seen on the stand. Full information can be obtained from the company at 19 Sherrington Way, Lister Road Industrial Estate, Basingstoke, Hampshire, tel: 0256 467177.

FIEE Appoints Saudi Agent

In order to expand its network of agents, Food Industry Equipment Europe Ltd of High Wycombe have appointed an agent in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh-based International Food and Equipment Co Ltd anticipates the range of Challenger trimmers will be used for both poultry and beef applications in their country. In addition, they will be marketing FIEE's range of skinners and the Starflex chicken bagger.

Filamatic's In-Case Filler

The new Filamatic in-case filler/capper provides a cost-effective way of liquid filling and capping prelabelled containers in outer cases. This means there is no longer any need to remove containers from the case, fill, cap and label them before they are replaced in the case.

This in-case filler and capper only needs one operative and it saves valuable floor space. The labels are protected and the addition of a case sealer makes a complete packing line.

We understand from the makers, National Instrument Co Inc of 4119 Fordleigh Road, Baltimore, Md 21215, USA, fax: (301) 764-7718, that this Model IF/C can handle containers ranging in size from 12oz to 1 gal. at production rates from 5 to 8 cases a minute. Cap sizes between 18 and 58mm can be accommodated and filling accuracy is said to be better than |+ or -~1/4 of 1 percent.

Fill Level Detection System

Inex Vision Systems have launched an inspection unit to check the fill level of liquid in milk bottles. This unit operates, using a single camera, to provide both underfill and overfill detection to an accuracy of better than |+ or -~2mm. Any bottles that do not meet the required criteria are automatically rejected from the line, using a pneumatic rejector.

This fill level detector is linked to their DairyScan sidewall inspection system to provide management reporting facilities. According to Inex of PO Box 95, Atlantic Street, Altrincham, Cheshire, tel: 061-928 6344, a major benefit of this camera-based system is its ability to cope with foam on the line far better than high frequency and gamma fill level units.

Information collected from the unit can be stored, then downloaded into a management information link to review the efficiency of the filler, thereby allowing closer trimming of the filler, as well as making sure that underfilled bottles do not leave the bottling hall. In addition, this unit is able to perform a cap detection function and reject any bottles with damaged or misplaced caps.

Moisture Content Measurements in a Few Seconds

Efficient moisture measurement demands a compromise between absolute accuracy and fast repeatable answers at a reasonable cost. Now, results to an accuracy within 0.3 to 0.5 percent of range are possible in seconds.

The need for quick, consistent results can now be met by Sinar Technology's P25 moisture analyzer. Programmable for up to 25 different products, this unit is suitable for use with raw materials, semi processed products or finished foods. Sample preparation is not normally required, one simply fills the measuring cell, selects the product channel and presses the moisture button to get the result in just a few seconds.

This fully portable battery operated unit is obtainable from Sinar at 9 Waterside, Hamm Moor Lane, Weybridge, Surrey, tel: 0932 858287.

High Speed Tilt Bowl Mixer

At the recent iba exhibition in Berlin Peerless Machinery Corp had on display a tilt bowl mixer. This unit is particularly designed for use in the production of pretzels, breads, rolls, doughnuts, tortillas, croissants, yeast-raised sweet goods, bagels and frozen doughs. There are 11 models with capacities ranging from 100 to 1450kg and agitator speeds running from 35 to 70rpm.

Standard features include a stainless steel bowl, cooling jacket, agitators, shafts, canopy cover and exterior forward tilt system. It also incorporates a pneumatic flour gate but the complete specification should be discussed with Peerless at 500 S Vandemark Road, PO Box 769, Sidney, Ohio 45365, USA, fax: (513) 492-3688.

Allen Machinery's Equipment on Display

In Berlin at the iba exhibition Allen Machinery Systems Ltd of Gainsborough Trading Estate, Rufford Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands, tel: 0384 274757 had on display information about their range of equipment and some examples. They manufacture distribution systems, feeding, weighing and packaging machines. These include bucket systems, first in-first out storage conveyors, proportional discharge gate systems and conveyor drives like the Flexotron, Magnotron, Orbitron, Dynotron, Spirotron and balanced opposed systems. If you add to these items, their multi-deck graders and gravity-fed seasoning units, they cover many areas of interest.

They are now marketing the Inspectronic system for in-flight inspection of products. In operation, product moving rapidly through this unit passes under a high resolution CCD camera which scans product for defects or discoloration. An array of 128 rejectors operates under the control of a computer to 'shoot' the substandard products into a take-out bin or conveyor. They claim their Bulls Eye rejector aims at the centre of a defective item, thereby ensuring the amount of 'good' product rejected is minimized.

This unit offers belt speeds up to 580ft a minute and the actual inspection takes place as product flies across a gap. This in-flight inspection, with back-lighting, reveals more of the product's surface, they tell us.

Brico Liquid Outlet Valve

BCH Equipment Ltd have developed a Brico liquid outlet valve, following on from the success of their Brico outlet valve.

The new stainless steel pneumatically operated disc-lowering valve has been designed for food industry use. It seals flush with the base interior, so eliminating crevices and areas of potential contamination.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, the valve is suitable for full vacuum or internal pressure use and the outlet port connection can be manufactured to suit requirements. There is an option for steam flushing to suit aseptic requirements and five inlet/outlet port configurations, in various diameters can be supplied by BCH of Mellor Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, tel: 0706 44181. There is even a quick release coupling so that a valve can be removed completely from the product line!

Controlling Flour Dust

At the giant iba exhibition in Germany we came across a stand that had on display a series of units designed to control flour dust in bakeries.

As readers will appreciate, fine flour does tend to become airborne and in modern parlance that can become a health risk.

To overcome this problem BK Reinluftechnik GmbH to collect flour dust. Their range of extraction systems have been designed to fit the various items of equipment found in the average bakery. Thus, they can be fitted to dough mixers, dough brakes or tables where hand work is done, and exhausted to atmosphere.

This Bekamat 2000 range is obtainable from the company at Postfach 1309, Boschstrasse 11, 7054 Korb, Germany, fax: 0 7151/3 38 28.

Stainless Steel Pressure Regulators

A range of stainless steel pressure regulating devices is now available from Acal Auriema Ltd of 442 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, tel: 0628 604353.

Styled as the Cashco Series C, these self-contained regulators are forged or investment cast in 316L stainless steel and interior polished to 240 grit finish and all over electro-polishing.

Taking as an example the Model C-PRV for liquids and gaseous fluids. It has a maximum inlet pressure rating of 150psig and is capable of controlling an outlet pressure of 10 to 75psig in an operating temperature range of 4|degrees~ to 149|degrees~C. Another model is intended for 'clean steam' service, and various sizes and fitting connections are available.

Distillers MG's new Scottish Distribution Centre

Distillers MG has opened a sales and distribution centre at Bellshill, outside Glasgow. This new centre, which compliments their existing national network, is located at 680 Main Street, Bellshill, Lanarkshire, tel: 0698 844133.

Safe Charging of Process Vessels

In the charging of process vessels bulk solids, there is always the possibility of wasteful and hazardous blow-back of material or fumes. This problem can now be overcome by the Pos-I-Feed system being marketed by Entecon Ltd. This system was developed by Shamrock Industries in the USA.

Mounted above the inlet to the vessel, operation is by a vertical auger, which is lowered so as to 'drive' material positively into the vessel. An even spread is assured by the rotating action of the auger and any fumes or dust are drawn away by a built-in extraction system.

To shut-off feed, the auger is retracted so that the valve fitted to the base of the shaft seals off the vessel's inlet, say Entecon of London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey, tel: 0276 32436.

DME and Ambit

Ambit Projects Ltd tell us they have formed a relationship with Diversified Metal Engineering Ltd of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. This enables them to offer the Canadian equipment in the UK.

DME manufacture a range of equipment, including fish processing/packing tables, kettles for heating fluids and vegetable shapers. Their potato scooper is a hand-fed table-top model with a milling operation to scoop pulp out of each half potato section, then separate milled pulp from the half shell. We understand that capacity is 100 pieces of half shell a minute for manual operation but this increases to 180 when an autofeed system is added.

Readers needing more information should contact Ambit at Flitcham Barns, Abbey Road, Flitcham, King's Lynn, Norfolk, tel: 0485 601493.

Ram-Type Turbon Mixer in UK

As readers will know, DC Norris & Co (Eng) Ltd are agents for the Scott Turbon range of high speed mixers. They now tell us that one of the Ram-type Turbon mixers is now in the UK. In fact, it was displayed on their stand at Meatex/Foodex.

This mixer is suitable for most applications, and has been engineered to disperse, dissolve, emulsify and homogenize food materials.

All these mixers are easy to clean and the special advantage of the Ram-type Turbon mixer is the opportunity to raise the mixer head during batch mixing, or whilst the tank is being filled, to obtain the optimum performance in the Turbon head by placing the head where it is needed.

D C Norris, of Industrial Estate, Great Gransden, Sandy, Bedfordshire, tel: 0767 677515, will provide a complete run-down on the advantages of this unit.

Rocol Lubricants Now From BSL

The full range of Rocol high performance lubricants, including the non toxic Foodlube range, are now being supplied throughout the UK by BSL Ltd, following a recent agreement between the two companies.

BSL have numerous local branches but enquiries should be directed to the company at Claverton Court, Claverton Road, Wythenshawe, Manchester, tel: 061-953 8600.

Prince of Wales Award for Linx

Linx Printing Technologies won the Prince of Wales Award for Innovation this year. On a recent Tomorrow's World television programme Linx was announced as the winner of the key innovation award after a two-year monitoring period to judge the development and commercial success of their newly launched technology. In fact, this is the first time since the award was launched in 1981 that it has gone to a company within the packaging or printing industries. This award concerned their expertise in ink-jet printing technology.

Flo-Cut Baton Carrot Machine

Following the increased demand for straight sticks of carrot, the fresh produce industry has had to employ additional labour to produce them manually. Now, after considerable research, Flo-Mech Ltd have introduced the Flo-Cut Baton Carrot Machine.

The machine needs to achieve an even baton whilst utilizing the section of carrot that produces the greatest yield, and the Flo-Cut achieves such results.

In operation, carrots are manually placed into stainless steel cups and automatically topped, tailed and cut into one or two baton lengths, depending on the length of baton required and the length of the carrot. The first baton length us always cut from the head end to give maximum yield, the second length is then produced, providing the carrot is long enough. Tops and tails are rejected along with any second batons that are below the required length before the complete baton pieces are cut into individual batons.

Baton thickness can easily be adjusted by simply changing the cutting grid and baton length is adjustable either by means of spacers or a made-up replacement cutting head to reduce change-over time. Constructed in stainless steel and designed for ease of cleaning, this machine comes from Flo-Mech of Flo-Mech House, Paxton Road, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, tel: 0733 233166.

Aquacoat from Cormix

To ensure that cured concrete meets the latest hygiene requirements, Cormix Construction Chemicals have developed a protective and decorative epoxy resin coating system. They have named it Aquacoat. This product is water-based, odour-free, non flammable and non toxic when dry.

Available in a variety of colours, it can be used as a concrete sealer on structures exposed to damp conditions but full details are available from the developers at PO Box 26, Warrington, Cheshire, tel: 0925 416222.

Brookfield's Latest Viscometer

Brookfield Viscometers Ltd of The Seedbed Centre, Langston Road, Loughton, Essex, tel: 081-502 4220 have just introduced their DVI Plus viscometer. A digital instrument, with easy-to-read display, it can be used in a centipoise or percentage scale, with a choice of 18 rotational speeds. This unit provides continuous sensing, so ensuring accuracy within 1 percent of range across its complete speed range.

Mondomix at iba

In Berlin at the giant bakery exhibition Mondomix had on display examples of the type of equipment they supply. As readers may know, they manufacture complete lines for producing the likes of Swiss rolls, Cup cakes and gateaux. In particular, they manufacture a specially designed aeration system for use in the bakery industry.

One of the problems they have encountered is the difficulty of ensuring a constant density of foam because the gaseous/liquid/solid mixture flowing through a pipe has to be in known proportions. On their stand they had on show a device designed to measure its varying density. It is a resonant pipe that is capable of identifying the mixture and therefore foam density can be controlled in conjunction with such a unit. As this new unit could well be of interest, please note that in the UK this Dutch company can be contacted through Mondomix Holland BV at 37 Lamberts Lane, Congleton, Cheshire, tel: 0260 271625.

Alpha Dot Have Move

Due to increased demand and therefore lack of space, Alpha Dot Ltd have recently moved into a new factory. They are now located at 3 Hollom Down, Lopcombe, Salisbury, Wiltshire, tel: 0264 781989.

Italian Colour Sorters Through Pulse Technology

Pulse Technology Ltd have recently gained the UK agency for the range of colour sorting and associated machines from the Italian company Societa Per L'Electtronica Applicata.

These machines, designed for the food industry are opto-electronic with microprocessor-controlled operation. Such a system allows self-regulation and self-diagnosis, with the facility to store an unlimited number of programs related to different work typologies.

The various models are intended for checking items like roasted hazelnuts, rice, coffee beans and legumes, say the UK agents who are located at Unit 2, Radley Road Industrial Estate, Abingdon, Oxon, tel: 0235 530633.

Maskomal Combats Odours

A concentrated deodoriser, already well established in the agricultural industry, is now being made available to combat industrial odours.

Maskomal is a biodegradable, non phytotoxic and non corrosive deodorant used to combat offensive odours. For instance, it can be injected into exhaust chimneys to eliminate cooking odours.

For readers needing more information, the suppliers are Antec International of Chilton Industrial Estate, Sudbury, Suffolk, tel: 0787 77305.

Milltronics Ultrasonic Measurer

Milltronics Ltd of Oak House, Bromyard Road, Worcester, tel: 0905 748404 have introduced a non contacting ultrasonic measuring system for monitoring bulk liquid levels in bulk storage tanks.

Known as the Probe, it is based of their 'Sonic Intelligence'; it emits continuous sonic pulses and receives the return echoes. A microprocessor within the unit instantaneously converts the signals received into liquid levels, or space, and displays the information on an LCD read-out.

This unit is maintenance-free and can be used to measure a whole variety of liquids.

Drum Blender for Lightweight Materials

A drum blender, designed specifically for mixing dry low density materials, has been introduced by Craven Associates of Little Shurdington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, tel: 0242 862375.

The 316 stainless steel drum, with internal baffles and a mixing capacity of 1200 litres, is mounted on a mild steel structure finished in white food grade epoxy coating. A single large sliding door on the drum's periphery assists rapid loading or unloading, and provides easy access for cleaning.

Koppens Filter Introduced

At the recent Frankfurt IFFA exhibition, Alpha-Laval Koppens introduced a system for filtering particles out of frying oil. This continuous fine filter system will remove particles as small as 0.01mm.

The system consists of a self-cleaning filter and a fine filter station, manufactured in stainless steel, both totally enclosed to prevent any oxygen penetration of the oil during filtering.

This filter system can be connected to any Koppens fryer and is designed for cleaning during a production run, say the suppliers, Alpha-Laval Convenience Food of Newport Pagnell.

Joshua Greaves Improves Facilities

Joshua Greaves & Sons have recently installed a more modern computerised machining centre at their production complex at Ramsbottom, Bury in Lancashire.

They have purchased a Beaver VC15 unit that is technologically superior to the computerised numerically controlled equipment they have been using for many years. All this means the wide range of mixers produced by the company can now be made to tighter deadlines. The Beaver has allowed Greaves to automate the 'customised' side of their manufacturing facility.

Greaves have considerable experience in the operation of CNC machines and recently received a Warren Springs government grant allowing them to develop a centralised computer storage system. This links the unit to extended floppy disc control via their office computers and so improves the machining centre's program storage capacity.

Whiterock Now is Kit Form

Altro Whiterock PVC wall cladding can now be obtained in self-install kit form. These kits come as packs of two or five panels supplied complete with all the necessary fixings and instructions.

To make sure the panels are installed correctly, to create a surface that meets the latest EEC legislation, Altro of Hadenham Road, South Lowestoft Estate, Lowestoft, Suffolk, tel: 0502 561374, are also offering advice on the correct method of carrying out the whole job.

Scale Services' FS Scales

The FS dual purpose portable checkweighing scale is now available from Scale Services of Unit 33, The Business Village, Wexham Road, Slough, Berkshire, tel: 0753 511801.

Designed and built for use in hostile conditions, each battery-operated FS unit is sealed to IP65 specification. Its analogue sweep display incorporates a clear '-, OK, +' comparator indicator with 16mm digits to provide easy-to-read results. The display itself is programmed by means of a simple keypad and capacities for the three models range from 6 to 30kg and resolutions from 1g per 3kg up to 10g per 30kg.

Easy-to-Use Outer Case Weigh/Labeller

An outer case weigher and labeller, with easy-to-use touch control screen, is now available from Berkel Ltd of 72 Cobden Street, Leicester, tel: 0533 620891.

Their OCM7100 combines a scale, printer and control systems to provide a robust and versatile unit of all stainless steel construction. It is capable of weighing and labelling traded units and has EAN 128 bar-coding facilities. The interactive touch-screen control panel can be linked to factory order processing computers, to allow downloading of visual instructions to the scale and central monitoring of quantities and performance.

A fast high resolution printer provides a self-adhesive label stating the customer's name, product code, description, packer identification, date, use-by-date, net and tare weight, etc.

New from Arcall

First seen at the iba exhibition in Berlin. Arcall Ltd have launched a low cost all-purpose glazing machine. Called the 325, it incorporates many of the design and engineering features of the 650 range but at about half of the cost. Designed particularly for the rack oven market where items are baked in trays, it incorporates its own chain conveyor to transport hand-fed standard trays, and these are sprayed from above via a single disk head.

They have also introduced Model 655 which is aimed specifically at producers of low fat oven-baked products like poultry and fish. This is their first machine to incorporate both top and bottom spraying disks. It ensures an light, even coating of oil at the final production stage, as an alternative to the traditional flash frying. Typically, the film of oil delivered is some 3 percent of the weight of the end-product.

Arcall of Westminster Road, Wareham, Dorset, tel: 0929 554884 have also developed a new rotating-gun spraying concept for their new generation of bakery greasing machines. In comparison with rack-and-pinion machines, their Model 800R offers faster, continuous spraying head rotation and improved production rates. Each head incorporates two spray guns that can be individually positioned to provide the best spray pattern.

Disposable Aprons

A wide range of disposable polyethylene aprons is now available ex-stock from the HPC Group Plc. Manufactured in white, green, blue, pink, yellow, red and natural film, these aprons come packed singly or perforated on a reel. In five sizes, they are made from tough, tear-resistant films.

HPC, a Sidlaw Packaging company, are to be found at Commerce Road, Brentford, Middle-sex, tel: 081-568 7973.

Portsdown Vacuum Lifter

Because new EEC legislation will prevent the manual lifting of 50kg sacks, Portsdown Engineering and Marine Sales have introduced a vacuum sack lifter.

In operation, the vacuum head is lowered on to a sack and then finger-tip control is used to lift it to the required height; the unit will even hover, if required. Using the hinged sliding boom the sack can then be positioned where required, lowered and released.

Four different models are available from the company at Graphic House, Castle Street, Portchester, Fareham, Hampshire, tel: 0705 377930.

Better UV Lamps in Flykillers

A new range of electric flykillers embodies an advanced design of attraction lamp which lures flying insects at up to twice the rate of standard designs, we are assured.

These lamps have been developed at Insect-O-Cutor's entomological laboratory. Known as Synergetic lamps, they have resulted in an 87 percent faster kill rate when tested with houseflies and even higher figures have been recorded with other common flying insects.

The same principle of using ultra violet light at a wavelength of 357 nanometres is used but the new lamps emit a more complex light over a wider range of wavelengths. The only visible light is pale green, as opposed to the more familiar blue.

Four models have been developed. Known as the Professional Series, they will provide protection for areas from 50 to 200sq m, say the suppliers of Oakhurst Drive, Cheadle Heath, Stockport, Cheshire, tel: 061-428 0622.

Altecnic Valve Helps Birds Eye

A new back-flow prevention valve has been supplied to the new Birds Eye Walls factory in Grimsby. The mechanical services contract for the factory, valued at around |pounds~1m., was awarded to Bardenscale of Cleethorpes.

The factory was required to achieve very high standards of hygiene and part of the project included the prevention of any possible contamination to the food vats via the water supply or within the production area.

Altecnic's back-flow preventer, manufactured by Caleffi of Italy, is designed to ensure that, when pressure in the mains drops, mains water is not contaminated by the back-flow of dirty water already in the system. This is achieved by means of an air gap, which is generated within the valve whenever pressure drops below a certain level to prevent the back-flow of water through it.

The design of the feeder system was carried out by Bardenscale, the mechanical services contractor for the new factory, who specified the valve from Altecnic of Hixon, Staffordshire.

Electrostatic Separators from Pulse Technology

Corona drum separators, based on an electrostatic separation technique, are now available from Pulse Technology Ltd. Their KWS Series of units will separate metallic contaminants from many food materials.

The electrostatic technique is able to be used when the materials have different levels of surface conductivity. Optimum separation is achieved when materials are dry, dust-free and of a given size. Particle size can be from 0.1 to 6mm and throughput depends on the product but such detail can be discussed with the suppliers who are located at Unit 2, Radley Road Industrial Estate, Abingdon, Oxon, tel: 0235 530663.

K and G Wetter Unit for Princes

Alfa-Laval Convenience Food Ltd are supplying a Kremer and Grebe cooking vacuum bowl to the Southport factory of Princes Ltd. The cooking vacuum bowl cutter itself is one of their type K and G Wetter VSM units.

In-Line Mixers from Silverson

Silverson Machines Ltd have developed a new range of in-line mixers. The redesigned range runs from the 0.25kW laboratory unit to the 125kW Multishear Mill.

With a design that makes it physically impossible for any materials, be they liquid or solid, to by-pass the precision rotor/stator work-head, these machines are particularly suitable for use in situations where CIP systems are used. Each machine is capable of reducing processing times by up to 90 percent and is able to emulsify, homogenize, solubilize, suspend, disperse or disintegrate solids.

All models are self-priming, aeration-free and throughput capability runs from 100 to 300,000 litres per hour, say the company of Waterside, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, tel: 0494 786331.

Pultruded GRP Gratings

Lionweld Kennedy Ltd have developed a type of pultruded GRP grating which they claim costs no more than the equivalent strength moulded GRP gratings. Known as Polygrid, this new design has T-section load-bearing bars connected at 150mm centres by a solid transverse rod.

These bars can be spaced at 40, 50 or 65mm centres, depending on the load performance required. Their upper surface is impregnated with a hard wearing grit to provide maximum slip resistance. The normal panel width is a metre and the length up to 6m.

Such gratings do not corrode and are resistant to chemical attack. Weight for weight they are stronger than steel or aluminum but the complete specification can be checked with Lionweld Kennedy at Brignall Road, Middlebrough, Cleveland, tel: 0642 24515
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