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Plant processing equipment and services.

On-Line Brix Flowmeter

Danfoss Ltd have designed an on-line Brix flowmeter to complement their range of Massflo mass flowmeters.

Available in sizes from 6 to 50mm, this flowmeter measures Brix in a liquid. It works by accurately measuring the density and temperature of the liquid and converting these measurements to give a reading in |degree~Bx, where 1 |degree~Bx equals 1 percent by weight of cane sugar.

In addition to measuring the Brix level, this flowmeter can determine the mass flow, dry sugar flow and temperature of the liquid every tenth of a second. Danfoss, of Perivale Industrial Park, Horsenden Lane South, Greenford, Middlesex. tel: 081-991 7000, tell us their latest flowmeter has an accuracy of |+ or -~0.2 percent.

Digitron's Hand-Held Data Printers

Digitron Instrumentation Ltd have just brought out their SP3 series of hand-held data printers. The SP3T is a single channel temperature instrument, whilst the SP3R monitors relative humidity and temperature simultaneously.

The SP3T unit has an accuracy of |+ or -~0.5|degrees~C between zero and +65|degrees~C and |+ or -~0.8|degrees~C outside that range. An air/fridge probe provides a temperature range of -20|degrees~ to +70|degrees~. The SP3R has a temperature range of -20|degrees~ to +60|degrees~C and a humidity measurement range from 2 to 98 percent. Systems accuracies are |+ or -~1|degree~ between zero and 40|degrees~C and |+ or -~5 percent relative humidity between 40 and 80 percent. There is automatic memory storage of maximum and minimum records of both temperature and humidity since the memory was last reset.

Digitron of Technology House, Mead Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire, tel: 0992 587441.

Rheon Equipment on Display

At the iba exhibition, held in Berlin earlier this year, Rheon had much of their equipment on display, including one or two new items.

First, we were shown a pattern stamper. This is an add-on unit for their small encruster. Their multi-head co-extruder or encrusting machine is capable of producing 25,000 pieces an hour in the weight range 5 to 150g. Operating at a speed of 100 strokes a minute, it will process around 1.4 tonnes of material per hour, working on a 50/50 mix.

Also on the stand was their EZ table and special make-up table which can be used to make a filled baguette. In standard form, up to 500kg of product can be handled in the hour, although an automatic dough feeder is now available which, with the universal table, enables croissant to be made up from the dough. Their CWC dough feeder incorporates a special weight control system to allow bread to be made at rates up to 4 tonnes an hour. On the stand, this unit was seen fitted before the dividing and cutting system but other variations are possible, as Rheon UK of 96 Monnow Street, Monmouth, Gwent, tel: 0600 714531, will be pleased to tell you.

Loma's 7000 Combo Codechecker

Loma Systems of Southwood, Farnborough, Hampshire, tel: 0252 540346 took the opportunity of their stand at Pakex to introduce the 7000 Combo Codechecker. This unit brings together their Codechecker with their 7000 Combo to form a 'three-in-one' inspection station.

This latest unit combines a metal detector, a checkweigher and a camera-based inspection system in one compact unit. Such a system enables manufacturers to metal detect, weigh and check the legality of their 'use by' codes in one step. At the same time, it provides comprehensive data on line efficiency, production giveaway and the level of contamination. Data can be accessed through the user interface or remotely via a serial link, and hard copy reports can be generated using the internal printer.

As readers will appreciate, the Code-checker's function is to carry out in-line inspection of the overprint quality of the 'use by' date and lot coding information, to ensure that manufacturers are meeting the latest EEC Food Labelling Directive. The basic principle behind this unit is that of comparing the area of overprint against a memorised sample. To do this, a camera-based inspection system is employed and the system can be used to check packs at speeds up 250 a minute.

Orthos' Own Aero-Mechanical Conveyors

Orthos (Engineering) Ltd of Fernie Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, tel: 0858 464246 have launched their own range of aero-mechanical conveyors. They come in either mild or stainless steel and are fully sealed and dustproof.

Such conveyors will operate at any angle without loss of efficiency, we are told. Capacities for the various models range from 6 to 120 tonnes per hour, and we understand that product segregation and degradation are very low because of the cushioning effect of the air entrained with the material being conveyed.

New Multi-Trip IBC from T and D

T and D Packaging Division have recently launched a range of multi-trip intermediate bulk containers suitable for free-flowing liquids.

Manufactured from medium density polyethylene and set inside protective metal frames, the two designs have a range of capacities from 600 to 1200 litres. There is a choice of aperture opening, varying from a 6in. screw cap through a 14in. screw lid to an 18in. clamp band lid to an 18in. hinged lid assembly.

The MT design type is for free-flowing products and incorporates one of their recessed valve pockets that offers a low centre of gravity and valves up to 2in. in diameter. The MTS design is for viscous liquids and incorporates a steeper sloped base, with valves up to 3in. in diameter. Both designs give the option of an in-liner system, which features a flexible polyethylene disposable liner that fits inside a rigid plastics container.

For more information you should contact the Division at Bowling Iron Works, Bradford, West Yorkshire, tel: 0274 728285.

Compressed Air Product Transfer from Containers

Racal Health and Safety Ltd have introduced a compressed air version of their manual Pumpmaster unit. Such a unit enables a processor to transfer liquids from barrels or similar containers without spillage. The air-fed Pumpmaster can be attached to any compressor system and fitted with either a fixed or variable regulator. Where appropriate an integral filtration system can be used, say the suppliers of Beresford Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, tel: 081-902 8887.

New Equipment from Cornwell Products

At the recent Pakex exhibition Cornwell Products Ltd had on display no fewer than five new items of equipment.

From Carle and Montanari one could see the CMY871 high speed double twist wrapper for sweets. This unit can wrap up to 1000 sweets a minute using a wide range of materials. From the same makers one could also see a version of this same machine designed for handling chocolates. This unit ensures the chocolates are not marked in any way, and its top speed is 900 pieces a minute.

On the same stand a visitor could see the Driamat DRT 1 800 chocolate coating machine that is suitable for chocolate, hard and soft sugar. From Mariani they had on display the new BM360 cardboard sleeve wrapping machine that will wrap juice or milk 200/250ml cartons in various different formats - 2 by 1, 3 by 1, 2 by 2, 3 by 2 and 4 by 2. A unique feature is the machine's ability to glue cartons to the sleeve, so they do not fall out during handling. Such a system is capable of handling 7000 cartons an hour.

The other new item on the stand came from Natec. Their Speedcut meat slicer can operate at speeds up to 700 slices a minute. It is easy to clean and incorporates a high speed paper/film interleaving facility. This unit can also be supplied as part of a fully automated line, say Cornwells of Edenbridge House, High Street, Edenbridge, Kent, tel: 0732 866677.

Union Food Machinery Gain Two Agencies

Union Food Machinery and Equipment Ltd of 20 Faraday Court, Park Farm, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, tel: 0933 676187 have been appointed as sole agents for the Inotec and Franz ranges of processing equipment in the UK.

The Inotec range includes emulsifiers with the characteristic of constant cutting set, giving consistent product quality. These machines can be supplied with either standard hoppers or totally enclosed ones for continuous in-line production.

The Franz range includes slicers and cutting machines suitable for both meat and vegetable products. They also produce continuous lines for tortellini, ravioli and noodles, with separate forming, filling cutting and cooking units.

Seamless Flooring from Floorguard

Floorguard Ltd have introduced an hygienic flooring system that produces a seamless floor which can be laid quickly, with minimum disruption.

Their new system use a combination of Fosroc's Cemtop and Nitoflor DS 4000FG resin-based flooring materials. They tell us this combination produces a hygienic floor that is non porous and free of cracks.

Readers wanting more details should contact the company at Guardian House, Railside, Aston Street, Shifnal, Shropshire, tel: 0952 462293.

BCH Horizontal Steam Retorts

BCH Equipment Ltd have designed both single and double door horizontal stainless steel live steam cooking retorts to meet the latest EEC and hygiene regulations. Designed for cooking in a live steam environment, these retorts combine optimum cooking accuracy with maximum ease of operation, we are assured.

In operation, mobile frames, supporting racks of perforated stainless steel trays containing the product to be processed, are loaded into position at one end of the retort. The tray rack is then rolled into the retort, leaving behind the mobile frame. A stainless steel control panel is then used to ensure accurate cooking by live steam injection and vacuum cooling, if required. After completion of the process, the tray rack is removed from the same loading door, or alternatively through a separate door located at the opposite end of the retort on to a separate mobile frame in the cooked product area of the factory.

Automatic locking entry and exit doors, with safety interlocks, are incorporated as standard to provide maximum safety and security.

As many readers will know, BCH are located at Mellor Street, Rochdale, Lancashire, tel: 0706 44181.

Erben Extends Filling Range

H Erben Ltd tell us they are now co-operating with Breitner Abfullanlagen of Germany. As readers may know, Breitner are manufactures of filling and capping machines.

As a rule their range of equipment is intended for the more 'difficult-to-fill products, like cold and hot-fill ketchups. It includes both hydraulic and pneumatic volumetric fillers, and their magnetic inductive system provides accurate fill levels and quick change-overs. These machines are available in both in-line and rotary designs but complete details can be obtained from Erbens of Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk, tel: 0473 823011.

Automated Warehouse System

Harvey Plant Ltd have introduced an automated warehouse system designed to improve efficiency and cut costs for distributors.

They have brought into the UK the Komatsu automated storage and retrieval system. Apparently, it is particularly suitable for small and medium size companies and the Komatsu system is not affected by the harsh conditions found inside a cold store.

An informative brochure detailing the capabilities of this system can be obtained from the company at Kings House, King Street, Bedworth, Warwickshire, tel: 0203 310505.

Linx Expanding in Scandinavia

Linx Printing Technologies Ltd of St Ives, Huntingdon has expanded its network of international distributors. It has appointed Norske Signode A/S, based in Drammen in Norway, and its sister company Signode Company AB of Sweden to supply Linx ink-jet printers throughout Norway and Sweden.

Fogger for Sanitising

The 2600 fogger has been introduced to meet the requirements for fogging and spraying disinfectants and odour control products. With an 18in. hose and adjustable flow control, users can ensure the direction and quantity of output.

The unit's flow control system provides for the adjustment of chemical discharge from 'ultra low volume' to a mist, with flow rates ranging from zero to 600ml per minute.

The electrically powered fogger comes from Spray Systems of The Merlin Centre, Gatehouse Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, tel: 0296 393822.

Mezzanine Floor Conveyor

To make best use of industrial floor space, it is often necessary to create a mezzanine area. However, there remains the problem of moving goods between it and other floors safely and effectively.

To solve this problem, Newland Engineering Co Ltd have developed a range of Mezzanine floor conveyors. These continuous interfloor loading belts make use of a self-supporting design, which means they absorb little floor space. Such conveyors normally come in 24 and 32in. widths but in each case the belt runs proud of the side frame, allowing wider goods to be handled.

They tell us conveying capacity is up to 1000kg a minute but the exact details should be discussed with the company at Broadway Industrial Estate, Hyde, Cheshire, tel: 061-368 0326.

BS 5750 Part 2 for Insect-O-Cutor

Insect-O-Cutor of Stockport, manufacturers of electric flying insect control equipment, have gained the BS 5750 Part 2 quality assurance certification.

Waste-Tec has Relocated

Earlier this year Waste-Tec, who are now marketing the Dresser range of centrifugal pumps, relocated to a new purpose-built factory and office complex. They are now to be found at Horsfield Way, Bredbury Park, Stockport, tel: 061-406 7111.

Wallin Moves to Norwich

G Wallin & Co, the specialist can manufacturer acquired last year by Pechiney Packaging Food and General Line Ltd, has moved from Southwark to Norwich. Their address is now Unit T, Avian Way, Selhouse Road, Norwich, tel: 0603 403901.

This move has been made to capitalise on the advantages of proximity to Pechiney's general line plant in Norwich but Wallin will continue to trade separately, supplying non standard cans and tinplate packaging.

Urschel's New Test Kitchen

Urschel International have opened a new test kitchen at their premises in Groby, Leicester. The official opening almost exactly coincided with the date when the company moved into their Groby premises 20 years ago. Designed to allow customers to experience the performance of their equipment in a realistic factory setting, the new test facility is part of the company's improved technical support service.

This formal opening provided the opportunity to demonstrate their latest developments. The Comitrol 9300 is a unit that is intended for higher volume applications and allows single-pass size reduction for most products. It can be fitted with either a 150 or 200hp motor to suit the application. Its structure is all stainless steel and working parts that contact product are made of a non corrosive work-hardening alloy. Two size reduction stages are integrated in this unit. The first produces random size particles, the second produces the required specification particle size by impelling product through a ring of closely spaced knives at speeds just short of 500ft a second. To suit various applications, a range of knife assemblies is available.

At the opening event a demonstration of the Comitrol 5600 processor was also to be seen. Obviously, this unit is intended for a different range of throughputs but, like the larger unit, it uses oil-mist lubrication.

For the first time visitors were able to see one of their VSC units in operation. This cutter is able to slice, chip or cut into wedges many vegetables. Unlike the more usual water-propelled systems, the VSC conveys product to the cutting head by means of two belts mounted one above the other, moving at the same speed. In fact, a small amount of water is used to lubricate the system and prevent build-up of starch or sugar on the cutting head. To produce the various cuts, a variety of heads is available and they can be purpose-designed to suit a customer's exact requirements.

Slimline Curved Belt Conveyor

Launched at the Pakex exhibition was a slimline curved belt conveyor from Okura Automation Ltd of Moorbridge Road, Bingham Industrial Estate, Nottingham, tel: 0949 831100.

Its modular design allows flexibility and small items are safely guided around the belt's periphery because they are accurately directed around the curve. These belts are available for either hand and can support a load up to 20kg. The range of belts includes those with widths of 300, 400 and 500mm.


The Euro-log is a flexible temperature monitoring system that has been built to withstand the vibration and shocks that follow from being mounted in a vehicle. This system uses a double housing and a sealed keyboard to protect its modules against water ingress and sudden temperature change.

A range of options is available to suit fleet operators but equally this system will suit the small vehicle operator because the Euro-log provides a continuous status display with optional visual alarms for any out-of-limits deviation. A detachable hand printer provides on-the-spot confirmation of journey conditions and events. These printed summaries provide valuable quality control data, say the makers, Eurologic Ltd of Unit 10, Piperill Way, Haverhill, Suffolk, tel: 0440 712140.

Platon's Flow Fuse

The Flow Fuse is a new item from Platon Instrumentation that is designed to prevent fluid line failures.

As its name suggests, the flow fuse swiftly shuts off fluid flow, should it exceed a preset value by sensing pressure differential across a venturi. As this exceeds an externally adjustable level, it overcomes a preset loading to close the valve. This valve then stays closed till the pressures on both sides equalise; this may be achieved either manually or by an optional auto-bleed.

A range of valves is available but the two standard types will fit connections from 1/8 to 3/4in. and from 3/4 to 2in.; such detail can be checked with the suppliers at Platon Park, Viables, Basingstoke, Hampshire, tel: 0256 470456.

New Pallet from GPG

GPG Containers have introduced a new version of their P102 plastics pallet. Moulded in tough polycarbonate, it is capable of being used in conjunction with pallet racking when loaded with 500kg, and will even withstand a static load of 4000kg without bowing.

Designed for transportation of materials around factories and warehouses, these 1200 by 1000 by 155mm pallets provide four-way entry. Full details on these injection-moulded pallets can be obtained from GPG at Luton Road, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, tel: 0582 664255.

Clean Steam Products from Spirax Sarco

Spirax Sarco Ltd have introduced a range of products for use in process applications where the steam must be of the highest level of purity to minimise the risk of contamination.

Units in this range are manufactured from 316L and 316Ti stainless steel and include steam traps, pressure controls, separators, filters and isolation valves. A particular feature of some of the products within the range is the high standard of internal finish and 'minimal crevice' design, that resists the build-up of debris or condensate which might support biocontamination. The extensive use of 316L grade stainless steel withstands the effects of corrosion caused by 'ion hungry' pure steam but the complete technical details should be discussed with the makers at Charlton House, Cirencester Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, tel: 0242 521361.

Hygienic Keyboard

A computer keyboard purpose-designed to meet stringent hygiene demands has been brought to the market by Micro Control Systems of Electron House, Bridge Street, Sandiacre, Nottingham, tel: 0602 391204. Their new keyboard is totally enclosed in 316 grade stainless steel and sealed to IP66 standard. This prevents the ingress of fine dust that is commonly found in factories and moisture from the high pressure water jets that are so often used to clean plant. A feature of the keyboard is the use of high tactile switches that are protected by a resilient polyester overlay.

Capital Appoints Dutch Agent

Capital Controls, the water disinfection specialists, have strengthened their European operation by appointing Q Pac Technology as their sales agent for the Netherlands. We understand Q Pac have close links with the university of Groningen, and have offices in the same town as well as in Teteringen.

Corrocool through Fairfield Dalton

Fairfield Dalton Ltd are the sole licensees for a patented system that has been developed to greatly improve rapid product cooling.

The cooler is of modular construction and incorporates unique surface technology. We are assured it enables product to be cooled 50 percent more rapidly than alternative systems, without any impairment of flavour or damage to product. The main characteristics are a huge increase in heat exchange surface to volume ratio whilst scraping the wall for improved heat exchange efficiency.

As a portable container, it can be stored until required. The Corrocool vessel can also be used to self-load from atmospheric cooking vessels via a vacuum trap and small vacuum pump. The cooling cycle can be integrated with mains or cooling tower water to reduce thermal shock and reduce fridge peak loading.

The Corrocool vessel is fitted with a slow speed scraped surface agitator, which is simply removed for cleaning. Its insulated vessel can be used to pressure discharge product and the vessel itself is available in a variety of sizes but such detail must be discussed with Fairfield Dalton at Dalton Grange, Higher Lane, Dalton, Parbold, nr Wigan, Lancashire, tel: 0257 463198.

Vekaplan KF Through VT Plastics

VT PLastics Ltd has announced that it is to distribute Vekaplan KF, which is an extruded opaque PVC-U sheet.

This material has been developed specially by Veka Ltd to meet the latest EC regulations for food contact thermoplastics. It is suitable for use as hygienic wall cladding, internal lining for vehicles, storage containers, display trays, etc.

Vekaplan KF is a modified PVC-U that lends itself to many forms of thermoplastic processing. It can be drilled, sawn, hot or cold bent, welded and vacuum or thermoformed. KF is resistant to a wide range of chemicals over a broad range of temperatures and it is impervious to water, say VT of Snaithing Grange, Snaithing Lane, Sheffield, tel: 0742 306500. This material is supplied in a semi matt finish and is produced in standard sheet sizes - 3000 by 1500mm, 3000 by 1220mm, 2440 by 1220mm and 2000 by 1000mm - in a range of thicknesses, from 1 to 6mm.

Simon Agency for Wincanton

Wincanton Engineering Ltd has been appointed as the agent for the Simon range of continuous butter-making and processing equipment.

As readers may know, the French company manufactures and markets a range of Simon continuous butter-making machinery and equipment to store, work and pump fat and pasty products, also Atia cup and pouch container filling machines and Selvex cheese-cutting machines and systems.

Readers needing more information should note that Wincanton's address is South Street, Sherborne, Dorset, tel: 0249 444404.

Stevens Portion Controller

Stevens Advanced Weighing Systems Ltd of Oak Industrial Park, Chelmsford Road, Dunmow, Essex, tel: 0371 876224 have launched a weighing unit designed to improve control of portion filling on a production line. Their Portion Controller ensures accurate control of ingredients being added manually to a product as it passes up the line.

Typical use would be in the manufacture of pizzas or trifles. In such a situation it is essential that the correct amount of each ingredient is added and the process can only be effectively monitored by reading loss-in-weight in the same 'traffic light' display as used on a conventional checkweigher.

Stevens have also developed their Portion Controller so that users can repeatedly remove product portions from bulk containers and gain the same advantages as those who 'put on' weight. All the operator has to do is call up the appropriate programme number, place the ingredient on the scale and commence weighing out ingredients on to the product. As material is removed from the container, an analogue coloured display, in the weigh-head, guides the operator towards the correct target weight. A within tolerance operation is confirmed by a green 'acceptable' zone illuminating. Achievement of target weight prompts a flashing 'accept' message and automatically tares the container and contents back to zero, for the operator to restart the cycle.

Bench-Top Filler from Masterfil

Masterfil Ltd of 17 Farmborough Close, Stocklake, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, tel: 0296 25001 have brought out a new bench-top semi automatic filler, the S1000-HS.

It is designed for container sizes ranging from 5 to 1000ml and this horizontally mounted machine replaces the vertically mounted floor-standing model they had produced previously.

The S1000-HS is very versatile and can be supplied with 'into neck' filling nozzles for non foaming products or 'diving' nozzles with rise-whilst-fill for products ranging from foaming liquids to viscous creams. The machine can self-feed from floor level or be fed by gravity from above without any loss of accuracy. Volume is infinitely adjustable over the full range by simple handwheel and there is a scale and read-out to allow the operator to return to the exact volume previously filled.

Microwave Systems for Pasteurizing in Packs

Microwave Heating Systems Ltd of Terron House, Commerce Way, Flitwick, Bedforshire, tel: 0525 717132 have designed and built a system whereby, using microwaves, it is now possible to pasteurize product within a plastics container, with a peelable lid, without bursting the pack. This is achieved by carrying out microwave heating and subsequent cooling in a pressurized chamber.

The advantage claimed for such a system is that packs can be filled, sealed and then pasteurized, pasteurization time and heating cycle energy costs are greatly reduced and there is a significant reduction in the risk of poisoning from salmonella or listeria.

Two More Bucher Guyer Presses

Bucher Guyer of Switzerland have added two more membrane presses to their range of fruit processing equipment. The Multipress MPX500 and MPX100 have respective filling capacities of 500 to 5000kg and 1000 to 10,000kg and boast yields of 82 percent by weight or 88 percent when treated with an enzyme treated mash.

Initial pressing is carried out at gentle pressures, up to 0.2 bar, but this is gradually increased to 2.0 bar. After each cycle the membrane is deflated, loosening the pomace before the next cycle begins. During the filling, the unit rotates intermittently, to ensure maximum dejuicing prior to pressing, and parameters of the cycle times and pressures can be adjusted during the process to achieve optimal results.

In the UK, H Erben Ltd of Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk, tel: 0473 823011 are their agents.

All-British Vacuum Lifter

Hover-Lift is a new modular vacuum lifting system designed and manufactured by Craven Associates of Little Shurdington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, tel: 0243 862375.

Their unit will grip and lift a large variety of objects weighing up to 80kg using a single vacuum tube, although multiple units with up to four tubes can be supplied to increase lifting capacity to more than 300kg.

With hands on the control bar, an operator uses fingers to raise a load and thumbs to lower it, and both controls are progressive.

We understand the unit will not commence lifting until a firm grip on the load has been secured. Overloading is apparently not possible and, in the event of power failure, a load is gently lowered to the ground.

Portable Digital Printing Thermometers

Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd have developed a portable digital printing thermometer. Their AP710 thermometer provides a way of automatically measuring and recording temperature, providing an immediate print-out of data or automatically printing it out at user-selectable intervals, from every 3 seconds up to an hour. Four different types of print mode are available - manual, sequential, time interval and lapsed time - enabling the user to automatically print measurement results in a format most suited to the application.

This instrument has a measuring range of -49.9|degrees~ to +399.9|degrees~C with a resolution of 0.1|degree~C (or a comparable range in Fahrenheit), with an accuracy of |+ or -~0.3 percent of reading, say the makers of Southdownview Road, Broadwater Trading Estate, Worthing, West Sussex, tel: 0903 202151.
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