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Farmers advised to sow only registered seeds of cotton. Apr 12, 2022 459
Effect of Plant Spacing on Agronomic Performance and Fodder Quality of Four Tepary Bean (Phaseolus acutifolius A. Gray) Cultivars. Molosiwa, Odireleng O.; Baleseng, Leonard B.; Chirwa, Rowland Jan 19, 2022 8189
Disease Control and Prevention in Rare Plants Based on the Dominant Population Selection Method in Opportunistic Social Networks. Wu, Jia; Gou, Fangfang; Tian, Xiaoming Report Jan 18, 2022 8686
The Variability of Turkish Hazel (Corylus colurna L) Populations in Serbia According to Morphological Nut Traits. Popovic, Vladan; Lucic, Aleksandar; Jovanovic, Sanja; Mladenovic, Katarina; Rakonjac, Ljubinko Report Jan 1, 2022 4764
Phytogeographic Elements and Vegetation along the River Panjkora---Classification and Ordination Studies from the Hindu Kush Mountains Range. Zeb, Shakil Ahmad; Khan, Shujaul Mulk; Ahmad, Zeeshan; Abdullah Report Dec 1, 2021 9894
Work plan for capsicum management. Jul 3, 2021 565
Plant population 17500-20000 per acre suitable for Apr 20-May 10 cotton sowing. Apr 28, 2021 384
Integrated Soil--Crop System Management with Organic Fertilizer Achieves Sustainable High Maize Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Northeast China Based on an 11-Year Field Study. Wang, Yin; Cao, Yaqi; Feng, Guozhong; Li, Xiaoyu; Zhu, Lin; Liu, Shuoran; Coulter, Jeffrey A.; Gao, Aug 1, 2020 7793
Linking Endophytic Fungi to Medicinal Plants Therapeutic Activity. A Case Study on Asteraceae. Caruso, Gianluca; Abdelhamid, Magdi T.; Kalisz, Andrzej; Sekara, Agnieszka Case study Jul 1, 2020 10858
Relationship between Relative Maturity and Grain Yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids in Northwest New Mexico for the 2003-2019 Period. Djaman, Koffi; Owen, Curtis; West, Margaret M.; Allen, Samuel; Koudahe, Komlan; Darapuneni, Murali; Jul 1, 2020 5057
Enhanced Efficiency Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer Management for Corn Production. Steusloff, Tyler W.; Singh, Gurbir; Nelson, Kelly A.; Motavalli, Peter P. Mar 31, 2020 10103
Atlas Food, Syngeenta Pakistan sign MoU. Mar 16, 2020 318
Punjab to offer 50% subsidy on certified seeds. Mar 15, 2020 459
Comparative Yield, Fiber Quality and Dry Matter Production of Cotton Planted at Various Densities under Equidistant Row Arrangement. Khan, Nangial; Xing, Fangfang; Feng, Lu; Wang, Zhanbiao; Xin, Minghua; Xiong, Shiwu; Wang, Guoping; Feb 1, 2020 8579
Plant Density Influences Reproductive Growth, Lint Yield and Boll Spatial Distribution of Cotton. Khan, Nangial; Han, Yingchun; Xing, Fangfang; Feng, Lu; Wang, Zhanbiao; Wang, Guoping; Yang, Beifang Jan 1, 2020 8223
'Mechanical boll picker machine in last phase of completion'. Oct 22, 2019 205
'Mechanical boll picker machine in last phase of completion'. Oct 22, 2019 205
Partition and macronutrients accumulation in pineapple under nitrogen doses and plant density. Dias de Souza, Renata Patricia; Pegoraro, Rodinei Facco; dos Reis, Sidnei Tavares; Maia, Victor Mart Jul 1, 2019 6005
Short Communication - Seed Dispersal of an Endangered Kmeria septentrionalis by Frugivorous Birds in a Karst Habitat. Wang, Guo-hai; Yang, Zai-xi; Chen, Pan; Tan, Wei-ning; Lu, Chang-hu Report Jun 30, 2019 2761
Patrones efectivos de flujo de genes a traves de un paisaje fragmentado en el sur de Costa Rica para una especie con dispersores moviles de polen y semillas; Symphonia globulifera (Clusiaceae). Solis-Hernandez, Wendy; Fuchs, Eric J. Apr 1, 2019 9869
Sowing operation direction and population densities in corn growing/Sentido da operacao de semeadura e densidades populacionais no cultivo do milho. Correa, Rafael D.G.; Furlani, Carlos E.A.; Zerbato, Cristiano; de Oliveira, Danilo T.; de F. Noronha Mar 1, 2019 3283
THE VASCULAR FLORA OF CRADDOCK WETLAND NATURE PRESERVE, DELAWARE COUNTY, INDIANA. Ruch, Donald G.; Crecelius, Megan E.; Taylor, John E.; Badger, Kemuel S.; Rothrock, Paul E. Report Jan 1, 2019 10707
Quality monitoring of soybean seed tests using Statistical Process Control/Monitoramento da qualidade em testes de semente de soja utilizando Controle Estatistico de Processo. Alcantara, Aline S.; Prado, Jessica P. do; Correa, Rafael de G.; Silva, Rouverson P. da; Voltarelli, Oct 1, 2018 3536
Vascular flora and phytogeographical links of the Carabaya Mountains, Peru. Gonzales, Paul; Leon, Blanca; Cano, Asuncion; Jorgensen, Peter M. Aug 1, 2018 15210
PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF AN ULTISOL UNDER CULTIVATION OF Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden OF PAMPA GAUCHO/PROPRIEDADES FISICAS E QUIMICAS DE UM ARGISSOLO SOB CULTIVO DE Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden NO PAMPA GAUCHO. da Rosa, Suzana Ferreira; Reinert, Dalvan Jose; Reichert, Jose Miguel; Fleig, Frederico Dimas; Rodri Apr 1, 2018 7386
Plant population dipping in Middle East, warn experts. Feb 6, 2018 506
Some Unresolved Issues of Measuring the Efficiency of Pollinators: Experimentally Testing and Assessing the Predictive Power of Different Methods. Sihag, Ram Chander Jan 1, 2018 11031
Ethnobotanical Study of Munshiganj in Shyamnagar Upazilla, Satkhira, Bangladesh. Ray, Tama; Mondal, Kingson Jan 1, 2018 3669
Experimental Treatment with a Hypomethylating Agent Alters Life History Traits and Fitness in Brassica rapa. Kottler, Emily J.; Van Wallendael, Acer; Franks, Steven J. Report Jan 1, 2018 6000
A newly-reported Salicornia europaea population under threat. Shahid, Mohammad Report Jan 1, 2018 1065
Grass diversity in the historical Kalash valley, district Chitral, Hindukush range, Pakistan. Hadi, Fazal; Ibrar, Muhammad Report Jul 1, 2017 2413
Cotton plant population should be at least 23000 per acre. May 27, 2017 257
Performance of irrigated green corn cultivars in different plant populations at sowing/Desempenho de cultivares de milho verde irrigado em diferentes populacoes de plantas na semeadura. Neto, Jose C. Soares; Neto, Antonio L. dos Santos; Santos, Wellington M. dos; Barros, Daline T.S.; d Apr 1, 2017 3981
Effect of Postsowing Compaction on Cold and Frost Tolerance of North China Plain Winter Wheat. Lu, Caiyun; Zhao, Chunjiang; Wang, Xiu; Meng, Zhijun; Song, Jian; McGiffen, Milt; Wu, Guangwei; Fu, Jan 1, 2017 4258
Detecting the Early Genetic Effects of Habitat Degradation in Small Size Remnant Populations of Machilus thunbergii Sieb. et Zucc. Watanabe, Shuntaro; Kaneko, Yuko; Maesako, Yuri; Noma, Naohiko Jan 1, 2017 5241
Study on the Diversity and Use of Wild Edible Plants in Bullen District Northwest Ethiopia. Berihun, Tariku; Molla, Eyayu Report Jan 1, 2017 7167
The physical structure of forests in the Amazon basin: a review. Myster, Randall W. Report Dec 1, 2016 11060
Population ecology study of Epifagus Virginiana (L.) W.P.C. Barton (Beechdrops) in Central Indiana. Wesche, Spencer L.; Barker, Elizabeth L.; Heikens, Alice L. Report Nov 22, 2016 2771
Creating customized approaches for sustainable wildcrafting: variable environmental conditions may influence how medicinal plant populations respond to harvesting. Sharaf, Maged Nov 1, 2016 1054
Direct Seeding of Rice to reduce input cost, increase production. Oct 31, 2016 445
Direct Seeding of Rice to reduce input cost, increase production. Oct 31, 2016 445
Taxonomical and ecological plant characterization of the drying bottom of the Aral Sea. Sherimbetov, Sanjar; Mukhamedov, Rustam; Pratov, Uktam Report Oct 1, 2016 2932
Virus helps plant attract pollinators: pathogen's effects ensure stable supply of hosts, study suggests. Hamers, Laurel Sep 17, 2016 398
Food Briefs National. Aug 31, 2016 467
NEWS and VIEWS - Direct seeding technology on rise. Aug 31, 2016 459
The vascular flora and plant communities of Holthouse Woods Nature Preserve in Wayne County, Indiana. Ruch, Donald G.; Badger, Kemuel S.; Taylor, John E.; Smith, Megan E.; Bell, Samantha; Rothrock, Paul Report Jun 27, 2016 11314
A Phytogeographical Metaanalysis of the Semiarid Caatinga Domain in Brazil. Moro, Marcelo Freire; Lughadha, Eimear Nic; de Araujo, Francisca Soares; Martins, Fernando Roberto Report Jun 1, 2016 14985
A Phytogeographical Metaanalysis of the Semiarid Caatinga Domain in Brazil. Moro, Marcelo Freire; Lughadha, Eimear Nic; de Araujo, Francisca Soares; Martins, Fernando Roberto Report Jun 1, 2016 7179
Experts for comprehensive strategy for good cotton production. May 31, 2016 314
Experts issue guidelines for profitable cotton cultivation. May 5, 2016 288
Genetic diversity and population structure of the endemic disjunct species, helenium virginicum (Asteraceae). Knox, John S.; Bezold, Kelly; Cabe, Paul R.; Williams, Skip; Simurda, Maryanne C. Report Apr 1, 2016 7958
Oak decline as illustrated through plant-climate interactions near the northern edge of species range. Helama, Samuli; Sohar, Kristina; Laanelaid, Alar; Makela, Hanna M.; Raisio, Juha Report Mar 1, 2016 7616
Range extensions and county records for vascular plants from Mills County, Texas. Nelson, Allan D.; Goetze, Jim R.; Smith, Kalee Report Feb 1, 2016 2144
A flora of the Ballona wetlands and environs. Read, E.A. Dec 1, 2015 7734
Seedling survival of Handroanthus impetiginosus (Mart ex DC) Mattos in a semi-arid environment through modified germination speed and post-germination desiccation tolerance/Sobrevivencia de plantulas de Handroanthus impetiginosus (Mart ex DC) Mattos em ambiente semi-arido ocorre por modificacao da velocidade de germinacao e da tolerancia a dessecacao pos germinacao. Martins, J.R.; Edvaldo, A.A.S.; Alvarengad, A.A.; Rodrigues, A.C.; Ribeiro, D.E.; Toorop, P.E. Nov 1, 2015 6460
One mln plant per acre can give better wheat yield. Oct 31, 2015 362
An inventory of tree species diversity in and around gold-mined areas in a montane village in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. Mugot, Dennis A.; Ascano, Cordulo P., II; Albutra, Queenilyn B.; Ansigbat, Vicenta V.; Paz, Sherryl Report Oct 1, 2015 3596
The American chestnut foundation's scientific approach: Alabama scientists and activists helping to rehabilitate. Heckert, Betsy Report Jul 1, 2015 2529
Genetic Structure of Invasive Weed Parthenium hysterophorus in Australia and Pakistan. Report Apr 30, 2015 4915
Impact of Genetic Factor and Geographical Location on Allicin Content of Garlic (Allium sativum) Germplasm from Egypt and China. Report Feb 28, 2015 4969
Effects of plant density and npk application on the growth and yield of white guinea yam (Dioscorea rotundata poir) in a forest zone of Nigeria. Law-Ogbomo, K.E.; Osaigbovo, A.U. Report Oct 1, 2014 4342
Grouping of some populations of Achillea tenifolia, regarding morphologic features by using multi-variety statistical methods. Jasemi, Mohammad; Javadian, Mahdi; Dalvand, Hadis; Bajalan, Iman Report Oct 1, 2014 1375
Agronomic characteristics and oil content of rapeseed as a function of sown date/ Caracteristicas agronomicas e teor de oleo da canola em funcao da epoca de semeadura. Melgarejo. A., Milciades A.; Duarte, Jose B., Jr.; da Costa, Antonio C.T.; Mezzalira, Eder J.; Piva, Sep 1, 2014 3911
The nuts and bolts of doing the Flora of the Bahama Archipelago: how Don Correll worked. Stevenson, Jan Wassmer; Stevenson, Dennis Wm. Report Sep 1, 2014 6347
Plants, research, conservation, and education in the Bahama Archipelago. The emerging picture. Francisco-Ortega, Javier; Jestrow, Brett; Freid, Ethan Report Sep 1, 2014 1327
The New York Botanical Garden and the making of The Bahama Flora, 1920. Boom, Brian M. Report Sep 1, 2014 6199
The Flora of the Bahamas, Donovan Correll, and the Miami University Connection. Eshbaugh, W. Hardy Report Sep 1, 2014 7872
Endemic seed plants in the Bahamian Archipelago. Freid, Ethan; Francisco-Ortega, Javier; Jestrow, Brett Report Sep 1, 2014 10299
The Bahamian Flora: plant exploration, living collections, and DNA--a journey started in 1963. Jestrow, Brett; Freid, Ethan; Arango-Garces, Santiago; Francisco-Ortega, Javier Report Sep 1, 2014 4682
Systematics, taxonomy, and the new flora of the Bahamian Archipelago. Vincent, Michael A.; Hickey, R. James Report Sep 1, 2014 8456
Plant conservation challenges in the Bahama Archipelago. Carey, Eric; Gape, Lynn; Manco, B. Naqqi; Hepburn, Dion; Smith, Ross L.; Knowles, Lindy; Knowles, Da Report Sep 1, 2014 8697
Analysis of some limiting ecological factors on the example of the distribution of the genus Tilia L. cultivated in Latvia. Evarte-Bundere, Gunta Report Sep 1, 2014 6821
A two year population ecology study of puttyroot orchid (Aplectrum hyemale (Muhl. ex willd.) Torr.) in Central Indiana. Smith, Megan E.; Heikens, Alice L. Report Aug 20, 2014 3573
Deposition of spray solution and productivity of soybean cultivated in different spatial arrangements/Deposicao de calda de pulverizacao e produtividade da soja cultivada em diferentes arranjos espaciais. Holtz, Vandoir; Couto, Rodney Ferreira; de Oliveira, Danilo Gomes; Reis, Elton Fialho dos Aug 1, 2014 3858
Status of the endangered Scotts Valley spineflower (Polygonaceae) in coastal central California. Kofron, C.P.; Lyons, K. Report Aug 1, 2014 245
Geospatial analyses of plant invasion and habitat transgression within an impacted ecological reserve. Medel, I.D.; Johnston, K.K.; Read, E. Report Aug 1, 2014 293
Correlating secondary productivity and habitat composition of eelgrass beds in a southern California marine protected area. Staniec, K.J.; Tanner, R.L.; Obaza, A.K.; Ginsburg, D.W. Report Aug 1, 2014 262
The relationship between plant biodiversity and ecosystem function in a coastal wetland. Fitzgerald, M.; Funk, J.L.; Allen, B.J.; Whitcraft, C. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 241
A vegetative survey in the marsh flats of the Ballona wetlands to determine the occurance of non-native plants. Kim, T.; Clementi, E.; Dorsey, J. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 295
Variability of quantitative morphological characters of Momordica charantia L. samples of different geographical origin. Tokhtar, Valerie Konstantinovich; Doan, Giang Hoang Report Aug 1, 2014 1750
Regional databases within invasive plant species spread monitoring. Vadim, Prokhorov; Tatiana, Rogova Report Aug 1, 2014 1333
Status of rare and endangered species of lichen populations in the Perm Territory. Shkaraba, Ekaterina Mikhailovna; Selivanov, Alexey Evgen'evich; Shajakhmetova, Zoya Modarisovna; Kar Report Jul 1, 2014 2334
Differentiation of the climatic niches of the invasive Oenothera l. (subsect. Oenothera, Onagraceae) species in the Eastern Europe. Tokhtar, Valery; Groshenko, Sergey Report Jun 1, 2014 1590
Influence of spacing and plant population for sweet sorghum in different seeding seasons/Influencia do espacamento e da populacao de plantas de sorgo sacarino em diferentes epocas semeadura. Fernandes, Pedro Goncalves; May, Andre; Coelho, Fabio Cunha; Abreu, Marina Chamon; Bertolino, Karina Jun 1, 2014 3655
Postglacial occurrence and decline of Betula nana L. (dwarf birch) in northeastern Poland/Betula nana L. (vaevakase) jaaajajargne levik Kirde-Poolas. Drzymulska, Danuta Report Jun 1, 2014 6163
Spatiotemporal variability in the eelgrass Zostera marina L. in the north-eastern Baltic Sea: canopy structure and associated macrophyte and invertebrate communities. Moller, Tiia; Kotta, Jonne; Martin, Georg Report Jun 1, 2014 8388
Biomonitoring properties of mosses in Semey town area of the Irtysh River. Gennadievna, Pankiv Irina; Georgievna, Nesterova Svetlana; Akparovna, Mukhatayeva Karlygash; Tolepbe Report May 1, 2014 4302
Introduction and evaluation of medicinal plants in Flora City Mamasani. Rahimi, Sareh; Rahimi, Hamid; Ahmadi, Maryam; Hasanshahi, Saeed Report May 1, 2014 2849
Medicinal plants in tropical rain forest from Hua Khao subdistrict, Singha Nakhon District, Songkhla Province, Thailand. Neamsuvan, Oratai; Sengnon, Narumon; Haddee, Umad; Mard-E, Wittawat; Sae-Tang, Warunyu Report Apr 1, 2014 6702
In vitro mass propagation of Wedelia calendulacea Less., a rare medicinal herb. Lisa, Shahnaz Fatema; Lithy, Shejuty Shahreen; Rashid, Harun Or; Mahdi, Rabab; Azam, Fardous Mohamma Report Apr 1, 2014 6884
Medicinal plants of the Chakma community of Rangapanir Chara area of Khagrachaari district, Bangladesh. Malek, Ishita; Mia, Nahid; Mustary, Easmin; Hossain, Jubayet; Sathi, Sabrin Mahmuda; Parvez, Jakaria Report Apr 1, 2014 6424
Peanut mechanized digging regarding to plant population and soil water level/Arranquio mecanizado de amendoim associado a populacao de planta e ao teor de agua do solo. Zerbato, Cristiano; Silva, Vicente F.A.; Torres, Luma S.; da Silva, Rouverson P.; Furlani, Carlos E. Apr 1, 2014 4545
Population dynamics of weeds in succession oats/corn with use of manure/ Dinamica de populacoes de plantas daninhas na sucessao aveia/milho com uso de cama de aviario. Bulegon, Lucas Guilherme; Castagnara, Deise Dalazen; de Oliveira, Paulo Sergio Rabello; Neunfeld, Ta Report Apr 1, 2014 4156
Evaluation of the capability of landsat 8 data for predicting tree density in the Bagh-Shadiharat Forests. Delpasand, Sahar; Bahmankiani; Mokhtari, Mohammad Hosien Report Apr 1, 2014 2111
Growth rate and latex yield of lime Jelutung (Dyera Iowii Hook) that growing at ten peat thickness. Indrayanti, Lies; Marsoem, S.N.; Prayitno, T.A.; Supryo, H. Report Apr 1, 2014 5203
Growing space estimation of teak through dominant family approach at progeny trial in Ngawi Forest District. Sadono, Ronggo; Nirwanawati, Atik; Murdjoko, Agustinus; Santosa, Agus Budi; Rachman, Imran Report Apr 1, 2014 3418
Some quality aspects and proximate composition of some legumes in Sudan. Elsayed, Elmustafa O.; Omer, Razaz E.; El-Naim, Ahmed M. Report Mar 1, 2014 2201
Stigma diversity in tropical legumes with considerations on stigma classification. Costa, Marina Fernanda Bortolin; Paulino, Juliana Villela; Marinho, Cristina Ribeiro; Leite, Viviane Report Mar 1, 2014 11871
Diversification times and biogeographic patterns in Apiales. Nicolas, Antoine N.; Plunkett, Gregory M. Report Mar 1, 2014 13415
Bryophytes in Estonian mires. Ingerpuu, Nele; Nurkse, Kristiina; Vellak, Kai Report Mar 1, 2014 4372
Landscape variables as predictors of characteristics of native-grass communities in xeroriparian areas of the Sonoran Desert. Levi, Eva M.; Fehmi, Jeffrey S. Report Mar 1, 2014 4917
Noteworthy record of Crawford's desert shrew (Notiosorex crawfordi) from southern Nevada. Manning, Richard W.; Heaney, Martin R.; Sagot, Maria; Baker, Robert J. Report Mar 1, 2014 1171
Documenting the early stages of invasion of Matthiola parviflora and predicting its spread in North America. Horst, Jonathan L.; Kimball, Sarah; Becerra, Judith X.; Noge, Koji; Venable, D. Lawrence Report Mar 1, 2014 5415
Analysis of herbaceous plant succession and dispersal mechanisms in deglaciated terrain on Mt. Yulong, China. Chang, Li; He, Yuanqing; Yang, Taibao; Du, Jiankuo; Niu, Hewen; Pu, Tao Report Jan 1, 2014 8364
Integrating SOMs and a Bayesian classifier for segmenting diseased plants in uncontrolled environments. Hernandez-Rabadan, Deny Lizbeth; Ramos-Quintana, Fernando; Juk, Julian Guerrero Report Jan 1, 2014 7652
Micropropagation of an exotic ornamental plant, Calathea crotalifera, for production of high quality plantlets. Rozali, Shahril Efzueni; Rashid, Kamaludin A.; Taha, Rosna Mat Report Jan 1, 2014 8749
Monitoring the invasion of Spartina alterniflora using very high resolution unmanned aerial vehicle imagery in Beihai, Guangxi (China). Wan, Huawei; Wang, Qiao; Jiang, Dong; Fu, Jingying; Yang, Yipeng; Liu, Xiaoman Report Jan 1, 2014 3845
Meiotic studies in some species of tribe Cichorieae (Asteraceae) from Western Himalayas. Gupta, Raghbir Chand; Goyal, Henna; Singh, Vijay; Goel, Rajesh Kumar Report Jan 1, 2014 5515
Genetic diversity and genetic structure of different types of natural populations in Osmanthus fragrans Lour. and the relationships with sex ratio, population structure, and geographic isolation. Hu, Shaoqing; Wu, Shuai; Wang, Yiguang; Zhao, Hongbo; Zhang, Yuanyan Report Jan 1, 2014 4339
Use and diversity of palm (Arecaceae) resources in central western Brazil. Martins, Renata Correa; Filgueiras, Tarciso de Sousa; Albuquerque, Ulysses Paulino Report Jan 1, 2014 10555
Ecological effects of roads on the plant diversity of coastal wetland in the yellow river delta. Li, Yunzhao; Yu, Junbao; Ning, Kai; Du, Siyao; Han, Guangxuan; Qu, Fanzhu; Wang, Guangmei; Fu, Yuqin Report Jan 1, 2014 5993
Epigenetic dynamics: role of epimarks and underlying machinery in plants exposed to abiotic stress. Dhar, Manoj Kumar; Vishal, Parivartan; Sharma, Rahul; Kaul, Sanjana Report Jan 1, 2014 6988
Phytoliths as emerging taxonomic tools for identification of plants: an overview. Shakoor, Sheikh Abdul; Bhat, Mudassir Ahmad Report Jan 1, 2014 6595
New cultivars derived from crosses between commercial cultivar and a wild population of papaya rescued at its center of origin. Calderon, Mariela Vazquez; Leon, Manuel Jesus Zavala; Martin, Fernando Amilcar Contreras; Gil, Franc Report Jan 1, 2014 6098
Dynamics of the Manilkara huberi (Ducke) A. Chev. population during 26 years after logging in a terra firme forest in the Brazilian Amazonia/Dinamica da populacao de Manilkara huberi (Ducke) A. Chev. durante 26 anos apos a exploracao florestal em uma area de terra firme na Amazonia Brasileira. Castro, Tatiana da Cunha; de Carvalho, Joao Olegario Pereira Jan 1, 2014 5184
NARROW PLANT SPACING AND NITROGEN APPLICATION ENHANCES SUNFLOWER (Helianthus annuus L.) PRODUCTIVITY. Awais, Muhammad; Wajid, Aftab; Ahmad, Ashfaq; Bakhsh, Allah Abstract Dec 31, 2013 5334
Conserving the genetic diversity of plants in Austral and Neotropical America (ANA): a metanalysis of published studies using samples of the region. Oliveira-Miranda, M.A.; Martino, A.M.; De Oliveira-Miranda, R.M.; Balboa, K.; Aguilera, M. Report Dec 1, 2013 8013
DNA barcoding in endangered Mesoamerican groups of plants. Sosa, Victoria; Mejia-Saules, Teresa; Cuellar, Manuel A.; Vovides, Andrew P. Report Dec 1, 2013 4817
Molecular systematics of threatened seed plant species endemic in the Caribbean Islands. Oleas, Nora; Jestrow, Brett; Calonje, Michael; Peguero, Brigido; Jimenez, Francisco; Rodriguez-Peiia Report Dec 1, 2013 6763
A review on a mangrove species from the Sunderbans, Bangladesh: Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (L.) Lam. Rahman, Mizanur; Kabir, Zahirul; Paul, Prashanta Kumer; Islam, Rashedul; Rahman, Shahnaz; Jahan, Row Report Dec 1, 2013 10554
A review on a mangrove species from the Sunderbans, Bangladesh: Barringtonia racemosa (L.) Roxb. Kabir, Zahirul; Rahman, Mizanur; Islam, Rashedul; Paul, Prashanta Kumer; Rahman, Shahnaz; Jahan, Row Report Dec 1, 2013 10026
Evaluating monoculture versus polyculture planting regimes in a newly-restored Southern California salt marsh. Blair, Emily M.; Allen, Bengt J.; Whitcraft, Christine R. Report Dec 1, 2013 6243
The role of railway lines in the distribution of alien plant species in the territory of Daugavpils City (Latvia). Rutkovska, Santa; Pucka, Irena; Evarts-Bunders, Peteris; Paidere, Jana Report Sep 1, 2013 5689
Monitoring Restoration Impacts to Endemic Plant Communities in Soil Inclusions of Arid Environments. Report Aug 31, 2013 3323
Spatial distribution of eastern mistletoe phoradendron leucarpum, viscaceae in an urban environment. Gougherty, Andrew V. Report Jul 1, 2013 4686
Yield elements of sweet corn in different population densities/Elementos de producao de milho doce em diferentes densidades populacionais. de Souza, Renan Soares; Filho, Pedro Soares Vidigal; Scapim, Carlos Alberto; Marques, Odair Jose; Qu Jul 1, 2013 4337
Associations of the hemiparasite, Castilleja christii N.H. Holmgren (Orobanchaceae). Clancy, Michael; Fothergill, Kent; Motychak, Jeff; Pierson, Kim Report Jun 1, 2013 2042
Evidence of edaphic control of endemic plant speciation in southeastern Oregon and southwestern Idaho. Brown, Brittni; Mansfield, Donald H. Report Jun 1, 2013 200
Morphological analysis of small-fruited varieties of Astragalus purshii (Fabaceae) confirms varietal distinction. Garcia, Betsaida Chavez; Mansfield, Donald H. Report Jun 1, 2013 193
Probable causes for the increase of alders in Succor Creek Canyon over the last 50 years. Garcia, Betsaida Chavez; Barbour, Laura; Yensen, Eric Author abstract Jun 1, 2013 186
A floristic analysis and comparison of plant communities in Harlan County, Nebraska. Hastings, Naomi D.; Rothenberger, Steven J. Report Jun 1, 2013 5590
Importance of Himalayan medicinal plants and their conservation strategies. Parveen, Shugufta; Jan, Ulfat; Kamili, Azra Report Jun 1, 2013 3463
Biology and functional ecology of Equisetum with emphasis on the giant horsetails. Husby, Chad Report Jun 1, 2013 15530
Seed dormancy and germination of an endangered coastal plant Eryngium maritimum (Apiaceae). Necajeva, Jevgenija; Ievinsh, Gederts Report Jun 1, 2013 4392
A distributional and floristic study of known Hall's bulrush (Schoenoplectiella hallii, Cyperaceae) sites in Kentucky with implications for Tennessee. Chester, Edward W. Report May 1, 2013 2830
Ethnobotanical uses of medicinal plants by the Tudu sub-clan of the Santal tribe in Joypurhat district of Bangladesh. Zahan, Tanzan; Ahmed, Istiaq; Omi, Sabrina Islam; Naher, Kamrun; Islam, Simin; Mahmud, A.S.M. Sale H Report Apr 1, 2013 4301
Plant items consumed by various tribal groups in Bangladesh during times of food scarcity. Kabir, Md. Imran; Hossan, Md. Yousuf; Islam, Md. Fokhrul; Anusha, Sumaya Islam; Esha, Israt Jahan; A Report Apr 1, 2013 4877
Medicinal plants of the Khatriya and Kashya clans of the Bagdi people of Rajbari district in Bangladesh. Mukti, Mohsina; Rahman, Md. Atiqur; Bashar, A.B.M. Anwarul; Hossain, Sophia; Rahmatullah, Mohammed Report Apr 1, 2013 5844
Review of the purple amole Chlorogalum purpureum (Agavaceae): a threatened plant in the coast ranges of Central California. Kofron, Christopher P.; Rutherford, Connie; Clark, Elizabeth R.; Woodbury, Darlene; Olson, Jody; Hol Report Apr 1, 2013 5782
Entomophily, ornithophily and anemochory in the highly self-incompatible Boswellia ovalifoliolata Bal. & Henry (Burseraceae), an endemic and endangered medicinal tree species. Raju, Aluri Jacob Solomon; Lakshmi, Pakkurti Vara; Ramana, Kunuku Venkata Report Mar 1, 2013 5321
The vascular flora and vegetational communities of Mississinewa Woods in Randolph County, Indiana. Ruch, Donald G.; Badger, Kemuel S.; Daugherty, Brittney C.; Torke, Byron G.; Rothrock, Paul E. Report Jan 23, 2013 13018
The influence of distance on ultrasonic density meassurements. Berk, P.; Rakun, J.; Lakota, M.; Muskinja, N. Report Jan 1, 2013 2378
Species richness and floral diversity around 'Teesta Barrage Project' in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India with emphasis on invasive plants and indigenous uses. Talukdar, Dibyendu Report Jan 1, 2013 7096
The ecological response of Carex lasiocarpa community in the riparian wetlands to the environmental gradient of water depth in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China. Luan, Zhaoqing; Wang, Zhongxin; Yan, Dandan; Liu, Guihua; Xu, Yingying Report Jan 1, 2013 3785
Salinity tolerance turfgrass: history and prospects. Uddin, Kamal; Juraimi, Abdul Shukor Report Jan 1, 2013 4658
Genetic diversity analysis of sugarcane parents in Chinese breeding programmes using gSSR markers. You, Qian; Xu, Liping; Zheng, Yifeng; Que, Youxiong Report Jan 1, 2013 7774
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Cotton plant population, ball weight increased this year. Jan 26, 2012 275
Cotton plant population, ball weight increased this year. Jan 26, 2012 275
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