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An Improved Deep Residual Convolutional Neural Network for Plant Leaf Disease Detection. Pandian J., Arun; K., Kanchanadevi; Rajalakshmi, N.R.; G.Arulkumaran, Sep 14, 2022 5040
Seed Coat Morphology and Sculpturing of Selected Invasive Alien Plants from Lesser Himalaya Pakistan and Their Systematic Implications. Anjum, Farida; Mir, Asif; Shakir, Yasmeen; Zafar, Muhammad; Sultana, Shazia; Ameen, Maria; Ahmad, Mu Report Jul 25, 2022 6721
A comprehensive overview of miRNA targeting drought stress resistance in plants/ Uma visao geral abrangente do miRNA visando a resistencia ao estresse hidrico em plantas. Shah, S.M.S.; Ullah, F. Jun 8, 2022 4829
Chinese breeding technology helping high yield of Pakistani rice. May 31, 2022 245
Chinese breeding technology helping high yield of Pakistani rice for exports. May 30, 2022 245
Maple Leaf Foods leads seed round in cell-protein start-up Evolved Meats. Simon Harvey May 20, 2022 537
Comparative Plastome Analysis of Three Amaryllidaceae Subfamilies: Insights into Variation of Genome Characteristics, Phylogeny, and Adaptive Evolution. Cheng, Rui-Yu; Xie, Deng-Feng; Zhang, Xiang-Yi; Fu, Xiao; He, Xing-Jin; Zhou, Song-Dong Report Mar 24, 2022 13396
200 trees planted to mark World Forest Day. Mar 22, 2022 152
Cis Elements: Added Boost to the Directed Evolution of Plant Genes. Valli, Harisomayajula; Prasanna, Devi; Rajput, Vikrant Singh; Sridhar, Wuriti; sakuntala, N.N.V.; ha Mar 1, 2022 2714
99 million-year-old flowers found perfectly preserved in amber bloomed at the feet of dinosaurs. Feb 3, 2022 284
Anthropogenic Global Change and Plant Constraints. Nov 15, 2021 600
How bees spark sweet smell of flowers. Sep 22, 2021 225
How bees spark sweet smell of flowers. Sep 22, 2021 225
How bees spark sweet smell of flowers. Sep 22, 2021 225
How bees spark sweet smell of flowers. Sep 22, 2021 225
Flowers 'feel a bee's electricity'. Sep 22, 2021 248
How bees spark sweet smell of flowers. Sep 22, 2021 226
How bees spark sweet smell of flowers. Sep 22, 2021 225
How bees spark sweet smell of flowers. Sep 22, 2021 225
How bees spark sweet smell of flowers. Sep 22, 2021 225
How bees spark sweet smell of flowers. Sep 22, 2021 224
Catalyst Bancorp reports Q2 adjusted EPS (21c), consensus (19c). Aug 5, 2021 181
Potential of Citrullus colocynthis L. Schrad. Immature Seed Extracts as Food Preservative against a Fungal Mycotoxigenic Contaminant. Mussi, Francesca; Montalbano, Serena; Marzouk, Belsem; Arru, Laura; Refifa, Meher; Marzouk, Zohra; K Jul 14, 2021 4655
It's wise to care for bees and be grateful for all they do. FAITH MATTERS REV SIMON MARSHALL WRITES.. Jun 11, 2021 404
Quantitative Evaluation of Leaf Morphology with Different Rice Genotypes Based on Image Processing. Hua, Shan; Xu, Minjie; Xu, Zhifu; Ye, Hongbao Jun 1, 2021 5248
L'Oreal Plant Expansion Means 45 New Jobs in NLR. May 31, 2021 392
What makes NUE optimistic. Mar 10, 2021 352
Researchers discover that flowering plants may have existed earlier than 100 million years old ago. Mar 5, 2021 205
A Spring Garden Feast: Santa Barbara author Valerie Rice shares celebratory seasonal recipes inspired by her idyllic seaside garden. Gemma; Ingalls, Andrew Mar 1, 2021 1329
Quantitative Evaluation of Leaf Morphology with Different Rice Genotypes Based on Image Processing. Hua, Shan; Xu, Minjie; Xu, Zhifu; Ye, Hongbao Report Jan 1, 2021 5248
World heritage call for geology 'jewel'. Nov 16, 2020 577
Cotton queen losing shine in stronghold. Oct 28, 2020 477
Chloroplast Genome Sequences and Comparative Analyses of Combretaceae Mangroves with Related Species. Zhang, Ying; Li, Hai-Li; Zhong, Jun-Di; Wang, Yun; Yuan, Chang-Chun Report Sep 30, 2020 7595
Plant Model-Based Fault Detection during Aircraft Takeoff Using Non-Deterministic Finite-State Automata. Settele, Ferdinand; Weber, Alexander; Knoll, Alexander Technical report Aug 1, 2020 7466
Govt planting sustainable trees along side motorways, highways, to protect environment: Gull. Jul 3, 2020 304
Genome-Wide Analysis of the Trehalose-6-Phosphate Synthase (TPS) Gene Family and Expression Profiling of ScTPS Genes in Sugarcane. Hu, Xin; Wu, Zhuan-Di; Luo, Zheng-Ying; Burner, David M.; Pan, Yong-Bao; Wu, Cai-Wen Jul 1, 2020 7474
Why Self-fertilizing Plants Still Exist in Wild Populations: Diversity Assurance through Stress-Induced Male Sterility May Promote Selective Outcrossing and Recombination. Ginkel, Maarten van; Flipphi, Ronald C.H. Mar 1, 2020 6032
The evolution of concrete plants: From hammers to high-tech. Yeack, Craig Mar 1, 2020 926
The Analysis of Pinus pinaster SnRKs Reveals Clues of the Evolution of This Family and a New Set of Abiotic Stress Resistance Biomarkers. Colina, Francisco Javier; Carbo, Maria; Alvarez, Ana; Valledor, Luis; Canal, Maria Jesus Feb 1, 2020 6539
Salty Algae Leads to Sweet Success. Dec 17, 2019 989
Triggering Event May Not Be Necessary In Filling Earth With Oxygen. Jan Cortes Dec 12, 2019 353
Ground Truthing and Physiological Validation of Vis-NIR Spectral Indices for Early Diagnosis of Nitrogen Deficiency in cv. Barbera (Vitis vinifera L.) Grapevines. Squeri, Cecilia; Gatti, Matteo; Garavani, Alessandra; Vercesi, Alberto; Buzzi, Marta; Croci, Michele Dec 1, 2019 10046
How Do Disturbances across Spatial Scales Influence Treeline Range Dynamics? Brehaut, Lucas Dec 1, 2019 4004
Identification and Expression Analysis of the NAC Gene Family in Coffea canephora. Dong, Xiangshu; Jiang, Yuan; Yang, Yanan; Xiao, Ziwei; Bai, Xuehui; Gao, Jing; Tan, Shirui; Hur, Yoo Nov 1, 2019 9886
Fossil trove from Colorado shows life's fast recovery after big extinction. Oct 25, 2019 498
The surprising evolution of plant-based margarine. Courtesy of Brandpoint Oct 9, 2019 646
Molder Adopts 'Semi-Smart' Automation: R&D Plastics finds new and more sophisticated ways to use robots. Naitove, Matthew Oct 1, 2019 1128
Plastic-free packaging is launched. Sep 3, 2019 199
Chinese Scientists Discover Oldest Fossil Forest in Asia. Aug 15, 2019 284
National Geographic Kids Abu Dhabi Premieres 'Green Thumb', a Local Environmental Series Promoting Sustainable Farming. Jul 10, 2019 285
Nat Geo Kids Abu Dhabi to premiere local environmental series "Green Thumb". Jul 9, 2019 291
Extinctions not driven by global warming. May 12, 2019 994
Pollinators, Pests and Plant Evolution. Apr 15, 2019 543
Phylogeny and Systematics of Cyperaceae, the Evolution and Importance of Embryo Morphology. Semmouri, Ilias; Bauters, Kenneth; Leveille-Bourret, Etienne; Starr, Julian R.; Goetghebeur, Paul; L Report Mar 1, 2019 17254
Teachers' Confidence to Integrate Biology in Agriscience Courses. Chumbley, Steven "Boot"; Hainline, Mark S.; Russell, Mark; Ruppert, David E. Jan 1, 2019 5631
Patrones de herbivoria en Vassobia breviflora (Solanaceae): variacion en el dano foliar y seleccion natural mediada por herbivoros. Valoy, Mariana; Ordano, Mariano; Bemacki, Facundo; Palacio, Facundo X.; Lopez-Acosta, Juan Carlos; V Dec 1, 2018 10173
Prospect Heights conducting controlled burns during November. Nov 3, 2018 144
Evolution of Stem and Leaf Structural Diversity: a Case Study in Lychnophorinae (Asteraceae). Lusa, Makeli Garibotti; Loeuille, Benoit Francis Patrice; Ciccarelli, Daniela; Appezzato-da-Gloria, Case study Sep 1, 2018 13019
NEW THEORY OF DINOSAUR EXTINCTION. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 212
'Halophytes can be used as potential crops for food, fuel'. Apr 19, 2018 900
Experts for adopting latest vegetable production technology. Mar 18, 2018 282
Z-Ligustilide Exerted Hormetic Effect on Growth and Detoxification Enzymes of Spodoptera litura Larvae. Yi, Yang; Dou, Guojun; Yu, Zanyang; He, Hui; Wang, Chengqiang; Li, Li; Zhou, Jia; Liu, Dejun; Shi, J Jan 1, 2018 6608
The importance of botanical gardens. Dec 28, 2017 873
Smurfit Kappa Celebrates Half-Century Milestone at Dublin Plant. Nov 9, 2017 251
Nissan launches redesigned LEAF. Sep 6, 2017 549
Bibliografia Botanica Iberica, 2016. Bryophyta. Lasala, Esther Fuertes Jan 1, 2017 2835
Biotechnological Strategies to Improve Plant Biomass Quality for Bioethanol Production. Pena-Castro, Julian Mario; del Moral, Sandra; Nunez-Lopez, Lizeth; Barrera- Figueroa, Blanca E.; Ama Report Jan 1, 2017 7794
A Plant With Shimmering Blue Leaves! Oct 29, 2016 593
A Plant With Shimmering Blue Leaves! Oct 29, 2016 601
Study Raises Doubts Over Evolution Research Technique. Oct 26, 2016 543
Marvdasht Petchem Plant on Path to Evolution. Sep 11, 2016 758
Deschamps' tactical evolution leaves France in great shape. Jul 7, 2016 589
An enhanced calibration of a recently released megatree for the analysis of phylogenetic diversity/Calibracao aperfeicoada de uma megatree lancada recentemente para a analise da diversidade filogenetica. Gastauer, M.; Meim-Neto, J.A.A. Jul 1, 2016 3070
Thousands of years of bacterial resistance. Jun 1, 2016 428
Climate Change: How Far Can We Push Plants? Apr 12, 2016 539
Glistens with nectar. Wassenaar, Marion; Lord, Janice; Allen, Dave Dec 1, 2015 1744
Surface: selective observation of data in a subantarctic landscape. Pearce, Sue; Lord, Janice Column Dec 1, 2015 982
Hidden Histories and Ancient Mysteries of Witches, Plants, and Fungi. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 211
Evolution and classification of Cannabis sativa (marijuana, hemp) in relation to human utilization. Small, Ernest Report Sep 1, 2015 13776
When evolution leaves genes alone. Saey, Tina Hesman Jun 27, 2015 183
Evolution / / leaves somesomechin to think about ... / / / chin. Apr 8, 2015 572
Plant Scientist Discovers Basis of Evolution in Violins. Oct 10, 2014 895
Orbicules in flowering plants: a phylogenetic perspective on their form and function. Verstraete, Brecht; Moon, Hye-Kyoung; Smets, Erik; Huysmans, Suzy Report Jun 1, 2014 12372
Celebrity heir of early flowers is a major gene thief: rare Amborella shrub has captured complete genomes from several other species. Milius, Susan Feb 8, 2014 519
Mystery solved: how some plant species evolved super-efficient photosynthesis and what steps led to that change. Jan 1, 2014 382
Molecular phylogeny and predicted 3d structure of plant beta-D-N-acetylhexosaminidase. Hossain, Anowar; Roslan, Hairul Azman Report Jan 1, 2014 7660
How plants evolved to survive cold winters. Dec 29, 2013 261
Clues to How Plants Evolved to Cope With Cold. Dec 28, 2013 160
Evolution of flowering plants may have led to decline of early mammals. Oct 3, 2013 260
Adaptrin heart health research reviewed: review exemplifies how a botanical and mineral formula has evolved into a contemporary application through scientific research. Disease/Disorder overview Oct 1, 2013 364
Seeds bearing fruit: the evolution of the committed life in the 21st century. Fiedler, Maureen Essay Jun 7, 2013 1358
Our disruption of life cycles is biggest threat; Nature Notes. Jan 3, 2013 449
Fossil data yields understanding of Darwin's 'abominable mystery'. Dec 7, 2012 419
GE to set up diesel engines JV with KTZ, Transmashdiesel. Dec 5, 2012 184
GE to set up diesel engines JV with KTZ, Transmashdiesel. Dec 5, 2012 179
Foreword: a Festschrift on the occasion of Dennis Wm. Stevenson's 70th birthday. Ambrose, Barbara A.; Karol, Kenneth G.; Kelly, Lawrence M.; Michelangeli, Fabian A. Dec 1, 2012 1086
OMICS Group Inc: 2nd International Conference on Biodiversity & Sustainable Energy Development. Conference notes Nov 2, 2012 141
Insects a Prime Driver in Plant Evolution and Diversity. Oct 6, 2012 598
Genome of a fruit besieged. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article Aug 11, 2012 168
Male spiders lose penis during sex to protect their love from rivals. Jun 14, 2012 287
Economic gloom strikes once again; Opinion. Jun 8, 2012 599
Tea could help reduce stress, says nutritionist. May 26, 2012 551
Tea could help reduce stress. May 25, 2012 553
Industrial noise disrupts plants: effects on animals alter dispersal of seeds, pollen. Milius, Susan Apr 21, 2012 385
New Light Shone on Photosynthesis. Apr 4, 2012 405
Effect of Moringa oleifera Lam. leaves powder on the evolution of hemogram profile in togolese undernourished children: evaluation on HIV-positive patients/ Effet de la poudre de feuilles de Moringa oleifera Lam. sur l'evolution du profil de l'hemogramme des enfants malnutris au togo: evaluation chez les sujets HIV positifs. Tete-Benissan, A.; Lawson-Evi, K.A.; Kokou, K.; Gbeassor, M. Report Apr 1, 2012 7730
Painting date with flowers. Mar 22, 2012 132
Plantation campaign set to begin in Khost. Mar 2, 2012 105
A comparison of frugivory and scatter-hoarding seed-dispersal syndromes. Vander Wall, Stephen B.; Beck, Maurie J. Report Mar 1, 2012 12034
Wreaths reimagined: four artistic westerners add flair to the holiday centerpiece. Jones, Miranda Dec 1, 2011 557
Great Canadian Lagerstatten 1. Early Eocene Lagerstatten of the Okanagan Highlands (British Columbia and Washington State). Archibald, S. Bruce; Greenwood, David R.; Smith, Robin Y.; Mathewes, Rolf W.; Basinger, James F. Report Dec 1, 2011 5626
Environmental changes 'robustly' drive marine biodiversity. Nov 25, 2011 427
Effect of gibberellic acid on germination of seeds of five species of cacti from the Chihuahuan Desert, northern Mexico. Rojas-Arechiga, Mariana; Aguilar, Karla Ma.; Golubov, Jordan; Mandujano, Maria C. Report Sep 1, 2011 3713
First map of plant's protein network reveals evolution, disease process. Jul 29, 2011 180
Evaluation of some drought resistance criteria in Cumin (Cuminum Cyminum L.) landraces. Motamedi-Mirhosseini, Leili; Mohammadi-Nejad, Ghasem; Golkar, Pooran; Bahrami-Nejad, Alireza Report Jul 1, 2011 1537
Heteroblasty--a review. Zotz, Gerhard; Wilhelm, Kerstin; Becker, Annette Report Jun 1, 2011 18606
Flowering plants older than previously thought. Jun 1, 2011 500
Selaginella genome adds piece to puzzle. Jun 1, 2011 381
Flowering plants older than previously thought. Jun 1, 2011 500
Evolution of Biological Complexity Sparked by Errors in Protein Structure. May 22, 2011 829
Rock on; Clive Edwards explains how to build a rockery in your garden. May 21, 2011 660
Solar cells more efficient than plants for harvesting sun's energy. May 13, 2011 181
Plants can be made powerhouses to fuel vehicles. May 13, 2011 290
The power of plants: introducing ethnobotany & biophilia into your biology class. Babaian, Caryn; Twigg, Paul Apr 1, 2011 3854
The phylogenetic position of subfamily Monotropoideae (Ericaceae) inferred from large ribosomal subunit (26S) rRNA gene DNA sequences. Neyland, Ray; Merchant, Mark Report Apr 1, 2011 3097
Potential new way for plants to fend off pests - starvation. Mar 30, 2011 352
A new leaf: Evolution of print to e-books. Mar 28, 2011 707
What happens to plant cover and species diversity when an extensive green roof system is tilted? A case study on green roof design, old mission peninsula, Michigan. Jones, Erik; Miller, Theresa; Monsma, Jeremy; Puszykowski, Jillian; Westphal, Joanne Report Mar 22, 2011 6965
New plant species offers insights into how evolution works. Mar 19, 2011 271
Bomb-detecting plants. Brief article Mar 14, 2011 145
Tropical vine growth and the effects on forest succession: a review of the ecology and management of tropical climbing plants. Paul, Gillian S.; Yavitt, Joseph B. Report Mar 1, 2011 10585
Higher CO2 levels could change plant evolution. Feb 18, 2011 432
Flowers produce chemicals to keep greedy bees at bay: Study. Feb 3, 2011 420
Video: Bill Neiman Discusses Native Seeds. Jan 28, 2011 114
From humble beginnings ... Nov 23, 2010 695
WHAT'SON. Oct 27, 2010 458
100-million-year-old gene mutation provides snapshot of evolution. Oct 19, 2010 274
Fossils suggest earliest land plants were 472 million years old. Oct 13, 2010 346
Plants initiated evolutionary drama of Earth's oxygenation. Oct 9, 2010 377
'Withering' can boost fertility. Sep 24, 2010 311
ABB enhances best-selling automation system. Sep 21, 2010 966
Diversity and distributional patterns of legumes in northeastern Mexico. Estrada C., Eduardo; Delgado-Salinas, Alfonso; Villarreal Q., J. Angel; Scott M., Laura; Cantu A., C Report Sep 1, 2010 4736
No healthy society sans pollution-free atmosphere: CM. Jun 6, 2010 501
Plants have evolved mechanisms that help them control the food chain. Mar 29, 2010 436
Analysis of blind scorpions in Mexico suggests adaptation to caves is reversible. Mar 15, 2010 430
Seed Trade in Rural Markets. Book review Mar 1, 2010 126
DNA sequencing unlocks 100 mln yrs of flowering plants' evolution. Feb 24, 2010 427
Evolutionary Origins, Relationships among Flowering Plants Revealed. Feb 24, 2010 539
A boost in plants' plumbing can make them grow faster. Feb 15, 2010 430
Let gardening take you up in the world. Feb 6, 2010 626
Plant evolution permanently changed the way rivers looked and behaved. Jan 30, 2010 288
Scientists create artificial leaf that can make green hydrogen. Jan 12, 2010 415
Prehistoric Life. Book review Jan 1, 2010 102
Botany and plant ecology. Herron, Scott M.; Vannette, Rachel Author abstract Dec 22, 2009 2338
Natural selection and maternal effects in life history traits of Brevicoryne brassicae (Homoptera: Aphididae) on two sympatric closely related hosts. Ruiz-Montoya, Lorena; Nunez-Farfan, Juan Report Dec 1, 2009 4869
The evolution of chromosome arrangements in Carex (Cyperaceae). Hipp, Andrew L.; Rothrock, Paul E.; Roalson, Eric H. Report Mar 1, 2009 7100
Plant evolution and biodiversity in the Caribbean Islands--perspectives from molecular markers. Santiago-Valentin; Eugenio; Francisco-Ortega, Javier Report May 1, 2008 2013
Exploiting diversity: plant exploitation and occupation in the interior of New Guinea during the Pleistocene. Denham, Tim Jul 1, 2007 6686
Mommy greenest: evidence grows for parental care in plants. Milius, Susan Jul 23, 2005 1766
Sieve-element plastids and evolution of monocotyledons, with emphasis on melanthiaceae sensu lato and Aristolochiaceae-Asaroideae, a putative dicotyledon sister group. Behnke, H. Dietmar Oct 1, 2002 5581
Phylogenetic classification of Ericaceae: molecular and morphological evidence. Kron, K.A.; Judd, W.S.; Stevens, P.F.; Crayn, D.M.; Anderberg, A.A.; Gadek, P.A.; Quinn, C.J.; Lutey Jul 1, 2002 27678
Plant evolution and endemism in Andean South America: an introduction. Young, Kenneth R.; Ulloa, Carmen Ulloa; Luteyn, James L.; Knapp, Sandra Abstract Jan 1, 2002 9299
Staminodes: Their morphological and evolutionary significance. Decraene, L.P. Ronse; Smets, E.F. Jul 1, 2001 20846
A Foliar Morphometric Approach to the Study of Salicaceae. THIEBAUT, MELANIE Jul 1, 2000 7420
Heterochrony in Plant Evolutionary Studies through the Twentieth Century. LI, PING; JOHNSTON, MARK O. Jan 1, 2000 16265
Angiosperm Wood Evolution and the Potential Contribution of Paleontological Data. Herendeen, Patrick S.; Wheeler, Elisabeth A.; Baas, Pieter Jul 1, 1999 7005
Evolutionary history of plastids. Douglas, Susan E. Jun 1, 1999 1554
Genetic markers in plant evolutionary ecology. Cruzan, Mitchell B. Mar 1, 1998 10233
Floral characters link herbivores, pollinators, and plant fitness. Strauss, Sharon Y. Sep 1, 1997 4292
Exaptations link evolution of plant-herbivore and plant-pollinator interactions: a phylogenetic inquiry. Armbruster, W. Scott Sep 1, 1997 5786
Early flowering tree rediscovered. Mlot, Christine Aug 2, 1997 540
The relationship between mating-system characters and inbreeding depression in Mimulus guttatus. Carr, David E.; Fenster, Charles B.; Dudash, Michele R. Apr 1, 1997 6783
Selection on a floral color polymorphism in the common morning glory (Ipomoea purpurea): the effects of overdominance in seed size. Mojonnier, Laura E.; Rausher, Mark D. Apr 1, 1997 5267
Pleiotropy causes long-term genetic constraints on life-history evolution in Brassica rapa. Mitchell-Olds, Thomas Oct 1, 1996 7344
Demographic genetics of a pioneer tropical tree species: patch dynamics, seed dispersal, and seed banks. Alvarez-Buylla, Elena R.; Chaos, Alvaro; Pinero, Daniel; Garay, Adriana A. Jun 1, 1996 8048
How flowers changed the world. Eiseley, Loren Apr 1, 1996 724
A growth chamber experiment to examine pre- and postzygotic temperature effects. Lacey, Elizabeth P. Apr 1, 1996 8895
Genetic constraints on life-history evolution: quantitative-trait loci influencing growth and flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana. Mitchell-Olds, Thomas Feb 1, 1996 4573
Quantitative genetics in plants: the effect of the breeding system on genetic variability. Charlesworth, D.; Charlesworth, B. Oct 1, 1995 7846
Inbreeding depression in morphological and physiological traits of Schiedea lydgatei (Caryophyllaceae) in two environments. Norman, Joanna K.; Sakai, Ann K.; Weller, Stephen G.; Dawson, Todd E. Apr 1, 1995 6841
Tree balance and tree completeness. Mooers, Arne Oyvind Apr 1, 1995 5509
Positive correlations between selfing rate and pollen-ovule ratio within plant populations. Damgaard, C.; Abbott, R.J. Feb 1, 1995 2677
Hummingbirds take over bees' work. Nov 19, 1994 278
Columbines: so different, yet so much alike. Pennisi, Elizabeth May 28, 1994 440
Evolution of plant pollination systems: hypotheses and tests with the neotropical vine Dalechampia. Armbruster, W. Scott Oct 1, 1993 10099
Synergistic selection of unpalatability in plants. Tuomi, Juha; Augner, Magnus Apr 1, 1993 3404
Developmental selection in response to environmental conditions of the maternal parent in Mimulus guttatus. Searcy, Karen B.; Macnair, Mark R. Feb 1, 1993 6368
From tarweed to silversword: Hawaiian plants with California roots challenge botanical dogma. Gibbons, Wendy Cover Story Apr 27, 1991 1186
Plant chloroplasts evolved more than once. Ezzell, Carol Mar 16, 1991 456
Ancient magnolia DNA reveals plant's past. Weiss, R. Apr 14, 1990 408
A novel fossil seed roils botany theory. Wickelgren, I. Aug 5, 1989 382
Land plants' algal roots. Jul 29, 1989 289
Knotty evolutionary tree in plant world. Monastersky, Richard Feb 4, 1989 461
Monkeying with dogwood evolution. Miller, Julie Ann Mar 1, 1986 501

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