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Plant Propagation A to Z: Growing Plants for Free.


If you've ever considered growing plants from cuttings or wondered about the ideal conditions for germinating seeds, then this book is for you. Bryant clearly outlines all aspects of plant propagation, from selecting the right tools to identifying which plants reproduce by seed, division, and cutting. The first half of the book provides lessons in general propagation methods, including advanced techniques involved in grafting, budding, and layering. Bryant also troubleshoots potential problems involving pests and disease. The second half of the volume describes propagation methods for more than 500 garden plants that are listed in a dictionary organized by Latin name, followed by common name. Color photographs accompany each entry. Firefly, 2003, 224 p., color photos, hardcover, $35.00.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 20, 2003
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