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Plant Control to Maintain and Restore Grassland Habitat on the Frances Crane (North) WMA in Falmouth, MA.

Tenders are invited for Plant Control to Maintain and Restore Grassland Habitat on the Frances Crane (North) WMA in Falmouth, MA

Description or Purpose of Procurement:

The Division of Fisheries &Wildlife (DFW) Biodiversity Initiative (BDI) was established under the 1996 Open Space Bond Bill to address the long-term decline of early-successional habitats and associated wildlife species in the Commonwealth. The BDI identifies priority sites for reclamation to early- successional (i.e. grassland or herb/shrub) habitats through large-scale tree/shrub mowing and chipping operations. Invasive exotic plants, which are implicated in the decline of many native plant species, are often present on site. A qualified vendor(s) will treat invasive exotic plants and other non desirable plants with approved herbicide on portions of the Frances Crane (North) WMA in Falmouth, MA (see attached map). All work is scheduled to be completed in two phases; (1) initial treatment by September 4, 2015 and (2) follow up treatment by June 30, 2016. The treatment area consists of up to 170 acres in four different treatment units: 1) approximately 12.3 acres of existing grasslands (unit 1); 2) approximately 20.5 acres of frost bottoms that were recently cleared of trees but that retain shrub growth (units 2-5); 3) approximately 26.6 acres of recently established grassland that was cleared of trees and seeded in May 2014 with native warm season grass (unit 11); and 4) approximately 106 acres of recently established grassland that was cleared of trees and seeded in May 2015 with native warm season grass (units 6-10) (See attached map). Honeysuckle, multiflora rose, bittersweet, Japanese barberry, autumn olive, buckthorn, and spotted knapweed are found throughout the treatment area in moderate to heavy amounts. Both a foliar application and/or a cut stem/basal bark application can be used. The vendor must provide applicators that are able to identify native versus non native species. Vendors are required to provide documentation that the proposed herbicide mixture and application methodology will not affect the germination, growth, or vigor of the planted native little bluestem. Herbicide mixture will likely need to include Plateau.

Estimated Value of Procurement: $60,000

Eligible Entities Limited User Contract Restricted to Use by Defined Entities Only. Any Contract(s) resulting from this Bid will be open for use by the issuing Purchasing Department and the following other entities: The Purchasing Department reserves the right to add or remove additional authorized users during the contract term.

Bidder s Conference August 14 at 9 am: There is a scheduled bidder s conference for this project, and vendors must certify that they have visited the project site with a DFW staff in order for their bid to be accepted (see check off box in the mandatory bid sheet). Vendors who are unable to attend the scheduled bidder s conference at 9:00 am on August 14, 2015 may arr


Address : MA Division of Fisheries & Wildlife,

1 Rabbit Hill Road,

Westborough, MA 01581 ,

Contact Person :Benjamin Mazzei

Country :United States

Email :

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-08-25

Tender documents : T28692048.doc

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 9, 2015
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