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Articles from Planning for Higher Education (April 1, 2011)

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A half-century of change on College Hill: institutional growth, historic preservation, and the College Hill Study. Gast, Frances M. Report 4177
A rubric for Campus Heritage Planning: the idea is to make architectural preservation a part of the living progress of the institution. Craig, Charles A.; Fixler, David N.; Kelly, Sarah D. Report 7198
A tale of three campuses: planning and design in response to cultural heritage at Mills College, the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University: perhaps the most enduring contribution we can make is to know intimately what makes our campus special. Fiene, Karen; Sabbatini, Robert Report 7749
Beyond an initial campus heritage survey: creating an infrastructure for renewal: how can an institution define its cultural heritage and its academic mission as intrinsically linked? Neuman, David J. Report 3576
Campus heritage in the 21st century: notable precedents and inspiring antecedents: a responsible regard for campus heritage is part of higher education's history, and is becoming more intentionally woven into campus development. Dober, Richard P. Report 1721
Campus heritage planning: understanding the economics and managing the financing: a great institution has to value looking good--campus heritage is both a spiritual and a monetary issue. McGirr, Dale; Kull, Ronald Report 7292
Caring for America's colleges and universities: stewardship lessons from the Getty Foundation Campus Heritage Initiative: chief among the lessons learned--consideration of the effects of campus development on campus heritage need to be integrated within the planning process. Melnick, Robert Z. Report 4225
Historic preservation vocabulary, designations, and resources: where to go to be sure that you are being precise with campus heritage preservation language. Williams, Stacy D. 870
Historic Preservation: An Introduction to Its History, Principles, and Practice. Kortesoja, Sandra L. Book review 2240
In perfect (imperfect) harmony: Keene State College and Keene, New Hampshire rebalance community relations through historic preservation: town and gown accommodate each others' interests, including heritage preservation, in the planning of a new alumni center at Keene State. Kahn, Jay V. Report 3958
Learn about and visit historic college and university campuses using the National Park Service Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary Series: the National Park Service has woven historic campuses into many of its 50 heritage itineraries. Shull, Carol D. Report 4523
Modern architecture and the U.S. campus heritage movement: improvements in attitudes are noticeable, but Modernist campus heritage is still threatened. Buono, Jon Report 7058
Reinventing Brantford: A University Comes Downtown. Laverty-Wilson, Kate Book review 857
Revealing campus nature: the lessons of the native landscape for campus heritage planning: campus landscapes should be restorative, giving back to the environment more than they consume. Bruce, Jeffrey L. Report 2459
Sustainability and preservation in an age of campus innovation: historically preserved facilities exhibit a commitment to sustainability that is not always apparent in newer "green' facilities. Landsmark, Ted Report 1972
The CIC Historic Campus Architecture Project: how the CIC recorded the historical and cultural significance of the architecture of independent liberal arts colleges and universities. Ekman, Richard H. Report 4557
The danger of history slipping away: the Heritage Campus and HBCUs: HBCU presidents must learn to use preservation planning as a tool to leverage new resources. Clement, Arthur J.; Lidsky, Arthur J. Report 5682
The full and true value of campus heritage: campus heritage offers the most complete course in achieving sustainability in the time frame we have. Elefante, Carl Report 4134
The historian's and the preservationist's dilemma: the challenge of the recent past in campus heritage efforts: deciding what to preserve is never easy, and even more difficult with campus heritage resources from the recent past. Christen, Barbara S. Conference notes 4628
The puzzles and promise of campus landscape preservation: integrating sustainability, historic landscapes, and institutional change: several of the campus heritage plans funded by the Getty Foundation served as laboratories for cultural landscape preservation. Martin, Frank Edgerton Report 5157
The Stewardship of Campus Heritage: the nuts and bolts of campus heritage stewardship--its not so simple to preserve the past. Audrain, Calvert W. Report 10076
Themes and highlights from the campus heritage initiative reports: you will recognize many of the shared themes and common issues reported by the campuses which received planning grants. Turcotte, Claire L. Report 5004
University Planning and Architecture: The Search for Perfection. Turcotte, Claire L. Book review 1355
User experience and heritage preservation: a team driven by user benchmarks may provide a quite valid preservation effort at a much lower cost. Orfield, Steven J.; Chapman, J. Wesley; Davis, Nathan Report 4923
What will we remember, what will we treasure? Together, let us continue the stewardship of our campuses. Wharton, L. Carole 1028

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