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Planning Services Free And Traffic Facilities.

Contract notice: Bau kita brebach - planning services free and traffic facilities

the following planning services are to be commissioned for the day care center brebach: A) outdoor facilities of the day-care center, Open-air facilities in accordance with 39 hoai, All basic services in phases 1-4 and 5-8; B) connecting route with stairs, Outdoor facilities according to 39 hoai, All basic services of phases 1-4 and 5-8; C) access and parking spaces, Traffic facilities pursuant to 47 hoai and outdoor facilities pursuant to 39 hoai, All basic services of phases 1-4 and 5-8 plus local construction supervision (special service); D) traffic areas (adaptation of carriageway, New sidewalk, Bus stop) in the area of the mill route, Traffic facilities according to 47 hoai, All basic services of phases 1-3, 4, 5-8 plus local construction supervision (special service). The client reserves the right to award the services in stages and possibly not to award individual service phases which are not required. It is anticipated that in the first stage for the planning ac, First the service phases 1-3 and 4 will be awarded, For the planning d first to the service phase 3. The task includes the design of the outside area of the day care center with play area and development as well as the directly functionally dependent further pedestrian and traffic development facilities. The task is divided into the following sections: Outside area of the day-care center, Footpath connection between residential area and mill path, Development of the kita vom mhlenweg, Reconstruction of the mill path, Detailed in the project and service description (annex 1). Equipment for procurement: Annex a: Self-declaration according to 123 gwb (to be completed by the applicant). Annex b: Self-declaration according to 124 gwb (to be completed by the applicant). Annex c: Information on intended subcontracts according to 36 vgv (to be completed by the applicant). Annex 1: Project and service description (for information only). Annex 2: Declaration of the applicant community (to be completed by the candidate). Annex 3: Declaration of obligations of other entrepreneurs (to be completed by the candidate). Annex 4: Declaration of independence 73 para. 3 vgv (to be completed by the applicant). Annex 5: Reference forms 1 - 7 (to be completed by the candidate). Annex 6: Evaluation matrix applications - selection criteria (for information only). Annex 7: Evaluation matrix negotiated procedure (2nd stage) - award criteria (for information only). Enclosure 8: Notification tender envelope (to be used by the applicant). Annex 9: Plan documents: 9.1 overview of the situation 9.2 site plan 9.3 height information 9.4 orthophoto 2017 9.5-9.8 oblique aerial images (4 directions, For information only)

this contract is divided into lots: No

time limit for receipt of tenders or request


Address : Bahnhofstrae 32



Country :Germany

Email :

Tender notice number : 110783-2018

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2018-04-09

Tender documents : T432946445.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 13, 2018
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