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Planning Retention Room Schnnen, Ing.-bauwerke, Lph. 5-9, rtl. Construction Supervision, Building Surveying, Sigeko, Geotechnical Engineering, Technical Equipment, Structural Engineering; Conclusion Of A Step Contract.

Contract notice: Planning Retention Room Schnnen, Ing.-Bauwerke, Lph. 5-9, rtl. Construction supervision, Building surveying, SiGeKo, Geotechnical engineering, Technical equipment, Structural engineering; Conclusion of a step contract.

II.2.4.1 Preliminary remarks In order to maintain pre-set deadlines and to ensure flow control during the construction phase, the partial measurements are taken. Protection control / shut-off Mhlgraben (start of construction until 02.05.2018). II.2.4.2) Main terms of performance The scope of the services to be awarded. Planning services are subdivided into the following sub- Stages: Pos. 1) Engineering works Pos. 1.1) Basic services according to 43 HOAI for the adaptation of the Wehrmacht / Schtz Mhlgraben Item 1.1.1) LP 5 and 6 Pos. 1.1.2) Optional LP 7 to 9 Pos. 1.2) Basic services pursuant to 43 HOAI for HRB u. protective devices Item 1.2.1) LP 5 and 6 Pos. 1.2.2) Optional LP 7 to 9 Pos. 2) Spec. Services IBW Pos. 2.1) Local construction supervision Item 2.1.1) Optional Special. Services from the performance picture for Ing.-BW for the rtl. Construction supervision according to app. 12.1, HOAI Pos. 3) Geotechnics (external monitoring and QA) Item 3.1) Basic services before construction Pos. 3.1.1) Consultation during execution planning Pos. 3.2) Services during construction Pos. 3.2.1) Optional QS chart Pos. 3.2.2) Optional specialist construction, external monitoring Pos. 3.2.3) Optional laboratory / field work incl. analyzes Item 4) Technical equipment Pos. 4.1) Basic services pursuant to 55 HOAI for power supply Item 4.1.1) LP 5 and 6 Pos. 4.1.2) Optional LP 7 to 9 Pos. 4.2) Basic services pursuant to 55 HOAI for control systems / measuring devices / E devices Pos. 4.2.1) LP 5 and 6 Pos. 4.2.2) Optional LP 7 to 9 Pos. 5) Structural design Pos. 5.1) Basic services according to 51 HOAI for solid construction works Pos. 5.1.1) LP 5 & 6 Pos. 6) Surveying services n Pos. 6.1) Supplementary measurement fd Execution planning Pos. 6.1.1) Optional service from the service plan Planning-accompanying survey according to app. 1, para. 1.4.4 HOAI, of which partial service, as required Pos. 6.2) Spec. Performance surveying Pos. 6.2.1) Optional service from the performance survey Surveying according to app. 1, para. 1.4.7 HOAI for building surveying (without building surveying) Pos. 7) Services according to the building site regulations Pos. 7.1) Basic services SiGeKo Pos. 7.1.1) Optional services during planning of execution Pos. 7.1.2) Optional services during execution Item 8) Other services Item 8.1) Creation of stockpiles / construction book Item 8.1.1) Optional basin / storage system book according to DIN / DWA specifications Item 8.2) Design Info panel Pos. 8.2.1) Optional Permanent information panel n. Sample example The services are to be commissioned in successive stages (graduated commissioning):


Address : Geschftsstelle

Helmholtzstrae 1



Contact Person: Herr Sottong

Country :Germany

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : 336312-2017

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2017-09-25

Tender documents : T41876018.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 26, 2017
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