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Plank-barrow for moving a heavy load.

If you can lift, pry, tilt, or roll a rock onto this super-barrow, you can haul it with ease and unload it just about anywhere in the garden. Designed to set boulders in place, it could be used to move other weighty loads with low centers of gravity, such as heavy sacks of soil amendment.

This device combines three fundamental machines--inclined plane, lever, and wheel--in the simplest form. It's made of a 10-foot-long 2-by-12 plank with a 2-by-4 cleat nailed on top. A 1-foot cut-out in the plank provides a pair of handles. Two wheelbarrow wheels mount to a steel axle that runs through 3/4-inch conduit attached to the plank with U-bolts.

With the plank laid down, place the load on the low (handle) end and slide it toward the wheels for maximum leverage. The cleat keeps the load from sliding off, and a block under the wheels will keep them from rolling during loading. If uneven terrain--steps or a dip--makes it impossible to wheel right up to your target, simply lay the plank down like a ramp and slide the load off the handle end.
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Date:Nov 1, 1984
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