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Planet Petco Undercoat Comb and Slicker Brush.

All of Petco's new "earth-conscious pet products" are made with natural, sustainable raw materials. Petco says it donates one percent of the sales of all of these Planet Petco products to nonprofit organizations "that help make the planet a healthier place."

It wasn't the Planet Petco or 1% for the Planet labels that led me to try these grooming tools, however. I liked the way they looked and felt in the hand. The handles are made from bamboo--one of the fastest-growing, sustainable woods available. And they work well! The teeth of the Undercoat Comb swivel, which helps when you're trying to comb out a mat or knot in your dog's fur. And the tips of the Slicker Brush are coated with a dab of plastic; they don't stab like needles like some slickers.



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Title Annotation:PRODUCT REVIEW
Author:Kerns, Nancy
Publication:Whole Dog Journal
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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