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Plane heartbreak; NEIGHBOURS WEDNESDAY BBC 1,5.35pm.

Ramsay Street's residents are no strangers to disasters and dramas.

From Kerry's manslaughter at the hand of a duck hunter to Lucy's kitchen table tracheotomy and the recent Lassiter's fire.

These all pale in comparison to this week's shocking event. Some of Erinsborough's best-loved locals, including Susan, David, Liljana, Serena, Izzy, Elle, Connor and Dylan, have been beside themselves with excitement over an impending joy-flight to Tasmania, organised by Paul Robinson.

Abomb has been planted on the aircraft and when it explodes the pilot is forced to make a crash landing. So, who lives, dies or goes missing? Those in the know are keeping us in the dark, although it has been revealed there's major heartbreak for one family. And, perhaps most amazingly of all, dealing with the tragedy eventually turns a fragile Harold into a shopkeeper on the edge.


ORGANISER... Paul Robinson
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 14, 2006
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