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Planar introduces new electroluminescent VGA multi-color and monochrome monitors with touch screen option.

BEAVERTON, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 10, 1995--Planar Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:PLNR), the United States' largest and fastest growing manufacturer of flat panel and CRT-based display products, announced today the launch of both multi-color and monochrome electroluminescent (EL) packaged VGA flat panel monitors, aimed primarily at the industrial manufacturing and hospital information systems markets.

The new 10.4" diagonal, 640 x 480 EL VGA multi-color monitor demonstrates full IBM PC video compatibility; Planar's EL monitors will accept analog data from most VGA interface video cards or onboard display chip sets. The multi-color VGA boasts eight clearly discernible color hues on a black background. The eight color monitor can display most full color software applications without any noticeable information degradation at significant cost savings over a full color TFT-LCD flat panel display.

Planar's new VGA monochrome monitor, a 10.4" diagonal 640 x 480 pixel, true 16 level gray scale electroluminescent display is also IBM plug-and-play compatible. Both monitors offer optional resistive touch screen integration.

Both EL VGA monitors are manufactured with Planar's proprietary ICE(TM) technology which provides the clearest, crispest and fastest visual performance of any flat panel display. Additionally, Planar's EL monitors produce their own light; there are no backlights or other external light sources that need ongoing replacement or repair. According to Planar customers, this is an important consideration; backlight decay leads to color degradation and loss in display brightness, a common failure of LCD flat panel displays.

Planar has again responded to the needs of the market by offering both the multi-color and monochrome monitors with a resistive touch screen option integrated within the package. Planar offers this touch screen for data entry with software applications where it makes sense to use a finger or stylus instead of a keyboard or mouse. "We have heard from our customers that the touch screen method of data entry can be much more efficient than a keyboard in many applications," said Terry Thomas, Planar America's terminals sales manager.

Planar EL monitors are targeted for use by customers who need to install terminals and workstations in severely space constrained areas and need the inherent performance benefits of EL. Planar EL displays offer better reliability, faster response times and wider viewing angle over TFT-LCD's at a lower price. The primary markets identified for the Planar EL VGA monitors are industrial manufacturing and hospital information systems. Planar monitors have been successfully installed in industrial and semiconductor manufacturing applications throughout the world. In applications such as clean rooms where floor space can cost in excess of $1,500 per square foot, space is a premium.

In the hospital information systems market, Planar monitors also provide the best display solution for applications where space is a premium, such as bedside point-of-care applications, exam rooms, critical care and operating rooms. Planar also plans to incorporate these two monitors into their existing point-of-care PC workstations. Hospital rooms are extremely space constrained; the use of bulky, heavy CRT's can present real emergency care access problems when placed at the bedside. Planar EL flat panel technology provides several space saving alternative configurations for bedside applications which stay safely out of the way. Planar has experienced resounding success in the United States with more than 1,900 terminals and PC workstations operating in over 80 hospitals.

Planar Systems Inc. of Beaverton is a worldwide leader in development, manufacture and marketing of high performance, flat panel and CRT-based display products. The primary market sectors that Planar serves today are medical, industrial, instrumentation, defense, communications, transportation, and business/office. Founded in 1983, Planar is the world market share leader in electroluminescent flat panel displays, producing and selling over 125,000 units per year in production facilities in Espoo, Finland, and Beaverton.

CONTACT: Planar America Inc.

Christopher De Lambo, 503/690-6988

Terry Thomas, 503/690-1100
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 10, 1995
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