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Planar Semiconductor and Alconox Reach Exclusive Agreement Designed to Deliver Leading-Edge Critical Cleaning Applications.

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KINGSTON, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 22, 2002

Revolutionary Cleaning Equipment Maker and Cleaning Detergent

Leader Join to Offer Efficient, Environmentally Benign Wafer

Cleaning to Semiconductor Manufacturers

Planar Semiconductor, Inc. (ASX:PLN), a premium supplier of surface preparation/cleaning equipment to the worldwide semiconductor industry, has signed an exclusive agreement with Alconox, Inc., the leader in critical cleaning detergents, to jointly offer Alconox's Lo-Chem(TM) Series Chemistries for various critical cleaning applications. The Lo-Chem(TM) Series chemistries are specially formulated to work with Planar Semiconductor's Rapid Pulse Harmonic Clean (RPC) Series systems to deliver environmentally benign wafer cleaning for both the front and back ends of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

According to Planar Semiconductor, pressures to mitigate environmental hazards as a result of wafer processing are increasing around the world. To comply, chipmakers are actively seeking environmentally benign or inert cleaning chemistries. "The combination of our Rapid Pulse Clean process with specially formulated chemistries by Alconox, Inc. offers a quantum leap in cleaning efficiency for particles, as well as specific residues such as photo resist, organics, inorganics, polymers and metals," said Rob Randhawa, Planar's president and CEO. "We are very excited to offer a complete cleaning solution to the global semiconductor industry and are confident that this alliance will offer a solution that is not only efficient, but environmentally benign, making this solution highly attractive as environmental standards for manufacturing increase."

Alconox, Inc. will draw upon decades of experience supplying a large chipmaker and the electronics industry for critical cleaning needs to support the combined efforts of these two companies. Elliot Lebowitz, chief operating officer for Alconox, Inc., stated, "The alliance between the two companies will create a single source for cutting-edge cleaning technologies, supporting future wafer processing requirements."

Planar's RPC systems utilize the company's patented Rapid Pulse Harmonic Spray Technology (Rphast) to clean both sides of a wafer, including the edges, simultaneously in a vertical process. The strategic alliance with Alconox, an industry leader for over 50 years and whose objective is to supply critical cleaning chemistries, strengthens Planar's position as an innovative leader in providing critical cleaning applications. Moreover, this will help Planar meet its goal of supplying the semiconductor industry with the most advanced critical cleaning equipment using only water or benign chemistries.

Some of the Lo-Chem(TM) Series chemistries to be offered by Planar and the applications for which they are intended include:

Lo-Chem PA1- Post CMP clean

Lo-Chem PA2- Photo resist removal

Lo-Chem PA3- Organics removal

Lo-Chem PA4- Polymer removal

Lo-Chem PA5- Metal removal

Lo-Chem PA6- Inorganic removal

Lo-Chem PAC- Copper low-K cleaning application

About Alconox, Inc.

Alconox is dedicated to being the leader in critical cleaning detergents. The company manufactures quality detergents made in the United States and provides outstanding technical service to the scientists and engineers with precision cleaning needs. Alconox, Inc. supplies companies requiring exacting levels of quality control and technical service.

About Planar Semiconductor, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Planar Semiconductor's researchers have been refining and innovating semiconductor processes for over ten years, patenting the Rphast process in 1992. After extensive research, prototype work and beta testing, Planar Semiconductor built its manufacturing facility and received its first production purchase order in 2001, delivering and installing the first RPC-100 in February of 2002. Planar is publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX, symbol PLN), and more information is available at
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Date:Jul 22, 2002
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