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Planalytics GasBuyer.

Planalytics is now offering technical analysis tools in its GasBuyer software. To help clients more effectively compete in the 30 days before settlement, Planalytics incorporated a full suite of technical analysis tools into the GasBuyer. Chartable technical analysis tools will include: Bollinger Bands. Commodity Channel Index, Directional Movement Index, Displaced Moving Avg., Envelope, Exponential Moving Avg., High/Low Moving Avg., Highest High/Lowest Low, Historic Volatility, Least Squares Linear Reg., Line Oscillator. MACD. Momentum Moving Avg., Moving Standard Deviation, Oscillator, Parabolic, Percent R, Rate of Change, Relative Strength Index, Slow Stochastic, Stochastic. Variable Moving Avg., Volume & Open Interest, Weighted Close and Williams Accum. Dist. Index. Circle #227 or click
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Title Annotation:What's New In Compressor Packages, Utility Operations Software and Noise Abatement
Publication:Pipeline & Gas Journal
Date:Jun 1, 2004
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