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Plan ahead to enjoy winter-limited deciduous cypresses turning colors in Taipei's Nankang.

As the calendar moves into late autumn, the leaves of deciduous cypresses at Lishan Farmers Square in Taipei's Nangang District are changing colors. As the foliage has not yet totally turned red, members of the public are advised to plan ahead to visit the place in two or three weeks to catch its peak color.

According to the Development Association of Jiuru Community, where the deciduous cypresses are located, the trees will achieve peak color in two or three weeks.

The deciduous cypresses surrounding Lishan Farmers Square in Jiuru Community are beautiful in form and the leaves are delicate and soft like feathers. When the Northeast Monsoon arrives, the leaves turn from green to yellow, yellow to orange, and orange to red. The changes in the colors are dazzling, according to Taipei's Geotechnical Engineering Office (GEO).

Chen Jian-fan, the chief of the GEO Slope Conservation Section, recommended visitors to Lishan Farmers Square also visit the nearby Sifen River, where fish has been protected for many years. He said it is a pleasure to take a slow walk on a riverbank trail along the river, stroll on the heart-shaped river-crossing stepping stones, and listen to the running water while enjoying the deciduous cypresses. In addition, the local community also holds the Bamboo Shoot Festival at Lishan Farmers Square every summer.

If you wish to visit Jiuru Community, you may go by car or take the MRT Blue Line to Kunyang Station or Brown Line to Taipei Zoo Station; then take Bus S12, alight at Lishan Bridge Stop and walk along Section 4 of Yanjiuyuan Road until reaching Lishan Farmers Square (Lishan Park).

To inquire about the foliage condition of deciduous cypresses at Lishan Farmers Square, please call Jiuru Community Development Association at (02) 2651-6600.

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Publication:Taiwan News (Taipei, Taiwan)
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Date:Dec 12, 2017
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