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Plan a Special Event. Youth in Action Bulletin, Number 7.

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This bulletin is part of an ongoing project to recognize and build upon the power of youth leadership. The goal is to use communication and action to enable youth to have a positive impact on their communities. This bulletin serves as a training manual on how to conduct a special event. Special events can address a variety of problems ranging from a lack of community attention to a particular issue to a need for alternative behaviors among some community members. The special event can focus on child safety; afterprom drinking; gang activity; or any problems that need to be addressed by community awareness and action. Information on planning an event is organized by the number of weeks prior to the event so that planners can organize sequentially what needs to be accomplished. Information is provided on how to measure the success of the event for future planning. A number of resources are provided for additional information on community action. (JDM)

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Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jul 1, 1999
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