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Plaid 'will vote down Budget that puts cuts on backs of the poor'.

PLAID CYMRU would be prepared to vote down a Labour Budget that imposed cuts on the poorest in society, party leader Leanne Wood has stated as she accused Ed Miliband of "arrogantly" rejecting their offer of help to form an "alternative government". Ms Wood took to the airwaves yesterday and warned that Plaid Budget support could not be taken for granted. Firing a warning shot at Mr Miliband, she said Plaid would not "prop up a Labour government intent on pursuing Tory policies".

She said: "What I find quite staggering is the attitude from Labour politicians that they are assuming Plaid Cymru and SNP and Green votes are just in their back pocket."

When asked if her party was prepared to vote down a Labour Budget, she said: "[We] would be prepared to vote down a Budget if it was pushing, putting forward more cuts on the backs of the poor.

"We've said quite clearly all through this election campaign that austerity has harmed those with the least and that has to stop and that if Labour want our support to run a Government effectively then they need to take on board some of the things we are saying. And it's arrogant from them to just assume that they can take our votes without giving anything back in return."

If Labour fails to win an outright majority on Thursday, she argued, that is because people did not trust the party with a mandate to govern alone.

She said: "In the event of a hung parliament, people are saying that neither of the two main parties have done enough to win the trust and a mandate from people to govern and that means other parties will have a say. And that's democracy. For those parties to say that we shouldn't have a say is anti-democratic."

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 5, 2015
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