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Plaid/Green deal is confusing; Views of Wales.

SIR - Am I the only one who is confused by the Plaid/Green agreement? The Greens are on odd mix. Politically they are as left wing as the LibDems, they are part eco-warrior, part middle class do gooder. They are an "anti" party, anti science, anti growth, anti nuclear power, anti carbon, believing in the myth of sustainable energy. They are innately Puritan and conservative with a small c. Their record in Brighton is to say the least bizarre, they couldn't get basics like rubbish collection right, they, being puritan and Green, introduced meat-free Mondays, which enforced a vegetarian diet, once a week on dustmen, leading naturally to a strike.

Those of us old enough to remember Richmal Crompton's Just William stories, can recognise the Greens as those odd sandal vegetarians, who William called Socialists, but that's the last thing the Greens are, they are just middle class do holders who have no real policies. After their experience in Cerdigion, I'm surprised Plaid want to do a deal.

John Owen Ludlow Street, Caerphilly

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Title Annotation:Editorial
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jan 31, 2015
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