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Pixel power's BrandMaster gets new control panel.

A year ago, Pixel Power unveiled the BrandMaster, said to be the world's first branding switcher. Its success in the Asia-Pacific region encouraged the UK-based broadcast graphics creation technology purveyor to introduce a new hardware control panel for the branding switcher this year.

"The video switch panel has been designed for maximum configurability, and is the world's first master control panel to feature TFT keys that can display full-colour images of graphics and video assets," said James Gilbert, Pixel Power's joint managing director.

"These can be configured with images that show the exact effect or associated move. More than producing images that are visually stunning, the panel achieves new standards for ease of use and workflow simplicity for busy master control environments."

A distinctive feature of the panel is that it permits dynamic control in the position and separation of the eye--something that Gilbert says is of paramount importance in a master control environment where a foreign feed is being taken.

"When a broadcaster is taking a third-country feed from another part of the world, like the one being used at the World Cup by an American sports broadcaster, he wants to be able to position the graphics correctly so they don't interfere with the viewing of the background material which comes from lots of different cameras and different angles," Gilbert explained.

The video switch panel permits the operator to control most of the channels of master control branding. BrandMaster's innovative feature is the LCD display in the panel that allows swift selection of graphics.

Pixel Power is installing the first of these systems at Telekom Malaysia's new playout centre in Cyberjaya, south of Kuala Lumpur. Nineteen such systems are already running in Australia at Prime TV and Newcastle Broadcasting New South Wales (NBN).

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Date:Jul 1, 2010
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