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Pivotal Veracity Unveils Email Delivery Optimizing Tools; First Technology That Analyzes and Reports Delivery Down to ISP, Day and Time; Boosts Delivery Rates to 100%.

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Annual Catalog Conference

SARASOTA, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 26, 2004

Pivotal Veracity, LLC, an independent email delivery audit and management company, today launched its comprehensive suite of delivery optimization tools that enable permission-based direct marketers to monitor, manage and substantially improve the delivery of their email marketing, retention and service communications. Pivotal Veracity's solution operates independently of the mailer's deployment solution and allows marketers to optimize delivery of all their email communications, whether mailed from in-house systems or external vendors or any combination of the two, from a single platform. The only solution on the market with extensive multi-dimensional reporting and enterprise-level permissions, Pivotal Veracity's tools empower the enterprise with the technology and expertise they need to ensure their legitimate email communications don't end up in the "bulkbox" or the "trashbox," but rather the "inbox."

Pivotal Veracity will be demonstrating its technology at the Annual Catalog Conference from May 3 - 5 in Chicago at McCormick Place, Lakeside Center, Chicago, IL.

Solving the Email Direct Marketing Problem

In an effort to abate the rising tide of spam (now estimated at more than 50% of all email traffic), ISPs, corporations and end-users are applying anti-spam technologies that block emails, redirect emails to "spam folders," or simply discard them. The unfortunate consequence of such efforts is that an average of 25% of legitimate email communications-including order confirmations, statements and requested customer promotions-are not being delivered to the recipient's inbox.

"Pivotal Veracity offers phenomenal tools to analyze and track email delivery through all domains. The seed tracking and pre-broadcast testing are critical toward identifying troublesome domains, enabling us to approach our campaigns more efficiently and achieve far greater results," said Marty Vrieze, marketing manager at Harbor Freight Tools, a leading multi-channel retailer of tools with 165 retail stores nationwide. "Pivotal Veracity's tools make it much easier for our staff to handle the email campaigns, and we've improved our deliverability rate more than 10 percentage points."

"Since we work with both list managers and end marketers, Eclipse must be aware of the challenges both sides of a direct email marketing campaign faces," said Jane Kaiser, president, Eclipse Direct Marketing. "Pivotal Veracity provides us with an enormously valuable knowledge base that we can then use for our customers.

"The Company's tools and reports objectively audit an entire email delivery campaign, helping us anticipate problems so we can approach the email delivery process intelligently and efficiently."

"Spam filters, black lists and consumer frustration have left direct email marketers struggling for better delivery results. Our goal with Pivotal Veracity is to continue the fight against spam by reducing the incidence of false positives," said Tim Marusich, CEO of "We do this by ensuring legitimate mailers have highly effective tools for understanding as well as substantially minimizing the risks that their requested communications will be erroneously blocked, discarded or redirected to spam folders. As an ESP, we want to offer full email delivery services to be certain that our customers' campaigns are reaching the inbox. Pivotal Veracity's tools are must-haves for any company who truly values the opportunity to communicate with their customers via email."

Pivotal Veracity's Technology Suite

Pivotal Veracity's suite of tools consists of eContent Scorer, eDelivery Tracker and the pvIQ Enterprise Platform. The entire suite can be accessed 24x7, is completely independent of the mailers' deployment solutions and requires minimal effort to execute.

eContent Scorer allows clients to easily analyze the sending infrastructure, mailing methodology and their email content against all major spam filters and black lists used by enterprises, ISPs and end-users prior to emailing a campaign. Comprehensive diagnostics identify what might trigger the legitimate sender and/or content as spam and advise on the specific means by which to resolve and avoid delivery problems at every level of the sending process. It is the only solution available today that incorporates a broad spectrum of methodologies, including eight anti-spam filters, over 100 black lists and anti-virus programs, into a single engine to more accurately reflect the increasingly complex combination of tools being utilized by ISPs and Enterprises.

eContent Scorer offers five categories of analyses: Comprehensive Message Analysis, Filter Analysis, Issue Analysis, Comparative Analysis and Pivotal Veracity's exclusive Benchmark Analysis that allows clients to compare and track their performance across industry peer groups.

eDelivery Tracker goes beyond tracking simple delivery statistics by objectively auditing the entire email delivery process, finding the problems and offering solutions for better delivery results. By including a proprietary basket of names representing every major ISP in their campaign, eDelivery Tracker allows clients to assess if the emails are being delivered and at what rate, where the emails are going (bulk box versus inbox), where the problems are occurring, and how to fix them. It also analyzes the financial implications of non-delivery, providing marketers a full assessment of their opportunity costs across all major performance benchmarks. eDelivery Tracker is the only solution that allows clients to accurately assess bulkbox versus inbox placement on 23 ISPs as well as dozens of other variables that impact message performance.

eDelivery Tracker provides the most extensive analysis and reporting available in the market including intelligence and actionable data across dozens of dimensions including Campaign Type, Day of the Week, Time of Day, Audience Type, Delivery Vendor and Creative Vendor. More than one hundred delivery optimization reports may be run in eight primary categories: Delivery Statistics, Delivery Windows, Delivery Cycle, Financial Performance, Best-Worst Analysis, Comparative Analysis and Pivotal Veracity's exclusive Benchmarking Analysis. All reporting is available online 24x7 through the pvIQ Enterprise Platform.

The pvIQ Enterprise Platform combines the benefits of both eContent Scorer and eDelivery Tracker and enables an entire organization and its external partners to collaborate on delivery optimization on a single Web platform. Other benefits include a centralized reporting system, industry and enterprise-level intelligence and detailed permissions policies and tools. This is the first technology on the market that enables users to integrate delivery performance for internal emails and promotional outsourced emails in a single, Web-based platform.

"All the direct marketing in the world isn't effective if emails don't reach the intended recipient. Pivotal Veracity's technology is uniquely suited to directly empower direct email marketers, and their agency and service provider partners, with the tools and intelligence to accurately pinpoint problems and comprehensively optimize delivery across all customer touchpoints," said Deirdre Baird, president and CEO of Pivotal Veracity. "We can reduce the incidence of false positives by ensuring legitimate mailers have highly effective tools for understanding, as well as substantially minimizing the risks their requested communications will be erroneously blocked, discarded or redirected to spam folders. Simply put, Pivotal Veracity enables companies to retain email as a cost-efficient, highly effective and requested means of communicating with their customers."

Pricing and Availability

Pivotal Veracity's suite of tools is currently available. Pivotal Veracity delivers its technology on an annual or monthly subscription basis. An average subscription ranges from $1,000 per month to $5,000 per month.

About Pivotal Veracity

Founded in 2003, Pivotal Veracity is an independent email delivery auditing and management company that enables permission-based email marketers to improve their email delivery. The Company's technology helps direct marketers and their chosen deployment vendors analyze their email campaigns and decisively improve inbox placement. Pivotal Veracity's customers are Fortune 1000 marketers. The Company also partners with leading direct marketing providers including Eclipse Direct Marketing, Blue Hornet, Exact Target and The Hauser Group. A supporter of CAN-SPAM, Pivotal Veracity believes in responsible direct marketing and double-opt-in list generation. For more information on Pivotal Veracity, please visit
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Date:Apr 26, 2004
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