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CNH welcomed as a Title Sponsor for the 2010 AIM

Maria Grazia Barghini, representing CNH, extended gracious hospitality to the ASABE annual international meeting (AIM) attendees at the CNH exhibit, complete with a reception area and several examples of CNH and New Holland equipment.



Ferrari applauds ASABE

ASABE welcomed Diane Ferrari, CNH Senior Director of Production Evaluation, who provided opening remarks at Monday's general session. Highlighting CNH's relationship with the Society over the years, Ferrari noted as particularly valuable the company's enduring support of ASABE standards--which she called "the backbone of CNH designs"--and the International 1/4-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition, from which the company has acquired some of its most talented interns and employees.


POET VP gives keynote

Mark D. Stowers, Senior Vice President of Science and Technology for POET, presented the 2010 Annual International Meeting keynote address, "Ethanol and the Future of Agriculture." Advances in agricultural and processing techniques as well as improved crop yields are the key factors in the ability of biomels to reduce reliance on petroleum. Find Stowers' presentation at

Drollinger takes the helm

The ASABE Board of Trustees approved Darrin Drollinger as the new executive director of the Society. In his first opportunity to address ASABE membership, Drollinger expressed eagerness and gratitude to be able to put his education and career to work for ASABE. "I want to work for the best professional society in the world," he said. "My best hope in securing this reward is to commit my energies, talents, and ideas into making ASABE that society."


Drollinger will count on the assistance of members in his effort to build a future for the Society that surpasses its considerable accomplishments. The Society's past, he said, is nothing "compared to what we can do in the future. The members ... the volunteers ... make ASABE what it is. Together, let's make it great."

YPC fun

Trust the Young Professionals Community to inject fun and recreation into AIM. This year's events hit the high seas. Matt Darr, Jacob Mayer, Tina Schultz, and Ron McAllister begged for their lives in this year's "All in Good Fun" contest. Schultz was the loser in this event, collecting the least amount of pirate treasure, and she was forced to walk the plank. The YPC's other recreational endeavors included a leisurely Saturday afternoon river boat excursion aboard the Duchess--or was it the Jolly Roger?--and the annual Fun Run/Walk on a sunny trail that meandered beside the Monongahela River. Andrew Wedel's young sons warmed up with their dad in the Father's Day event, in which Wedel took the top honor.



Fellows inducted

The 2010 Class of ASABE Fellows was inducted in a ceremony on June 22. This year, twelve individuals were honored for their outstanding accomplishments. They are:


Robert G. Evans, supervisory agricultural engineer and research leader, USDA-ARS, Northern Plains Agricultural Systems Research Unit, Sidney, Mont., USA.

Richard S. Gates, P.E., professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA.

Larry H. Gay, P.E., tractor historian, author, and retired manager of engineering, John Deere Merchandise Division, Deere & Company, Geneseo, Ill., USA.

Steven J. Hoff, P.E., professor, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department, Iowa State University, Ames, USA.

Fu-Hung Hsieh, P.E., professor and director of graduate studies, Biological Engineering Department, co-leader, Bioprocessing and Biosensoring Center, Food for the 21st Century Research Program, University of Missouri, Columbia, USA.

Earle C. Morton, P.E., product safety manager, AGCO Canada Ltd., Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

John A. Replogle, P.E., collaborator, Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center, USDA-ARS, and consultant in Water Resources, Maricopa, Ariz., USA,

Yoav Sarig, P.E., professor emeritus, Agricultural Research Organization, Institute of Agricultural Engineering; chairman, POMEG-TECH, International Projects Consultancy; and consultant, Bet Dagan, Israel. (Not pictured above.)

John K. Schueller, P.E., professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and affiliate professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA.

Robert S. Sowell, vice president, Programs and Operations, Council of Graduate Schools, Washington D.C., and dean emeritus, Graduate School, and professor emeritus, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA.

Charles E. Sukup, P.E., president, Sukup Manufacturing Company, Sheffield, Iowa, USA

Harmon L. Towne, P.E., retired vice president, Engineering and Product Development, Brock Manufacturing, Milford, Ind., USA.

McAllister asks for "just one"

Our Society is only as good as its members, said Ronald McAllister in his inaugural remarks as 2010-2011 ASABE president. "The members create it, and the members can be proud of it." McAllister encouraged meeting attendees, and all ASABE members, to take the initiative in helping grow the Society. To provide a little inspiration, he and membership director Mark Crossley led the large crowd in a call-and-response chant--"Just one ... more member,"--proving, by McAllister's tongue-in-cheek assessment, that hanging out with engineers can, indeed, be more exciting than watching paint dry.


Foundation flourishes

The three Foundation events at the 2010 AIM brought in at least $12,000 for the Foundation general fund, and the tally is not yet complete. The Grand View Golf outing was enjoyed by 14 golfers and won by the team of Dan Thomas, Bob Evans, and Ron Elliott. The event was sponsored by Wayne Skaggs, Dan and Mary Withrow, and Janice Janssen. Tuesday evening, "Re-Creation," a young and vibrant song and dance troupe, entertained 83 guests at the annual Foundation benefit dinner. The evening was a success by all measures but one (see End Note). Sponsors for the dinner were Ron and Sharon McAllister, CNH, Dale and Joyce Zimmerman, Michael Walter, and Sukup Manufacturing Co.


Finally, the 2010 Silent Auction and Raffle was a great success, replete with good-natured bidding battles. Among the highlights were three 2,000-lb skids of potatoes, donated by Walther Farms, which were donated to charity by each of the winning bidders. In addition, a handmade t-shirt quilt, exquisitely crafted by Ellen Nelson, brought in $1400 in a raffle won by Mary Sukup, who generously donated the quilt to ASABE headquarters, where it is now on permanent display.

Robotics and Fountain Wars

Attendees enjoyed observing two on-site student competitions: the Robotics Competition and Fountain Wars. Six teams competed in the Robotics Competition, in which students were challenged to measure twenty trees of varying heights to the nearest centimeter and display the results using wireless communication. Teams earned points for performance, elegance of design, presentation, and a written report. The winner of this year's Robotics Competition was Kansas State University (for the fourth straight year), with the University of Florida earning runner-up honors.


In the Fountain Wars Competition, teams designed fountains that were then constructed on site. Designs were judged on aesthetics, an oral presentation, construction, and the completion of specified technical tasks. Iowa State took first place and Kansas State took second.

End note

Overall, the 2010 AIM went well--by all but one measure: Some attendees later experienced a gastrointestinal illness. ASABE worked closely with the Allegheny County Health Department in distributing a survey to all annual meeting attendees to discern whether the illness was a result of a food-related source and, if so, which of the annual-meeting venues was implicated. The impressive number of responses--from more than 500 attendees, most of whom were not stricken --facilitated a swift determination that the likely cause was a norovirus, spread by a hotel employee, where the Fellows reception and the Foundation benefit dinner were held. The hotel has expressed deep regret over the outbreak and is taking action to safeguard against similar occurrences. In addition, the hotel is working out compensation details with ASABE, the Foundation, and individuals who incurred expenses as a result of illness.
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