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Pittsburgh Brewing introduces its own alcohol-free brew.

Pittsburgh Brewing introduces its own alcohol-free brew

As the holidays approach and public awareness turns to the importance of safe driving habits, Pittsburgh Brewing Co. has introduced its first alcohol-free beer, Keene's, as an alternative to alcoholic beverages, the brewer said.

"Keene's is designed to offer an alternative to consumers who want to enjoy the full-brewed taste of beer without the alcohol content," said Jack Isherwood, Pittsburgh Brewing Co. president. "Safe driving and the use of designated drivers are always a concern, and Keene's is the perfect alternative for people who don't want to drink alcohol, especially designated drivers during the holidays.

"Keene's is full-brewed, and then the alcohol is removed, giving it the full-bodied taste of a regular beer, simply without the alcohol," Isherwood continued.

"A strong niche is developing for non-alcoholic beer among increasingly health sensitive and socially moderate consumers," explained Michael Graham, vice president of marketing and sales for the brewery. "Keene's is our response to consumers' interest in such alternatives."

Keene's will be used to actively promote the importance of safe driving. At the New Year's Eve Pittsburgh Penguin hockey game against the New Jersey Devils, the Penguins will team with Keene's to sponsor special wallet-sized cards called "Know Your Limits" as a community service to all fans. The cards will outline safe drinking limits for various body weights. Keene's will also be available during the game.

In addition, the brand will also encourage designated driving at the last two home Steeler games when Santa Claus will award Keene's and other prizes to designated drivers at tailgate parties at the Three Rivers Stadium.
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Title Annotation:Pittsburgh Brewing Co.'s Keene's alcohol-free beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Dec 9, 1991
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