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Pittcon 2000's New Products: Part 2.

In our previous issue, IBO picked twelve innovative products new to Pittcon this year that we expect to influence their respective markets. As might be expected, these products all focus on the life science marketplace-the current irresistible market. In this issue, IBO describes other products that did not make as strong an impact but are still notable for their technology, innovation and potential impact on the market and attractiveness to the end-user. While many of these products also address life science applications, several focus on more traditional analytical applications. This is not a comprehensive list nor does it provide the complete details. Rather, this is a list of some new products to keep an eye on.

Mass Spectrometry

Amersham Pharmacia Biotech introduced the Ettan MALDI-ToF mass spectrometer at Pittcon 2000. It is the company's first MS, produced in an effort to further develop Amersham's protein analysis line of instruments. Also, it is specifically designed for protein identification and characterization. It is the first of a series of proteomics technologies from Amersham which are expected to cement the company's leading position in this rapidly growing market. The Ettan is a fast and accurate MS that can be integrated with future Amersham proteomics products for more advanced applications. It is yet another example of Amersham's comprehensive and aggressive approach to this market and will most likely be a success due to the company's strong brand name in this area and its specific proteomics application.

ThermoQuest exhibited the PolarisQ mass spectrometer at Pittcon 2000. It is a bench-top ion trap mass spectrometer that has simultaneous El and MS/MS capability. It is also available as a fully automated El-only version. This product appears to be an answer to Varian's GC-MS and is the first new GC/MS product from ThermoQuest in two years. It will be interesting to see how a new product from ThermoQuest does in this evolving market.

ThermoQuest also introduced the Finnigan AQA, which is a robust, single-quadupole MS system designed for LC-MS. The main application will most likely be in quality control. The system features a self-cleaning API interface, easily handled eluents and a simple changeover from ESI to APCI ionization. The system's durability, ease-of-use and flexibility should prove it attractive to the academic market.

Hyphenated Instruments

Agilent Technologies introduced the 1100 Series LC/MSD Trap. This is the company's first high performance ion trap LC-MS system that is a bench top. It is capable of MS and MS-MS functions. Its affordability, utilization of Bruker Daltonik's ion trap technology and small size open up a new market to Agilent, which will now be able to challenge ThermoQuest and Hitachi in the bench-top ion trap LC-MS market.


At Pittcon 2000, Nicolet introduced the Almega dispersive Raman spectrometer. Essentially, this is a dispersive Raman spectrometer from a FT-Raman company. Dispersive Raman spectrometry is a much smaller market, but this product could be a signal of Nicolet's intention to gain a larger market share from Horiba. It may also indicate growing applications for the technology. The Almega is fully automated with a sample compartment that is integrated into the optical path.

Varian's Cary fluorescence spectrometer also made its first Pittcon appearance. Utilizing the groundbreaking design of the Cary 50 UV-Vis, including the use of a Xenon lamp, this product can be configured two ways for a variety of applications. For collection modes, the user has the choice of fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence. It is the company's first fluorescence product and looks to be a strong competitor due to its low price and the Cary name. The Cary 50 can perform a scan in under three seconds and kinetics at 80 points per second.

The P/ACE MDQ-Finnigan LCQDUO CE/MS/MS system is the combination of Beckman Coulter's P/ACE MDQ CE system and ThermoQuest's Finnigan LCQDUO, two highly successful and influential technologies. It is the first completely integrated CE/MS/MS system. Linked by ThermoQuest's Xcalibur software, the two systems provide a completely integrated and thus faster and easier-to-use solution for drug discovery applications. In addition, both companies will provide installation and training.

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer

Mettler-Toledo's dynamic mechanical analyzer DMA861e for thermal analysis was also new to Pittcon this year. Designed to measure viscoelastic properties of materials, the analyzer measures the force applied to the sample in a wide range of temperatures. The patent pending sample holder and alignment device differentiate the product from its competitors. In addition, it is the most versatile with regard to sample shapes and measurement methods and its upper frequency in excess of 1000 Hz gives it new direct measurement capabilities. This product introduction further indicates Mettler's expansion into the analysis products market.

pH Meters

Oaktron Instruments' Waterproof pHTestr 1 DJ and Waterproof pHTestr2 DJ are a new line of pocket-sized pH meters that feature double junction reference electrodes. Durable and able to withstand exposure to heavy metal ions, sulfides and proteins, the new line features longer lasting electrodes. The ability to withstand corrosive elements, pocket-size and low cost make them a distinctive line of pH meters that provide a good value and demonstrate real innovation.

Orion introduced the models 555A and 535A pHuture M.M.S. multi-measurement systems. Each product utilizes a 12 millimeter electrode that provides a variety of measurements. The Model 555A can measure pH, mV, conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity, ORP and temperature. The 535A can measure pH, mV, ORP and temperature. The flexibility and robustness of these bench-top meters make them stand out.

Sulfur Analyzers

Ionics Sievers Instruments, a subsidiary of Ionics, introduced the Sievers 5504 Sulfur Specific Analyzer. The 5504 was designed for natural and LP gas odorant, refinery, petrochemical and chemical gas, and specialty gas applications. It can be used in the laboratory or on-site for off-line, at-line or on-line discrete sample analysis. Currently undergoing regulatory changes for sulfur content in gas and diesel, the petroleum industry will find this instrument very useful, particularly its sensitivity and versatility.

Also new to Pittcon was Onix Process Analysis' Houston Atlas TRACKEr sulfur analyzer. It precisely measures H2S as well as total sulfur in gas and liquid streams. It utilizes industry standard lead acetate tape detection technology for H2S with no interferences. It can also switch between two calibrated measurement ranges with setpoints that are configurable. In addition, it features the single injection mode to reduce wear. As with most new sulfur analyzers, it is targeted toward the petroleum industries new sulfur limits. Unlike the Sievers' analyzer, it is process oriented.

Liquid Liquid Extraction

Mettler-Toledo Automated Chemistry introduced the Myriad Allex liquid liquid extraction system, which is the first completely automated liquid liquid extraction system. This product again demonstrates Mettler's desire to move into new markets, even low growth markets, such as LLE, but where an automated approach can achieve rapid sales growth. The product requires no volume information, is easy to use and can do sixty unattended separations per hour. It features a sensor mechanism that allows the full automation of detection and separation for a range of liquid phases. And it is capable of other general liquid handling capabilities such as reaction work-up thus increasing productivity.
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