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Pitney Bowes introduces total control over parcel shipping.

Cost control and rapid processing are the hallmarks of a one-step, easy-to-use parcel shipping system unveiled by mailing equipment supplier, Pitney Bowes.

The B200 Carrier Management System, called the Hawk, offers total parcel processing, documentation and reporting features for companies sending as few as 25 to many thousand parcels a day.

The Hawk will help shipping departments literally take off,- says Pitney Bowes President Steve Walker. "It combines all shipping room operations into one uncomplicated computer-based system. This gives the customer total control over the process.

No more hand-logging of parcels, filling out confusing forms for each carrier to losing track of important goods. The Hawk allows a company to get the best value for its shipping dollar, while creating better customer service. - The Hawk has a computerized scale and high speed printer. These components enable a shipper to weigh packages, automatically calculate and compare current rates for at least nine different courier companies and Canada Post services, produce shipping documents and assign parcel identification lables for each carrier.

The Hawk then provides detailed management reports on all shipping activities.

Me Hawk will transform the shipping department by increasing throughput, productivity and accuracy," says Walker. -There is less paperwork, packages can be easily traced and shipment information is centralized."

The system's standard report package includes a daily summary, transaction reports and carrier logs. A customer who interfaces the Hawk with a host computer receives instant updates on shipping costs, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

"The user enjoys total accountability of shipping costs while improving cash flow through instant billing," says Walker.

For over 60 years, Pitney Bowes of Canada Ltd. has been supplying and servicing the mailing, copier and Facsimile needs of over 130,000 Canadian businesses.

Pitney Bowes is drawing on the Hawk's considerable success in the U.S. parcel shipping market. Prior to introduction of the Hawk in 1986, Pitney Bowes held 15% of the American shipping equipment market, but Hawk sales have now pushed that to a commanding 70% share.

Customized features were added for the Canadian market. These include English and French report generating capabilities, and the option to weigh and rate packages in metric or imperial units, generating additional cost savings.

Optional equipment includes bar code and OCR scanners, remote scale platforms for conveyor applications, and document printers. Trained specialists from Pitney Bowes provide training and consulting services for users, ensuring customers receive maximum benefits from the Hawk.
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Title Annotation:B200 Carrier Management System
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Date:Jun 22, 1989
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