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Pitfalls of specialisation.

Byline: Iftikhar Haider - KARACHI

The emphasis in education on specialisation is producing undesirable results. If one specialises, say, in physics, economics, medicine or engineering, he or she goes out in the world being ignorant of art, culture and literature. In this way specialisation is not producing a well-rounded personality. Since those getting specialised education are not conversant with culture, they remain incomplete human being. Especially the young generation whether they specialise in science subjects or social sciences, they are ignorant of many good things of life. They become one-dimensional persons. Some of them even lack manners. This is why at present we see the young generation not paying due respect to their elders. This has resulted in elders keeping as much distance as possible from young people. Elders have become convinced that socialising with modernised young men and girls and women will only expose them to insulting behaviour from the latter. So better keep distance from them as they are unpredictable in their behaviour.

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Publication:The Express Tribune (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 12, 2018
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