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Pistol grip changed in new TM.

Dear Half-Mast,

The new M249 TM 9-1005201-23&P (Apr 13) does not show the same configuration for the pistol grip as the previous version did.

Fig C-7 in the old version showed the pistol grip, NSN 1005-01-306-9442; a pin, NSN 5315-01-3097192; and the locking plate assembly, NSN 1005-01131-1911. Fig 8 in the new version shows only the pistol grip. Is this a mistake?


Dear Sergeant M.S.,

No, it's not a mistake. The pin and locking plate assembly are no longer part of the pistol grip. You need only the pistol grip.

Pistol grip no longer requires locking plate assembly and pin


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