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Pisne kratke i dlouhe.

[Songs Short and Long]


Etnologicky ustav AVCR [Ethnological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences]


While today musicologists are devoting ever more attention to contemporary popular music, its earlier past remains comparatively under-researched. This recording by the Traxleri group at least partly fills up the gaps in this field, since it focuses on the historical sources of folk and popular music, urban folk lore and student songs of the 15th to the 19th centuries. The person behind the choice of repertoire is Jiri Traxler, ethno-musicologist, who has been working for many years on the historical forms of folk and popularised songs. One section of the CD, entitled Jenikovy Pisne kratke [Jenik's Short Songs], offers a selection of the texts that Traxler has published in his Pisne kratke Jana Jenika rytire z Bratric [The Short Songs of Jan Jenik night of Bratrice], in which he edited the first part of the legacy of this folk song collector. Jenik z Bratric (1756 - 1845) originally collected songs for his own pleasure and did not plan to publish them. This meant that unlike the later National Revivalist coll ectors he did not censor them, and the texts in his collection were just as people had really sung them, i.e. with occasional vulgarisms.

The second half of the CD is entitled Ohlasy evropskych pisni [Reactions to European Songs] and introduces us to the repertoire of songs popular in the Czech society of the National Revival. In this selection we find a sort of "best of" European popular songs of the 15th - 19th century. Songs originally from England, France, Germany or the Low Countries found their way all over Europe and acquired new texts. The thirteen tracks in this section this take us through a history of European popular music from the renaissance to romanticism.

Since 1965, the Traxleri Group has been devoting itself to performance of the various forms of folk music. Folk music of previous centuries, urban folklore and broadsheet ballads have an important place in their recordings.
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Title Annotation:Songs Short and Long
Author:Kratochvil, Matej
Publication:Czech Music
Article Type:Sound Recording Review
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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