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Pisces; Month to watch May when the word commitment no longer seems to be a scary thought or action. ? Which Piscean is going to be announcing a pregnancy no one expected in the New year?

Work You'll be working towards new goals which can help you shape the future.

Don't take less than you're worth in March, when certain signs will be trying to use you for their own gain.

Know your worth, my friend. Working for friends or alongside those you normally socialise with is good but only in the short term. Avoid signing any long-term contracts or making promises you cannot get out of.

You'll want to have freedom of choice come April, so plan and act accordingly.

Rest It will become obvious that you have been spending far too much time letting others tell you what is right or wrong.

You start to realise that your opinion is a valid one, as are your decisions. Time out you are forced to take in January only reinforces this belief.

A well-balanced home life will make you successful in other areas. To achieve this you need to tell a family member, or close friend, what is and what's not acceptable as someone is really pushing the boundaries. Troubles shared are troubles halved in June.

You turn the home into a place of relaxation instead of stress by dictating how things are going to be to those who have previously manipulated and bullied you.

Play You have allowed your family to take up so much of your time and energy that surely now you must be able to see that it's time you put yourself first? Those who don't support you will be showing you who your true friends are.

New friends in new places make your social life the best it's been in three years.

You love a good time, but you don't always realise that there are casualties in the process. You find out one you have hurt this year and work out how you can right the wrong. You begin to like yourself again and in turn others love and admire you.

Many Pisceans will end this year making a commitment in a relationship they previously didn't think they were capable of.

But in the coming months they will realise they were made for it.

Style Pisces is the most dramatic and daring sign of the zodiac and you go for flowing fabrics.

Think Piscean and you must think of the sea and floaty materials, which for the men is often represented by linen trousers or even flares.

you like to wear very dramatic and over-the-top shoes or no shoes at all and they're accustomed to taking off their footwear in any company to feel the earth under their feet.

you actually feel that shoes are for looks, not comfort, so it's no surprise you want to kick them off after ten minutes.

Soft shades of green can often be seen adorning your very attractive bodies and you like to wear things that give you a slimline shape or allows the light to catch them and show your contours.

Pisceans get obsessive about clothes and if you choose a new fashion you will throw out everything you ever had that represents your old style.

you are like a chameleon constantly changing colour. Gypsy styles suit you probably because you spend most of your time counselling and giving readings to friends. you are, after all, the most psychic sign of the zodiac.

Must-havefragrance to boost your mood: Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, embodies femininity and power, the two things your sign is all about.

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