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Pisces; February 20 - March 20.


Few Pisceans will have gone through last year without finding themselves doing more than usual for charity, being stirred to help others, as your inner good Samaritan has been unleashed by Neptune - and that continues throughout 2013.

You might find it harder than usual to say no, though, and it's also easier to get carried away on a sea of dreams.

Jupiter brings family delight and happy home news for many a Piscean as he now takes you on an upward journey where celebration is increasingly likely. And as he visits the house of the heart from late June, the cosmos really does want you to be happy and to enjoy life this year.

It looks as though the total eclipse of November 2013 finds you researching, on a quest, maybe over a matter of location, and the need to be free of certain commitments has you feeling pressured, although fortunately that should lift in December.

Personal life

You'll realise a dream, gain in emotional strength and have a lot to celebrate. Someone in the family circle will bring a lot of smiles and there could be a new arrival late in May, when Venus and Jupiter align and love lifts you up.

Your journey to lasting love might need you to revisit the past, as with Chiron in Pisces alongside your own ruler Neptune, emotions from years ago have been surfacing, especially for February's Pisceans. Yet you're increasingly seeing that a struggle to let go of something painful wasn't so much about a more recent upset or person. This realisation really can empower you. 2013 brings great opportunities for healthy emotional growth, to work on doing less of the Pisces doormatting, over-giving for the wrong reasons.

Romance has a capital R from June 26 when Jupiter waltzes into Cancer, your zodiac house of luck, love and joy. The return of a familiar face this summer could blow you away. Pisceans who fall in love, especially in late July, will feel so sure that this is the real deal. One particular friendship could play a big part in your life over winter 2013/14.

Cash and career

There's a certain weight coming off of your shoulders now and you'll feel better equipped to create more stability.

Career-wise, a new line of revenue could crop up with February, April, June and September favouring efforts to improve your lot.

Try to have your business head on in late summer when choices for the longer term should be carefully researched. There's no denying that you have been feeling the pressure in recent times, and January, May and November have their moments, but they also seem to hold opportunities to secure your lot in life. December has relief around it and there's progress with property and finances.

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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 30, 2012
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