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Piqued Greek.

I am writing in regards to "Twisted Sisters" (by Margaret Sullivan, April) a review of Alexardra Robbins's new book Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities. I am the current vice president of scholarship of a national sorority, and our chapter is in Massachusetts. I speak on behalf of my entire chapter when I state that I am extremely disheartened and exasperated by your portrayal of this irresponsible hook. One reason readers choose your publication is the assumption that such a well-respected news organization would practice responsible journalism.

Robbins chooses to "unveil" the "secret" lives of sororities. In fact, none of sorority life is specifically kept secret save for our national rituals, most conceived of in the 19th century. Hazing is considered a most destructive and irresponsible practice which the National Panhellenic Conference does not support and has never supported. In addition, any dangerous behavior that was in fact witnessed should be reported to local and campus authorities, rather than simply splashed irresponsibly across a newspaper or in a "tell-all" book for profits.

The 26 national sororities in the United States are wonderful places for a young woman to grow and learn during and beyond their college years. It is irresponsible to slander past, current, and future members of Greek life with stories of rampant sexual assault, drug use, discrimination, and hazing. Past members of sororities include lawyers, astronauts, women's rights advocates, and senators.

Marianne Metzger

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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Metzger, Marianne
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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