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Pipes may need to be cut for a new basin.

DISCONNECT the supply pipes from the old taps, using a cranked spanner to reach behind the basin.

If this proves difficult, cut the pipes at a convenient level for connecting with the new flexible tap connectors.

Unscrew the old basin fixings and lift clear. Remove supporting brackets from the wall or unscrew the pedestal base from the floor.

Place the new basin on its pedestal base and position it against the wall. Mark the fixing points on the wall and floor.

Drill and fit wall plugs on the marks. Just drill pilot holes for the screws when fixing to a wooden floor.

Make any alterations to the 15mm (1/2in) supply pipes so they will be neatly concealed by the pedestal. Fit miniature in-line isolating valves for future servicing.

Fit new taps and a waste outlet in the basin. Check that the tap spouts are correctly aligned.

Do not over-tighten the back nuts.

Fit flexible connection pipes to the tap tails. Then fit a 32mm (1.25in) waste trap to the waste outlet. When fitting taps to a rim made from a thin material (such as pressed steel), use a "top-hat" spacer fitting placed under the back nut.

Place the basin on its pedestal and fix it in place with brass screws.

Connect the trap to the existing 32mm (1.25in) waste pipe.

If a new waste pipe is required in a different position, drill a clearance hole through the wall with a masonry core drill and install a new pipe run (see supply pipes panel).

Connect the flexible tap connectors to the appropriate hot and cold supplies.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions, as some taps require check valves to be fitted.

Turn on the water supply to test the installation.

Unless you are experienced with electrical installations, ask an electrician to fit supplementary bonding to all metal fittings and pipework.


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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 13, 2001
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