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Pipeline plans.

Pipeline Plans. Based on data collected last year through use of a highly sensitive corrosion-detection device called an NKK pig, Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. expects to concentrate 1990 pipeline repair on 13 miles of line located primarily in the Brooks Range and in segments near Fairbanks. The company has scheduled about 230 digs at buried sections of the line to investigate outer walls of the pipeline for possible corrosion.

Of 310 sites investigated last year and through early March, 32 were determined to need repair After reviewing data from the pig's ultrasonic readings, Alyeska has identified 827 possible sites for field investigation over two years. The NKK pig is expected to be run through the 800-mile pipeline a second time in May and June.

Alyeska estimates that field work will employ about 150 personnel at sites this year and that spending in 1990 and 1991 for corrosion detection and repair on the mainline pipe will total $250 million. Included in that estimate is $180 million to replace nine miles of pipe in the Atigun floodplain next year.
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Title Annotation:Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. sets 1990 repair plans
Publication:Alaska Business Monthly
Date:May 1, 1990
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